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Let’s cuddle -Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Originally posted by lovablecouples

Request: Stiles imagine where you are on your period and you’re having bad cramps so you miss school but forgot to tell Stiles that you aren’t going, so then he stressed out and comes to your house and finds out, and tried to help you

Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski

Word Count: 714

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was fun to write, thanks for requesting it! 

Waking up, Y/N instantly knew she wasn’t going to school this morning. She felt pain everywhere and she knew what that meant. Great she thought to herself as she turned off her alarm. Y/N pushed the blanket away and got up on her feet, walking out of her room and into the kitchen. Her parents were nowhere in sight, which probably meant they had both left for work.

After drinking some water and taking a painkiller, she went to the bathroom to take care of this mess. When she was done she decided to go back to bed and just try to sleep away the cramps.

“Why isn’t Y/N here?” Stiles asked his bestfriend as they walked to class.

“She probably overslept, I’m sure she’s on her way” Scott replied, the two reaching the classroom and walking inside.

“You’re probably right” Stiles sighed.

Class began and Stiles found himself staring at the door, waiting for his girlfriend to make an appearance. As more time went by, he became more and more worried. What if she was hurt? Or what if someone kidnapped her?

“Dude, calm down” Scott whispered, sensing his worry.

“Calm down?” Stiles turned his head towards the alpha. “What if something has happened to her?” He said the last part a little too loud, causing the teacher to shoot them a warning glare.

“It’s Y/N we’re talking about. She can take care of herself” Scott replied, once the teacher wasn’t looking.

“If she isn’t here when class is over, I’m calling her”

“What’s up with him?” Liam asked, nodding towards Stiles who was typing on his phone like there was no tomorrow.

“Y/N won’t answer her phone” Scott replied with a sigh.

“Poor loverboy”

“Don’t call me that!” Stiles glared. “She could be injured or worse, dead!”

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a tiny bit?” Liam asked.

“What is going on here?” Lydia asked, joining the group. 

“Y/N won’t answer her phone and now loverboy over here is going crazy” Liam told her.

“That’s it, I’m out of here” Stiles said as Lydia was about to reply. Then he walked past his friends, heading to his car.

“Love, really makes one crazy” Liam muttered and followed Scott down the hall.

“Just you wait Dunbar”

Y/N woke up at the sound of someone calling her name. Opening her eyes she remembered that she hadn’t gone to school. Heavy footsteps made their way up the stairs and she came face to face with her boyfriend, who looked worried sick.

“Stiles?” She frowned in confusion. “What are you doing here?”

“Why am I here? Why are you here?” he asked.

“I didn’t feel like going to school.”

“You had me so worried! I thought someone kidnapped you or something”

“Oh Stiles” she shook her head with a small smile playing on her lips.

“I called you like 10 times”

“I’m sorry, my phone is on mute”

There was a moment of silence between them.

“So, why are you still in bed?” he asked, taking a seat next to her.

“Cramps” she muttered and she saw a faint blush form on his cheeks.


“Yeah, oh”

“Do you need anything? Is there something I can do?” He asked, almost a little nervous.

“I’d kill for some chocolate” Y/N said honestly.

“Just wait here” he said and placed a kiss to her forehead, before rushing out of the room. Seconds later, she heard the front door slamming shut.

“You’re back” she smiled when Stiles walked back into her room, holding something behind his back.

“What? Did you think I wouldn’t return?” he raised his eyebrows.

“I had my doubts” Y/N winked.

“Chocolate, my lady” Stiles smirked and handed her the chocolate from the bag.

“Thanks Stiles” she grinned and opened it, as he held up a stuffed bear.

“Oh you didn’t have to” Y/N grinned, taking the bear into her arms.

“I couldn’t resist”

“Come here you dork” she said and moved to the side so he could lay down next to her. He placed his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest.

“I love you, you know that right?” Stiles murmured.

“I love you too. Now shut up and let’s cuddle”
The Move
Dan and Phil are exhausted after moving all of their belongings from their London flat to their new apartment with more storage (TM) and air conditioning. They end up crashing on the sofa the first night and wake up surprised to find themselves in each others' arms. Rekindling their desire for one another, they both devise fool-proof plans to spend another night cuddling. But in this dangerous game of chicken, old history threatens to break through to the surface and force them into a decision neither is prepared to make.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Type:  Fluff, Domestic, Light Smut, Humor

Words:  6K

Triggers:  None

By: @phanburnhamizzard aka @sartysarty  – I hope you enjoy it! 

anonymous asked:

Okay may I have Kagami, Kiyoshi, Kise and Akashi with an s/o who's an honest, bright and lively/hyper one? I've been wanting to see this type of s/o with the guys (specially kise omg) for so long!! The theme will be anything that you like and if you really want something specific, then it's them cuddling or waking up next to each other and another one I can think of is just them hanging out and appreciating one another~ Just sooo much fluff please!

I hope this is what you expected. Enjoy! ^^

Akashi: You two decides to watch a movie at home. You buy some popcorn and hires a movie.

“I can fix the popcorn” you say and walks out to the kitchen after fixing some music. When you are waiting for the popcorn you suddenly feel Akashi hugging you from behind.

“You smell so good _____,” Akashi whispers in your ear, nuzzling against your neck. “Wanna dance?” you ask and turn around facing your boyfriend.  Akashi takes a step back.

“May I have this dance______?” he says with a smile. “Yes Seijuro” you say and takes his offered hand.

He pulls you close to him. You place your other hand on his shoulder and  rests your head against his chest. You can feel how warm his hand is through the thin fabric in the shirt on your back. 

You two are moving slowly through the kitchen to “Can’t help falling in love with you”. Akashi presses a kiss on the top of your head, whispering your name. 

Kagami: This was the best ide. You two cooking together. Or, more like Kagami learning you how to cook.

“Take this tomato and cut it into 4 pieces.” Kagami stands behind you showing how to cut. You can feel his warm breath tickling your neck.

You turn around your head placing a light kiss on his cheek. Kagami blushes. “Now you can do it yourself” he says and turns back to his work. You smile at his reaction. 

“Now you can take down the flour and mix it together with the other ingredients.” Kagami says and takes out cutlery, glasses and plates.

You take the chair to stand on so you can reach.

“Watch out you can fall ____!” Kagami exclaim when he sees what you are doing. “It’ fine I got it now so…” you are just going to step down when you lose balance and falls. “______!!” Kagami shouts.

He is fast, even faster than when he is playing basketball. Kagami catches you before you hit the ground. 

“_____, open your eyes. Are you okay?” Kagami’s worried face is taking up your whole field of view.

“I’m okay Taiga.”

“Are you sure?” Kagami asks, putting you down and brush of the flour from your face.

“yes, but I’m sorry that I dropped the flour.” You say and look down to the floor where the most flour is spread out.

“The most important thing is that you are okay” Kagami says with relief resting his forehead against yours.

Kise: You took a few photos of him when he leaned against a tree, waiting at you on the beach, he hadn’t spotted you yet.

“Only a few more” you whisper to yourself. Kise looks up and a wide smile spreads across his face.

“______-cchi!!” You put away the camera and runs into his arms.

“Ryouta!” you ran into his arms laughing.

He lifts you up spinning around with you. You wrap your legs around his waist, you lean down for a kiss.

“I love you so much Ryouta” you say and giggles when he pokes you in the side and kisses you back. “I love you too babe.”

“You are crazy” he says when you two are rolling around in the sand laughing. “I like crazy” he says before pulling you close for another kiss.

Kiyoshi: You woke up with his arm coiled around your body. You turned around so you could face him. He slept so soundly.

You stroked away some hair strands that had fall down and kissed him on the forehead.

“_______?” Kiyoshi mumbles. You silence him with a kiss. Kiyoshi’s eyes flutter open. He lifts his hands and you let his fingers caressing your cheek. You lean in to his touch and closes your eyes.

“I love you so much” he whispers placing another kiss on your nose tip, earning a giggle from you. You look up at him with a smile. “I love you to Teppei”.

“You do? I’m not sure that I heard what you said.” Kiyoshi rolls on top of you and starts tickling you. “Haha stop it…Teppei…I’m gonna fall out of bed” and just when you say it you fall.

Kiyoshi throw himself after you. You two ends up tangling up in the sheets on the floor. You lying on top of him. “I said I love you” and with a smile you kissed him on the lips.