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Klay Thompson embarrasses himself attempting circus dunks

When it’s all said and done, Klay Thompson will be enshrined into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.

NBA DRAFT: 2018 Big Board

Just six years into his NBA career, and the 6-7 Washington product is already a two-time champion and three-time all-star. His lengthy list of accolades also a pair of all-league selections and a 3-point contest title. But the shooting guard, who makes up half the tandem known as the Splash Brothers along with two-MVP Stephen Curry, shouldn’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever enter (Smokey from “Friday” voice) the slam dunk competition.

Watch him straight embarrass himself, not once, but twice attempting a 360 dunk while in overseas on a promotional tour for ANTA, the China-based sneaker brand he endorses.

Thompson, who recorded a 31.5-inch vertical leap at the 2011 NBA Draft Combine, had a career-low five made dunks in 2016-17 despite averaging 23.7 points. His 268 made 3-pointers was second in the NBA only to Curry.

Just stick to what you’re best at my boy.

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How come Matt doesn't have a 🌟 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet?

Well, tbh I don’t think he’s yet reached the pinnacle of stardom one normally associates with Walk of Fame peeps (sorrrrrrrrrry). That said, there are some people with Walk of Fame stars that make you wonder. lol

But also, there’s a process and fee connected to getting a star. Someone has to nominate you, then the nomination has to be approved by a committee, then the nominator has to pay $30,000 (as of 2015). Also, the nominee has to approve/actually want a star. [x] So maybe he’s never been nominated, maybe he’s been nominated but the committee was like “Nah”, or maybe he himself has said, “Listen, I don’t want one right now.” :)


138. Starlito-For My Foes

Few songs can accurately sum up how it really feels to be leaning past the point of comprehension. This diamond in the rough from Starlito manages to do that in just under 3 minutes. The song features a false start, or rather a delay of game while playing Madden on Nintendo because the artist has passed out. The inflections and ad-libs that Starlito throws into the song make it rush by before he closes out with his 4 rules. The Nashville rapper doesn’t try too hard or try for commercial fame on this song, which gives it an authentic feel. “I can’t find my keys my ID or my check card” is the result of his “Brett Favre, got my 4th cup leaning extra hard”. Anyone who has had a blackout night partying can relate to this anecdote.

Year released: 2011

Best line: “Literally I’m in the game/blowing dro on some boosie shit, playing Madden and getting brain”

More by this artist: nothing worth mentioning

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I wonder If I count as famous ehhh people are not my thing.

I think “famous” is more about the audience you meet. For example, there are people famous in their field (acting, science, art, etc), so we got people famous on Tumblr, famous online, famous in their profession, and so on. 

But they are only famous in so far as someone recognizes them and what they do. It’s kind of like how many voice actors are famous to us–but when they’re in public, they are only famous if someone recognizes their name, face, or voice.

Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby

Jade is arguably the best band in Hong Kong in the 70s. Unfortunately they failed to get their recognition that they deserve.
The full line up of Jade featured three top vocals and a strong band line-up. If we used an analogy, it would be a band that feature the vocal of Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Freddie Mercury and solid sounds of the Eagles that can play any music styles, how can you resist?
They started as a pub band in early 70s, rising up with the fame when they signed with one of the TV station in HK , having their own TV programs and shows .
However, their fame couldn’t last long as the TV station is short-lived. Since then have difficulty to sign w another TV station, when those TV stations have the respective stations have their top bands lined-up.
Also, their line-up changed frequently, four different line-ups for four records made, and regrettably some of the best line-up hasn’t been captured on records, and that makes them short lived.
One of the albums they have made is an album dedicated to the Beatles. They have clever arrangement over The Beatles song, adding horn sessions that made these songs refreshed, and stand out from the sea of cover versions.


Nike Celebrates Famed Vogue Dancer Leiomy Maldonado’s Athleticism in Striking, Poetic Ad

Moving work for new equality campaign

There’s a moment toward the end of Nike’s beautiful new 60-second spot for its equality campaign when the camera closes in on the shoulder blades of vogue legend Leiomy Maldonado. For just a second we can see her bones move and that her back is drenched in sweat. It’s the kind of shot that’s typical for any Nike spot celebrating athleticism—showing the work it takes to be an athlete is Nike’s bread and butter—but here, because Nike is opening up its definition of athleticism and showcasing “The Wonder Woman of Vogue” the shot has a much larger impact.

The new spot was written and directed by Daisy Zhou who wrote on Instagram that a year ago she had made a spot on spec for Nike about dancer Omari Mizrahi and “instead of being #sued, @nikenyc reached out to me to direct and shoot this piece for their Equality campaign.”

Zhou’s use of slow-motion shots highlights the precision of Maldonado’s incredible vogue dancing and her use of Precious Angel Ramirez’s poetic voice over makes for a stunning spot.

The ad, produced by production company Public Record, is the second one released this week starring Maldanado who danced in a spot for Klimpton Hotels‘ #LetsNeverStopDancing campaign.

fame is something people all over the world yearn for. surely a life of celebrity and luxury is worth the burdens that come with it. the truth is, fame isn’t easy, but fame within the korean entertainment industry is something else entirely. constant schedules, dating bans, and strict contracts are all part of the territory. for as glamorous as being a k-pop idol may be, the world of idols behind the scenes is filled with drama and secrecy. can you handle it or will you crack under the pressure?

famedkrp is a closed original character roleplay group based on the lives of idols within the korean music industry.



Alive - Pearl Jam at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


hey it’s already half a year gone for 2k17. some late night thoughts :*)
Idk why but sometimes I feel like just disappear from this world and then ‘poof’ I’m gone. sometimes I’m really glad that I’m here living and breathing, living a good life. That feeling, when u over think abt your relationship with others be it friends, family or anything,u just feel like cutting all those thoughts off and just fuck it. but no, it’s just thr. why cant friendships but easier? why do I have to do this? does the comments really matter? Does the likes really matter? I told myself no. No it doesn’t, I can post whatever I like, whatever I want. But another side is telling me, get more fame, get more likes, more comments and you’re famous. No, I want my friends to comment is to acknowledge me, my existence. Not because of fame. Just plainly recognition. But, it’s not working. No matter how hard I try, although thrs a million of pics that are commented and liked, the moment one doesn’t, I will go insane. I would think, is it wrong, shouldn’t I post this? Or I should post sth abt my friend? All these. The social media is killing. I just want to do what I like and that’s it. But it’s stopping me. I want to break free..

Offspring of Toronto's famous capybaras named after members of Rush

TORONTO — The offspring of Toronto’s wandering capybaras now have names — Alex, Geddy and Neil, for members of the band Rush.

The High Park Zoo says the “capybabies” were born in February to famed escape artists Bonnie and Clyde.

The elder capybaras, which resemble oversized tail-less beavers, became celebrities when they escaped last May and eluded zoo staff and animal detectives for weeks.

Their daring escape led to dozens of sightings. One capybara was eventually caught June 12 and the other remained free until June 28.

The zoo has said the couple credits their “long time apart” for kindling the passion that led to the birth of the three pups.

Coun. Sarah Doucette, whose ward includes High Park, says nearly 45,000 people voted in a contest held to determine the triplets’ names.

Runners-up included “Snap, Crackle and Pop”, and “Mocha, Chino and Latte.”

Doucette says the winning set of names received more than 30,000 votes.

The Canadian Press