to your grave

Ive become a CD collecter, collecting the words that people wrote when the world didnt care, and then later on, words they wrote when it did. Sometimes, there is a notable difference in the sound and feel of the words. Sometimes, they sound exactly the same. I think I prefer the first kind.

Take This To Your Grave-Fall Out Boy
Infinity On High-Fall Out Boy
Folie à Deux-Fall Out Boy
Soul Punk-Patrick Stump
Danger Days-My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts-My Chemical Romance
Parachutes-Frank Iero and the Patience
American Idiot-Green Day
Pretty. Odd- Panic! At The Disco
Brand New Eyes-Paramore
Legacy-David Bowie
Transgender Dysphoria Blues- Against Me!
Vessel-twenty one pilots
Blurryface-twenty one pilots

i’m unmedicated and I feel dangerous for the first time in years because we are alone together once again and there is nothing stopping me from ripping your throat out besides morality.

someday you will become roadkill on my path to anywhere but here & i’ll laugh and dance on your grave (i promised you, didn’t I?)

you weave your little funny tales in creative writing class but i can see the spines that grow from the wall and encase you. i know you can’t see them but I can’t help but think they must be a sign

& when we’re left alone at the coffee shop next time i imagine it would be so easy to take you back under my wing and crush your heart this time. i would love to see the brokenness appear in your face once again, payback for all the tears you stole from me.

i hope you feel desolate.


things you were:

  • my picket fence
  • the song stuck in my head
  • the last good thing about this part of town
  • my versailles at night

things you are:

  • just a line in a song
  • a cherry blossom
  • a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down
  • a canary
  • second hand smoke
  • crashing
  • no wave
the signs as fall out boy lyrics

aries - i hope you choke

taurus - why won’t the world revolve around me?

gemini - we’re all just fucked

cancer - i hate myself

leo - get unique

virgo - you are a brick

libra - i thought i loved you but it was just how you looked in the light

scorpio - watching you two from the closet

sagittarius - i don’t care what you think

capricorn - slit your throat

aquarius - whoo! fuckin’

pisces - i’ll weigh you down, i’ll watch you choke

i feel i have been ghostwriting myself. like i walk my body through the world and let none of it in. the other day my teacher asked us “are you happy with who you are?” and i couldn’t think of what words to fill in. the good girl i’m supposed to be would laugh lightly, of course i’m happy, i’m always happy. but some little part of me wonders how long it’s been since i was really behind the wheel. since i did anything that actually made me feel. 

fall out boy... let me write your setlist

• novocaine and phoenix mashup
• bang the doldrums 72 times
• the entire folie à deux album
• the kids aren’t alright while joe and andy crowd surf
• soul punk patrick making a return
• instrument swap: joe singing, andy on guitar, patrick on bass, pete on drums
• live reenactment of the young blood chronicles (with random crowd members as the other characters)
• covers of each of the boys’ favorite song
• twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc) for nine hours straight
• dance party on stage while uma thurman is played

fueled by ramen alignment chart