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Day 21 - Cogs and Motor Oil
Aki’s headpiece has always interested me. Something so small could restrict her very strong psychic powers? Sounds fake, but okay

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I don't know why everyone keeps thinking in the V route we are gonna play as Rika, because if you read Chertiz's post it stated 'To engulf our MC's with a pleasurable 11 days' as in we are playing as the main character for 11 days. Also I don't think anyone would really wanna play as Rika and their fans would be extremely upset with that, which is not a good thing.

Well I’m sure there are some people who would want to play as Rika, which I respect but I agree, due to the fact they stated it was about the MC ^^ ~Admin 404

i went to a meeting at 9am which is exactly when the suburbicon trailer dropped so i managed to watch it and also take minutes and make valuable contributions to the discussion. life is hard when ur a stan and u also have to help a hospital run efficiently in the middle of a critical transition period


my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”


“Your smile is back.” That’s what Dante said.
“Smiles are like that. They come and go.” 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz


David Tennant on working with the later Doctor Who Companions (and Doctors) - from the Raleigh Wizard World Comic Con - March 2015

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In today’s episode of the clock-verse we meet Orion’s sister and damn she takes no hostages