Volvo Life Paint - Life Saving Spray Paint 

The main goal here is to completely avoid traffic accidents caused by Volvo vehicles by 2020. The other campaigns include testing self-driving cars and making cycling safer than ever, becauseover 19.000 cyclists get injured on UK roads every year. All of these campaigns are under the umbrella of their Vision Initiative and Volvo has released Life Paint, a spray paint which is invisible during daylight and shines bright when the covered surface gets hit by a light source, most notably headlights.


So I got tickets to the WWE Live event that was happening in my town for my birthday.we started off the journey with some chipotle and while sitting there talking to waste some time my brother sees WWE superstar Sheamus walk through the door,I don’t end up getting a picture or really even talking to him due to not wanting to bother him (he seemed like he was in a rush).
we left at the same time so I decided I would hold the door open for him and me being the most socially awkward person I’ve ever known says thanks when he tells me thanks.My family shares a quick laugh while i stand there embarrassed while walking we see him basically back up into another car and look pretty embarrassed.So after that embarrassing encounter we head to some stores to shop for awhile to waste time before actually heading to the arena.When we finally get to the arena we park a little ways away to avoid any traffic and stuff on the way out,getting in we didn’t have any trouble and walk around before I get a collectors cup and heading to our seats.we sit there for about 45 minutes before the thing starts and when it does im (along with a lot of other people) are standing on our chairs to see over the taller people.A arena worker comes and tells all of us we can’t stand on the chairs and may I say he was very rude,either way that didn’t stop us short people we continued to stand.The matches were overall very good and the time comes to Roman Reigns seated on the floor and I’m near the edge I go to the end the people next to me say it’s ok and almost touch his hand when he walks by sadly my arms are to short and he was to far away.his match was amazing and next was the main event,Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins,the match was amazing and at the end Dean stays back to sign stuff and take pictures.A lot of people have already left so me and a group of people decide on they’ll let us near the corner to get stuff signed.Boy were we wrong ,the worker from earlier,basically grabs and stops any body from walking to it and says we can’t go over there and basically we have to leave.I go searching for any other way to get Ambrose to notice me and go to the way back near the titatron I get there in the nick of time but people were in front so I didn’t get to touch his hand but I was able to see him up close and personal.after words I head to the car with my family holding the merch I bought during the intermission (a signed Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose picture).the merch and the snacks and drinks were very over priced but I new I wanted the collectors cup which lasted me the whole time so I was fine.
Overall it was a really good time even though I embarrassed myself and didn’t get to touch Ambrose or Reigns hand.the matches were good and the crowd was very good.

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Oh friend. What’s out there is Silicon Valley, and on a Friday during rush hour it has pretty much the worst traffic in the Bay Area. Glad you made it through!

oh is THAT what I drove into.  Ugh.  And here I was thinking all those silicon valley types either telecommuted, or rode around on segways.

wow, and to think I get to do it all again this week.

good vibes on sunday


Ran 8 miles with my son through Buffalo’s downtown to its developing waterfront - called ‘Canalside’ as a replica of the old Erie Canal terminal - and back on a bright breezy humid day.  only a couple of years ago Canalside was nonexistent and just a fenced off collection of lots; today we had to be careful to avoid traffic.  That’s a good thing. Like other successful cities, Buffalo’s making its Lake Erie waterfront a centerpiece of its revitalization.  But enough with the urban development talk, the run with my son was great and we rode the good vibe of the waterfront back home.

This week

Is going to be incredibly hectic for us. 

Shots on Monday and no swim class. The kids’ boards should be here as well. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning….

OB appointment on Tuesday, swim class, getting the vans oil changed, cleaning out the van, and any other errands I run before my trip. More cleaning….

I’m packing Wednesday, swim class for David, taking out the carseats, putting podcasts and music on my phone and ipod, reading directions, packing up the van the night before, and just spending time with my family before I leave. Also a reminder to take Dougs laptop with me and make sure it works. Put gas in the van the night before, and make sure that I’ve packed everything needed, especially any snackies and lots of water!

I’m going to aim for leaving between 5-7am (more likely 5-6am) Thursday morning. That way I would get a head start on travel and avoid a lot of traffic. Also, it’s just easier to leave whenever everyone is asleep, and I wouldn’t have to see or hear my children cry and fuss whenever I leave because that’s hard. :( I’ll go in their rooms and kiss them though before I take off. I’m more energized in the morning, so this should work really well! Swim class is also this day and his swim teacher will be picking him up because Dougs car does not have the proper space for taking all of the kids to the pool. So a lot of driving this day, arrive at hotel, check in, relax, eat, go to a museum, dinner, then room for the rest of the night!

Throughout all of this I’ll be cleaning all week, and of course caring for my family, filming for the weekly vlog (I’ll ask Doug to film while I’m gone and find some way to share the videos with me so I can edit while I’m on my trip.), I have daily posts already in drafts for the week, and I need to type some recipes out to post as well. 

Extremely busy, but I’m going to spend every last minute that I can with my family before I leave! I already know that I’m going to miss them so much within the first hour of leaving. 

College Review: Christ’s


Founded: 1437, refounded 1505

Size: 450

Notable Alum: Charles Darwin, John Milton

Christ’s is tight knit, old college with a particular reputation for Medicine. Despite being medium sized, it’s known as a very insular college. Christ’s is located right in town but not on the main tourist track so you avoid some of that traffic. The college is set up very nicely, as you walk through the heavy gates the grounds open up in front of you like a secret garden. 

Christ’s is one of the more academic colleges. Again, not to the same extent as Trinity, but there’s still a not insignificant pressure to be getting firsts. This is reflected in the culture of the college, especially in exam term where the combination of insular and high pressure can be a bit much. 

In terms of accommodation, Christ’s is decent. Most people stay on site or in houses on Jesus lane, right out the back of college. About 40% of rooms are en suites and the rest are shared bathrooms (although shared only with a few people at a time). The kitchen situation is not awful but not great either. The rooms themselves range from gorgeous old sets to modern 1960′s situations so there’s a lot of variation. 

Christ’s has a may ball every other year which is…well it’s not that well regarded. I know people who’ve had fun but the general feeling is..meh? Christ’s does, however, have an outdoor pool for summer sun fun! They have an okay bar but it doubles as a costa cafe during the day which is great for grabbing coffee and a sandwich!

Best Feature: outdoor pool is pretty cool and the location is great. 

Worst Feature: Can be a bit insular (which is good for some people, not so good for others). 

Overall: An academic college with a strong internal community in a great location. 

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     “Thanks again, by the by. For letting me tag along.” The faerie chripped, his hands tucked into his belt as he tried to look like it wasn’t so much effort to keep up with Hadliegh’s long strides. At least he didn’t have to worry about avoiding the foot traffic, with the way they scurried out of the path of the eldest Oblivion brother. 

     It wasn’t the first time Larry had been called away the same time Tommy was off to see his newest love interest; But it was the first time Carney and Hadleigh really got to hang out, even if it was just tagging along with his work. Carney appreciated the company none the less. 

An inspiring run through the farms and fields of Northern Thailand. I try to get out as early as possible in the morning to catch the stillness and avoid the traffic. 12km this morning and this week I’m going to build up to 14km. #Thailand #running #fit #fitness #asia #remote #pai #maehonson #chiangmai #training #jogging #joy #happy #inspired @statravelnz @yomadstravel @youmustdolist #travel (at Pai City)

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Also for the concert anon: my best tip is to look up your venues rules and regulations and then ask about any questions because each venue does vary!!! But quick tip: if you don't have to drive to the concert dont because the traffic is a pain. I just thought of this also but as for arrival if your venue has a record of going smoothly you can arrive a little bit after the parking gates open to avoid being stuck in traffic for 1000 years


Day 58

Rob and I wanted to leave Chicago early in order to avoid traffic, so we said goodbye to Sam and Mike then started driving. We made it to Grand Rapids, MI around 1 p.m. and realized that we had changed time zones. We’re finally back in the eastern time zone! We volunteered at the Blandford Nature Center with Rob’s friend, Lexi. A local church encourages homeless people to come out and work for pay, so we worked alongside them too.

Together we pulled out goldenrods and buckthorn, a certain type of plant near the marsh that kills frog eggs. Our advisor, Jessie, showed us how to pull out the weeds and differentiate them. Then we worked as a team to move a log to the pond, so the turtles could have a place to lay out in the water. Afterwards, we took a popsicle break and walked around the wildlife exhibit behind the nature center. We saw all sorts of birds, like turkey vultures and hawks, that had been taken in due to an injury and nursed back to health.

Afterwards, we drove to East Lansing, MI. We’re staying with Rob’s grandparents, Jack and Margaret. For dinner, they took us out for sushi at a place called Maru! Rob’s friend, Luke, joined us and shared interesting stories about studying abroad in Europe and his near-death plane experience in Crete. We had good food to match the good conversation, and the green tea ice cream for dessert was a great choice!  

After dinner, we tried to walk to the pond behind Jack and Margaret’s house, but that didn’t last too long thanks to the swarms of mosquitoes. Instead, we went inside and saw Jack and Margaret’s large book collection. They’ve not only traveled to over 80 countries, but they’ve read hundreds of books too! When I pulled a Winnie-the-Pooh book out from the shelf, and Jack told me that he read some to Margaret when he was courting her because she had never read it before – how romantic!  



St. Clair Shores Cop Fired For Actions To Recover Phone.  

A St. Clair Shores police sergeant on suspension amid 2-year-old allegations he robbed, assaulted and ethnically intimidated a man was fired from the force last week.

Michael Notoriano, who turned 44 last Thursday, was terminated as of July 10 by City Manager Mike Smith for violation of “a number of” police procedures, including allowing his daughter to ride in his police car, activating his car’s siren to avoid traffic signals and detaining but failing to arrest someone he deemed as a violent criminal, Smith said.

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so my phobia has gotten crazy i can spot bugs movements from 30 feet away now and can’t go outside at day or night now. at night spiders come out and at day dragonflies and bees and butterflies. one website suggested exposure therapy which i think is a bad fucking idea if i’ll sprain my ankle, dropped tons of groceries and food and bikes, and run into traffic to avoid a fuckin wasp do u really think i’ll look at pictures and be in a room with one at any point in time?? That website fuckin said the “lose control” complex doesn’t exist. i fucking twisted my ankle because i ran in my new high heels to avoid a wasp 5 feet away. I’ve thrown heavy shit on the ground so i can run back into the car and sobbed to my mom on the phone to unlock the closest door for me. i’ve screamed and dropped everything i was doing and sat in a hot car with no AC for hours to avoid a dragonfly. I’m not one of those weak examples they used that shut all their windows before running out of the house screaming fuck i almost broke my week-old computer flinging a spider off of my knee UGHHH don’t tell me something doesn’t exist when i live it 🙍🏽

i saw a thing on how to reduce phobia by “anchoring” and honestly it sounds so good it works for ANY anxiety which i fuckin need but problem is im a really fucking arrogant person and I have been since i was like 8 so i have no memory of a sudden confidence surge i could use as an anchor i was gunna make my anchor biting my lip but that wouldn’t work if like i was doing a presentation or something and needed a surge of confidence i cant bite my lips and talk
I was thinking about putting it with a memory of stregnth maybe but I’ve always been strong too?? I fucking lifted my dad when i was 8 and when i was 5 I completely lifted my much bigger and older friend in a wedgie. Idek if i can’t anchor confidence or stregnth and im a very salty and unhappy person and I’ve never been in love so i have no single positive emotion to anchor this fuckin sucks