to write love on her arms shirt

He is falling, falling hard.
Piles of snow move
in a circular motion and
he is in between it all,
holding a gentle smile
on his warm face.

Drops of tears sprinkle
down his rosy red cheeks
but that smile stays
lingering on like an old shirt
that won’t come off.
An icy breeze blows
snow to his face and the
snowflakes spring to his
magnetic field only to
disappear into his warmth.

The curves of his heart
hug onto life and
her arms waiting for home
circulate his pupils.
Beautiful days only appear
when she smiles and
carnival lights shy off
when they see the way her
face radiates colour.

He isn’t cold when he
thinks about her,
he isn’t sad when he
hears her voice,
he isn’t nothing when
he’s with her.
He knows it a bit too well.
He knows that he is falling,
falling hard for her.

—  You are the warmth I’ve been searching for

So I’m going to be creating a SPNFamily shirt and I want to include YOU! 

What do you need to do to be included?

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You have until July 8th to tell me how you want your name to appear on the shirt. 

I will stop taking names by midnight on the 9th that way I can catch up and incase someone forgot, giving them one extra day. 

When the design is done and the shirts are ready, I will make a post about it including a link to RedBubble where you can purchase the shirt. 

This being said, each product bought with said design 20% of the proceeds will be donated To Write Love On Her Arms. 

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Abort Mission - Steve x Reader. Drabble

Authors/Notes: This was so fun to write! Thank you, love!

Gif: used below

Sent by: My lovely Emma (who sent like a billion and i love her for that!) @girl-next-door-writes

Note/Warnings: Fluffy fluff, kissing, nervousness

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 Steve had just pulled his shirt off and was heading to the shower when you knocked on his door. He walked over curiously but smiled when he saw you standing just on the other side of the frame.

 “Hey, I was just about to shower, what’s up?”

 “Oh,” You flushed at the site of his bare arms. “No, It’s- it’s nothing. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. It can wait.”

 Steve picked up your distress from your first word and his brows furrowed. You turned to leave when he reached out and gently took your hand. “(Y/N) wait. What’s wrong?” As he pulled your arm to lead you to his room he noticed a rise in your body temperature.

 “I just- really it’s nothing important-”

  Steve’s voice was gentle when he cut you off. “(Y/N).” He looked you with those stupid blue eyes. Those eyes that told you you can trust him. 

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Interrupted (Lipstick Stains Part 2)

Lipstick Stains 

Summary: Part 2 of Lipstick Stains. Follows right where it left off with she and Tom getting steamy in the bathroom.

Pairings: Reader (?) x Tom Holland

Word count: 1.7k

Warnings: A little swearing and some smuttiness

A/n: I know, I know, it took me forever, but this was hard to write. I just hope you guys like it as much as the first one. I’m actually so tired rn so ima go to sleep, but hopefully you guys will let me know what you think. Also let me know if you wanna be added to the tag list. Love ya x

She walked right back up to Tom, grabbed his shirt front and pulled his mouth against hers. She needed him. Now.

Their kiss grew intense, fast. She pushed him, his back hitting the wall roughly. Her arms wound around his neck and his around her waist. She couldn’t seem to get close enough to him. Their bodies already pressed together, she lifted her knee to his hip and wrapped her leg around his thigh. His hands found her ass again and once more, he lifted her up. When her legs tightened around him, he spun them, trapping her between the wall and himself.

He slid a hand between their bodies, squeezing her breast. She moaned against his mouth. He dropped his head to the crook of her neck, leaving butterfly kisses all over her delicate skin. He returned to her sweet spot, doing all he could to keep her moaning. The sounds falling from her parted lips were the best thing he had heard. The fact that he could do that to her, fuelled his desire.

He kissed back up along her neck and jaw, capturing her mouth. It was messy and heated, a battle for dominance. He tasted the lingering alcohol on her tongue. What else does she taste like?

He moved his hands to her legs and pushed them down a little, indicating that she return to the ground. Without breaking their kiss, her feet touched the floor. He placed his hands on the back of her thighs where her dress had ridden up. Grabbing the hem, he pulled it, over her ass and past the curve of her back. As he continued up past her chest, she stretched her arms above her head. Their lips parted for a moment as he pulled the dress off her completely and threw it to the floor. They didn’t miss a beat, resuming their kiss immediately.  

His hands roamed her body, the skin on skin contact so enticing, trailing from her back to her hips to her stomach. He pulled away and stared deeply, eyes dark with lust. He slowly fell to his knees in front of her, kissing over her bare skin, lower and lower. She let her head fall back against the cool tiles. He glided his hands up the back of her legs, squeezing her ass before hooking two fingers into the waistband of her panties. He paused, waiting for permission.

“Please,” she breathed.

He didn’t waste a minute more, dragging the lace fabric down her legs. She tangled her fingers in his hair, anticipating that first touch. He gently spread her legs and started just above her knee, one kiss, so light. She sighed softly. He teased her with another, just millimetres above the previous one.

“Tom,” she whined.

He chuckled softly, the vibrations against her skin sending tingles up her spine.

“Oh, no, darling, I wanna savour this,” his voice was low.

He continued kissing his way up, mouth open, leaving a trail of wetness.

“Please, Tom,” she whimpered.

He was almost there, right where she needed him. Her fingers tightened their grip on his curls.

And then, ripping them from their reverie, there came a loud banging on the door.

Her eyes fluttered open, goose bumps rising all across her skin. Adjusting to reality under the glare of the bathroom light, she suddenly felt exposed and very vulnerable.

Tom pulled away from her, turning to the source of the interruption.

“What?” he yelled, exasperation evident in his voice.

“Dude, hurry up! Sarah’s about to throw up all over your floor,” an urgent voice called back.


He returned his attention to her, but she was already tugging her dress on with haste.

“This was a mistake,” she muttered, as she ran a hand through her hair.

“Wait, what?” he stood up.

He wet a towel, wiping the lipstick smears off his face. She grabbed it from his hand, and did the same.

“This was a mistake,” she repeated firmly, handing the now-stained cloth back. She refused to meet his eyes. A quick look in the mirror convinced her she was decent enough.

Without any further explanation, she opened the door.

“All yours,” she said to the pair waiting outside. She stepped out of the way, as they rushed in.

Taking a deep breath, she held her head high and made her way back to the party. She tried to ignore Tom behind her. She knew he was eager to talk to her, to ask her why it was a mistake, to figure out what happens now; but she wasn’t. The sooner she could forget their encounter, the better.

Upon entering the living room, she spotted Kat. She saw her eyes light up at her appearance, a cheeky grin spreading across her face and excitement visibly bubbling. Excusing herself, she came bounding over.

“So, you and Tom, eh?” she asked, nudging her in the ribs.

“For like five seconds, yeah – and then I found my dignity.”

“Oh shut up and give me details. It’s about time you two hooked up. Tell me everything.”

Her mind wandered back to the bathroom. She recalled his face buried in her neck, writhing in his grasp, skin burning everywhere he touched her. She remembered the pleasure she felt with his lips pressed against her thigh, creeping higher and higher.

Feeling very hot, blushing all the way to the tips of her ears, she kicked herself mentally. You need to get a grip.

“I need alcohol,” was all she told her friend.


Two hours and many shots of vodka later, she was standing on the coffee table, singing off key, dancing to her own beat. She was very drunk.

Most of the guests had left already, the final stragglers wishing Kat and Haz farewell. Tom was busy cleaning up, collecting cups and empty plates into a trash bag. He couldn’t help looking at her now; he hadn’t been able to help stealing glances in her direction all night. Since she had left him hanging earlier, he didn’t know what he felt. The proud, stubborn part of him was mad at her. Maybe it was a mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking. Although there was another part of him that was sorry they didn’t get to finish. Man, the way she said my name.

He shook himself out of his thoughts, forgetting her soft skin and sultry moans. Kat and Haz walked in, it was just the four of them now. They both looked at her and Tom and exchanged a look.

“It’s late, we should sleep. Let’s clean up tomorrow,” Haz said to Tom.

“Yeah, I’m beat,” Kat agreed.

“No, no, no, I’m not tired!”

The three of them turned to see her teetering at the edge of the table, swaying unsteadily in her heels.

“Someone should get her.”

“I love her, but I’m so sleepy right now,” Kat groaned, draping herself over Haz’s shoulder.

“Come on, love, I’ll put you to bed,” he smiled down at her.

“Tom, are you okay to put her to bed?” he indicated the other girl, now mumbling incoherent lyrics.

With a sigh, he nodded.

“Yeah, you two go to bed. I’ll take care of her.”


They bid him goodnight and left.

He sighed again, putting the trash bag on the floor and turning the music off.

“Hey!” she cried.

“It’s time to go to bed, darling.”

“No, Tommy, I wanna dance some more,” she lifted one foot and tried to do a pirouette. However, completely lacking any stability at this point, she lost her balance. He darted to her side. Too stunned to make any noise, she toppled straight into his waiting arms.

“That was close! You’re my hero, Tommy.”

She leaned into his chest, inhaling deeply.

“You smell so nice,” she crooned.

“Okay, you are really off your face right now, aren’t you?” he asked, supporting her as she went limp.

“I’m thirsty.”

“Alright, let’s get you some water,” he said, holding her up and guiding her to the kitchen.

Pouring her a glass of chilled water, he handed it to her. She raised it to her mouth, but in her intoxicated state, half the liquid spilled down her chest.

“Oh, that’s cold!” she giggled.

“Great, now you gotta change. Honestly, darling,” he grumbled.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and walked her to his bedroom. He sat her on the edge of his bed and went to his wardrobe. He chose a sweater at random.

She was lying on her back, legs still on the ground. Her eyes were closed and she was humming a tune only she knew. There was a goofy smile on her face. She was quite adorable.

“Up you get, darling,” he pulled her back onto her feet.

There was no way she would be able to change herself, so he took it upon himself to undress her for the second time that night.

She giggled again.

“Do you wanna kiss me, Tommy?”

“We already tried that, love, didn’t work out too well,” he replied.

“Aw, that’s too bad. I wanna kiss you.”

He pulled her arms through each sleeve, ignoring her.

“There,” he said, checking her over. His jumper hung loose on her small frame, it reached halfway down her thighs and her hands were engulfed in the sleeves.

She yawned, covering her mouth with a sweater paw.

“Seems you’re tired after all, darling,” he pulled back the covers. It would be easier to allow her to sleep in here, and he take the guest room instead.

“I like when you call me ‘darling’.”

“Come lie down,” he smiled. She lay down and snuggled in as he tucked the covers around her. Leaning over her already, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Will you sleep here? Next to me?” she gazed up at him through drooping eyelids.

He paused, considering her request. Then he kicked off his shoes and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

He wriggled under the covers and she shimmied back against him. He spooned her, folding a strong arm around her stomach. Her hair tickled his cheek, and he huffed, blowing it away. He liked the way she felt, nestled into his chest, legs entwined with his. He could get used to this.

“Goodnight, Tommy.”

“Goodnight, darling.”

They settled in. He waited for her breathing to become even before he too, fell sound asleep.  

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NCT 127 reaction to you putting your hands under their shirt as a habit


Anon: nct 127 reaction when you like putting your cold hands under their shirt?

Anon: Hello, nct 127+johnny reaction request, umm their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance

OMG I loved writing this skjdabhbd hkkdbfhishb I feel like I’d be the type of girlfriend to do this tbh awe obviously i wouldnt know because im -78 years old and just a feotus


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

can we pls talk more about taeil’s arms and visuals????

Taeil is a pretty mature and sensible guy so wouldn’t be too fazed or bothered by this bait of yours. He’d like the fact that this was a habit of yours that you only did with him; it’d make him feel very loved and needed and in moments like these, he realised how much he loved you. “Y/N, you know how much you mean to me - please don’t leave me”, he’d whisper into your hair, wrapping his arms around your shoulders warmly.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I can imagine Johnny being a very physically warm person and your cold fingertips would startle him at first. He’d soon relax into your touch and bring you closer to him, a wide smile playing on his face. This habit would quickly become a shared one, where Johnny would also place his hands under your shirt and rub your back or trace circle on your waist. Without even realising, sometimes you’d find each other’s hands rubbing each other’s bare skin innocently and subconsciously; it’d be one of your ways of showing affection.


Originally posted by nctmark

Taeyong was probably the first one who started doing this as a habit, and then you quickly catches up on it. Having his hands on your bare skin gave him a sense of belonging and possessiveness, knowing that no one else could do this with you too. You knew he was mad if he didn’t, at point during the day, put his hands on your bare waist or tummy or back. You started doing the same without realising, Taeyong pointing it out - and teasing you about it - after you had done it a couple of times.


Originally posted by sour-satang

When you first started having this habit, he’d always think you were trying to imitate something like you wanted sex. You’d have to push him away and say that you were just innocently putting your hands on his chest because it calmed you down, and his heart would flutter whenever you did it. He definitely wouldn’t be one to complain and stop you from doing this, no matter where he was or who was around.


Originally posted by nakamotens

Doyoung would find this habit of yours very comforting. He’d lean his head on you shoulder and enjoy your touch, sighing contently. He’d be embarrassed if you did it in front of the other members, more worried that you wouldn’t be able to put up with their teasing and so would stop doing it, rather than whether he got teased or not. Further into the relationship, this fear of his would slip and he wouldn’t care if you did it in front of them or not. In fact, he’d probably do it to you too - like some other members, it would become a shared habit.


Originally posted by tybeoji

Jaehyun is probably such a romantic and this act of affection would melt his heart and he’d turn so sappy. Gently grabbing one of your hands that rested on his skin, he moved it up so both your hands were resting over this heart. You’d be able to feel his heart racing at the skin contact and would smile fondly at the boy staring lovingly down at you. “Gosh, Y/N, look at what you’re doing to me. My heart beats for you" fuck that was cringey to type im gonna be sick He’d love having the opportunity to say something cheesy and lovey-dovey.


Originally posted by ouchwinwin

As well as this being one of your habits, you’d always do it whenever WinWin was stressed or upset himself. Just for a while, it would take him mind off things and calm him down. He’d hum in happiness, and bury his face in your neck, pressing some kisses to your neck as a thanks, a gesture which would make your heart flutter since he wasn’t usually this affectionate and confident. WinWin would always go to you for this and would like the way your hands felt on his skin.


Originally posted by neotechs

Mark, being the sympathetic and observant person he is, would notice how you only did this whenever you were stressed or upset. He wouldn’t say anything, letting you run your hands across his chest slowly and burying your face in his neck. Tracing circle on your back, he’d wait a while for you to calm down before attempting to continue soothing you through his words. He’d reassure you that everything would be okay and would be attentive to you and your feelings.


Originally posted by haenyan

I can imagine Haechan being a ticklish person so it would take a lot of turns before he could last just a minute with your hands his bare skin. He’d always get so shy and fluffy whenever you did it, feeling quite mature and loved up whenever you did it. A lot of the members would secretly hate his habit of yours, because Haechan would always gush about you afterwards and wouldn’t shut up for days. But Haechan wouldn’t care; he loved this habit of yours and wouldn’t change it for the world.

The above shirt is an item currently for sale on @hottopic‘s website. 

As you can clearly see, the shirt features a campaign slogan near and dear to the Supernatural family, Always Keep Fighting. We have checked the listing on the website and it contains no mention of the campaign or that HT will be making any sort of donations to the charity campaign for using the slogan. 

We are asking you, if you have been helped at all by AKF or Jared, please contact Hot Topic through social media or their website or by calling their customer service line and ask them to do three things:

1) Remove the shirt from stores and online.

2) Donate the proceeds from any shirts already sold to the Pack Fund or to To Write Love on Her Arms.

3) Apologize to Jared and to the Supernatural Family.

When you contact them, we ask that you please be firm and fair and be courteous to any customer service representatives you speak to. Being rude, unkind or hateful will not help our case, and remember, we are angry with the company and the situation, not the individual we are speaking to.

Please help us get this shirt removed as it is appropriating and cheapening a movement that means so much to us.

Also, please pass this on to anyone who has been helped by the AKF campaign.

Thank you,

Little Cas

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Mornings After Shots [Jason Todd x Reader]

Prompt: “For the Jason Todd x Reader, what if you were platonic roommates but one night y'all went shot for shot and now you’re waking up in Jason’s bed with an arm around you? 👀😏 doesn’t have to be nsfw, maybe just implied?

A/N: Okay guys! Here’s the collab I did with @redhoodshood! Part 1 is over on her blog so go check it out loves! I loved writing this and I hop you all enjoy it!

Warning: Sexual themes implied

Friends Night Out - Part 1


The next morning you felt strange. Not just from the major hangover you had, but there was something else. You’re having trouble remembering anything from last night, just ordering shots with Jason. Everything after was just cloudy. What happened?

Cracking one eye open you looked around the floor, seeing your discarded clothes. Then noticing you were wearing someone else’s shirt and nothing else, feeling the weight of an arm around your waist. ‘Shit, did I have a one night stand or something?’ you thought. You weren’t one to normally do this but sometimes your drunk self can be a little wild.

You felt the bed shift before hearing someone exhale behind you. Feeling the arm around your waist pull you into a hard, bare chest. Then a nose nuzzle into the back of your neck before feeling the mystery person relax, having fallen back to sleep.

When curiosity got the best of you, you decided to peer over your shoulder to see who your drunk self had chosen. Your eyes trailed up the blanketed figure’s body before you reached his face. Your jaw dropped and cheeks flushed upon seeing who’s arm was around you. “Oh my god” whispering to yourself, not loud enough for him to stir.

The person currently spooning you, is your roommate. Your fully PLATONIC roommate! How could you sleep with Jason?!

Panicking you carefully slipped from his grasp before scooping up your clothes and undergarments and rushing into your own room. “Oh my god! I slept with..! How could I sleep with..?” hiding your face in your hands. Memories slowly coming back in chunks from the prior night.

You remembered the shots, the longing glances you both made, calling a cab to take you both home, then out of nowhere Jason attacks your lips in the back of the cab. The last thing you remember is how it got heated and the cabby yelled at the both of you to save it for when you’re out of his cab. Though some chunks were still coming back.

Scratching at your arm nervously, ‘What if he remembers? What if I’ve ruined our friendship? What if –?’ Your thoughts were cut off by a knock on your door.

“Uh, just a minute!” you called before scrambling to your dresser to pull on a pair of panties and sweatpants. “Alright, it’s open” calling once more.

Watching as the knob turned and door cracked open, “[F/n]?” hearing Jason’s voice before seeing him. Coming in your room he couldn’t meet your eyes, a light pink tinging his cheeks. You didn’t often see Jason blushing or flustered so this told you, he remembers something from last night.

“Yes Jason?” timidly playing with your hands.

“I, uh, do you remember last night?” Your cheeks flushed again, nodding you answered “vaguely.” Recalling the memories you had, and the ones still returning. “So you remember…” His voice trailing off quietly. You nodded again, “Some.”

He rubbed his face before coming to sit next to you on the bed. You watched his movements, it’s not that you’re uncomfortable, just embarrassed. Really embarrassed. It would be a lie if you said you had no attraction or feelings whatsoever toward Jason. In fact you actually cared a lot for him, but never told him due to fear of rejection. Jason attracts the most beautiful women, them often becoming apart of his night fully.

You never thought you could compare to them. But remembering the way he kissed you in the cab, it felt like more than just a one night stand type of kiss. You felt a neediness and passion behind it. Even though you both were drunk off your asses.

Jason shifted next to you, “[F/n] I…” he began, “Last night, was it a mistake?” His tone was unsure and seemed to sound like he was hoping that it wasn’t. You looked at him a bit shocked, “I-I don’t know, do you think it was a mistake?”

He sighed before shaking his head, “[F/n] I-I, I’ve had feelings for you for a long time. I never told you because I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship or put you in harm’s way with the dangers that come with me being Red Hood. Now, I understand if you don’t return them, o-or want me to leave. Just after what happened, I figured now’s a better time than any and I don’t know if I can bottle them up any longer.”

Your eyes widened when processing his words. “B-but, if you felt or feel that way, why do you bring home women all of the time? I-I never thought that…” keeping your eyes from his. Knowing how good he is at reading people, he’d see right through you.

“I just needed something to help me with my needs~” he smiled. You chuckled at the statement, “I, um. I feel the same.” smiling at him. His eyes widened when looking at you, “About the ‘needs’ or?” unsure of your meaning.

“About our feelings toward each other. I feel the same.” Confirming your answer for him. He beamed before pouncing on you. Eagerly connecting his lips to yours, feeling his relief, the kiss getting heated rather quickly.

He pinned you underneath him while you continued, even more memories of the night before being jogged. He pulled away smirking, “I’ve been waiting to do that consciously for a long time.” Smiling back up at him you teased, “I know the feeling.” After saying that he connected his lips to yours again, feeling the same passion from the other night, along with the neediness. But this time you felt something else… Love.

Happy Birthday Yuri!!

I had written a long thing for Yuri last night but Tumblr kindly deleted it so… a shorter version :-)

Yuri stepped out of the car and stared at the ice rink in front of him. It had been a long time since he had been here, not really having much time to go with Nikolai, their two year old son, and his modelling career. Plus there was the fact that their seven year old daughter, Ekaterina but they called her Katya for short, was terrified of the ice after an incident when she was three.

She slipped and fell really hard that day, even though Yuri and Otabek had a tight grip on her hands. When she had tried getting up she somehow sliced her hand open and, well, that sort of thing sticks with you when you’re three.

But now the entire Altin family was in front of Yuri’s old home rink and he looked over at his husband, confused.

“Are we skating?” He asked, blonde eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

A small smile twitched on Otabek’s lips and he took hold of Katya’s hand as she hopped excitedly out of the car.

“You’ll see.” Was all the dark haired man said and marched forward with Katya in tow, both of her hands clenched around Otabek’s. There was a spring in her step and her long, curly waves of hair bounced with her.

“Beka.” Yuri whined and hoisted Nikolai on to his hip before rushing after him. The two year old was getting heavy, too heavy to pick up but Yuri would revel in the fact that his son was small for as long as he could.

“Yura.” Otabek teased and Yuri just narrowed green eyes at him, hip-checking him when he got close enough. Otabek let out a hearty laugh and opened the door to usher everybody inside.

“Daddy you have to wait out her with Nikolai!” Katya announced as she skipped towards the doors that led to the actual ice. Otabek followed. Yuri pouted.


“It’s a surprise!” She threw her hands up and then disappeared behind the doors.

“Otabek-” But Otabek just winked at him before following their daughter. Usually, Yuri wasn’t one to obey but his daughter’s wrath was a lot scarier than Yakov’s had ever been so he plopped down on one of the benches with Nikolai in his lap. 

“At least you’re still nice to me.” He said and tickled Nikolai’s tummy.

Nikolai laughed, one of the purest sounds Yuri had ever heard and leaned back to look at him. His eyes were almost identical to Otabek’s, with a few specks of green here and there that came from Yuri. He was all smiles, which Yuri had no idea where that came from. He still couldn’t talk much yet, but he could say Daddy, Papa and Katya (more like “Kaya”) and that’s all that mattered.

Yuri couldn’t help but smile back and kiss his forehead, pushing his mop of dirty blonde hair from his eyes. Yuri hated the fact that his hair was going to get darker as he grew older and he fully blamed Otabek.

Yuri waited a few more moment and just as he was getting impatient, he got a text from Otabek saying he could come in.

“Thank God.” Yuri mumbled and stood up, placing Nikolai on the ground so he could walk. Yuri kept a tight grip on him, knowing he would run if he got the chance.

When Yuri entered the rink he immediately stopped, seeing Katya in the middle of the ice, holding tightly to Otabek’s hands. Otabek was smiling down fondly at her, as he always looked at his children like this. 

“Otabek, what…?” Yuri came closer to the edge and sat Nikolai on the ridge, small legs dangling over the ice.

“Surprise, daddy!” Katya said. Yuri could hear the tremble in her voice and knew she was being brave to him. It brought tears to his eyes, honestly.

“We made this for you.” Otabek told him with a soft smile that was alway there, creasing his brown and the lines besides his lips. He pressed play on the remote and an original song blared form the speakers. Otabek and Katya began to move. It may have been a little bit stiff and awkward on Katya’s part but she looked beautiful none the less.

Yuri held one arm tight around Nikolai while his other hand covered his lips, watching them do wide figure eights out on the ice. They went slow to make sure Katya didn’t fall and hurt herself again. But she had a shaky smile on her lips and she was doing amazingly despite this being her second time on the ice.

Otabek watched him lift her effortlessly, her forty-five pounds seemingly nothing to him. Katya’s squeal of delight echoed through the rink and Yuri couldn’t help but laugh with her. The song was only about a minute long but it felt like forever. Yuri was overwhelmed with emotions as he watched father and daughter skate together, something he had only dreamed about since Katya’s accident.

Then it was over and Katya was eager to get off the ice. Otabek skated her over to the rubber part and she immediately plopped down, tugging off the skates and being sure to not tocuh the blade. Then she jumped up and clung to Yuri.

“Happy birthday daddy!” She smiled at him, one front tooth gone, the other halfway grown in. Yuri was ugly crying but he didn’t care, kneeling down to hug his daughter tight.

“Thank you, thank you.” He sniffed and kissed her forehead before standing up, wrapping his arms tight around Otabek, who was still standing in his skates.

“Did you write that?” Yuri asked.

Otabek smiled softly. “Why do you think I’ve been staying late at the school every day?”

“You told me you were giving extra credit.” Yuri shoved him and Otabek laughed, pulling Yuri into a kiss.

“I love you.” Otabek whispered. “Happy birthday Yura.”

Yuri just smiled and brought him closer, crying happily into his shoulder while Nikolai and Katya tugged on their shirts for attention.

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"You love me, right?" Nalu pretty please! I love your writing bb


Pairing; Nalu

Word count; 366

A/N; have some more fluff!

“You love me, right?”

“What did you do?” Lucy asked, dipping her spoon into her mug of tea. Wait, no that was her pen. Dammit, not again. 

“Lushi,” Natsu whined, throwing himself over her shoulders. Lucy was thankful that he was too busy being dramatic to notice her slip up. He already lectured her about overworking herself as it was. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Then why are you asking such a silly question?” Lucy asked, clicking her pen and writing down another plot point she wanted to add to the next chapter. She liked the noise of her pen moving over paper, it felt more real than her keyboard clicking as she typed.

“I dunno.” He mumbled, pulling away and slinking to her bed. Concern flashed in Lucy’s mind, her notebook forgotten on her desk as she swiveled in her chair to look at Natsu. “Just wanted to make sure, I guess.” he said into his scarf, sitting cross-legged in the center of the bed. Lucy stood from her desk without thinking, sitting next to him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. 

“I love you Natsu, talk to me.”

Lucy sighed under her breath when he shrugged his shoulders, pulling him against her chest. “You haven’t said it for a week.”

“Whar?” Lucy asked, pulling back and gawking at Natsu. 

“You haven’t said you loved me in a week,” he repeated, eyes fixed on her arm. 

“Oh, Natsu. I love you. Of course I love you, my silly dragon,” Lucy cooed, hugging him tightly to her chest and burying her face in his hair. “I’m sorry I got distracted ith work and my novel and school. I love you so much Natsu, even if I forget to say it sometimes.”

“Okay,” Natsu said, arms curling tight around her middle as he nuzzled more into her. Lucy laid back on the bed, running her hands through his pink and fluffy hair. She smiled when she felt his fingers rub soft circles on her skin where she shirt didn’t cover her. For as tough as Natsu acted -and was-, she forgot how much he needed reassurance too sometimes. Reassurance that she would give over and over again. 

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soulmate au where if you draw on your skin, the other can see

for @matchaball//@mmmatchaball because she loves soulmate AUs so much. 

It starts when she’s six years old and she’s playing dolls up in her room. The word hello scribes itself on her arm, the letters are messy and childish just as if she’s written them herself.  But Marinette knows she doesn’t have a marker in her hand for she is literally holding her doll. The green letters impishly tease her as her heart beats. For a moment, she closes her eyes, screws them so tight she can see little spots dance on the backs of her eyelids. 

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Title: Queen of Hearts
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,400
Warnings: None
Notes: This is a result of me lamenting on the fact that Cheryl really deserves someone who loves and appreciates her.

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Prior to falling in love with the captain of the River Vixens, you had absolutely no interest in cheerleading. You thought it was one of the stupidest ‘sports’ in existence, and it was nothing more than a social construct to allow pretty, popular girls to assert their dominance over their school. It was most certainly still that, but after accompanying Cheryl to practice every day for two weeks while her car was in the shop, you realized it was of much more importance than just some air-headed rhyming phrases and pom-poms.

“You’re really going to just sit in solemn silence with your headphones in, while the hottest and most talented girl you know is working her ass off right in front of you?” Cheryl inquired as she followed you over to the bleachers. You set her duffle bag down next to your backpack, and made yourself as comfortable as possible on the cold metal seat while she fished around in her bag.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be watching your ass – I just won’t be paying much attention to anything else,” you clarified, shooting her a wink, and she rolled her eyes in response. Still, you could see a small smile on her red lips.

“Whatever, just… keep quiet – and let me know if you need anything,” Cheryl said, attempting to still sound annoyed, yet unable to keep from being sweet to you.

“Gotcha, doll.”

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anonymous asked:

What about "Why do you smell so weird?” with adrienette? I love your writing btw! I wish I could be half as talented as you

Thanks, Nonny! Like with anything, writing takes practice and I practice A LOT, haha.

“Why do you smell so weird?” Marinette asked, scrunching her nose.

Adrien frowned and pulled his shirt up to his face. “What do I smell like?”

“I don’t know, just…weird.”

He lifted his arm and sniffed at his armpit. “Maybe I’m nose blind to it. I’m not smelling anything.”

Marinette leaned in, nostrils flaring. “Maybe it wasn’t you.” She tilted her head, letting her nose lead her to his messenger bag. “I think it’s your bag.”

Adrien rolled his eyes and flipped open the top. “Plagg!”

The kwami looked up with lazy eyes as he lounged on top of three open containers of Camembert. “You rang?” he drawled.

“Really? You had to open all of them at once?”

“I felt like bathing in their beautiful fragrance.”

Marinette peeked in and sighed. “I’m glad Tikki likes cookies. No one is ever upset about smelling cookies.” She kissed Adrien’s cheek. “At least you’re cute. It makes up for the constant stinky cheese smell.”

“I guess I’ve got that going for me,” he grinned. 

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Headcanon: Otabek, like Victor, has a Thing for seeing his boyfriend in his clothes, and ever since Barcelona he has been quietly buying things with animal prints and cats on them and wearing them around just so that they’ll be soft and well-worn and full of his scent if he ever gets around to telling Yura how he feels. Said confession takes another two Grands Prix, impatient nudging from his fellow skaters, and a truly staggering amount of clear-in-hindsight flirting, but when they do start dating Yuri goes for those clothes first thing, unabashedly pulling them straight from Otabek’s closet into his suitcase (he doesn’t wear a single one of the shirts he brought that first visit). Otabek would congratulate himself on his foresight except that Yuri steals and wears the rest of Otabek’s clothes as well. Anything goes. Team Kazakhstan sweats, Otabek’s leather jacket, the suspenders from his last juniors free skate (“I thought we agreed those were a mistake,” Otabek says. “Nothing is a mistake on me,” Yuri replies, snapping a strap against his chest, and Otabek has to agree), pants from before Otabek’s growth spurt (so comically short on Yuri’s newly lengthened legs that they could pass for capris but so tight and form-fitting on Yuri’s ass that Beka can barely fucking breathe). Yuri would build a nest out of Beka’s clothes and sleep in it if he didn’t have the real thing to cuddle into every night; he does, sometimes, when they’re separated by competitions or obligations or training. He never apologizes for strewing the bed with half the contents of their wardrobes. Beka’s usually kissing him too hard to care.

Yuri ends up taller and thinner than Otabek, so Otabek usually doesn’t borrow things from Yuri. But he finds out that the clothes thing goes both ways when he’s picking up their bedroom and finds himself holding one of Yura’s leopard-print tops that’s always loose on him, sliding off his collarbones, exposing a pale shoulder. He rubs the silky fabric and considers. Something cotton or polyester would probably be better, have a little more give in its fabric. Or he could try one of the big, fluffy hoodies that Yuri is addicted to, curling up in them on rainy days. But he feels the sensual caress of the material and wonders…

Yuri comes home early to find Otabek in his shirt, stretched tight across his chest, shoulder muscles flexing as he pulls it down his body, a strip of tan skin flashing between the hem and the waistband of his pants. Beka freezes. 

“Um,” he says. Yuri drops his skate gear.

“I promise I didn’t tear it,” Otabek says, holding up his hands. The hemline inches back up his abdomen. “It’s just that there was just enough room to get it on and now I can’t get my arms to go back through and-”

“Shut up,” Yuri breathes and lunges

The shirt does not manage to survive. The pants do, but only just.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: the writing on our skin

Title: the writing on our skin

AO3 link
“I think sometimes, we just need to do the thing that makes us happiest. And maybe, more often than we think, that fate actually ends up being better than the one we thought we were destined to have.”

(A soulmate AU where each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship.)
Words: 4578

My one fic for Think Outside the Love Square! This Soulmate AU is based on the rule that each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship. I also decided to experiment a bit with the structure of this fic.. I hope it ends up making sense and causing the impact I had hoped, lmao. Otherwise, good attempt, I guess?

Just assume that even though these quotes are famous, that they’ve never heard of it before and can’t guess, haha.

Special thanks to @mahaliciously​ for helping me name Alya’s fox superhero name!


The marks appear halfway through the third trimester of her first year at Dupont. Alya had just gotten out of the shower when she spots it in her bathroom mirror. Etched into the skin beneath her right shoulder blade, the words follow a curved trail along her spine in tiny cursive. It takes the combined help of her Ladybug compact mirror, her camera phone, and a whole lot of squinting for her to finally make out what it says:

“while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

No capitalizations. No punctuation marks. No hint of whether the phrase begins or ends the rest of the sentence. It’s so different from the one written on her maman’s arm:

“like bread; remade all the time, made new ”

With a quote like that, she could have easily narrowed down the possibilities so that when she finally met Alya’s papa and fell in love, the words would obviously become the latter half of “love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone. it has to be made,” —

But it doesn’t matter anyways, because when Marinette calls her the next day to talk about Adrien, Alya decides not to think too much about soulmates just yet. She’s still young.

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Ten More Minutes

I’m late but desperately wanted to write some soft plance college au for Lance Loves Ladies Week, so here’s the first two days merged together. 

Day 1: Morning/Nights

Day 2: Cuddles/Kisses

Rated T

Lance awoke with a low groan underneath him, the small body trying to push him away.

Yuff fevy,” he heard muffled, small hands moving from trying to push him off, to wrapping loosely around his torso.

He stretched his limbs out, groggy as the yellow morning light dripped through the dorm rooms curtains and warming his body. His vision was blurred but he could make out the red numbers 8:00 on the alarm clock next to the bed. Thank god, he thought, they still had another hour before they had to get up.

Another grumpy groan underneath him made him smile, and roll over onto his back. He looked over to the side, watching as Pidge curled up into a ball, burying herself into his side, trying to hide her face from the early light.

“Hey,” he said, his voice raspy from sleep.

She looked up, eyes opening just enough to see him. Her hair was pointing in every direction, and her oversized sweater rose up just enough to show a sliver of pale white hips before her sweatpants. Lance felt his heart flutter a little.

“Hey,” she said after a beat, curling up on top of him now, burying her face into his neck.

Lance felt around the bed until he found the duvet, and pulled it over them. Then he searched a little longer for his phone, and was about to go through his notifs before a hand grabbed his and forced him to set the phone back down.

He chuckled again, “Babe, I need to see if Hunk is still up for tutoring me for the physics exam.”

“No need,” she groaned, her hot breath sending shivers down his spine, “I can tutor you, dumbass.”

Lance ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it down. “You say that but how did last night end, again?”

He heard a small snort, and she turned her head away from him. He rolled them over onto their sides, forcing Pidge to look at him, though she kept her eyes closed with a small smile playing on her lips. Her lashes looked so long from this point of view, Lance thought.

“Tell me or else,” Lance threatened, placing his hands on her sides where she was the most ticklish, “Admit it.”

Pidge laughed, and tried to move away, but Lance held tight, beginning to tickle her before she caved in.

“Fine,” she conceded, “I tried to teach you and you were annoying and kept interrupting me.”

“Um, nice try, but wrong,” Lance said, “I remember asking you extremely important questions, until we got onto the topic of Thundercats somehow and ended up watching 20 episodes until we feel asleep.”

Pidge, opened her eyes again and smirked, small dimples dotting her face, “I was right about Snarf’s real name being Osbert.”

They giggled together, and Lance leaned in, rubbing his nose against hers, “Come ‘ere, you.”

Lance pulled her back on top of him, but instead of letting her head fall back into the croak of his neck, he gave her a soft, slow kiss. They slowly melted into each other, Pidge wrapping her arms around the back of his head, lacing her hands with his soft locks. Lance led a hand up the back of her shirt, rubbing soothing circles and tracing little patterns. Pidge deepened the kiss, tilting his head in her hands, letting her body rub against his. Lance’s hands drifted lower, just above her sweatpants, and fingered at the fabric when-


They pulled away from each other, sharing a singular loud groan, as Lance stretched his arm out to shut off the alarm.

“How the hell is it already nine…” He rubbed his eyes, and felt a buzz at his side.

Pidge fished around for her phone, picking it up and glared at it with a pout.

“It’s Matt, wants to grab an early breakfast together,” she said, before stretching out and yawning.

Lance sighed, letting his eyes close for a moment, preparing to force himself (and his girlfriend) out of bed and start the day, when Pidge collapsed back on top of him with a loud huff, throwing her phone off the side of the bed and onto the pile of laundry beneath them.


Pidge hushed him, putting a small finger to his lips, “Ten more minutes, please?”

Lance looked down at her, eyes already shut again, a hand grasped firmly on his shirt, looking peaceful and serene in a way he knew no one else would have the luxury of seeing. This was one of the few moments when Pidge, in her tough exterior, let her walls down with him, and he didn’t want to waste that.

Lance wrapped his arms tightly around her. “Sure, thing. Ten more minutes.”

Is That My Shirt? - Castiel

This is the third piece in the ‘Is that my shirt?’ series I am working on. As requested by @partijunkie this one focused on Castiel.

There was nothing quite like getting caught in the rain with your girlfriend. It made you feel like you were in a movie the moment right before the love interests shared their first kiss with one another. At least it would if Castiel was into that sort of thing. Which he wasn’t.

Despite him not being into that kind of thing, Castiel had still found himself running down the street with Candy as water poured from the sky. By the time they had reached his apartment they were both completely soaked through, the cold water leaving goosebumps on their skin as they entered the warm building. Candy had stood in the entrance of his apartment, wringing out the excess water in her shirt onto his floor while Castiel did the same to his red hair. With every squeezing movement, more water pooled onto the floor, as the time it was going to take to clean up increased.

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bugheadjonesiii  asked:

I have a fic suggestion. Betty gets jughead a dog! If you think the idea is stupid just ignore me all together lol

Here it is, just for you, friend! I hope I destroy you with feels 😈

Betty sighed in relief as she slipped her heels off her tired feet, ankles slightly swollen with the pressure of the day. She rolled her neck back and forth, delighting in the satisfying pop her joints made, eyes falling closed in contentment. She peeked her head round the door to Jughead’s office, expecting to see him, head down, dark hair always falling over his eyes, as he typed away furiously at his laptop as he did every day, waiting to greet her with a blinding grin and a sweet kiss. Her brows furrowed as she cast her gaze over the empty room, the sound of fingers on keys not creating their usual music.

“Jug?” she called out apprehensively, turning her head as she made to go into the living room instead.

“In here,” a somewhat muffled response came from in front of her. She rounded the corner, uncontainable laugh bursting from her lips as she took in the position her husband had decided to place himself in. He was upside down, lanky legs thrown over the back of their cream couch, hair standing up on end, as he attempted to wrap his mouth around the straw in the glass of water placed before him on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Betty asked around a grin as he flailed, straw moving further away from his mouth with every breath he huffed out. He tipped his eyes to hers briefly, childlike smirk gracing his handsome face.

“Got hiccups, wanted to see if this upside-down drinking thing really worked,” he explained as his upper body jumped slightly, hiccup catching in his throat. Betty shook her head affectionately, teeth sinking into her lower lip as she watched him, so carefree and every bit the child he never got to be in his youth.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” she asked cheekily, quirking an accusing eyebrow at him. He sighed, giving up after his latest struggle and moving to sit up, cheeks adorably flushed from all the blood rushing to his head. Betty came to sit beside him, running a gentle hand over the colour, settling readily into his open arms.

“Writer’s block, again,” he lamented, pressing his face to her temple to inhale her soothing scent. He missed it from the moment she left their bed in the morning until the second she got home at night. She hummed happily as she felt Jughead drop a kiss against her skin, rubbing a reassuring hand against his denim-clad thigh.

“It’ll pass, love, it always does,” she consoled, looking up at him from where her head was resting against his shoulder. He grumbled incoherently beneath her, fingers tracing incomprehensible patterns against her arm.

“I just do the same thing every day, all day. It gets tired, and I don’t want to feel that way about writing; I love it, I do. I just need something else to break up the day, you know? Occupy my mind with something else for a while,” he vented. Betty pressed her lips together, wanting so desperately to tell him her news but deciding she needed to wait a little bit longer. She tucked her face into his shirt to hide her grin.

“I’m sure we’ll find you something,” she murmured into the fabric, all the tension leaving her shoulders as he pulled her closer against him.


“Juggie?” Betty called as she closed the door softly behind her, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice as she struggled with the tiny ball of fluff in her arms.

“Office,” Jughead shouted by way of reply. She followed the rhythmic tapping of keys until she was standing at the threshold, features glowing in anticipation. He eyed her cautiously, lips pinching together in a pout as he tried to suppress a grin, spreading infectiously from her own.

“Betts… what is it?” he asked, glinting eyes flitting over her frame, taking particular note of the way her arms were tucked securely behind her back. She squirmed slightly, wrestling with an invisible force. “What are you hiding?” he asked again, letting out a nervous laugh at her unwavering smile.

“You said you wanted something to occupy your time. Well…” she trailed off, finally bringing her arms around in front of her, revealing the scrabbling grey and white sheepdog puppy cradled in her grip. “Say hello to the newest member of our family!”

If someone had asked Betty to describe the look that lit Jughead up from within she didn’t think she would ever find the words to do it justice. He bounded from his seat, taking the puppy from her hands and brought it to his face with the wonder of a young boy, cooing sweet words into its warm fur. When he finally tore his eyes away from his present they were shining through a mixture of pure innocent joy and unshed tears.

“Betty, how did you…?” he trailed off, words getting stuck in his throat, expression filled with unadulterated awe.

“Your dad told me that you always wanted one when you were younger, before… you know. So I sourced out this little guy and I’ve just been waiting to pick him up,” she beamed, completely in love with the look that showed no sign of leaving Jughead’s face. “Couldn’t have you clawing at the wallpaper in boredom now, could we?” Betty spoke, half to Jughead, half to the dog, as she moved closer to scratch the panting ball of fluff behind the ears. Jughead’s free hand snaked round her waist, pulling her tight against his side.

“I love you, you know that?” he whispered, resting his forehead against hers. She smiled softly, tongue sneaking out to wet her lips delicately, his eyes following the movement.

“I had an idea, yeah,” she replied with a smirk, leaning in to capture his mouth with hers. They pulled away with a joint laugh, Betty letting out a disgusted shriek as a third, more unwelcome tongue joined their little make out session, the puppy choosing that time to lap at both of their cheeks. “What do you want to call this menace?” Betty laughed, swiping a hand at the slobber left on her cheek.

“Hot Dog,” Jughead said instantaneously, cheeks colouring a rosy pink. “In my head he was always called Hot Dog,” he sighed. Betty couldn’t wait any longer, practically bouncing on her toes with her need to tell him.

“There’s more,” she burst out eventually, clasping her hands together in glee. Jughead turned to her eyes wide.

“More than the best present ever?” he asked incredulously, tickling Hot Dog’s belly gently. She nodded, green eyes glistening.

“I know you said you needed something else to do, and in my defence I found out about this after I got Hot Dog so I didn’t mean for it to come all at once but…” she paused, taking a steadying breath. “Look at the back of his collar,” she whispered, tears shimmering along her waterline. Jughead’s brows pinched in confusion as he cupped Hot Dog closer to his chest, glancing down to notice something attached to the leather. He took the rolled up paper in trembling hands, unfurling it slowly. He read over the results, mouth dropping open.

“Betty, are you…?” he whispered, heart hammering in his chest, threatening to burst from an overload of emotions. She was nodding frantically, biting enticingly on her bottom lip as the tears over-spilled.

“Yes! The doctor sent over the results this morning. We’re gonna have a baby, Juggie,” she whispered, voice barely audible over the pounding in his ears. It was hardly a moment before his own eyes flooded, tears leaving wet trails down his cheeks as he wound his fingers into her golden hair, pulling her face to his in a searing kiss. He pulled back, breathless, head spinning, to look into her eyes.

“I love you, I love you so much,” he repeated frantically, voice shaking. She brought her hands up to cup his cheeks, a gesture he would never tire of.

“Think of it this way,” she began, pausing until he raised his eyebrows in question. “You’ll never be bored again,” she murmured cheekily, heart flipping as he threw his head back in carefree laughter.

“That I won’t.”

look blizzard i know you were trying for a mgs look or some fuck shit but you Failed. you fucked up. i expected nothing and i’m still disappointed. i don’t give a shit about this new skin. it could not interest me less. cause now her entire abdomen is exposed instead of a horrendous boob window and i don’t even know what’s happening at the back yet and i’ve no doubt it’s just as bad. give widowmaker something interesting. and by interesting i do not mean eye candy. i mean good design. better design. if you’re going to write a character that’s been brainwashed and tortured give her a modicum of fucking decency, for the love of everything holy in the world. none of this “chose her outfit herself” nonsense. use your powers as canon’s hand of god to bestow upon her a outfit that perhaps only reveals her arms and ankles. actual pants that don’t hug her butt crack and let her wear a normal goddamn shirt. if talon didn’t give her any decency could you, please, i am begging, let her have some? please? please. please