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my half of a trade with @yowulf ! it’s her adorable dog Noodle :>

gosh tho aint photographing black things just the pits? i apologize for the weird textured background, but it was the only thing that would keep the picture from turning into a blurry dog shaped Item on a blown out white background ;n; sometime i’ll invest in a good black photo cube or something, i sorely need it! 


BnHA OC: Mayeda, Hibiki!

Quirk: Bloom
Her quirk allows her to grow flowers in an instant and on command. Almost like pulling them from thin air.

Hibiki is a UA student in the Hero’s course. Her timid and hesitant nature landed her in class B, but that wont stop her from being the best hero she can be!

Her parents own a small cafe in town where they brew and make all teas and pastries from scratch. They live in the space above the cafe. They are very proud of Hibiki and support her in her decision to become a hero.

She’s friends with @yowulf‘s Shigeru. 


Phew, finally some new art! :D 

This Akita Inu is a donation piece for @yowulf !!! Her sweet puppy dog, Noodle, needs some training to help her with her separation anxiety and her fear of new people! I’m basically always broke, so I thought a design was the next best donation. ;) Support Naomi and Noodle, and pick up this design as a sticker when she makes them available!! :D

The top design is transparent!


Always take care of yourself, friends! I’ve failed to do this and unfortunately, I am in need of some mental health therapy, eek! It’d be nice to talk to a therapist in order to get back in chip shape and continue producing artwork fast again.Without insurance, therapy is expensive! I would love to schedule some appointments ASAP! Do you mind looking at my Etsy shop to check out my prints? Here is just a few, more at my shop! I also have vinyl stickers, include a brand spanking new one, with addition of some embroidered patches!

Please signal boost if you can! I will also be selling at conventions so check out Tumblr description to find out my conventions for 2015. I will add more with acceptance.

Thank you!

There is no better cure for stress than drawing doggies! I had a spare hour and a half this evening and spent it drawing this and feel a lot better mentally now.

This was drawn to help yowulf with her project to her friend get a cute little corgi therapy dog. If you guys have some spare time to help contribute art, or if you could signal boost her post that would be absolutely amazing!

Corgi Zine original post: Click here!

Hello! 2014 is coming to an end and I’m so fucking thankful. It’s been a shit year for me, but hopefully things will start looking up for me in 2015. I’ve been long overdue to make a follow forever, but here goes nothing. These are blogs that I’ve talked to, remember talking to, that stick out, and are just overall great people. Please don’t take it to heart if you’re not on here. I’m probably forgetting so many people, and I just want you all to know that I love all of you no matter what. I hope everyone had a great 2014 and have an even better 2015.

Stay cool B)

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Roommates in Chicago?

Anyone in Chicago willing to let two artistic things and two dogs roo. them with? My twin sister yowulf, a very talented illustrator, and I are currently looking to relocate due to a job opportunity for me to sculpt full time. We only need one room, and plan to bring two dogs (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi at 23 pounds and Japanese Kai Ken at 35-40 pounds). We are very sweet, not loud, and courteous! If you are interested in housing us, let us know rent and we’ll see if it’s a good fit! Please reblog to help! We are looking to move sometime this year.