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learning languages without actually studying them

smoking outside in the rain: +2 French words

sharing a glass of sherry with Miguel de Cervantes ghost: +3 Spanish

cursing the Britsh: +3 Spanish words & +9 French

wandering around Siberia with an existential crisis: +5 Russian words

look at an english dictionary, we’ve probably already stolen some of your native words: +7 English

subs not dubs!!!: -3 Japanese words for being annoying

arriving on time and queuing up properly: +1 German word

feeling dead inside: +2 Latin

astral-apiary  asked:

yooo explain your prophetic dream!!

OKAY OKAY OKAY!! So listen I had a dream. After seeing the pictures of Katie, Jeremy and Brenda last night, I had a dream that….

Y’all are gonna think I’m crazy. I think I’m crazy BUT I WANT IT!

I had a dream… that…. Lena and Winn are half-siblings!!!

I mean at first when I woke up I was like pffffftttt… Shut up, Brittane. BUT THEN! I thought about it. And it actually makes sense. AND it could actually work. I spoke to my loves @kara-danvers-lena-luthor @myheartisbro-ken thinking they would talk me out of it. Nope. They’re on board.

Let’s think about it. Lena and Winn have had one meeting from what we have seen thus far. They worked together to help save the gala. Seamlessly clicking over something that they are both ridiculously good at. They have a scene where they will most likely be working together again in the finale. If this information did turn out to be true, imagine the idea of the two of them working together more often without knowing and then someday, somehow finding out the truth.

Let’s talk subtle parallels. Everyone has been lining parallels between Lena and Kara and Lena and Mon-El. BUT! Lena and Winn have strong ones as well.

  • Tech/Engineering geniuses
  • Crazy villainous parent
  • A biological mother that is dead/out of the picture
  • The fear of being just like said villainous parent
  • The fear of being judged due to relationship with villainous parent/relative
  • Not always taken seriously because they aren’t ‘hero’ material (a Luthor and a ‘Red Shirt’)
  • Confident in intelligence and wit to complete a mission or achieve goals
  • Often forced to use said intelligence and wit to get out of bad situations or help save the day
  • Used to spending holidays alone 😭😭

There are probably more. Winn’s mother left him after his father was arrested. We know nothing about Lena’s biological mother before her alleged death and while the age gap would be a little odd, the writers love making messes of ages and timelines soooo details, fam, details. And looks-wise, I think they could pass for siblings, yeah. They must have gotten that jawline from their mom.

I mean this would be a literal brotp and I want it so bad! They’re so cute! And I love them!

I’ve had dreams and predicted things about this show that have come true so can I have this now?? PLEASE!? If not, I’m holding on to this HC for dear life.


@hprarepairnet‘s on the job challenge | padma patil and george weasley - requested by @thegirlwithahogwartstattoo

padma patil started working at st. mungo’s hospital right after she finished hogwarts. to her surprise, she found george weasley volunteering there. he always seemed to show up during her breaks with coffee and a joke. it became a routine that each of them looked forward to.