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Hi my amazing followers :) i want say first thank you so much for everything 💗 and thank you so much for your loyalty 😊 and now to the important Info! I have not so much time in this moment, i am very busy 😅 that is the reason i can‘t make more Edits in this time 😅 i hope and i try to make new Edits in the Weekend or next Week 😊 i wish you all a very great time and i hope you are all loyal to me 😊

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barista!Kang Daniel

Pairing: Kang Daniel x Reader

Genre: fluff, barista!Kang Daniel (sorta), bulletpoint-scenario

Summary/Extra: barista daniel but it’s kinda off track at times lool. Plz enjoy thooo 

(actually wrote this bc i felt bad for writing ending 1 for regret so badly. accept my heart lol)

  • You started a cafe after graduating barista(?)uni
  • You employed a past classmate named Ong Seongwoo
  • You remembered him as Kang Daniel’s friend
  • Kang Daniel…..
  • wow
  • He was a mess
  • You were partnered up with him a couple of times in high school for projects and such but then WOWZERS
  • You see him at your uni
  • You don’t know how that happened since you actually moved out of town to go to the barista college, but you guess Daniel wanted to go there too
  • Small world
  • You hated Daniel bc he basically ruined your life

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Hey y'all with so much abundance on Turkey Day, what do you think will happen? ROBBERY OF COURSE. ROBBERY BY BANDITS.


Here for the first time is a little rule plug in for a hack of Dungeon World where you play as desperate Goblin Banditos!

You guys can grab a FREE copy at my Patreon above!

But on another note, I just wanted to thank you for your patience. The last weeks have been hectic and there’s been some life changing stuff in the works that I’ll tell you guys about soon! So thanks for sticking around.

And I also wanted to say on this titular day, that I’m thankful for you. For all my patrons  and my followers who have helped support me for all these years since I started. Everyone, from every patron, every follower, for everyone who found me new and old, for those who are currently still supporting me, and for those who have. I personally know how tough this year has been, especially with money, so every time I get a notification that patron money has been deposited in my account I always get choked up a bit. Because you have placed value in me, because strangers out there have found my stuff and decided they would like to see more- see more and be willing to pay me for it. That i’m worth your hard earned money, and your time.

Thank you.

I’m thankful for that, for you, and for having this opportunity and platform to keep exploring what I can do with my art and my ideas.

Thank you you guys, and have a great day feasting!

Gobble gobble.


❤ Scarf Give-away!

This is just a small way to say thank you to all my followers. You guys are all amazing ❣

There will be two, maybe three, winners that will win a finger knitted or arm knitted scarf made by me. The winners will be able to choose if they want a Vault design, as in blue with two yellow stripes for the finger knitted one or blue and yellow yarn with the arm knitted yarn. They could also choose a different design if they want.


  1. Must be following me, new followers are welcome. 
  2. You can reblog as much as you want, and you can also like of course
  3. Must be willing to give me their address or PO box so I can send it to you

The give-away will end on December 18th, just in time for the holidays c:

Thank you and good luck everyone!  ❤

Hey all,

Go follow my new tumblr, @starnivorous, for completed 3D and maybe sometimes 2D work. I’ll be updating it monthly. 

I wont be sharing work on 5targuitar.tumblr for a bit, probably not till early next year, but I am still very active on twitter

Hello, beautiful paci-lovers! It’s Black Friday here in the US, and I want to celebrate with all of my followers (and even non-followers!) around the world!

All day during random times, I will be posting new pre-made pacis! Some that you have already seen may be included in the deal too! I won’t tell you how many, but there will be more than ten!

Here’s the deal!
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- As soon as you see a pacifier that you would like, comment on it! I will message the first person, and if for whatever reason they cannot purchase, I will message the next person.
- Must be able to pay within 24 hours
- New and old customers are all welcome!
- Please only one pacifier per person. I want lots of people to be included :)

Be sure you are following me so you can know early when a new paci is posted! Feel free to like or reblog any posts even if you don’t want to buy!

If you don’t get to purchase today, don’t worry! There may be other deals this weekend ;) Thank you!


Hi to all of my lovely followers! I just found something accidentally that made me feel so so good and I wanna thank you all 💓

I just checked my requests and saw how rapidly we have grown! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying my Kakashi content, leaving likes and reblogs and occasionally notes for me

If I could ask of you to leave me feedback the next time I post something?

That would be the best and made my day and mean so much to me  >///<

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