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I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for a while and as a celebration of reaching 2k, I’ve finally got my act together and done one. I follow A LOT of blogs, and there are many I can’t bear to part with, and people who’ve stuck with me for a long time. I’m so sorry if I’ve left somebody out, but I really love you all <3




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Oh man this took forever, I just have too many lovelies that I want to follow, so enjoy!!

Please keep in mind that I’m currently following a bit over 750 blogs, so obviously, not everyone could be included! Inbox me if you think you should be included on this list.

These are people who run really good blogs. Most of them make AMAZING original graphics/ edits/ gifs/ themes, some of them post original photography, some of them bring breaking news to various fandoms, and some of them are good friends of mine (you know who you are!).

Bolds are mutuals. And the rest of you… well, see you all in my wet dreams :-P

This list is also available here

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Remembering is Not an Advantage

It’s two nights before the wedding when Sherlock sees them again; the plaid button down white and blue shirt; the dark green jacket that had, of course, faded over time into a much duller color; the blue jeans with one – no, two rips near the bottom – the brown belt with the silver buckle.

Sherlock blinks, straightening as John gets to his chair and collapses into it, the man laughing about how Mary had said something funny over lunch. Sherlock’s trying to listen, but knows he’s not really, too caught up in the man’s appearance and recalling the day that forever owed him his best friend.

“Interesting choice of outfit, John.”

He waits for the man to stop laughing, waits until the unanticipated confusion wrinkles John’s features before he continues, the detective’s proud smile already fading.

“If I’m not mistaken – which I’m not, I can greatly assure you of that – but, if I am not mistaken John, that is the exact outfit you were wearing when we met.”

There’s a pause which makes Sherlock think he must have gotten it wrong – he must have, because now John is frowning and the man looks more confused than before.

“Sherlock – what –,” John laughs again, standing up from his chair with a look that can only be described, the detective thinks, as nothing short of incredulous. “Sherlock, that’s impossible. You told me that you don’t keep unnecessary information in your head.”

Sherlock watches as the man smiles and shakes his head back and forth – John, he thinks, still doesn’t believe he actually remembers, probably just assuming that he’s trying to show off again.

He says nothing, simply staring at the retreating back of the man who mumbles something about needing to go meet Mary.

You told me that you don’t keep unnecessary information in your head.

“I know,” Sherlock breathes, knowing John is, for god’s sake, already halfway down the stairs, “I don’t.”

anonymous asked:

You're the only sherlock blog I follow right now. Could you suggest any cool-level headed sherlock blogs for me to follow? A lot of them are a bit to ~immersed in the fandom~ but I really just want some nice edits and head canons. No erotic fanart or rude ramblings about Mary please :)

oOo yes, I would love to recommend some blogs!

  • dramatisecho (I love the style of these graphics and edits)
  • corneliapornelia (this person makes gifs so fast you wont even know what happened)
  • sherlockspeare (you’ve probably seen her work before, she makes really hilarious stuff)
  • lordofthejohnlock (its johnlock comics that are so funny they make me cry, but if johnlock isn’t your thing then…oh and they are sfw)
  • sherkeys (this girl is extremely level-headed and easy to get along with, you’ll like her blog)
  • dudeufugly (I’m not positive if this user makes graphics, but she has all the information about basically everything related to the fandom)

Most of these blogs do graphics, or are just gorgeous blogs, and most are pretty sfw. If you don’t want to see erotic graphics and stuff I would suggest blacklisting, but I haven’t had much of a problem with these blogs in regards to that. Also, they’re very friendly, and to my current knowledge are not Mary-haters :) Follow follow follow!

EDIT: I keep remembering more people, like the ppl who liked or reblogged this post ARE U TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY, hhaha go follow them too!!!

  • you must be following me
  • check out my current BOTM wintermindpalace
  • reblogs only, likes will not count
  • fandom blogs only
  • must reach 30 notes
  • must reblog by 2nd April
how it's going to work
  • there will be one winner and two runner ups.
what I'm looking for
  • a nice url
  • a nice, clean theme
  • quality posts
  • a friendly blogger <3


  • a +follow from me (if not already)
  • a place in my updates tab
  • promos whenever you want throughout the month
  • I’ll vote for you in stuff, help you out etc
  • urlgraphic/graphic of your choice
  • Love you forever and ever!

runner ups

  • a +follow (if not already)
  • all of your blogs will be on my updates bar as little icons ♥
  • one promo when you choose (remember to send me an ask ♥)
  • urlgraphic/ graphic of your choice
  • Love you forever and ever!
good luck everyone!

          I finally reached my long time follower goal the other day, and I’m still flippin’ out. I don’t know why all these people follow me since I’m just a creepy asian girl reblogging random stuff on here, but Thank You SOoOo Much!! I’ve been getting requests to do a follow forever for a while but I could never get my lazyass to do it. I thought I’d take this occasion to do my very first Follow Forever and celebratee :D . I follow about 400 blogs so I can’t include all of you (sorry!), but some of ya’ll are just too amazing that you just deserve this shout out. I have a crazy tumblr crush on all of youuuu xxx. 

 So, here it iss!!  (mutuals bolded)


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Please let me know if you feel like I’ve forgotten you!! (it wasn’t intentional I swear D: ) 


Do Something
Do Something

I got really bored today, so I decided to rewrite A Great Big World’s “Say Something” into a Sherlock song. I imagined it taking place when Sherlock is shot by Mary in ‘His Last Vow’. I also do apologize for some of the mistakes within the audio, but I didn’t have the time to re-record~

Do something, they’re giving up on you.

You’re flat lining, oh, they don’t want you to.

Anywhere they would have followed you –

Do something, they’re giving up on you.

And you are feeling so small

It was over your head –

You knew nothing at all.

And you – have taken the fall

Your mindpalace helps but

You can’t fight it all.

Do something, they’re giving up on you.

You’re flatlining, oh, they don’t want you to.

You can live, just find a reason to.

Do something they’re giving up on you.

And you should swallow your pride

They’re the ones that you love –

So stop saying goodbye

Do something, they’re giving up on you.

Molly will slap some sense into you.

Mycroft and Anderson, they’ll help, too.

Oh john

Do something they’re giving up on you.

Do something, they won’t give up on you.

Do something.

The Consulting Piemaker

I’d like to dedicate this piece to wintermindpalace who came up with the lovely idea that Nedlock is. 

This is the result of my sleepless night.

It was just an ordinary middle-aged man. A little overweight, not very handsome, few silver strings in his hair. You would pass him on a street and forget him immediately. But it seemed like Fate decided that his life was boring enough for his death to be exceptional. And there he lay, on a slab in St Bart’s hospital morgue, with his face twisted in the most terrifying expression of fear one could imagine. Female constable fainted when she saw him.

Deceased’s eyes were still wide open, and it was like their stares met when Ned leaned down to look closer at him.

“What happened to you?”, he whispered to himself and shuddered slightly at the look of terribly deformed face before him. He hesitated before raising his hand and reaching to dead man’s shoulder. His fingers trembled when his hand lingered inches above the skin of the corpse. Ned shakily inhaled through his nostrils and extended his index finger as if to poke the man. Then he heard footsteps on a hallway and the door to the morgue opened, Ned took back his hand in the very last moment. The man remained lying dead on a slab. Ned sighed with relief, and stepped back, looking up at the intruder.

A tall man in a long dark coat came in through the door, his footsteps quick and his posture confident. The man stopped abruptly when he saw Ned standing there. He tilted his head, his dark locks unruly on his white forehead.

“Who are you?”, the man asked, narrowing his eyes and raising his chin, which only made his prominent cheekbones look even sharper.

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I recently hit 2k, and to celebrate, I’ve decided to do a follow forever! I follow over 800 blogs (my dash is a mess) so here are just some of my top favourites. Every single person I follow is amazing, so check out my blogroll uwu

particularly special snowflakes

talya | karolina | jin | freiya

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let’s have dinner network | diogenes network


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wow ok that was a lot

If you think I’ve missed someone, please message me and tell me!

I hit 200 followers recently, so this is my way of saying thank you to the people who made it happen! I’m so glad to know some of you, and I owe all this to you guys <3 This is my first follow forever so if I’ve made a mistake please tell me.

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I have issues cutting down the list so just take them all. They’re all great blogs anyway. Again, if I forgot you I’m so sorry.