to do list:

New Daily Routine for 2018

Because I realized my last one is NOT gonna work for me lmao

Morning- 6:00 to 6:45

  • Wake up AT SIX
  • Brush my teeth
  • Make my bed
  • Get dressed
  • Check on my chickens
  • Maybe do (a tasteful amount of) makeup
  • Go to school

School- 7:00 to 2:35

  • (The 15 minute break there is the drive to school and then sitting awkwardly in my car because I got there too early)
  • Work at the school coffee cart
  • Go to classes and learn
  • Keep drinking water

Afternoon- 2:50 to 9:00

  • (This includes no awkward sitting traffic just sucks)
  • Have a small snack
  • Keep. Drinking.
  • Do my homework, starting with what’s due the next day, then working forward for the rest of the week if I have time.
  • Eat some dinner
  • Do the rest of my homework because God knows I won’t be don’t by dinner
  • Take a shower
  • Do my chores
  • Do a light pick up in my room
  • Pick out an outfit for the next day

Nighttime- 9:00 to the next morning I guess

  • Take off any makeup I was wearing
  • Wash my face
  • Moisturize
  • Brush my teeth
  • Floss
  • Wear my retainer
  • Get in bed at like 9:15
  • Practice language with Duolingo or lingvist
  • Make a to-do list for the next day
  • Go to bed or screw around on tumblr but be off my phone by 11

So just some other things I want to do on certain days:

Sunday- Clean my room, write in my journal

Monday- Work on my tumblr, catch up on YouTube

Tuesday- Write in my journal

Wednesday- Late start, tennis practice

Thursday- Good leggies day (shave, exfoliate, put on some lotion)

Friday-Laundry day, write in my journal

Saturday- Clean the chicken coop, practice some makeup or ukulele

Action: Tumblr Fandometrics

Every Monday, Fandometrics publishes a list of top musical acts that were most popular on Tumblr based on tag tracking. It’s a way by which people can find new artists to check out, see who is gaining traction/remains popular, and measure activity on Tumblr.

As they say themselves:

Fandometrics is the result of our efforts to compile a database of Tumblr’s favorite entertainers and entertainments, and track the shifts in our users’ collective affection.

It would be wonderful to have Louis feature in the list next week and hopefully that’ll lead to other people exploring the Louis Tomlinson fandom! 

Fandometrics outlines what data they use to compile their top 20: 

  • How many posts were created that contain the tag
  • How many times that tag was searched for

  • How many times a post using that tag was reblogged

  • How many times a post using that tag was liked

How can you help? 

> use the tag Louis Tomlinson on all your posts starting February 5th and continue until February 12th

> try to compose a cool, original Louis specific post each day for a week with the tag as well. It can be a declaration of love, a story, a lyric, a Spotify audio file, a video, or your self-made art/edits!

> when you reblog posts with the tag from other blogs, make sure to add the tag again as you reblog

> like posts with the tag ‘louis tomlinson’ - search the tag on Tumblr to see what you find (this helps both search metrics & number of likes) 

anonymous asked:

how do you balance school, extracurriculars, and free time? im in 5 APs, lead 4 clubs, and play 2 instruments and no matter how i schedule my time i literally don't have any free time except for 2 hours on the weekends. i get burned out after 2 days of this and it's really setting me back.

i’ve recently made a video about this on my youtube channel! but also, here are some extra tips:

  • treat free time like an extracurricular, like school, like something valuable that deserves time
    • schedule that sucker in
    • it’s valuable and important bc it saves ur mental health from hitting the rocks and keeps you from getting burned-out
  • sleep is so so important
    • without sleep, you can’t function to the best of your abilities so sometimes, you just gotta prioritize sleep over some other stuff
  • all the tips listed in the video tbh
    • ppl are SLEEPING on that “diy educational podcast” idea and ppl think that they don’t have time
    • like, im not joking. if u have time to check social media, then you sure have time to read your notes out loud and record it
    • also most ppl speak faster than they write 
  • educational videos on youtube sometimes teach you more and are more helpful than reading thru a 600 page textbook
    • thank u hank green on crash course for singlehandedly saving my grade more than a couple of times
  • some angelic ppl on quizlet make sets based off the same textbook or material as you. double check all the terms to make sure they’re inputted in properly and use them
    • saves you time on making quizlet sets
    • or you can do what i do and mooch off of other friends’ quizlet sets hahahah
  • im not saying that ur guilty of this but 95% of the ppl that i chat with abt busy schedules and lives often have more time on their hands than they think they do
    • cut out all the unnecessary bits and keep only the important bits
    • like, i had one friend who found out that she had 2 hours more in the day if she stopped checking twitter constantly, woke up earlier, and stopped procrastinating for 30 minutes after school
  • drop some extracurriculars if you have to
    • at some point, u just gotta prioritize your health over your studies and activities. you can’t do anything if your body and mind are too exhausted to do so. ur health matters more than you think it might.

anyhow, hope that helps! 

also, in retrospect, i REALLY should have talked about this in the video too UGHHH im so REGRETFUL…… i’ll make a follow-up video with these tips,,,,

Идеи расписаний специально для тебя!)Можно распечатать и вклеить в свой ежедневник💚📙Или же самостоятельно нарисовать.

На своём личном опыте я прекрасно знаю, как важно составлять список дел на день и анализировать свою жизнь. Так что очень советую завести to do - лист😘


  • build a fort, specifically a pillow fort
  • bake something!! like a simple mug cake or something from a cake mix
  • get rid of unwanted clothes! or anything you no longer wear, someone else can benefit from them
  • take a nap lol
  • take a shower or have a nice bath
  • have a picnic, they don’t always have to be at a park. have them indoors or even in your backyard
  • try doing some fun new hairstyles in front of the mirror
  • sit down and create a bucket list
  • rearrange your room, your living space or your desk
  • make plans to hang out with your friends
  • have a diy spa day
  • throw on some interesting ted talks
  • write down a list of things that makes you happy
  • go on a nice walk around the block
  • call a friend or family member
  • get some colouring books!!
  • clean out your phone (get rid of old pictures, apps or contacts)
  • watch netflix
  • draw, doodle or paint
  • meditate or do some yoga
  • write!
  • do something that’ll make you happy and feel good about yourself
  • do something you want to do
I’m done being sick.. let’s get back to work..

“Getting over it” animation, To do:

Sketch/keyframes: 4462/4462 frames
Inbetweenies: 527/4462 frames  <– You are now here
Body outlines: 0/4462 frames
Hair outlines: 0/4462 frames
Facial expressions: 0/4462 frames
Lipsync: 0/4462 frames
Facial hair: 0/4462 frames
Flat colors: 0/4462 frames
Shading: 0/4462 frames
Backgrounds: 0/4462 frames
Add sound fxs

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ R.I.P
Please support your local animator <3

final to-do list

    • pink slip [ james x narcissa - revenge fake dating au - 8k ]
    • unreliable narrator [ dramione + hansy - summer boardwalk au - 12k ]
    • the friend zone [ ron x draco - college hockey au - 3k ]
    • puck bunny [ tom x pansy - hockey au - 3k ]
    • percy x pansy [ canon au ]
    • ron x daphne [ soulmate au ]
    • scabior x hermione [ tinder au ] - HERE
    • james x sirius [ hockey au ]
    • flintwood [ farmers market au ] - HERE
    • scorpius malfoy x james sirius potter [ canon au ] - HERE

updated - 7/30