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You walked through the threshold seeing a candlelit dinner set at the table. “Lee, what’s all this about?” you asked setting your stuff down on the floor. 

"Well, I know you’ve been under quite a bit of stress recently, so I thought I would take your troubles off your mind, at least for a little bit."

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Amber is turned on by the sight of Henry's bare back

- Keki 

Amber lovesHenry, and not just because he’s a really hot and talented musician. She loves him because of his unlimited source of devotion and care, his will to always learn and his goofyness.

And then there’s the physique. That is also a very, very lovable thing.

Normally Amber doesn’t drool over boys. She idolizes Mike Shinoda, yes. She thinks John Cena is awesome, yes. But she doesn’t drool over any of them; has never done so and will probably never do so. As a matter of fact, the only one she’s been close to drooling over is Henry, and that’s only because he has this thing where he walks around with no shirt on for no reason at all, completely unfazed about the fact that the people in the dorm building across from his gets a real good look at his back.

Back before they were a thing she thought it was kind of weird (not to mention slightly inappropriate) to almost drool over your best friend’s back, but then freshman year turned to junior year and now they’re dating, so she’s allowed to drool and gape and be a girl all she wants. And boy could she go on for days.

Okay, maybe not days. But close. Because Henry’s back really is nice. He has a darker skin tone than she does, but she thinks it fits him just fine. Opposite of her own, Henry’s back is completely bared from any tattoos or marks - well, save from the times Amber may have scratched him, but those weren’t completely on purpose (yes they were). Even though she had to admit that there was something oddly comforting about waking up the morning after to find little red marks on Henry’s otherwise unblemished skin and think back to what made them appear in the first place. Henry himself doesn’t seem to mind that much either.

But there are other reasons to love Henry’s back, Amber thinks, beside the way it looks after they’ve had sex. She loves how it looks whenever he’s in a dress shirt, because the fabric makes his muscles stand out in just the right way. She loves how it feels under her fingertips, soft and warm and so incredibly Henry that she doesn’t even know how to react. She loves to press her nose into his back and feel the way his entire being just seems to envelope her in a safe cocoon whenever she buries her face in his t-shirt.

Amber just really loves Henry, she thinks, and that thought is getting ten times stronger when Henry suddenly plops down next to her and kisses her softly before resting his head in her lap. “Hi there” she says, moving her fingers to comb through his hair, and Henry smiles softly up at her. “What were you thinking of?” he asks her, and she shrugs before leaning down to kiss him again. “Oh, nothing”