to writings of mine

If my words could heal
Everything that hurts you
I would write forever
And speak
Even longer

My tongue would know my teeth
Quite intimately
And my hands would know the paper
Quite painfully

I would rub my fingers raw
And bite my tongue endlessly
If it meant you would be

Because you matter
More than my hands
More than my tongue
And infinitely more
Than you believe

—  I wish you knew
klance boxing au

I’ve been working on a boxing au fic for a while now and I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas, so I thought I’d share a few:

-Lance (21) was always into boxing
-did karate as a kid, then kickboxing and judo when he got a bit older
-moved to the city to live with his aunt when he was 16
-joined an underground fighting ring when he was around 17
-his nickname in the ring is ‘the Boa’ because of his specialty in chokeholds
-his signature move is the triangle choke (a move in which you wrap your legs around your opponents shoulders/neck)
-Lance goes up against “the Red Lion” and is defeated quickly because of a combo of nerves and Keith’s ruthlessness in the ring
-in embarrassment, he takes a break from fighting.

-Keith (21) has been fighting (in the ring) since he was 16 but also got in a lot of fights as a kid
-never took fighting classes as a kid but was taught at an older age
-nicknamed “the Red Lion” because of his fierce fighting style and the blood he’s spilled
-was heavily abused as a child by his father. His mother died/left when he was a baby.
-high school drop out
-Shiro, a retired fighter, took him under his wing
-Keith specializes in brute strength and KO’s, contrary to Lance’s quick and calculated fighting style.

-Keith and Lance meet for the first time when they are booked to fight each other
-after his humiliation, Lance holds a grudge against the other fighter
-eventually they get recruited by the same coaching team
-with the bad blood between them, it takes a long time for them to get along (a lot of small fights and heated arguments take place)
-their personalities also clash pretty badly, making it even harder for them to get along
-eventually they realize that they can learn from each other and expand their fighting styles
-they start trying to teach each other, Lance teaching Keith more about chokes, holds, kicks, and also how to read his opponents better, while Keith teaches Lance how to use his strength more to his advantage and how to make more split second decisions in the ring

I have a lot more for this au, so if people like it I will definitely be adding more to it!!

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hi! could you do a harry imagine where he comes backstage after the gig with stevie and hes all happy but he starts crying (in a cool way) because he loves her sm and you comfort him, thank you!💖💖

Hi! So in honor of Stevie’s birthday, I just had to write and post this one. I hope you like it :) x.

Leather and Lace

I’d been trying to hold it together for the last twenty minutes. The show was over, the crowd for the most part was dispersing and leaving the Troubadour, with a few clusters of fans here and there chatting. The music was still ringing in my ears, the feedback from the guitar now long gone yet still managing to vibrate and shake throughout my body. I stood frozen in my spot on the balcony where I’d sat next to James to watch Harry. The stage was now empty, the spotlights now making it seem more like a distant memory, or a time capsule from a completely different era - one that I’d seen in old magazines from decades ago.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed. Harry had just sung with Stevie Nicks. Stevie fucking Nicks! To say I was a fan of hers would be an understatement. Stevie was my idol. My queen. The reason I’d wanted to be a musician since I was twelve.

I hadn’t known she would be there. Harry hadn’t told me. Whether it was because he wanted it to be a surprise, or because he was afraid I would freak out and be nervous for him, therefore making him all the more nervous, I didn’t know. But maybe it was a little of both.

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Idk if this has been done before but... Pevensies as college/university students please?

hope u like anon!! i rlly enjoyed this one! modern aus are my jam xx

College / Uni students modern AU


·      We all know peter studies medicine c’mon

·      Studies until midnight because he just wants to help people already

·      Friends have to drag him out to parties so he’ll have fun

·      Susan dragged him to a few

·      Is the literal definition of uni hippie

·      Man buns, vintage coffee shops and immaculate notes are his things

·      Becomes a hypochondriac accidentally because he learns so much about diseases and injuries

·      Whenever he sees Ed he has a new bruise and it always freaks Pete bc he’s like eD WHAT DID U DO NOW

·      “I got into a fight with some bikers” is what ed’s response is ofc

·      (lucy bet him to the chocolate and he fell over in defeat)

·      Pete’s the uni student that always has dark circles under his eyes

·      Listens to a LOT of james Arthur, taylor swift, bon iver, and

·      He. Loves. Hamilton. Wicked. Les Mis. On repeat.

·      He always gets high destinction on his thesuses because he’s just so dedicated

·      He gets a placement in a hospital and all his fam are rlly proud

·      Then ed breaks his arm

·      And Peter has to fix it.


·      Okie but susan is literally elle woods

·      She’s legally blonde af

·      She’s the girl who walks into the lecture theatre of law with immaculately polished shoes and amazing fashion sense.

·      She’s gorgeous and she’s fierce

·      And she knows what tf she’s  doing and she shocks everyone when she gets high distinction on everything bc she’s so effin good at what she does

·      She has rings under her eyes a lot

·      Her notes are clean and simple and she knows exactly where to look because she’s memorised them

·      dEPENDS on her morning coffee

·      but she always works hard and studies and gets shit done

·      studies in the coffee shops

·      when she goes to parties (w peter a lot of the time) she PARTIES

·      She rlly lets her hair out bc she knows she’s effin earned it.

·      Listens to a lot of classical music

·      (and the legally blonde soundtrack)


·      Also studies law

·      Likes the feeling of making things right in the world after feeling guilty for so long

·      He feels a little bit inferior compared to his sibling Elle Woods herself

·      But he tries

·      And he gets the marks

·      And he drinks a lot of coffee

·      But he actually loves tea more

·      Its very relaxing

·      And he and lucy often have tea together in his dorm

·      His notes are always a bit messy but boy he knows what he’s doing

·      And he plays for the campus football team

·      And all of his siblings go to support each game

·      (he also has a lot of bruises from this)

·      (Pete is not pleased)

·      His fave coffee shop is in the corner of the city

·      It’s so cute and small and its g8 for studying in

·      The four of them have study sessions and test each other in there

·      They all love it

·      He listens to a lot of video game soundtracks because they help him to focus

·      He also LOVEs metro station (he secretly lives in 2009)

·      He also listens to a lot of arctic monkeys

·      He’s the one havin deep convos w everyone in the corner of every party

·      You never know whether he’s drunk or not when he does this

·      (but usually you know he’s smashed when he starts yelling Sherlock quotes across the dance floor)


·      Lucy actually studies animal studies

·      She loves being able to heal animals like she did in Narnia

·      It makes her feel like she’s doing some good

·      Listens to meditation tracks to help her sleep

·      Only drinks tea

·      Rarely attends parties, and when she does she’s the sober one dancing her heart out

·      Her notes are a highlighted mess of drawings in the margins and footnotes, but she studies hard and her dissertations are graded well

·      Always looks forward to Ed’s football games and meeting up with her siblings each week

·      Goes to each of Susan’s and Edmund’s mock court cases

·      “Accidentally” falls over so Pete can treat her when he gets a placement at the hospital

·      Smuggles animals into her dorm room and looks after them

·      Edmund helps look after them and helps her get them out

·      She starts volunteering at a shelter as well

·      Listens to a lot of Ed Sheeran, the beetles, and lorde

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Can I request Cheiloproclitic with JongKey please~

Cheiloproclitic – Being attracted to someone’s lips.

L I P S | Jongkey | G

“Jonghyun, do you want to fail?”

Jonghyun’s mind processed first how Kibum’s lips moved differently. Before, Kibum’s lips would often curve into the same words. B, they folded together and were pulled back into his mouth; U, they opened, revealing the redness of his mouth; S is all tongue; on T he closes his mouth a little and his tongue flicks to the roof of his mouth; I is the release, mouth now wide enough for Jonghyun to see all of Kibum’s white teeth; with C and K he raises his tongue and the sound emerges from the back of his throat; E is a sounded, direct exhale; and his lips near each other slowly on T. Eventually, they meet one another, his pink lips closing as the word formulates in the air.

There are other words Jonghyun can see, having stared at Kibum’s mouth and his lips so much–combined with the fact that Kibum is simply repeating the basic English conversation about a bus ticket they had learned in English class earlier that day.

Kibum’s mouth opens so wide on “have,” on “leave” the sound is wet yet airy,  and with “when” the exhale of his breath is soft and the click of his tongue at the end is suggestive of something more. Of whatever’s waiting at that questioned time.

Jonghyun likes “you” the best. Kibum’s lips purse together into a pink and round button with a single hole in the middle. And the sound is low and melodic, just one syllable without any thuds and clamors at the end. It is only a exhale, given sound like the way the clouds give earth rain. Naturally, healthily, beautifully.

Korean is different on Kibum’s lips. Not that the language makes his words or voice or tone or mouth any less beautiful, but he has to move differently because of the nuances of the language.

When a sentence in English is completed, the mouth slowly closes. First the tongue rises to encumber future noise, and then the lips meet each other. With Korean, the mouth tends to stay open, letting the final syllable ring through the air like a proud bell.

Jonghyun only realizes Kibum is speaking in Korean to him when those lips stay open for a beat too long.

“Huh?” he asks, blinking and raising his head from his hand.

Kibum sighs and leans back in his chair. “You do want to fail this class, don’t you?”

“Of course I don’t!” Jonghyun whines. A dozen pairs of eyes turn angrily to him and he clamps his mouth shut, lowering his voice. “It’s just hard for me to focus.”

“Whatever,” replies Kibum indignantly. “It doesn’t matter if you pass or fail. I still get my tutoring hours.”

“Hey, I’m your friend. You should care if I fail.”

“Whatever,” Kibum says. “I’m tired. Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

“Sure,” Jonghyun exhales, holding back his disappointment that he won’t be able to watch Kibum speak anymore.

It sucks enough in English class that Kibum’s basically become the unofficial teacher’s assistant, meaning he spends the entire class period helping out other students rather than sitting right next to Jonghyun like he should be. So Jonghyun can stare at his lips. Like he does in every single other class.

Jonghyun likes to say Kibum is the reason he’s a C+ student. Regardless of the fact that he’s been a C+ student his whole life and he only met Kibum in 8th grade.

He follows Kibum to the parking lot, eyes at first trained on his friend’s shoes and then slowly traveling upward to his ass. Jonghyun thinks It’s a nice ass, as Kibum dances five days a week. He should add the caveat that, aside from pornographic videos, Kibum’s (clothed) ass is the only one he’s stared diligently at.

They jump into Kibum’s car and Kibum starts the engine.

“So,” Jonghyun begins expectantly.

Kibum snorts. “So?”

Jonghyun doesn’t know what he was thinking. He only lives about a minute away from the school by car, so he’s only got a minute.

“What words are on the next English quiz?”

“A bunch,” Kibum says with a shrug. His eyes are trained on the road ahead. “The list is on the website.”

“Yeah but do you know any of them? Like, off the top of your head.”

“Umm. I guess.” He taps his fingers against the steering wheel, thinking. “There’s airport, airplane, luggage, ticket, bus stop, bus, taxi, fare, seat, aisle…”

Jonghyun bites down on his lip, holding back against the whimper rising in his throat. The base of his spine is tingling, little sparks rising to his skin and spreading his body as Kibum’s voice curves around foreign sounds, as his lips are tucked inward, pushed again, pursed into a little pink circle, stretched thin over pronounced syllables. Even from the side, it’s a beautiful sight.

Jonghyun doesn’t realize they’ve arrived at his house until the car has stopped moving and Kibum turns to face him. “We’re here,” he states in Korean.

And Jonghyun doesn’t hear that. He sees Kibum’s lips move, his mouth hanging open as that final sound hits Jonghyun’s ear drums but doesn’t register in his mind. The only thing he is thinking of are Kibum’s lips, and that he wants them.

“Can you translate something for me?” he asks, his voice shivering with uncertainty and need.

One corner of Kibum’s lips twitches. “What?”

Jonghyun runs his tongue over his lips. “Kiss.”


K is when his mouth opens slightly to make room for the sound; I his lips open more; S they come closer but it his teeth that touch; S the letter is given voice through the push of his air between his teeth. He lips stay open at the end, teeth separating just slightly as the word escapes.

Jonghyun’s heart is pressing his rib cage with every desperate thud. The sparks have turned to an electricity that roars through his fans as though thunder had struck him in the chest. “Me.”

Kibum doesn’t hesitate. M his lips come together and contract inward, on E they release. Again, he doesn’t close them even though the word has been said. The sentence finished. He leaves his thick, pink lips open and Jonghyun stares at them.

He doesn’t know what to do past this point, but, fortunately, Kibum does.

He leans forward and in a clear and slow voice asks in English, “Can I kiss…” His lips curve into the familiar circle, and the sound is low and seductive but curves just slightly upward at the end. “You?”

Jonghyun nods numbly. “Yeah.”

He leans toward Kibum and their lips meet softly. For as good as Kibum’s lips look to Jonghyun, they feel so much better against his own.

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“That’s what falling in love with her was like– like falling in love with a fire. A loud and raging fire, seductive and flickering with vibrant shades of orange, red, and blue.

In that moment, I knew that getting too close was dangerous, that letting her light lure me would have prices to pay.

I didn’t care. I didn’t care at all.

I walked into the heart of her inferno, fully prepared to burn.

I knew no matter how painful, no matter how temporary, I’d let her burn me to ashes. Just as long as she kept letting me experiencing her flames.”

-Dancing Inferno; Meg Marks

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Prompt: Sportacus tries to bake a cake but doesn't turn out well.

Finally got the chance to incorporate a song! Yay me! Thanks for this idea :D  

Stephanie poked at her slice of cake timidly. The frosting was runny, like a chunky glaze, and the cake itself didn’t look fluffy at all. She glanced up at Sportacus’ expectant face. He was sitting on the other side of the kitchen table, having used her kitchen to make the cake. His held his chin in hands, watching her every move.

Bracing herself, Stephanie scooped up a bit of the cake and stuffed it in her mouth. The frosting was way too sweet. The chocolate cake didn’t taste chocolaty at all. It was like chewing a soft cracker; salty and dry. 

“So?” Sportacus asked, “How did it turn out?”

Before answering, Stephanie took a long drink of milk. Only when the cake had finally made its way down her throat did she say anything. 

“It’s—” She paused, “It’s… really bad, Sportacus. I’m sorry.”

Sportacus’ face drooped, “Oh. Okay. Thanks for telling me the truth,” He sighed and rested his forehead on the table, “Sorry to make you eat it.”

“It’s okay!” she said, trying to cheer him up, “I think I know where you went wrong. You can try again!”

“I guess…”

Stephanie pushed the plate away and stood in her seat so she could pat Sportacus on the head, “You can do it! I’ll help you this time!”

He lifted his face from the table and gave her a small smile, “Thanks, Stephanie.”

She smiled back and slid off her chair to get her apron, “Why do you want to learn how to make cake all of sudden anyway?” She asked, taking the apron off its hook.

Sportacus picked up her plate and scraped the remaining cake into the trash, “Robbie’s birthday is coming up and I want to make the cake myself.”

Stephanie tilted her head, “Robbie’s birthday isn’t until next month.”

“I know. I figured I would need all the practice I could get,” He tossed the rest of the cake into the garbage, making a face at the poorly constructed dessert. “He can makes such fancy cakes all by himself. I want to impress him.”

Shaking her head, Stephanie turned around so Sportacus could tie the apron strings. When he was done, she turned to face him and tapped his nose, “Silly. He’ll love anything you make him. Don’t worry about it being fancy.”

Sportacus chuckled, his face turning a slight pink, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Still. I want to try my best. It has to at least look nice.”

“Well, you know what I always say,” Stephanie pulled a book from her uncle’s cookbook cabinet, “It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!”

Sportacus laughed and began humming along as she sang her way around the kitchen.

Magic Tricks

A/N: Aaaand another one. Something a little different this time. Straight from my notes to a post.

Summary: Connor has started to pick up on ways Jared calms Evan down.

Connor never really learned what anxiety really feels like. He tried asking Evan multiple times, but he never really got it.

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I want my name to cause you hurt, regret and make you hate yourself. I want the letters spell it arrange in your mind often and think of me, being perfect just for you but still, you couldn’t see it. I want you to pause every time you hear it pronounced by your friends, my friends, or strangers, and realize that even we’re apart, I’m still in your vicinity. I want you to hear yourself the way you used to say it, I want you to hear yourself the way you used to moan it. I want you to remember my name that wherever you will go, you’ll think of me – me that let the best come out of you, me that loved you so much you don’t deserve it anymore, me that used to be there when no one else doesn’t bother to care about you, me that appreciate and considered your flaws as art, me that you left alone without any warning, me that gave the love that no woman could ever give to you.
—  c // 

                -  PART V

(Part I) - (Part II) - (Part III) - (Part IV)

Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 770
*not my gif

(about a week and a half ago)

After dawn had come and gone , they got to work. Kai already had the Ascendant for the new Prison World , now all they needed was some Bennett blood which luckily for them - they had. That day when Kai had sent Bonnie flying across the street , she had hit her head and a few blood drops had landed on the ground and a few were splashed onto the building’s side. He used a spell to turn the dried blood into liquid again and stored it in a small vial.
There was still almost a whole week before Bonnie and Damon came looking for them and Y/N and Kai wanted to enjoy a little longer their time being the only two people in the world. Three day’s later they had already packed their stuff , all ready to go - food , money , a few sets of spare clothes and a few other things. Y/N had started writing a diary again , there was no way she’d leave it there for her friends to find and Kai had gotten attached to a professional camera. The plan was for them to get out and run as fast and far away from Mystic Falls as possible. Kai would do a cloaking spell blocking Bonnie or anyone else willing to track them from doing that. However he insisted they pay her brother a visit , making sure she’d get her magic back.
“We are not going to run into them. Cloaking spells , remember ?” he said cupping her face. “You have spend so long without your magic and its not fair what your brother did. I want to do this for you ..”
It was hard to argue with Kai when he was being so sweet to her. Finally Y/N had agreed. They waited out until the comet showed up to do the spell , transporting them out of the Prison World they had been trapped in. As soon as they were back in the real world , Kai did a cloaking spell and they headed for her old house to pay a visit to her brother.

Kai was holding her hand the whole way to her house , looking at her every few seconds , Y/N doing the same. It felt unreal they actually got out on their own.
“You know what’s funny?” he said. “Before I turned , years ago … I remember walking down this street. We could’ve met somewhere here … ”
They walked a few meters more before Y/N stopped in front of one of the house , her breath catching in her throat. The light’s were out.
“Could you … um … could you listen in ? Make sure my brother is inside…” she asked nervously. It’s been nearly 9 years since she had last seen her older brother John , she didn’t know what to expect. Maybe things will be better this time. she thought.
“He is there. Sleeping by the sounds of it…” he glanced at her. “Are you ready to get your powers back?”
“As ready as I can be… What if it doesn’t work and he refuses to give them back ?”  Suddenly she felt too nervous to move , her brother wasn’t one to give up easily and she had tried before …
Kai brushed her cheek gently , a devilish smirk on his face. “He will , trust me.”
Y/N took a deep breath , smiling nervously at Kai and walked up the porch of her old home , picking up the spare key from behind one of the large flower pods outside , unlocking the door as quietly as possible and taking a step inside before turning towards Kai who was stuck at the door.
“Malachai Parker .. ” she said with a wide smile. “You are officially invited in my home.”
Kai gave her a small smile and took a step towards the door , bouncing right off , unable to walk in. Y/N looked confused.
“What’s happening ? Why … why can’t you come in ?” she asked nervous , stepping outside the house. There was no way she’d stay inside while he was outside. “You are invited in.” she said again as he tried to step inside , bouncing off again.
“Damn it… ” he said , placing his hand on the invisible wall. “There is another boundary spell. Maybe I can siphon it …”
“No. Kai , lets just go… I don’t need my magic , all I need is you and every moment we spend here is a moment someone might find out we got out on our own.” she said grabbing his hand and pulling him back down the porch , but he didn’t move an inch. He had placed his hand on the boundary , a reddish glow coming from under it , his eyes closed. It took him a few minutes to siphon it and then suddenly his hand went through the door nearly tripping him over the treashold.
“See ? Told you.” Kai said smiling , stepping inside. “Your brother is smart … adding another extra boundary keeping vampires out even if they’ve been invited in before. I wonder why he did that…”
“Who cares…” she muttered. “He is a jerk.”
Kai snorted. “Yeah , he is. Alright , lead the way my princess …” he said winking at her.
Y/N led him upstaris , 2nd door on the right. She pushed the door open slightly , taking a peek inside. Her brother was sleeping soundly , as if he had never done a bad thing in his life. She felt anger starting to burn inside her remembering all the things he had done to her.
“Keep yourself cloaked for now.” she whispered. “I don’t want him to know you are here just yet…”
Kai tried to protest but Y/N was just as stubborn as he was and followed her inside.

This is going to be difficult. she thought.
“Hey… hey… wake up.” she poked her brother in the shoulder. When that didn’t work she grabbed his shoulders shaking him awake.
“W-what .. who ?” he said , Y/N covering his mouth with her hand.
“It’s your little sister. Remember me?” she said with a sarcasting smile. “I hear you’ve been worried about me… Hard to believe considering everything you did.”
His eyes widened , he was genuinely surprised to see her.
“I’ll remove my hand , just don’t scream alright … Don’t want to cause a scene do we ? Wake up the whole neighbourhood.” she said and her brother nodded.
He sat up in his bed starring at her as if seeing her for the first time. Y/N glanced at Kai carefully , making sure her brother wouldn’t notice…
“You’ve grown up.” he said , as if he was proud of her. “I guess sneaking in at the middle of the night means your friends weren’t the ones who got you out. What happened ? Did that lunatic they had you locked up with kill you , sending you here just like Bonnie wanted?” he asked annoyed.
Y/N was more confused than ever. What was her brother talking about ? She decided to play dumb …
“Yeah … That’s um .. what happened. Bonnie said you were concerned about me , it’s why I came here first.” she said faking a smile , glancing at Kai who had started piecing things together and his eyes had started turning black. There had been a catch. “Hey listen , since you are so concerned about me … why not give me back my powers ? Don’t you think I’ve grown up enough and am responsable enough to have them back ?” she asked innocently never taking her eyes off her brother. He just scoffed.
“Responsable ? You tried to free a murderous psychopath from a magic prison. Responsable is not the word I’d use.” he laughed. “You keep screwing up , little sis. First that hybrid Klaus and now this … what’s-his-name. No. Sorry , you are not getting your magic back.”
Y/N’s eyes went cold , her expression changing in a split second. She had wanted to play nice , but clearly it was pointless.
“Tell me , John …” she said sitting on the bed next to him , her voice cold. “Who’s idea it was to put that spell on me so if Kai kills me , I’d be brought back here? Bonnie’s or yours?”
John leaned in , his tone serious. “Who do you think?” he snarled at her.
Y/N let out a small laugh. Now it all made sense … Whatever her brother and her friends wanted from her , because it was becoming clear they wanted something from her , she wasn’t going to let them get it. Her brother had pushed her around ever since they were little and it had taken her a while to figure it out and stand up for herself. At least she had had her friends before , but then they had betrayed her as well. The only person who cared about her was Kai.
“Tell me how to lift the spell.” she demanded. Y/N had been a witch long enough to know that even out of the Prison World , the spell would still work and if she died , she’d find herself back in Mystic Falls no matter where had died.
“You can’t. It’s permanent.” John said.
“Permanent you say …” she said trailing off , glancing at Kai. “I wonder …”
It took Kai less than a second to figure out what she meant.
You want me to siphon you NOW?’ Kai mouthed and she gave him a slight hod. ’It will hurt.’ he warned , taking a few steps towards her placing his hand on her back , feeling the spell. His hand had a reddish glow where he touched her skin.
Y/N clencher her jar. Kai was right , siphoning the spell hurt. She grabbed onto the sheets , balling her hands into fists. .. John hadn’t even noticed something was happening , he just kept talking about how irresponsable she is. It took Kai almost a minute to siphon it off.
She got up from the bed , her gaze on Kai.
You ok?’ he mouthed and she gave him a slight nod. His eyes were burning with anger. Kai hadn’t been the best brother either , he had done some awful things too but …
“So , John … I will ask you nicely one last time before things get ugly.” she said , standing a few feet away from Kai , her finger tracing the edges of John’s desk, her eyes following her actions before turning to her brother. “Are you going to give me my magic back or not?”
“No.” John said pressing his lips into a thin line.
A moment later he started choking , looking around the room confused at what’s happening. He tried to fight back but there was no one to fight , it was just him and his sister. Slowly his face started to turn blue-reddish.
Y/N turned around looking in the room , her eyes catching Kai’s for a second. She hated what she was making Kai do. He had been trying so hard not to be the monster everyone saw and she had pushed him towards that direction again.
“Shall we try this again?” she said in the same cold voice. “It’s only going to get worse , you know … How long before your lungs collapse ? Two , maybe three minutes? Tick tock , brother…”
She knelt down next to her brother’s bed and pulled the family a grimoar from under it. Some things never change. she thought.
Kai loosened the grip , letting her brother take a breath and speak. He could barely control his anger in this moment… but there was something that had escaped him in all their time in the Prison World … Y/N. The girl he had met in the Prison World had been different , he could feel there was something else about her he didn’t know and now it was clear. There was darkness inside her and somehow that grew him even more to her. He was absolutely mesmerized by her - the way she walked and talked in that moment … For a moment he felt his anger subsiding.
“How are you doing this ?” John choked.
“Not important. Have you changed your mind yet or not ?” she asked holding the grimoar in her hands , flipping page after page looking through it.
“I’d rather die than give it back.” he said rubbing his neck. Y/N looked up from the spell book raising her eyebrows for a moment before tearing a page from the grimoar and taking a few steps towards his desk.
“First drawer on the right , was it ?” she asked , smiling and nodding to herself. “Ahh there it is.” she said pulling out her brother’s pocket knife , opening it and playing with it in her hands. “You know .. at first I was scared of coming back home , then I was nervous .. for a split second I actually believed Bonnie when she said you were concerned about me. I was actually hoping it would be true.” she chuckled , the tip of the knife twisting on her finger. “Don’t make me cross a line , John … All I want is my magic back and I’ll be on my way. You will never hear from me or see me again. I will be out of your life for good.”
John locked eyes with her. “You will leave ? Just like that?”
“Just like that.” Y/N nodded , and her brother motioned for her to come closer. She still held the pocket knife in her hand , the grimoar with the other.
“I should warn you - if you try something , there will be consequences.” she said in a serious tone. He grabbed her head with both his hands and began chanting , wind swirling around the room sending papers flying in the air , the candles on his desk lighting up with a large flame. Suddenly everything fell quiet , the candle flame dying out…
“There. You got your magic back.” John said. “Now keep your promise and leave.”
Y/N cupped his face. “Thank you , big brother.” she said , giving him a small smile. “Unfortunately , I can’t have you telling Bonnie or anyone else we got out.”
In a split second she closed her eyes and started chanting , feeling the magic flow through her veins like an adrenaline rush. She had forgotten how it felt to have magic. Her brother screamed in pain for a minute and then collapsed on the pillow , already snoring.
“Wow , that was exhausting.” she laughed nervously turning towards Kai who was starring at her with a mix of shock and awe on his face. She got up and took a step towards him , but he took a step back. “W-what? He’ll be fine , it’s just a little memory wipe spell.”
Kai shook his head laughing and grabbed her hand pulling her out of the room. Y/N looked more confused than ever. He shut the door and backed her towards the wall , his hands cupping her face and his eyes looking at her as if he was seeing her for the first time.
“I didn’t know …” he said smiling. “Why didn’t you ever tell me this side of you exists ? That was … amazing!”
She sighed in relief. “Are you really that surprised ? Why else did you think Klaus would want me as one of his witches - ”
Kai shut her up with another kiss , leaning in to whisper in her ear after. “You were so cold , calculating … so hot. I think I just fell in love with you all over again.”
Y/N felt her cheeks blush. For a moment she had been afraid after seeing this side of her  , Kai would reject her and she’d lose him.
“Let’s go before he wakes up. Believe it or not he is a light sleeper.” she said in a hushed voice. “I think we can even take his car keys. He always loses them anyways … probably won’t even notice they are missing.”

Y/N stopped by her old bedroom for a moment , opening her desk drawer and pulling out a picture of her parents with her as a baby. She tucked it in in her backpack and followed Kai downstairs. Y/N took the car keys from the living room table. Even after all these years her brother hadn’t changed a bit.
She stopped for a moment at the door , taking one last look at her childhood home. There had been good years before her parents had passed away , it was after that when things started going downhill… but none of this mattered anymore. Y/N sighed and took Kai’s hand , closing the door and ending this chapter of her life.
They got into the car , tossing their bags on the back seat.
“Where to ?” Kai asked smiling , putting the keys in the ignition.
“As long as we are together , it doesn’t matter where.” she said smiling.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Stan Pines: Real Life Hero; A Gravity Falls One-shot

im back again with more gf fanfic friends hope u enjoi also u can find this on my AO3

Summary: Stan defends the Shack from an unwanted guest

“Grunkle StaaaaaaaaaaAANNN!”

What is it now, I’m trying to run a business here, Stan thought as Dipper and Mabel came barreling into the Shack, dodging customers and displays in order to get away from whatever “magical beast” they’d encountered today.

Keep reading

lilypotthr  asked:

Polly could you do "things you said at 1 am" for me?

Wait shoot I didn’t add the pairing (I’m a mess I know) but could you do it centered around jily?

three bottles of fire whiskey gone in less than 2 hours. hogwarts ‘cutest couple’ sitting drunken and wide awake next to the bright fire place. their last day of sixth year finally arriving, the morning starting the first day of summer (or technically speaking it had already started as the clock stuck 1 only mere minutes ago). this was this usual ritual, staying up all night in the common room, talking and reminiscing and as they grew older getting drunk and trying not to wake the others up.

except this time wasnt like the past years, it seemed more serious. more adult almost. 

“y-you know how beautiful you are, evans.” a slurring james potter muttered, a thin, long finger curling a stray strand of red around his knuckle.

“you say it all the time..” she shrugs, looking at her lap with sleepy eyes.

“yes but do you know it,” a eyebrow cocked up and his free hand grabbing hers.

“i want you to know how beautiful you are and how much you- you mean to me and gah, i want you to be mind forever~” his voice getting higher as he confessed for the umpteenth time in the last few years theyve been together. the red head got giggly and covered his mouth, reminding him to be quite.

several moments of james rambling about lily and lily playing with james’ hair passed by before lily spoke again.

“oh potter, when im with you i feel like the most beautiful girl in the entire world with the most handsomest boy on my arm.”

Samifer - home late at night

Lucifer doesn’t often travel for work, so after being away for a FULL WEEK Sam waits for him even if his plane lands in the middle of the night and the time the cab drives him back home, it’s just a ridiculous hour of the night. Lucifer is tired and jet lagged and completely insane to look so good. Sam fucks him in their lobby, bent on his luggages. Lucifer doesn’t even have to time to undress from his coat and shoes.