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Headcanons for what it would be like if mukuro, Yamamoto, and Byakuran had a s/o that worked in a flower shop?

//  I always dreamed of working in a flower shop. It must be so nice! //

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  • Mukuro will be a little against you working in a place where anyone can come and go. After all, potential enemies can disguise themselves as customers and hurt you.
  • That being said, he’ll support you. And by support you, I mean he will constantly be checking in on you.
  • When he checks in on you, he’ll just waltz in like he owns the place. There’s a long line of customers? Who cares, you’re his s/o. He gets first serving and premium customer service.
  • I can imagine you telling him that you have customers to attend while he just keeps going on and on about whatever.
  • If anyone remotely suspicious talks to you or even looks at you (both in the wrong way or not), then be you can bet your private security guard will be “escorting them out”.
  • Mukuro will try to make you learn how to defend yourself, and probably even give you a weapon of some sort just in case things go south.
  • All in all, Mukuro will be supportive of your decision to work in a flower shop, but believe me, he will not be giving you any employee of the month award what will all his interruptions.


  • Byakuran will definitely not want you being (let alone working) at any place that’s far from him. So chances are, this flower shop will be a nearby place where he can keep close tabs on you.
  • I bet he will have someone go undercover to work with you. That way, he won’t have to go there in person constantly.
  • That being said, he will sometimes go visit you. He might just have some respect in waiting until there aren’t too many customers when he talks to you. Or maybe not.
  • Byakuran will let you have a say in whatever he wants to talk to you about. And should someone even dare to come close to you two while talking…. Well, a small glare on his side will be enough to ward people away.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about knowing how to defend yourself. That undercover agent of his will jump to your defense should anything go wrong.
  • Still, if you ask nicely, Byakuran just might help you learn how to defend yourself.
  • This guy will let you work in basically whatever place you want to, but you know there’s a catch. And what that catch is really depends how Byakuran is feeling.


  • Don’t worry, Yamamoto will actually have some decency in how to go about this situation.
  • He will not mind you working in such a place. He will just want to check it out first and see if it’s a suitable place for you.
  • When you’re working, he will not suddenly burst in on the scene and disturb you, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, he’ll probably wait until you’re on lunch break to drop by and say hello.
  • Rest assure that he will definitely show you a thing or two on how to protect yourself. Unfortunately, he may not always be there to help you out should something happen, so he wants to make sure you’re prepared.
  • Still, he will ask some trusted people to keep an eye on you every now and then, and may even bribe some regular customers into doing it too.
  • Yamamoto will always be there waiting for you when your day ends to walk you home. No way will he be leaving you alone at such a time.
  • Yamamoto will be the most supportive person on this list, really. He trusts that you know what you’re doing (or want to do).

good morning friends! do you have a second? good. last night i was reminiscing about how incredible friendships are. through a series of events, some maybe not decided by you (like hometown or school) but most completely decided by you (like sitting with someone at lunch or sending that ask on tumblr) you have ended up friends with fucking phenomenal people. whose to say if it’s luck or fate or something else entirely. if magic is real it’s honestly something built between two people who decide to trust and love each other. still have a second? text your best friend(s). tell them how much you love them. reminisce about old memories and plan new ones. just let them know you’re there and you’re so happy to have them in your life.

                   MOMENT  #163925 where you’ll try not to cry & fail: when they’re in h///awai//i & Ann is Legitimately Okay™ with sleeping in a room with Ryuji, MC, & Mishima because ‘I trust you guys’

The Call of the Morrigan

I knew her when I was young. I knew her when i was a little wild thing, running through forests like a hound, following crows, crouching low to spy through trees at fawns and does.

I knew her when I was young. When I was strong and sullen and speaking brave and acting bold, when fear gripped me in both hands like I was a sword to be swung, wringing out in a battle-tongue. I took fists and spat blood, felt the crack of my skull burn against walls. I knew her then, when I went silent, and she knew all.

Years hazed over, like a purple twilight, from the wild wood to the city pressed tight. I learned so many things. I swam in words. I followed streams. I dived into deltas, forded rivers, jumped like a salmon back to the source.  

It was a greening time. A wing-spreading time. I met more spirits, I made more friends, I followed different paths, I divided, and multiplied, and divined. 

But time, and life, as they do, circle back. The wheel turns, and we turn with it. I didn’t know she had perched and roosted close, watching me grow, like an oak, into strength and womanhood. 

She had waited. She had patience. She dropped feathers while I quested, and hesitated. Waited until I too, went to the ford, to wash the ghosts from my clothes, to bash them on the rocks, and send them from me in moving waters, loving waters, released from their bonds.

She has been waiting to show me how to scrub just so against the blood, how to slap the cloth and drown the stain, how to kill it and clean it, and become my own, again. 

And when we’ve done the laundry, she will teach me how to guard my newfound country. She will stand sentinel with me. She will teach me what it is again to be a bird and a sword, a witch and a wild thing, and free.