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For some reason, I haven't thought to call Vampire Washington Vashington before, and it made me laugh. Anyway, Lafayette soothing Washington's ego is just about my favorite thing. I can also imagine Lafayette suggesting they just hunt whomever gave the slight. (In modern times, this is trickier, but I'm sure he's still very sincere about it!)

Saying things in a fake Count Dracula accent makes everything more fun. 

Also it’s just one of the things I fixate on the most, Washington being secretly insulted that he’s not hot, hot shit anymore. Like at some point, this became peak male attractiveness: 

And like, Washington, looking like a hard-lived 45 year old with LONG HAIR must have seem pretty damn uncool for quite a long time. Lafayette had to do a lot of ego repair.

 Dead Romans Society Fancast: Louis Garrel as DANTE

Collaboration with the lovely chelidon​, who gave the idea, the palette and gave me the chance to make some graphic!

Beginning with the Poeta, Romans following! And for whomever didn’t know this fancomic: I suggest you to go and read it (HERE!), it’s really marvellous! *^*

Catullus | Horatius | Vergilius | Lucretius | Petronius | Seneca | Ovidius | Cicero

(the graphic is mine, the photographs were found on Google Images. None of them belong to me: if the owner is reading, contact me and I’ll credit you! :) )

I was tagged by my lovelies @srcurbstompedmyheart and @romandeanjeff (thanks girls ♡) to put my ‘music-player of choice’ on shuffle and post the first 10 songs… Ok here’s what popped up:

The good ones - The Kills
È festa - PFM
Toxicity - System Of A Down
Bad reputation - Joan Jett
Shipping up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
Down in a hole - Alice in Chains 
Angel of betrayal - Spiritual Beggars
Nothing to say - Soundgarden 
Wine and roses - Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards
Rearview mirror - Pearl Jam

(I suggest to whomever will read this to listen to them all :-B)

Beautiful Little Scapegoat II Closed


Logan was escorted into the New York Institute with his hand cuffed behind his back. He was covered in fresh bruises and various minor injuries he had acquired during his arrest, an arrest for something he didn’t do. The crime was the cruel murder of a teenage mundane, something which Logan would never consider doing. However, he didn’t have an alibi he could share with out destroying Alec in the process, and whomever suggested it was Logan that committed the crime had done a very good job and gone to very great lengths to frame him for it. 

He noticed several eyes on him as he was escorted, wanting nothing more than to hide away. There were some familiar ones such as Isabelle and Jace’s that held clear disbelief and confusion, and then some very unfamiliar ones that scrutinized and demonized him, making him wish he had managed to get away.