Check out the dates below and go hang with them. Block Party is the kickoff!

4.13 - New Orleans, LA - Community Records Block Party
4.14 - Birmingham, AL - God’s Butt [1715 11th Place South]
4.16 - Richmond, VA - Bainbridge Collective [1300 Bainbridge]
4.18 - Baltimore, MD - Club K
4.19 - Philadelphia, PA - The Crows Nest [723 Washington Ave]
4.20 - Brooklyn, NY - Big Snow Buffalo Lodge [89 Varet St.]
4.22 - Pittsburg, PA - Mr. Roboto Project [5106 Penn Ave.]
4.23 - Harrisonburg, VA - Blue Nile
4.24 - Nashville, TN - The Owl Farm

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anonymous asked:

Well, I followed you because I found the first chapter of your fantastic hide/haise fanfiction and read it and cried and then I looked at your blog and I was just extremely satisfied with life because I had found one of the best blogs I've seen! Thank you <3

holy frickles did you literally cry or is it just a figure of speech because what did i do this time omg 

ahhh I don’t really do much except posting my works and reblogging a lot of random stuff and occasionally ranting but thank you so much for staying! ;u; 

Nakakaasar lang talaga. Bunganga ng tatay ko gumising saken samantalang puyat na puyat ako this past few days at gusto kong bumawi ng tulog. Bunganga ng bunganga kesyo daw kasalanan ko kung bakit di na gumagana yung wifi sa tablet namin. Like, sorry ha? Pati siguro yung sa browser ako gumagamit e ano? Nakakaasar. Lagi nalang ako nasisisi. Akala mo naman hindi siya gumagamit nun, sauce. Baka yung mga ano niya yung may dahilan kung bakit nagkaganon, diba? Sheesh.

"Write a Letter to Your Ten Year Old Self"


     Dear Ten Year old Shahada, a.k.a Future princess of the world

Keep you’re head up, you’re gonna go through some serious shit I mean erm…bad stuff but you have to be strong and press on! Don’t regret anything. And yes you will eventually have long hair, just keep growing it out! Don’t give you’re mother a hard time, cause she’s awesome. And you wont meet you’re Father until you’re 17, he’s a jerk so don’t believe the promises he’s been telling you as of late. And above all else embrace you’re weirdness, its part of you’re charm.

Love, yourself 9 years from now