Alternative vs Alternate

Alternative – (adj) another available option or possibility.

  • The restaurant offers many healthy, low-fat alternatives to their plates.
  • We took an alternative route to avoid traffic.

Alternate – (adj) every other; (adj) other than the usual.

  • He was asked to work on alternate days.
  • The road was closed due to construction, so we had to take an alternate route. 

Alternate – (v) occur in turn repeatedly; (v) switch between two or more options.

  • She speaks fluent French and English and was able to alternate between the languages as necessary.
  • I alternate between my various writing projects.
  • The weather alternated between rain and sun.

“Alternate” tends to have a sense of the options being separate and distinct (rain or sun, French or English, and yes before I get smart-aleck responses I know you can have both at the same time for both examples, but we’re talking typically), while “alternative” has more of a choice or mix of options.

Basically: “Our dishes alternate between fish and chicken every day (M/W/F is fish, T/TH is chicken)” versus “You can get fish as an alternative to chicken for any dish, any day (fish and chicken both served all week).”

Again, they’re similar—in some senses more than others. There are cases when you can use either and get away with it, but there is more of a distinction between these as opposed to continual and continuous. If you’re still confused, you can read more here!


Hey witchy pals,

I’m working on my zine and I’m trying to define what a charm is, but…I’m having trouble articulating what my understanding is. LikeI, I know that charms used be considered more the words you can for an incantation - like the act of “charming” something, but when someone says “charm” to me, I think immediately of some sort of physical item, something that seems more…folk magic than anything else. I think of charms as…simpler spells? Smaller spells that focus on physical components? Like a bundle of herbs tied together to hang over a bed to ward off nightmares, or a special keychain enchanted to avoid traffic jams or something.

How do you define what a charm is?

ithewhimsy said: you’re adorable. for a second i actually thought you just had surgery for like 19 years and i was really concerned. also…if i come to london (my dream vacation) i am throwing so much tea in the thems. so there.

You come into my home. I’m pretty sure you’d be publicly hanged if you did that tbh like people would riot (I’d be on your side because I hate tea oops). Also why would London be your dream vacation it’s a shit hole please save yourself. 

9 Ways To Save Money On Labor Day Travel

If you’re one of the millions of Americans trying to get away, here’s how to do it with the least amount of headache—and cash—this weekend:

1. Check for last-minute deals.

2. Compare car rental prices.

3. Forgo hotels and go camping while the weather’s still fine.

4. Avoid as much traffic as you can by using a map app amd save gas money in the process.

5. Pack snacks to avoid wasteful spending on bad road food.

6. Avoid peak travel times. 

7. Take advantage of free attactions.

Two more ways to save money on labor day travel.

Dear reading fest goers:

-don’t go into the town centre bcos you don’t need to and it gets too busy
-don’t use the roads if you can avoid it bcos the traffic system is terrible and the council admits it actively tries to stop ppl driving so it’s absolute mayhem all the time. Use public transport wherever possible
-people live in the surrounding areas so be respectful and keep ur drunken antics in the festival grounds
-don’t give alcohol to minors
-stay safe and don’t go on ur own anywhere bcos there’s always rape reports
-seriously, do NOT give alcohol to minors. Ever.
-reading fest is located in the rich, old white ppl part of town where everyone is retired and grumpy. Remember this when using the nearby supermarkets bcos there will be angry old ppl trying to do their weekly shopping even tho there’s 10000 ppl in there buying carling 12 packs
-if you haven’t tried drugs before then now really isn’t a good time to start
-don’t do anything dumb basically

-from ur friendly local resident

Caskett AU

Meeting AU: “We got lost while driving [someplace] and now its really dark out and your cabin is the first place we’ve seen for miles”

Requested by thebazilelord

“That’s it!” Kate throws the map on to the passenger seat with a frustrated sigh. She should have been at her fathers cabin hours ago, And a quick look at the stereo confirms the thought. 02.45 am it says, meaning she had spent the last 5 hours just driving towards her destination, a drive that was supposed to take no more than 2 hours. Stubborn as she is, she kept on denying the fact that she was lost until an hour ago and by then the road was screaming empty without a single soul to ask for directions. She cursed quietly to herself as she bent down to rest her forehead against the starring wheel, knowing she should had skipped that extra hour of paper work before leaving the precinct. But honestly, avoiding traffic seemed like a good idea at the time, less stress.

About ten minutes later, she found herself at one of the many break platforms alongside the road, and frightening the thought of sleeping in the backseat kept on growing on her. When suddenly a glimpse of light appears from around up around the corner ahead of her. Childish excitement fills her as she turns the cars headlights on to catch the other drivers attention. Hoping that who ever sat behind the wheel knew more on how to locate in this particular area than she did. Her tactic seemed to pay of and as the car neared her it decreased its speed until it turned slightly and parked next to her. The cold night air embraced her as she stepped out of the car, making goosebumps appear all over her bare arms. Even though the other driver had exited their car as well, she could barely see who it was. After closing the car door, she took a few steps in an attempt to discretely near the other driver. Her eyes wandered over the dark silhouette as she slowly started to get used to the pitching dark surrounding.

“Um, hi?” The sudden sound of a dark voice slightly startled her. In front of her stood this tall, browned haired and blue eyed, man with a confused look on his face.

“Oh, sorry! Um, hi. Sorry for pulling you over but I’m kind of lost and in desperate need of some directions, oh and I’m Kate by the way.” The words just came out, without giving her a chance to say something less stupid. To her relief the man just chuckled and smiled at her before speaking up again.

“No worries Kate, in fact you just happened to stop one who actually knows his way around in this bush. The name is Richard Castle, but you can call me Rick.” He holds out his hand for her to grab.

“So, Kate, we’re you going? Got any address or street name?”

“Yes I do, I got it in my car, so just hold on one sec and I’ll get it. She turns around to walk back to the car. He seemed like a really nice guy, that Richard Castle, plus he wasn’t uneasy for the eye either. As she opened the passenger door she could feel her cheeks heating up. He probably thought she was some big city bimbo, who apparently couldn’t find her way outside the city border. Trying to ignore the heating of her cheeks, she quickly grabs the map and walks back. Her fathers cabin was market on the map, with a thick red circle drawn around it which made it impossible to miss. After jus one look, she can see how Rick starts to bit his lip.

“I got some bad news and some good news for you Kate. The bad one, the cabin you’re looking for is located 60 miles away from here. The good one, my cabin, which I was headed towards before your little light show made me pull over,” he winks at her,

“Is literally just around the corner. So you can spend the night at my place and continue your drive tomorrow.” Wait, what did he just say?

“ I don’t know Rick, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” She couldn’t accept the offer, she doesn’t even know the guy! She’s a cop for Christ sake, she knows better than accepting a bed in a total strangers house, especially not in the middle of nowhere.

“Come on, I can see that your exhausted. You should t be driving this late anyway. I know we just met but I can promise you that I’m not a psycho or murderer or anything like that! I’m just a nice guy who thinks such a beautiful women like you deserves a real bed to sleep in. So, what do you say?” He’s looking her right in the eyes, locking their gazes together, leaving her no power left to resist.

“Okay then. I’ll just get into my car and follow you back to your place?”
“Good call, you’re going to thank me tomorrow when your back doesn’t hurt like crazy from sleeping sitting up.” He gives her one last wink before turning around to walk towards his car.

“We’ll see about that.” She murmurs, smiling at his dorkyness. Maybe this night didn’t turn out to be as bad as she thought it would.



Woke up two hours before my alarm to a flash flood alert. After managing to fall back to sleep, woke up again an hour later because my parents suggested I leave for school earlier than usual to avoid heavy traffic. I arrived two hours before class started.

Caffeine and the sound of heavy rain falling only made me more anxious as I waited in the car. I noticed how shaky my hands were as I filled out a few forms at the beginning of class. I’ve been dreading the start of Fall semester even at the start of Summer break, but I don’t want to be defeated by it. My professor spoke of this semester being a test of strength and confidence, and I truly want to make the most out of it. So here’s to pushing myself creatively. Here’s to being more of a strong voice rather than a whisper. Here’s to the start of BFA.

Got to rehearsal all right yesterday! Although that’s the last time I use GoogleMaps to get me there… It had me take waaaaaay too many back roads and I still couldn’t avoid interstate traffic. I’ll blaze my own trail from here, thanks.

It’s was so nice to be back. I didn’t realize how much I missed it!

Also I feel the need to note - yesterday I tracked all my food again AND I was right on track! Two days in a row is pretty damn good!

Sitting in my car at work now, waiting for it to get closer to 8 so I can head on in. Hope you all have lovely days!

Michigan Bound.

I have work stuff in order and I’ll easily be able to tackle things from the road if necessary over the next six days… I think I’ll work a few hours tomorrow to ensure everything is set.

The plan is to avoid rush hour traffic in both DFW and Chicago…. the rest, whatever.  It appears there will be enough construction on either route to slow us down - that’s cool enough.

I can’t wait to smell the Great Lakes, to hug my mom, see most of the family, and to pet the puppy that is surely now a full-grown dog.

I may never leave - I am over the southern climate these days.

Are you ready kougarwatcha?

thinking of going indie...

ive only been escorting for about 3 months now and i am getting really fed up with days where i waste my time chilling at incall locations making less than 500$. especially downtown where clients tend to avoid because of traffic, not to mention how there are hella agencies based downtown. this month has been horrible downtown, if i make even 300$ im lucky.

i prefer to work downtown because it is closest to me but i end up having to travel to the suburbs which is where the money is at…. except the agency charges a fucking drivers fee that i hate paying. and for outcalls, they take 60% like WHAT a rip off.

i dont know. im a little intimidated by setting everything up for going indie. like how do i screen clients? how do i make an ad on bp? should i get profesh pics done? is it too early to go indie ??

sigh. ideally i dont want to have to work 4-5 days just to make 1500$ ish. those slow days where i only get one or two clients rly piss me off. and seeking arrangement aint helping. i want back to back appointments and get shit done in two -three days max 😒

any advice would be much appreciated

I deserve someone who’s nice to me.

Who doesn’t get pissed at me for things I don’t have control over
Who doesn’t promise to watch after me recovering then runs off for days hanging out with new people
Who doesn’t call my housemates disgusting for having so many pets in one house then talks about getting an unneutered male dog (I mean seriously?)
Who doesn’t yell at me when things don’t happen properly and there is literally nothing I can do about it 
Who doesn’t road rage in completely expected and non-avoidable traffic
Who doesn’t call my family gross for forgetting to put food away sometimes then turns around and does the exact same thing
Who gives a shit and actually gives a heartfelt apology.

It’s four days before I’m going on vacation, and after that, only one more week of this. 

Then I’m done with this crap.