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Dear Aki,

2016, huh?  That was my first year as a lawyer, so it’s hard for me to have a very bad opinion of it.  True, it was also the year Mia was killed, but other than that, I don’t really have many regrets.  I’d give it an 8, I guess.

It had a rather “shocking” end to it, though.  600,000 volts worth of shocking, to be exact.

-Phoenix Wright

robocrow2  asked:

Companions reacting to Hancock becoming a glowing ghoul?

Ada – She is more concerned about his health than anything else and doesn’t have a bolt in her body that consists of any kind of bigotry or judgement. Although she does wonder if this new, more evolved affliction of ‘ghoulification’ will hinder him or aid him in his life. But as far as she is concerned, Hancock is still someone she considers a friend.

Cait – There’s really only one thing that bothers her about it, does he ever actually stop glowing?? He’s so fucking bright all the damn time! But aside from that, as far as Cait’s concerned, so long as he don’t go feral on them all, Hancock glowing green is the only problem she’s got with it.

Codsworth – The only thing that really bothers the Mr Handy are the subsequent ‘pinging’s on his HUD from the amount of radiation coming from Hancock whenever her enters the same room as him. Oh, plus that and the amount of mud that he always seems to tread inside Sole’s house. Surely the Mayor still has manners?!

Curie – As expected from the little scientist, she would be absolutely fascinated with the science behind how Mr Hancock’s body withstood the transformation. From her current understanding of ghouls in general, their bodies are quite hardy already but what about a glowing ghoul? Are they more resilient to radiation? Are their lifespans longer than an ordinary ghoul’s? How has the radiation not affected their cognitive capabilities considering Hancock is still his normal, ordinary self? More to the point, how did he become a glowing ghoul? She just wouldn’t be able to help herself when it came to possibility unravelling these mysteries, leaving the Mayor of Goodneighbour with one more shadow following him around everywhere her goes.

Danse/Maxson – He’s absolutely disgusted. He was disgusted before of course, when Hancock was a run of the mill ghoul, but now? Now he more than ever wants to put down this abomination once and for all. It wasn’t a personal thing, it was a species thing and when abominations like Hancock are allowed to walk the earth unchecked, well…he just hopes that it never gets that far. Now more than ever is he left feeling proud of what he and the Brotherhood stand for – eradicating these disgusting threats to preserve the future of mankind.

Deacon – He thought the new, bright green and glowing look suited Hancock for the better. After all, who wants to be your normal boring ghoul when you can be a glowing ghoul, right? He tries to make Hancock see it his way not just because he’s genuinly trying to lift the Mayor’s spirits, but mainly because he really really really wants to see Hancock dress up in a tuxedo and top hat and do magic tricks with Oswald. Seriously. He’s added it to his bucket list, in permanent marker and everything.

Dogmeat – The loveable little doggo does a double take when Uncle Hancock comes around Sole’s house again, wondering to himself if he’s still feeling the effects of the special little treat he was given the last time he was here or if Hancock really was glowing a bright yellow colour. Either way, he still smelled the same and still petted Dogmeat just the way he liked it, so it doesn’t matter much to him. (and I know what someone’s going to say: “But dogs are colour-blind!?” – they actually can see colours other than green, orange and red :D)

Hancock – He thinks that the green is going to be something he’s going to have to get used to, probably expecting to end up hating the damn colour because he now glows so bright. But aside from that, he’s still him and it doesn’t bother him that much. In fact, he jokes with Sole that they don’t even need to use the light on their Pip-Boy anymore because they got him. The right shade of green and everything.

Gage – Ghouls. He don’t like ghouls much, thinks their creepy and none too nice to look at. He could make an exception for Hancock because the two get along so well, but after a while Gage gets sick of seeing him and his damn glowing aura. He wouldn’t hurt him of course, because he’s Sole’s pal, but he utters a grunt of disdain.

MacCready – Ghouls in general – mainly the ferals – tend to leave a bad taste in his mouth, what with what happened to Lucy back in the DC, but Hancock? Nah, Hancock was something else. Along with Daisy, Hancock is one of his closest friends and him becoming a glowing one doesn’t change any of that at all.

Nick Valentine – In Nick’s eyes, if he had any negative opinion on Hancock becoming a glowing ghoul, he may as well hang a sign on himself saying ‘hypocrite’. In what time he’s spent with Hancock, he can’t find a single damn fault in the guy aside from his excessive chem usage, and to turn around and dislike him because of how he looks now is just plain wrong.

Old Longfellow – He’s seen some ugly critters on the Island in all his years and most of those were trying to kill him, so it don’t bother him much when Hancock starts glowing green. He’s never met a friendly glowing ghoul, so that’s a damn first.

Piper Wright – She finds it a little unsettling, mostly because – like Longfellow – she hasn’t met a friendly ghoul that was glowing before, but so long as Hancock still remains Hancock, Piper has no quarrels with him and may even ask him to do an interview about it. After all, how many reporters have written an article about living life like a ghoul, let alone life as a glowing ghoul?

Preston Garvey – As long as Hancock doesn’t turn feral, Preston doesn’t care much for his sudden change. Everyone has a right to life, a right to live that life unmolested by bigots and judgmental assholes, so if Hancock gets any trouble for being a glowing ghoul, it won’t be by Preston.

Strong – The big guy wonders to himself how he changed his colour, because surely he wasn’t this ugly and this green before…right? “HAH! UGLY HUMAN TRYING TO BE SUPER MUTANT LIKE STRONG. UGLY HUMAN TOO WEAK, TOO SMASHABLE.”

Sole – Who the fuck cares if Hancock became a glowing ghoul? He’s an absolute badass, a great companion and probably one of the most loyal friends out there. No one will be doing any harm to Hancock, not if Sole has anything to say about it, and if anyone decides to get lippy, well…they’ll get what’s coming to them.

X6-88 – He disapproved of Hancock even before he became a glowing ghoul, but now that he’s devolved even further, X6 considers him to be nothing but wasteland trash and a perfect example as to the importance of the Institute and their work.


The Library of FLW’s 1889 Oak Park Studio. A small octagonal room packed full of details and surprises. After following the “path of discovery” to find the door to his Studio, visitors are dazzled by the gold paint and sparkling lay light of the Reception Hall. A low, narrow hall then provides the “compression” before being “released” into the Library. A skylight provides the floor plan showing where the square  table and four chairs are to be placed directly below. Wright makes your head spin by rotating the corners of the octagon three notches from the wood trim around the skylight down through the clerestory windows. Another head scratcher is the window directly above the fireplace - where’s the flue? The details continue down to the octagonal legs on the table. You can imagine Wright with a prospective client in this room, enveloped by beautiful renderings created by Marion Mahony on the surrounding cork boards, using the full measure of his persona and charisma to seal the deal.

Honestly, I felt in the mood to draw something in the Shantae style. This came in mind. Tiffany is Shantae while Phoenix is Bolo. XD Tiffany is rescuing Phoenix. From what, I don’t know. But they are high up and Phoenix, being a guy who hates heights, is not enjoying this in the slightest. Hence why he’s hanging onto Tiffany for dear life. I had fun coloring this. I plan to post another picture similar to this. ;) You will have to wait and find out what it is.


Weekly Challenge #12 - Ace Attorney Style.

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