to the nice and polite one i say sorry


Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective

What happened at the Singapore airport

I went to the Jongin tag recently and saw many asks about this and some misunderstanding. I saw some people were saying he’s being ‘arrogant’ for asking why are people touching him at that time and I don’t understand how one can say that.

From this vid, you can hear he was asking “왜날만질까?” (why are they touching me?) and the wording ‘ㄹ까’ at the end that he used suggested that he was talking to himself, something like you say in your head or alone when you’re talking to yourself, so it wasn’t directed to the fans at all.

Another thing is that he said ‘만질까’. If in that situation where he’s touched by people he doesn’t know personally and if he used the word 만지다, it can’t be his arm or hand, it should be at least his butt or it wasn’t a simple touch. The word is very sexual. It should be considered a harassment and instead of flipping out and lashing on fans, all he did was talking to himself, ‘wait, why are people touching me’.. which showed how nice he was the way he just laughed it off and that’s why it hurts us fans who watched the video even more.

Even in that situation where he was the one swarmed by fans and got pushed, he saw a fan fell down and asked if she is okay. All he said the whole time was “wait/just a second..” repeatedly instead of getting mad or tell others to stop. He has been way too polite, he was too nice..

Feeling sorry for what happened, a fan brought a board to the concert saying “we are really sorry for yesterday at the airport”

He saw the board, took a time to read and with a smile he said, “ 괜찮아, 괜찮아” (it’s okay, it’s okay).


(also I gotta say don’t blame on the Singaporean fans, it’s mostly the fans who flew in from other countries and waited at the arrival area)

I’m just writing this just because I couldn’t stand people saying how he was being ‘arrogant’ or things like ‘just because he’s an idol doesn’t make him better than anyone else’ just because he was asking why people are touching him.. let me stress again, it wasn’t a normal touch and he wasn’t directing it to the fans. He said ‘it’s okay’ with a smile because Kim Jongin is that kind hearted but who knows whatever he felt at that time at the airport. So from my post I just hope people can see how the kind of person he is from this situation..
Heretic Pride - Chapter 4 - Fialleril - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 4 is up at last!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine STARTER SENTENCES #1
  • If I’m ever going to make captain, I need a good mentor; I need my rabbi. 
  • Meep morp zeep, robot captain engaged!
  • Thank you very much, sir. Testament to what can be achieved when you dress appropriately.
  • Here are two pictures. One is your locker; the other is a garbage dump in the Philippines. Can you guess which is which?
  • You also have more mice living in your desk than any other detective!
  • Well, he’s someone else’s problem now. Like you said, it’s out of your hands.
  • Wow, looks like he hates you even more than me.
  • God, you must have been the worst fourth grader ever.
  • So you were just borrowing those cars?
  • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! You win a teddy bear!
  • All right, fine, darling; I’ll ask him. Excuse me, sir!
  • No, I know we’re lost! I think he’s an idiot.
  • Idiot?! Do you know why we’re out here in the middle of the night, ___? I was gonna propose to you! On the Brooklyn Bridge, where we met.
  • You know what? This is over. Say goodbye to this ring and everything it represents
  • I’m sad y'all are arresting me, but I gotta say, I’m glad you’re back together.
  • We’ve busted murderers; we’ve taken down cartels. But today we face the worst New York has to offer- the Fire Department.
  • I don’t have a lot of time. I need your full, signed confession. We have four minutes. We can do this.
  • Everyone, check your email. The greatest thing that could ever happen has just happened.
  • Who’s Kevin Cozner? Is he the star of Danzez With Wolvez?
  • Mm, it was kind of a last-minute invite. Just stirring the pot.
  • Aw, man. All the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.
  • Devastatingly handsome? I’m sorry. I’m uncomfortable with emotions.
  • Nice cop lingo! Look, I’m really sorry that we ruined your party. I’d love to make it up to you.
  • You should make me your campaign manager. I was born for politics! I have great hair and I love lying.
  • No, he did it doing something he’s embarrassed by. Like smiling. Only question is… how do you hurt your arm smiling?
  • Do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Because no-one… will ever believe you.
  • Fine, abandon me! I don’t want you here anyway.
  • All right, I’ll just act like you. Say something so I can get the cadence of your voice down.
  • This looks like it was filled out by a toddler!
  • you just got slapped with the best life sentence there is: marriage.
  • You know how long I’ve been waiting for one of you old men to kiss me?
  • My ears are burning! Did someone say vasectomy? I got snipped; no big deal, just numbs you out from trunk to skunk for a year.
  • Look, you guys, if the Sarge wants to chop off his penis that is his choice.
  • I hate being friends with you!
  • I’ve examined his proposal; there’s no proof that giggle-pig is a serious problem.
  • Actually, I’m a little disappointed in the hotel. How you mess up a omelette? It’s just a flat egg!
  • Okay, don’t shoot! That’s how people get shot.
  • Every time you talk I hear that sound that plays when Pacman dies.
  • I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. I was fine until they went inside the hive.
  • “I’m with someone and nothing is going to happen.” Name of your sex tape!
  • Your head is so small. It is so small. Where do you keep your brains?
  • Good to see you. But if you’re here, who’s guarding Hades?
  • I care about my friends. Now eat your carrots, or I’ll rip your tiny head off.
  • I’m still paying my uncle’s funeral bills. I rear-ended the hearse. It was a mess.
  • Wait, stop. I’ve made a terrible mistake.
  • You’re being super irresponsible. You have a batitude. That’s a bad attitude.
  • I’m not gonna lie, that turns me on a little bit.
The Little Sister (A Zach Herron Imagine) Pt. One


Why Don’t We Imagine

*As Requested by @daisy-hearts*

(so sorry that this took literally a million years to finish!)

Word Count: 3519

Have a lovely day!

Description: In which Logan Paul’s baby sister tags alone on his summer adventures with the WDW boys, falling for the youngest member in the process

Part One

      I took a deep breath, smiling as I took my first steps outside the LAX airport, the warm summer air hitting my face as I couldn’t help but break into a grin. Since I’d just turned 16, Mom finally agreed to let me spend the summer with my big brother, Logan, at his place in L.A. I’d been begging and nagging her for a couple years now, ever since Jake and him left Ohio to pursue acting, and finally that long-awaited day had come.

I scanned the crowd of people rushing from place to place, looking for that one familiar face. After a few minutes of searching, my eyes landed on the tall, muscular young man with blonde hair, and an American flag t-shirt draped across his chest. I broke into a smile, laughing as I sprinted towards him, his arms outstretched.

“Logan!” I screeched, giggling as he wrapped his arms around my waist, spinning me around in circles as I dropped my suitcase in the process.

“YO IT’S MY BABY SISTER!” He laughed, finally setting me down as I fixed my now windswept hair, giving him a playful shove.

“It’s been forever!” He grinned, stooping down to gather my things as I nodded, adjusting the straps on my Maverick backpack (he would’ve killed me if I hadn’t been wearing it).

“It’s been 2 years, but that’s basically forever.” I retorted as he smiled, walking my things over towards the Uber parked along the street right outside the entrance.

“Yeah, well, Mom always said you were the smart one.” He quipped. I laughed, shaking my head.

“What does that make you?” He smirked, opening the passengers door for me before sliding in himself.

“The talented one.” I rolled my eyes playfully, shaking my head.

“And Jake?” Logan laughed, buckling his seatbelt and giving directions to the Uber before turning towards me.

“The other one.” I laughed, shoving him slightly for his chiding comment. Logan smiled, only shrugging.

“Soooo, it’s your first official trip to L.A.! What'dya wanna do!?” He asked.

“Hey, technically I’ve been to L.A. before!” I defended. Logan shook his head, pulling a bottle of water out from his bag and handing it to me.

“The airport doesn’t count.” I pouted slightly as he rolled his eyes.

“What’s this for?” I gestured towards the water bottle now in my hands.

“This isn’t Ohio, kiddo- it gets hot as hell here sometimes. Need to stay hydrated.” He commented, pulling an even larger bottle out for himself. I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“Stop being such a dad.”

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Wrong Loves My Company Pt 5

A/N: Part 5 woot woot ! As always thanks to the bae @writing-obrien. This fic would not exist if not for her. I proof read this once so there’s probably a lot of mistakes still. But would you expect anything else from me ? 😇Also, I’ve used this gif several times, but it still sexy so I’m not sorry ;)

Warning: SMUTTTTTT ! (NSFW 18+)

Word Count: 4250

Parts 1-4: [here]

Originally posted by hothothotgg

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For @haikyuupaladin

Logan stood at the edge of the middle school auditorium, crossing his arms and scoping out his son’s competition. Roman had won the science fair in both sixth and seventh grade, and Logan was determined to make sure he would do so as an eighth grader, too.

Suddenly, Logan’s thought process was interrupted by a man coming up to him. The man wore a turquoise polo shirt and khakis. His hair was mussed up and he had a cookie in his hand, and overall he was not someone Logan wanted to be seen around. He tried to look straight ahead in hopes that the man would walk past him, but the man approached him anyway.

“Hi there!” the man said, sticking his hand out. “Are you Roman Prince’s father, by any chance?”

Logan perked up and shook his hand. “Oh, yes, I am! My name is Logan. What’s yours?”

“My name is Patton. My seventh grade son Virgil and I just moved here a few weeks ago,” Patton explained.

“Oh, I see. Well, welcome to Florida Tech! Does Virgil have a science project?”

“No, we didn’t arrive early enough for him to put one together. He’ll still be able to make up the credit though.”

“Ah, that’s too bad. Yeah, I’m sure Roman is going to win tonight. He’s spent the past two months creating his own hover board from scratch.” Logan bragged.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard!” Patton chirped. “Virgil’s told me all about it, actually.”

Logan tilted his head. “Has he, now?”

“Yeah. Well, not all about the hover board necessarily, but certainly about Roman. That’s why I wanted to come over and introduce myself!”

“Oh, well, it’s nice to meet you,” Logan replied politely. “I do hope that Virgil has enjoyed his time with Roman. All of his teachers and counselors have said that he’s a good influence on other students.”

“Well, I’m sure! I’ve met him myself a few times, actually. He’s incredibly kind.” Patton said emphatically.

“And he’s also one of the top stu–um, I’m sorry, what was that?” Logan stumbled.

“I said, you’ve got a really nice kid there!” Patton repeated. He lowered his voice a little. “Virgil’s naturally been a little freaked out about the move, but he says that Roman’s been really helpful with showing him around and helping him get adjusted.”

“Not at the expense of his studies, I hope,” Logan said under his breath.


“Oh, nothing. I’m sorry, go on?”

“Oh, well, anyway,” Patton continued, “I really just wanted to come over to say thank you. Whatever it is you’re doing, it’s great. You’re raising a truly wonderful person.” He smiled warmly.

Patton stuck his hand out again, and Logan took it in shock. They stood there for a moment, and finally Logan shook himself out of his daze. “Um, anyway, thank you for saying that! It’s much appreciated.”

“Sure thing,” Patton said as he drew back. “Look, I think the awards ceremony is starting soon, but best of luck to Roman!”

Patton waved and dashed off, and Logan stood at the edge of the auditorium in shock.

This strange man really gave him a lot to think about.

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Morgan Rielly - Part Eleven

I’m going to be re-writing my Nylander fic on my Wattpad account (HockeyImagines_) soon! I didn’t like how it turned out, and like a few people have noted I ended it pretty abruptly and now I have a better idea of what I want to do. So, if you would like to read it just search for me! I’ll make another post here on Tumblr when I make my first post on Wattpad. 

Shortly after I told Morgan I had my own board to play on, I realized I in fact did not. Now I’m standing in the board game aisle of my local store trying to decide if I like the special edition theme board better than the original.

               A small part of me is holding a small thrill at the thought of tomorrow morning. Okay, maybe a big part. The last two days have been like night and day from my first couple weeks working for the most scrutinized hockey team in the NHL. It’s like I had been pent up in a boarded house for the last five years and finally was able to pry open a window to breathe unfiltered air. Now my lungs are filled with the smell of spring and the scent of Morgan’s scarf which is wrapped securely around my neck currently.

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Loki doesn’t say ‘please’, ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’

So, continuing from this post, I still wanted to wrap up this… Call it research.

In three movies (being Thor, The Avengers and Thor the Dark World) Loki says:

  • ‘Please’ 4 times (only one from the heart and the other three to manipulate or because it befits a sentence)
  • ‘Sorry’ 2 times (one time he doesn’t mean it, and 1 time he actually says it trice and means it, but he is dying at that point)
  • ‘Thank you’ 1 time (he somewhat meant that)

Regarding Ragnarok (Gagnarok), I only read the script and counted. Loki says ‘I beg your pardon’ (which in imo is an equivalent from ‘sorry’ but it was actually the polite way of him saying ‘bitch, say what now?!’), he says ‘thank you’ twice - one time he says it as Odin as someone takes over his drink (but this was probably Mr. Hopkins being nice), and when Korg shuts off that electric device which was torturing him (he meant that ‘thank you’ though he said it very blunt but he must have been relieved as hell that the device was shut off).

Where am I going with this? 

  1. Well, as I said in the first post where I counted Thor, I don’t think it is very characteristic of Loki saying these words unless he tries to manipulate somebody or is emotionally deeply wounded. 
  2. There is also a clear shift between Thor 1 and the movies that followed, whereas in Thor 1 he was able to say it mostly sincerely, but after what horror that purple grape put him through, I think he lost all his ability to do so.
  3. It also shows of as a sign of weakness (which my lovely people, it isn’t!!!) that Loki rarely shows. If he shows it, he doesn’t want too. It is (in my mind and still not a bad thing!) a sign of needing others, something that Loki doesn’t want and has fought for to be free from.
  4. Bringing me to my next point: I don’t think Loki would very quickly say ‘darling’, ‘honey or ‘love’. Because I don’t think he is able to say those words for he has been hurt for so long. Every single time he opened up, showed feelings, someone was around to take his heart, rip it out of his rib-cage, shred it, and put it back and thus marring his ability to trust, and even love anyone else than… Frigga and Thor. (And the latter really just beated him around the bush in Gagnarok, which fuels my hate for that movie even more, but I - and many of my fellow Loki stans - have already said enough about that!)
  5. And these above are the reason you’ll not often see me Loki saying these words. After all, what is he sorry for, and what gratitude should he have on the way he has been treated? Pleading is also a stage that he has long passed. So it has to be a very special occasion will I make him say that.

Brian Mccook arriving in Lima, Peru.
Part 1 - 3.10.17

I wanted to share the first part of this video with you guys because I’m missing this sweet angel SO MUCH!
I know it’s a short video but I swear it’s worth watching.

I’m the one who asked for the hug and gave him the skittles, by the way.
We knew that Brian was really nervous so we were trying to be very polite and respectful with him. He was really nice and friendly with all of us even though he was struggling with his anxiety and nervousness. I was even able to say a few things to him and he was nothing but the adorable weirdo we all love.

I love my little piece of heaven so much!

Credits to: Rupaul’s Drag Race Perú on Facebook

P.S: My english is really bad, btw. Sorry about that!

Be a condescending, dickish vegan trying to order carry-out? Enjoy a decidedly non-vegan meal when you get home.

I never really believed in the stereotype of the condescending, holier-than-thou vegan. I figured it was an invention of omnivores that like to make fun of vegans and project some kind of judgmental attitude on them. And then I met her. She came into this really solid Asian fusion restaurant that does carry-out. She was talking to her friend, and the gist of the conversation was that she was appalled that she was even in this restaurant - the food didn’t even count as vegan, since they also served meat. In fact, for the ten minutes that I knew her she basically had nothing nice to say about anyone or anything. It was pretty spectacular, listening to one person manage to say nothing nice for ten minutes. She could win Gold in the AsshOlympics.

I’d been standing in line patiently waiting to place an order, with one person in front of me. As she walked in, that person finished ordering, at which point she breezed by me like I didn’t even exist. “I’d like a tofu lo mein.” The woman behind the counter looked at me, and I coughed politely. “I’m sorry, I was here first.” This elicited the biggest, most “how dare you waste MY time” eye roll I’ve ever seen, and she wordlessly stepped back. I ordered a chicken fried rice. Then she ordered her tofu lo mein, and we stepped back to wait for our food.

Ten minutes later the first order popped up at which point this woman, mindlessly chatting with her friend about how much someone they both knew is a total bitch, swiped the order without thinking and without a thank you, and stormed for the door, in a desperate hurry to ruin other people’s evenings somewhere. My first thought was “um, isn’t it likely that my order finished before yours?” And I almost said it. And then I realized she was storming out with a meal she really, really didn’t want.

The next meal popped up about two minutes later. I grabbed it knowing there was a solid chance it was tofu, thanked the very nice woman behind the counter, and left without stopping to open it, afraid that if I wasted a second’s time that angry shrew might have stormed back in and corrected her oversight.

I triumphantly ate a tofu lo mein back at home that night. Well, I ate the lo mein and picked around the tofu. I don’t know if that harpy returned demanding her correct meal or if she just got home, realized it was chicken fried rice, and threw it away dejectedly. I just hope she felt some level of the misery she seemed to enjoy forcing on everyone around her.


Lost in Marvel  (Part 7/?)

Heya Guys! hope you’re all doing well! Finally got this part done, I know you’ve been waiting long and I’m sorry I was stuck with writer’s block! Hope you guys enjoy it let me know in the comments if you’d like to be tagged or let me know what you thought of it! - xx

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 800

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 (Coming Soon)

(Not my gif)


Your really never gonna let that go, are you Tony?” Cap says giggling.

“Never” Tony replied and let out a fake cough to get everyones attention “Oh this is Peter Parker, AKA-“


“Woah! D-Did you like read my mind or something?” Peter asks looking at you with chocolate brown eyes.

“Nope, I just know who you are” You replied with a smile.

“Peter meet the newest member of the crew (Full name)” You give him a quick wave and he replies with a quiet ‘Hello’.

“Sorry we’re late” Everyone turns to see Wanda and Vision enter the room.

“About time you two showed up!” Sam says.

Wanda makes her way over towards Pietro and gives him a quick hug and Vision unexpectedly towards you.

“Hello (Name), I am Vision, my apologise for not meeting you sooner” He says politely.

“Oh it’s no problem, It’s nice to meet you too Vision” It felt as if your head was about to explode, so many Avengers all in one room you could feel you heart beat increase tremendously, by now you though you’d have it under control but NO!

“Hmm can’t read your mind, you must be special” Wanda says from behind you making you jump a bit, she watched as you placed a hand over your chest and take a deep breath which made her giggle.

“Hehe you think so?” You say looking down a bit surprised with her words.

“Mhmm, Names Wanda, unfortunately that idiot’s sister” she says pointing at Pietro Who was picking up Peter and speeding him around the room. The two of you watched him and burst out in laughter when he trips over and falling onto the ground with Peter.

“I’m (Name), I think we’re going to get along very well” you say and wanda pulls you into a warm hug.

“I agree with you 110%” She replies.

“Looks like the gang is almost together” Tony says after taking a sip of his drink.

“Yeah can’t wait to meet the others” You say folding your arms over your chest.

“In due time” He says with a smile.

As you stood by Tony listening to the other converse and tell jokes you begin to feel an odd sensation in your body looking down at your yourself you notice something completely wrong.

“T-TONY!” You shout for him in doing so getting everybody else’s attention who also had become speechless.

Your body was starting to vanish right in front of them, tears streamed down your face as Tony took a step towards you and tried to hold your hand only for his to go straight through your.

“(Name) stay with me! Just stay calm, we’ll fix this!” He says but you could clearly tell that he was just as scared.

Thoughts ran through your mind, were you returning to your world? or going to another? or the worst, dying? whatever it was you knew you’d have to atleast say farewell and only hope one day in the future you’d see your new friends one more time.

“(Nickname), you can’t go, we only just started to get along” Pietro says coming unto you with a sad smile, you’d let out a small scoff and he gently wiped a tear from your face.

“I…This was really fun, Thank-“ Before you could even finish everything went black.

Lost, it was the only thing you felt as you were surrounded in darkness, nothing but the cold dead darkness, an endless void with no one else but yourself, going nowhere. You made many attempts to move but you couldn’t even lift a finger it was as if you were frozen.

After what seemed like forever your eyelids slowly opened to reveal your surroundings, you were back, back home, slowly sitting up from your floor you felt the tears stream down your face, you wanted to go back, nothing and no one was here for you, everything you’d ever wanted was gone within seconds. You sobbed on the floor for about half an hour before hearing the doorbell ring, slowly getting up you quickly wiped you tears using your sleeves and slowly made your way towards the door.

Looking through the peephole you see Barry the delivery boy, ‘I guess no time has gone by since I left’ you thought to yourself as you picked up your keys and started to unlock the door.

“Wake up” Barry immediately said as you opened the door.

“What?” You looked back at him rather confused, that wasn’t Barry’s voice, what the heck is going on?

“Come on wake up! You can’t just show up out of nowhere and take a nap on my ship!”

Suddenly your eyes were shot and the guardian had you surrounded.

“What the…?” You mumbles looking up at them.

“It’s awake!” Rocket says poking your face.



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hi i really love your headcanons (ps: it's my routine to open your blog tbh) and thank you❤ can i request jikook university AU! senior JK who is a university sweetheart and junior jimin who is secretly admiring him? i give the rest of the plot to you! i'm a sucker for litol jimin ok

+ “can’t believe mr. Heart throb himself will graduate soon.” Taehyung says as Jimin sits beside him sipping on his bottle of coke. They both are watching Jungkook who is looking at his phone.

+ “can’t believe it either.” Jimin says staring with a soft blush. Taehyung elbows Jimin who groans.

+ “And I can’t believe you havnt talked to him yet! How? How not even a hook up?” Jimin blushes as he rubs arm. “Cause he is Jungkook Hyung… and me.”

+ Taehyung rolls his eyes as Jimin smiles shyly at Jungkook who puts his phone away.

+ Jimin sighs as he day dreams in the library, looking out the window. It’s such a nice day and here he is inside. Wouldn’t he love to be at the beach in Busan or even out by the path near his apartment for a run. Maybe even holding hands with a certain senior as they walk down the market.

+ “Excuse me, can I sit with you?” Jimin jumps as he looks up in shock. Jungkook is smiling politely at him as his hand on the chair across from Jimin. “Sorry, this is one of the few tables with a plug.”

+ “No go a head!” Jimin smiles back. Jungkook says thanks and Jimin feels his insides freaking out. THE JEON JUNGKOOK IS SITRING WITH HIM!!

+ It’s silent for 5 minutes and Jimin has been caught for the 50th time stealing peeks at Jungkook. Jimin groan as he thinks about how to start a conversation with Jungkook. At this rate he’ll seem like a weirdo.

+ “You wrote the wrong answer.” Jimin perks when Jungkook points at his bone work sheet. “That’s the Femur.”

+ “O-oh thanks!” Jimin blushes in embarrassment as he erases the answer. Fuuck not he seems stupid! Jungkook smiles fondly at Jimin before going back to typing on his computer.

+ Jimin wants to smack himself while Jungkook types a message to his elder brother about the most adorable male he has ever seen sitting in front of him.

How would it be like to meet EXO (Part 2)

Remember this is just speculation, doesn’t mean it’s real just what I think it would be like. Xo, Ara~

7.Kris: This would be epic, a complete mess. He’s a sexy gigant dork and he knows it but tries to be cool and he is but no and would probably mess the first two sentences and after an awkward moment of silence you both would start laughing. Even tho his the definition of perfection he’s also a boi and you would see that and calm down a lot as he awkwardly tries to talk with you and make that moment one of the best ones of your life. Maybe you’ll even become friends because he’s amazing like that, he’s a good person. He’s our Kris <3

8.Luhan: Lu… Lu… He’s a shy boy too, very shy. Like he does look kind of exovert but I do think that around new people it’s hard for him to open up. Maybe he’ll say something silly at the beginning because he is nervous, and if you praise him or give him a compliment he’ll probably just drop his phone and blush like hell. But he is sweet and kind so he would also smile to you a lot and maybe give you a warm hug, I think he’s a lovely person and he would show it from the first encounter. 

9.Minseok: That would an awkward one too, he’s a cutie pie (Just like @seoksinning btw xD) and there would be definitely a lot of blushing and polite “sorrys”. Probably in his mind he’s trying to come up with something to say or do or scream for help because he doesn’t want to do anything that could upset you or anything. He’s an angel and doesn’t say much but being with him would probably be very refreshing and nice. He would ask your name and probably memorize your face so if you two meet again, he can walk up to you and say hi as if you were old friends.

10.Sehun: Probably would be the funniest time of you life. He wouldn’t even say hi, he would just come up with something to make you laugh, surprising you with how friendly and nice he can be. I think he would be very respectful tho, he has great manners, but I also think he’s not afraid of meeting new people and that helps him a lot in the making friends matter. He’s just like that, he’s so full of life that it’s contagious and refreshing and having meeting him will probably make you smile the whole month.

11.Tao: This will go in the weird category too. Like I’m never sure what he’ll do or say, he might be a smol ball of fur or very funny or awkward. I think that meeting Tao would be a whole new experience and adventure. But they say he’s nice with fans, maybe he’ll take a lot of pictures with you because he loves pictures, but probably would take you like an hour because he has to look flawless xD But he’ll be nice, he’ll be like a friend and maybe he’ll try to keep in touch or something. And if he sees something nice that you are wearing he’s gonna compliment it (and maybe go buy it afterwards because he loves pretty things xD)

12.Yixing: Ohhh Lay…. my baby. I think being with him is like being in heaven. Like everything around you just vanishes and he’s the only thing that matters and he just smiles at you and you completely melt and somehow you see those wings he has on his back and ahhh… So yes, meeting Lay would be amazing. He’s so polite, so caring, so sweet, so nice, so everything. He would tell you how thankful he is, hug you, smile again, blush quite a lot. He would listen to whatever you have to say, pay so much attention making you feel like you are the only thing that matters in the universe… I don’t know, I do think we don’t deserve him, he’s too good for us. Protect our Unicorn! :3 

floraholland  asked:

Those girls thought they were saying something cute and hilarious, I bet my 99% ass that tom was sooo disappointed and felt sorry for seb and mackie and wondered since when his own fandom had turned into such a toxic mess (but there are well behaved fans tho). He's such a polite sweet boy he doesn't deserve this.

There was one point where I thought Tom was either just going to keep shut like “if you can’t be nice, I don’t have to answer” kind of thing or he was gonna snap back like Mackie. He seemed very fed up by the end of it (ex. when he called the dude a genius and Kevin Smith said the question was very passive aggressive) and I think him and Mackie were both with Seb on being dead for the past 20 minutes.  He doesn’t deserve the shit fans he has and tbh, there’s probably only 20% that are really toxic but they’re the ones who SOMEHOW get noticed on social media (that one (1) time they didn’t have something creepy to say) or they’re the ones who get to meet him and have the chance to show how rude and creepy they are thus making the rest of us, with basic respect, look HORRIBLE. And it reflects bad on him. And I am so annoyed, can you tell?

Stay (2)

Summary: Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle and Reader dated in the past they went through a bad break up but still have feelings for each other. A mission forces them to reconnect. (Set after Justice League vs Teen Titans)

Warning: A bit of angst

a/n: So I pictured reader being really good friends with Raven before leaving and I wanted to write about how much they trust each other no matter what but being away from someone can drift the friendship apart, also I didn’t really explain the reader’s powers just yet but I will in the next one but yea they can fly/ float and that is all you really need to know right now enjoy.

(Y/N) = Your Name

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |

Word Count: 1453

There was awkward silence until Dick decided to speak up

“So now that pleasantries are out of the way,” he said as he walked over to the computer to input the drive.

“I actually came because I need your help guys” The room went dark and a screen appeared replacing the windows that were once had been.

“I’ve been tracking down a group that calls themselves H.I.V.E they’re essentially a cult, and recently they’ve been active in these cities" an assortment of red dots scattered across the global map displayed on the screen.

“That’s a lot of cities,” Garfield observed.

“Yea and that’s the least of our problems” you chimed in,

“They’ve been working with a group called ‘The Den’ who believe that everyone has the potential to be a metahuman.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Damian questions

“What’s wrong with that is they are taking people and experimenting on are not volunteering willingly,” you argue, showing a video you took in secret of a group of people being forced to endure the torturous experiments, begging to be let free of the confines, you grimace even though you had already freed them with Dick’s help.

“Ok, so people are being experimented to give them powers by force, why? What are they trying to accomplish?”  Jaime asks while looking at Dick for answers.

“We don’t know yet,” Dick says sadly but continues,

“What we do know is that they are looking for a meta-power that can manipulate natural elements”

“Natural elements? What like the weather” Garfield asks, both you and Dick look at each other trying to find the right words to answer with. Dick quickly answers before drawing any suspicions,

“Yea Gar, something like that,” Dick answered trying to sound confident, but you know better, then he turns his attention to Victor Stone to address him,

“Cyborg I’m sorry to ask this of you but…”

“I’ll let you know if I find anything.” Victor interrupts as he opens up what you remember Dick calling a Boomtube to what you are assuming is Justice League headquarters.

“Bye you guys, and it was nice meeting you (Y/N)” Victor politely says before leaving through the wormhole.

“I’m going to use the training facility no one bother me” Damian states before leaving the room.

“Hey (Y/N) wanna play some video games, I have a lot more now,” Garfield says as he leans on you with his arm draped over your shoulder. You smile at him before grabbing his arm and moving it off of you.

“Maybe later Gar I’m kind of tired right now,”

“Oh, ok, later then,” he smiled sadly back at you which broke your heart a little. Before you could say anything Raven asked if you would join her in meditating in her room, which was code ‘let’s talk in my room now’. As you follow Raven to her room you felt someone staring at your back, when you turn around your eyes meet Jaime’s giving him an awkward wave, you turn around again to continue following Raven.


When you reach her room you notice how different it was from the last time you were there. The room is painted in a dark shade of purple with the window decorated with navy blue curtains that are slightly open to let a sliver of natural sunlight into the room, the shelves on the wall that used to be empty now hold scented candles as well as what seemed to be magical items or interesting trinkets.

“I see you redecorated,” you say walking towards one of the shelves to examine the trinkets.

“Yea Koriand’r insisted I ‘make it my own’,” she sighed as she went to sit on a round rug in front of the curtained window you hadn’t noticed till at that moment.

“Oh you were serious about the meditating” slightly surprised by her sudden floating in her meditating pose

“No, but I find this position the most relaxing, that and I don’t really have a chair in here.” with that statement you giggled and joined her in her meditating pose also floating when she gave you a slight smile you gave her a toothy grin.

“So what did you want to talk about Ray?”

“About why you left, and kind of why you are here.” she simply said. You sighed and looked at her,

“Ray, you know why I left.”

“Not really, you left a letter address to the whole team saying you found a clue to who you are, but nothing else,” she said obviously hurt from how you left without giving a proper goodbye.

“Ray…” before you can say anything else she interrupts you.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” there was a pause for a moment because you didn’t know what to say. Should you tell her the whole truth or just tell her apart of it. A little unsure of your own decision you quietly began.

“Well…kind of”

“What do you mean ‘kind of’?” she questions in a more deadpan voice than her normal monotone voice.

“You see, I found out where I’m from and who my parents are so there’s that but I still don’t know how I got my power or where my parents are if they are alive.” you sighed burying your face into your hands

“There are still so many questions I have that I want, no, I need the answers to.”

Telling Raven the truth was a lot easier than you thought maybe because she has already been inside your head and you in her’s. After a long pause, Raven spoke up again.

“May I,” she asks unsure if she still had the same permission as two years ago to enter your mind freely. Smiling at her you nod your head and put your hands in front of you with your palms facing up. She looks at you as though she was still unsure if she should enter your mind even though it was her idea.

“Ray,” you say startling her

“You are always welcome in my head you know” breathing out the breath she held in, then proceeding to hold your hands.

“Before we begin you do need to know I have Trigon in my head.” you stiffened at her statement staring at her with your eyebrows knitted.

“You have your dad in your head…. Why and how?” you said not meaning to sound high pitched. Raven just smirked,

“Yea, you missed out on a lot in the two years you were gone, you can look in my head for a catch-up, but be careful he is well…“ she paused for a moment trying to find the right words, but you knew what she was trying to warn you about.

"Raven it’s ok,” you gave a reassuring smile trying to convey that you wouldn’t fall for her father’s tricks. She nodded and closed her eyes, you followed her action. After some time you start diving into her mind looking for what happened after you left you started with the most recent event which was your recent hug attack, the next thing you see is how Raven’s father became apart of the jewel on her forehead and how she and the rest of the team met Damian, you go through many memories you finally reached the day you left. That memory had many emotions attached, anger, betrayal, sadness, and understanding.

“So you are (Y/n),” you heard a deep voice call to you

“You are the one that can free me from my imprisonment,” he states, you know who it is, you also know to not acknowledge his presence. Once he realizes you are purposely ignoring him he angrily threatens,

“How dare you mortal child ignore the call of a power being such as myself!”  Being able to calm yourself from his sudden outburst you continue to ignore his calls.

“How does it feel to be hated from the ones that once trusted you, child?” With that statement, you grew stiff, knowing he has your attention he continues.

“They obviously do not trust you anymore, had you not noticed the way they reluctantly greeted you? Forced, unsure, I know my daughter was wary of you when she saw you.” you had your hands in fist closed your eyes and breathed in and out slowly, you weren’t about to let this monster get to you even if he was telling you the truth, acknowledging him would be the worst thing you can do. When you opened your eyes once again you were staring at Raven, she was staring back at you with worry in her eyes.

“I’m sorry” were the only words you could say at that moment.

Also a/n: I kinda pictured the mindscape to be similar to like the one in Justice League Dark but more organized. Let’s face it Raven probably has things organized in her head a lot better than most people and plus she has her dad in there bothering her all the time.

That’s not my name // Seokjin x Reader (One-shot)


Genre: Fluff

Word count: 2,2K

Summary: It was obviously Kim Seokjin sitting in the far right corner of the quaint café – in your spot. But when you try approaching him he denies his identity?

A/N: I got this idea randomly one day and thought it was super cute. Idk if I was able to portrait the best way possible, but I still loooved writing this~ Tell me what you think! ^^ 
And thank you again @yoongibias1 for helping me with it~ Love ya ♥ 

“Kim Seokjin?”

It was Sunday and you had taken your usual midday trip over to your favorite spot in town. At the corner of your block lay a quaint little coffee shop named Cinnamon. You had become a regular at this point. And as Sundays were your days off they had religiously become your coffee shop days too.

Today was supposed to be no different from other days, but as you had entered through the little chime of the doorbell, your eyes had landed on a somewhat familiar face. Only a few other people were scattered around the shop; a man at the window reading a newspaper, a woman sipping on her beverage while writing on her computer, a couple of girls conversing quietly, and a cute looking couple in one of the corners.

You had a regular spot at Cinnamon. It was in the far right corner where the wall twists in a weird way making it a nice secluded area. However, today that seat was taken. It was never taken. And by chance, the person sitting there happened to be the man you had noticed.

But that wasn’t all. This person who had occupied your spot wasn’t just any average person. It was Kim Seokjin.

At first, you were kind of shocked to see him at this shop, or more, see him at all for that instance. You had seen him on TV a lot recently. He was a member of the increasingly famous group BTS. And even though you didn’t know much about them, they were hard to avoid on social media and nonetheless eye candy to look at. So when you saw Seokjin he wasn’t exactly hard to recognize.

You ordered your usual – a chai latte – and walked over close enough to where the man was sitting, resting at the round table next to his a bit before the urge to ask if it was him got the best of you.

However, you got no answer. His brown hair still covered his eyes and his face was busy with something on his phone. Maybe you hadn’t been loud enough?

You tried again clearing your throat first before asking.

“Um, Kim Seokjin?”

He didn’t even budge. Did you have the wrong guy? Were you actually not that observant as you thought? No. You were positive this was the guy. This was Kim Seokjin. He had nothing to hide his face with other than his hair, but even so, his broad shoulders and strong facial features were undeniably those of the man in question.

He suddenly lifted his head toward you and you almost jumped at his sudden movement. His chestnut brown eyes, and now, much clearer features, reassured you that you indeed had not made a mistake, but why was he looking so confused?

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”

You were thrown off guard a bit.

“Uh… Yeah sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I was just wondering… Well, I was just wondering if you were…?” you drifted off hoping he would finish your question with an answer, but he simply looked at you expectantly. You were so sure it was him, but why was he not getting what you were trying to say?

“Are you not Kim Seokjin?”

His expression didn’t budge. “No?”

You were stumped, and it must have shown on your face cause he snickered a bit.

“I’m Kim Seokmin.” He reached out his hand politely.

“Oh,” you muttered taking his hand still a little taken aback, but not really believing him. “Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He smiled a familiar charming smile much like the one you’ve seen on TV. Were you actually going insane?

“I’m sorry I wasn’t the person you expected, are you waiting for him?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, no, sorry, you just looked familiar… I guess.”

“Haha, yeah I get that sometimes. Must be this handsome face of mine.” He joked striking a silly pose. Was he pulling your leg right now? He must have been, right? He was an exact replica of Seokjin, no, this was Seokjin, it had to be. You didn’t know what kinda game he was trying to play or what, but you figured the best you could do was just tag along. He didn’t want to be Seokjin? Ok then, Seokmin, the game is on.

“So, what brings you here to this small place, Seokmin?”

“Actually, I knew the owner way back, and since I was in the area I figured I’d pass by and check out the place. And you? What are you doing here?”

You took a sip from your chai latte before answering. “Oh, well, I actually live in the area and come here regularly.” You placed down your cup. “And you’re actually in my seat right now.”

“In your seat, huh?” You nodded. “Well, how would you like joining me in your seat then, as none of us really have anyone we’re waiting for?”

You were surprised at his invitation at first. Would it be ok for an idol to do something like this? Like, he was technically flirting with you. Then again, if you took him for his word at being this Seokmin guy, then what would the harm be in accepting an invitation from a normal guy at a café?

“Sure. But just to make this clear, I let you sit in my spot.” He laughed.

“I have another one,” Seokmin says trying to hold in his laughter as tears have already started to gather in the corner of your eyes, the mirth hanging in the air from Seokmin’s previous joke. “Why did the scarecrow win an award?”

“I don’t know?“ you say expectantly.

“Because he was outstanding in his field.”

Your face scrunched up and you felt yourself having trouble not laughing out loud. You quickly learned that Seokmin had either a terrible or a fantastic – you couldn’t really tell – sense of humor followed by a laugh that sounded much like a windshield wiper, and you had a hard time not laughing at his jokes.

You weren’t sure how long time you both had been sitting at Cinnamon for, but you had ordered a second drink, although this time it was a green tea. Seokmin had ordered the same as you plus a few pastries you first thought he would eat himself, but ended up making you try them all with him. When you were hesitant he promised you would love them, and he seemed to know his stuff, cause you did.

“So, Seokmin, what do you do?” you asked when the mirth had disappeared, leaving a comfortable feeling in the air.

“I work in a company,” he said taking a rather large bite from one of the cakes. “It’s a rather small one, but I love the people there. Everyone’s hardworking and nice, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else really, even though we have our tough times too.”

Seokmin’s answer was rather honest and it made you wonder if he was talking about his real life or if he was just a really good actor.

“That sounds nice.”

“It really is. We’re practically family. You said you lived here, didn’t you? What do you do?”

“Yeah, I moved here last year for university and have been studying acting since.”

“No way! I studied acting too!” Seokmin exclaimed. “Ah, you’re truly awesome Y/N.”

You blushed. “Uh, t-thank you.”

He smiled warmly. “I would love to take up acting again, but my schedule doesn’t allow it at the moment.”

“Your schedule?” you wondered.

“Yeah, we have quite a lot to do.”


“Uh, like, preparations, meetings…” he trailed off.

“Your job sure sounds mysterious,” you hinted hiding your face in your cup as you took a sip of your tea. He laughed and it sounded nervous for a second before he cleared his throat.

“Nah, it’s like any other company,” he hastened, placing his elbow down on the table, but missed the actual table and instead managed to elbow his cake.

You both just stared gaping at what he had done and you noticed the subtle flush on his face. You found it rather cute.

“Too bad it’s not physically possible to lick your elbow…” Seokmin suddenly said making you burst out and he seemed happy.

Hours had passed. You couldn’t believe your watch when you had checked the time, but you and Seokmin had found a lot of common interests and you enjoyed his company as much as it seemed like he enjoyed yours. You had almost become long lost friends that had a lot to catch up on. The fact that Seokmin was hiding his identity wasn’t important anymore. If this was what needed to be done for you to have conversations with him you didn’t mind. Plus, what were the odds of meeting him like this again? You took it as a once in a lifetime thing.

Something that you couldn’t tell if was acting or not though were his subtle touches when he told you things or wanted to feed you a cake piece, his sweet compliments that would come out of nowhere and would make you blush, and last but not least the way he made you laugh at everything. You might not have laughed that much in a long time.

You were hesitant to admit it, but you loved his company. He was fun, playful, serious and extremely kind. However, it would be taboo to even think about him in any other way than a handsome stranger you met one day at Cinnamon. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he had a life completely different from yours - a big reason for why he would pretend to be someone else. Your lovely but temporarily friend would only last for today.

You were on your fourth cup of something now, but it was getting shallow and you felt the time to part ways sliding closer even though none of you had mentioned anything about saying goodbye yet.

Just as you were in the middle of talking about cooking, Seokmin’s phone started ringing. He looked at the caller ID and then up at you.

“I’m sorry, I have to take this.”

“No problem.”

He gave you a smile that set free a batch of butterflies in your stomach.


You could hear some indistinct voice coming from the other side of the phone, then some louder voices and… a scream?

“Wait, you guys are where?” Seokmin said surprised and you looked at him seeing that he was already looking at you. The person, or people, on the phone said a few quick things and you saw Seokmin had trouble following.

“Wait, guys-!” Seokmin tried but simply removed his phone from his ear in defeat as they had already hung up.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry about this, but I think-”

Seokmin didn’t have time to say another word as a sudden ruckus was heard over at the door. A large group of guys came through, they were being loud, but tried to hush each other down. There weren’t that many people in the café any longer.

“Ah! Seokjin-ah!!” one of the louder guys from the group shouted when they found Seokmin.

He jumped over to your table with the others following close behind. As they approached you recognized them more and more, and you couldn’t help the victorious smile from creeping up your face. You were right about Seokmin. For a split second you had met your friendly stranger’s eyes, and with the look he gave you, there was no doubt anymore.

“Yah, Jin, who’s this?” Namjoon asked.

“Ah, she’s-”

“A friend,” you interrupted giving Seokjin a smile. You didn’t want them to know who you were. If you were to suddenly be introduced to BTS, you were afraid you would lose Seokmin. So you told yourself these were his colleagues he had told you about. Seokmin, the random stranger, was the guy you got to know, not Seokjin, the member of BTS.  

“I should probably get going now,” you said rising to your feet. “It was nice meeting you guys.”


You looked over at Seokjin who was now standing up, but you knew you had to go, so you simply gave him a knowing smile.

“It was nice meeting you, Seokjin.”

His lips lifted up at that, and his gaze followed you as you walked out of the shop. You gave your friend one last glance before disappearing completely around the corner.

:’D I hope you enjoyed~ Message me and ask me about what you thought of it ♥ + Tell me what you think would happen later on… Would they ever meet again? Or was this goodbye?

Show Me (Part Three)

This is looks like a long update, but it’s less than 3000 words, but with them “texting” it takes up a lot of room lol. Mind the cut!
If you missed Part One and Two, catch up on the MASTERLIST
Bucky is the cutest flirting, and Steve is already in love with him! Tiny bit NSFW at the end!

Enjoy this update!


– back to school man

<To: Steve>
– how many weeks left?

<From: Steve>
– about six till Christmas break, but I’m not taking the whole month off. Really hitting it hard so I can finish up before the holidays.

–what classes?

<From: Steve>
– stupid ones I missed while playing ball. Political science. An extra math class. Accounting. And like a beginner business course that fell through the cracks somehow. Math is fine but political science is just stupid. Why do I need to know this? I barely passed high school civics

<To: Steve>
– barely passed? I got your all American ass a solid b

<From: Steve>
–my bad.


– girl in my class just asked if women could be successful politicians or if that is a glass ceiling that has yet to be broken

<To: Steve>
– Condoleeza Rice? Senator Clinton? Barbara Mikulski? And if we are reaching… that girl from Alaska. Palin. She really asked that?

<From: Steve>
– the teacher didn’t even have an answer. Just kind of looked at her and kept right on lecturing.
– I forgot how smart you are. Why did you go after art again?

<To: Steve>
– because I’m a free spirit, didn’t want the man to keep me down
–that wasn’t a gay joke. I’m a total bottom. Definitely want the man to keep me down.

<From: Steve>
–I’m dying man, don’t send me that when I’m in class!

<From: Steve>
–bottom huh?

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Teruteru Hanamura dealing with a customer who was rude to his S/O.

Poor S/O doesn’t deserve this.

- Mod Teruteru

- You were honestly so excited when Hanamura bought the property for his restaurant.

- The moment it was open you were offered a spot inside as a waiter.

- Just tell me how you could say no?

- Your job as a waiter was fairly simple, go out, take orders, deliver food, check up on the head chef every once and awhile (that part was only assigned to you and you may have been the one to assign it but whatever…)

- So far all the customers were nice and polite. They came for good food and they always left satisfied.

- But there was this one time where this customer started complaining to you, saying that you had messed up their order.

- You had handled it like any other good employee would.

- “Oh, I’m sorry. Can you please tell me what you actually ordered so I can fix this up for you?”

- You expected something similar to their first order, you’ve messed up orders before and it was usually giving a customer a chocolate milkshake instead of a vanilla one, or messing up a topping on something else.

- But this one said they ordered something completely unrelated to their first order.

- “I’m…sorry but, this order is much much different than what you say the messed up order is. Could you explain this to me?”

- The customer scoffed. “Explain? It’s simple. You messed up my order because your a bad waiter. Now strive to be a good one and get me my proper order, I expect a full refund as well.”

- Your head couldn’t properly wrap around their orders.

- “Excuse me, but I don’t think you have the right to just tell me what to do like that-”

- “Yes, excuse you, YOU don’t have the right to talk to a customer like that. Haven’t you ever heard of ‘The customer is always right’?”

- You pushed your hands down to your sides, urging them to stay there for the duration of the conversation.

- “I really am sorry but if you keep causing a commotion I’m gonna have to ask you to leave this establishment.”

- “Well I know the owner here, and I think they would be pretty upset over you treating a valued customer like this.”

- Your expression changed suddenly, from frustrated to blank faced.

- “You do? Well that makes things much easier, here let me get him.”

- The face this customer made was golden.

- It went from ‘That’s right, imma get free food out if this.’ to ‘fu*K FU*K WHAT THE FU*K DO I DO?!’

- When you went into the kitchen you were lucky to see that Teruteru wasn’t busy.

- “Hey Teru, there’s a customer out here who says that they know you, and I was wondering if you could talk to them for me because they’re making quite the stir right now.”

- He looked at you worriedly. “Of course S/O.”

- When you approached the table, you smiled at the nervous looking customer.

- “So this is the one, do you mind settling this for me?”

- Teruteru looked them up and down. “Strange, I don’t recognise you in the slightest. Are you really sure you know me?”

- The customer laughed nervously. “S-sorry, I must have mistaken this for a different restaurant.”

- “Of course of course, now on to the ‘messed up meal’. I can offer you a refund, but if you keep harassing my employees I’m going to have to ask you to stay out of my restaurant.”

- You forced the muscles on your face from showing the hug smile that was trying to show on your face.

- When the customer finally left, you released your laughter.

- “That was so good! You acted like a complete tough guy.”

- “Acted? S/O I’m hurt, Aren’t I a tough guy all the time?”
- You giggled. “Suuuuuure, believe whatever you want.”

- You leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, making him grin.

- “I’m just thankful we could get out of that.”

It Had to Be You (Part 1)

Summary: The Reader and Dean meet for a hunt and try to be friends, but can men and women be friends? That was awful but what are we going to do about it?

Characters: Dean, Reader, Bobby (mentioned), Amanda (OFC), Joe (OMC), Lisa (mentioned)

Warnings: talk about sex a little, slight canon level violence

A/N: This is a rewrite of my favorite movie - When Harry Met Sally. It’s a two parter so this first part is a little bit of a slow burn, but part two will be up tomorrow. For the most part all of the humor and stuff is thanks to the amazing Nora Ephron, but I put the Supernatural spin on it. I’m not sure how many people who might read this have seen When Harry Met Sally, but you can still follow along with the story if you haven’t. This was mainly just something fun for me to write since I got to rewatch my fav movie a bunch of times, but I hope you guys enjoy it too. Feed back, of course, is welcomed and encouraged. 

Part 2

(gif is from google)

12 years ago

Dean stood on the sidewalk, his arms wrapped around the tall blonde he had been getting to know during his short stay in town. They had been passionately kissing for the past ten minutes, unable to quell their need for one another.

“I love you,” the blonde sighed as she pulled her head away to stare in to Dean’s deep green eyes.

“I love you,” Dean replied back a little more slowly. He kissed the end of her nose lightly before she could realize the hesitation.

They had resumed their display of affection when a blue 1965 Mustang pulled up next to them and parked. The pair was too preoccupied to notice the y/h/c woman sitting in the driver’s seat watching them.

You didn’t quite know what to do in a situation like this. You stare off in the distance ahead for a moment to give them their privacy. Maybe they’ll notice me, you think to yourself. Another minute had passes and you realize that they probably weren’t going to notice you.

“Ahem?” you loudly clear your throat to catch their attention but there was no reaction. “Ahem,” you say a little louder this time and they finally separate lips.

“Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” Dean asks while keeping his arms wrapped around the blonde.

“I am,” you smile and nod. “You’re Dean Winchester?” the question was more of a formality – you recognized him from Bobby’s pictures.

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