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Humans and Aliens

So, here we are talking about humans and aliens and how we might be weird to each other, but how about this to chew on. What is humans are the only intelligent species to do this before they actually had any sign there was other intelligent life in the galaxy?

Let’s be honest here. We have absolutely nothing to suggest that life is anything but a phenomena unique to earth and even if it wasn’t, we have absolutely not clue what it would look like after evolving on a planet that might even be very close to earth.

Yet still we speculate, we muse and we wonder. We’ve made serious attempts to look into the cosmos and see if something waves hello. We’ve sent messages into the void and listened to see if something will answer.

What if, in some distant star system hundred of light years away, a species of intelligent beings finally begins to ascend to the stars. What if they start studying space, exploring the galaxy, and colonizing other planets.

What if their instruments start picking up strange signals. What if one of their ships comes across an strange device floating in space that matches no natural entity. What if the more they look at it they realize that these phenomena are not natural. That something produced these things, something intelligent. Something that is not them.

What if the more they study these signals, the more they begin the realize that some of them are messages. Messages to them sent by something hundreds of light years away. What is being said makes little sense, a lot of the information has been degraded by the long travel times and many of their best researchers suggest that whomever made these things might communicate in ways very different from their own.

It throws them into a spin. There is other life in the galaxy, possibly life much like their own, and that life has tried to contact them. How could it possibly know that they exist from that far away? It must know they exist, for how would know to try and contact them?

They debate and ponder, bicker and argue before deciding that the only way to respond is to send a message back. They figure out roughly where these messages originated from by looking at the path the different messages took to pass through different parts of their territory and get a pretty good idea where earth is.

All they can do is hope their reply gets close enough that it can be found, and that the receivers will be able to eventually decipher it.

Meanwhile back on earth, they do get the message, and the response is along the lines of. “HOLY SHIT! We’ve actually made contact with aliens!”

Edge of Something

Shallura ~4000 words 

Shiro looked up as she came into the room. He let his gaze linger as she crossed the space to him. She was unsettlingly graceful right up to the point that she made a grimace and then spun to drop herself down beside him in a wave of fluttering fabric. The sigh and the way she slumped made her seem both younger and more human than she usually did. Usually she seemed to deserve descriptions like ethereal but right now, she just looked cranky.

“Good day?” he asked.

She muttered something back. An annoyed sound that wasn’t really an answer but told him everything he needed to know. He dropped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a half hug. She leaned into the touch and slouched down to settle against his side. He rested his cheek against the top of her head. Kissing her forehead crossed his mind but he stopped himself from doing it. That was on the other side of the line.

There was definitely a line.

He wasn’t quite sure where it was but it was there waiting for him to trip over it. 

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BIGBANG: their crush is sad

@mikapeanut I feel terrible that this took me so atrociously long omg please don’t hate me I’m just swamped with chemistry and history of medicine


First things first, Jiyong is admittedly thrilled that you came to him when you were upset instead of anyone else. That said, he’s also pretty angry at what/whomever made you so upset and probably suggests that you “throw a brick at their face, aiming for the nose.” He’s only half joking, but at least it made you laugh a little. Probably takes your hand in his without even realizing it to comfort you and because look, he just really wants to hold your hand. He’ll listen as you describe the problem you’re facing, his eyes literally never leaving you, and will try to offer as much helpful advice as he can, but won’t get petty or salty about it if you don’t take his advice because he realizes that it’s not his problem or his life, but yours. Sends you a series of encouraging texts every damn day until you feel better


Seunghyun would try and take all your burdens onto his shoulders, honestly, so he would feel all of your sadness with you. He’d have a completely serious expression on his face as he listened to you speak about what was getting to you so much, trying to comfort you by tentatively brushing your hair out of your face and telling you that it’s ok, it’s not your fault. Won’t really offer advice unless you ask for it because he thinks he shouldn’t really interfere in your life when he’s not even dating you, but if he does, it’s very genuine and heartfelt and you can tell that all he wants is for you to feel happy again. When you had started to feel a little bit better, he’d try to make you laugh by making a weird-ass joke or expression just to see you smile again


Youngbae would understand that you might not be quite ready to talk about whatever it was that was bothering you right then and there, so he’ll ramble on about whatever comes to his mind- this really cool dog he met the other day, a weird story about one of the members, whatever- until you were. He’d listen attentively to what you had to say, only speaking up at the end to offer his view of the situation. He would tell you not to take his words as concrete advice, that they were just how he, personally, would handle it, but would be really honest and blunt about the situation as an outsider. He’d try to crack a few jokes to make you laugh, but would also understand that sometimes you just need to work through the sadness. Probably ends up at your door later in the week with your favorite takeout “just because.” 


Daesung is the member TOP goes to when he’s sad, so you bet he’s a great person to talk to when you’re upset. You don’t even have to talk, actually, because he understands that sometimes you just need to sit beside someone for a while to feel less alone. If you do talk to him, though, he’ll listen intently, probably absentmindedly brushing your hair away from your eyes and taking your hand to comfort you. If you want his opinion on your problems, he’ll give it to you, being as honest as he can. He probably tries to make you laugh afterwords, cracking a joke or two and feeling accomplished when the smallest of smiles graces your face. 


Seungri is furious at whoever made you feel so sad, asking you for their name and address so he ruin their lives. Definitely isn’t joking but likes that he made you smile even a little bit. He’ll listen to you talk about what’s bothering you, interrupting every now and then to ask for clarification, insult someone, or offer a solution that honestly makes a lot of sense, probably apologizing at the end because you really don’t deserve to feel like this and if it were up to him, he’d take all the sadness from you onto his own shoulders so that you can feel happy again. He actually might end up confessing to you, saying that he really cares for you and is always there if you need him and kissing your forehead without even thinking about it

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Isn't it funny how they're trying to rehab Rebecca's image, and yet (from what I've seen) Chrissie is the one getting more likable by the month? Rebecca redeemed a White... it just ended up being her sis lol

here’s my thing anon, here’s my stonking big problem with Miss Universally Adored Rebecca White:

(why do i keep making these posts im sorry)

It sort seems like they’ve tried to make her a sympathetic character by simply trying to take away her agency entirely. And this might not be accurate, because she is so hard to understand as a character. I don’t know how we’re supposed to take her? She gets a lot of moments where she’s sad about the sorry state of her life but also a lot of moments where she’s actively sabotaging everyone around her.

I can’t think of the last time she made a decision on her own, without anyone influencing her. Legitimately, I can’t. She’s either going by what Robert suggests, or Chrissie, or Victoria, or whomever is around her and… it just seems like she can’t do anything herself. And I sometimes wonder if it is designed that way to make her often underhanded actions seem less terrible, because poor Rebecca, she’s not the only one to blame, it was way more the fault of [insert this episode’s bully here].

A few random examples (and by no means an extensive list):

Robert is responsible for: the abortion(s), betraying Lachlan, betraying Chrissie (over and over), cheating on Aaron and Ross, getting Ross to blackmail Robert

Chrissie is responsible for: Lawrence turning against her, confronting Aaron about the kiss

Debbie is responsible for: getting Lawrence arrested

When is anything purely her fault? When does she ever make a decision completely on her own? Even he final decision to not have an abortion came after Victoria spoke with her. Is this a designed character fault (because it’s the most consistent thing about her), or is this a tactic the writers have been using to have us feel sorry for her time and again? Because it just makes her seem desperately, uninterestingly weak. And completely unable to take responsibility for herself. But this is a woman who we’re supposed to believe wants a child and would be able to raise a child? Are we supposed to be rooting for her? Are we supposed to understand that she’s weak and easily manipulated? But still always ready to get on her high horse about the wrong doings people have inflicted on and around her?

I just don’t know how they want us to take her and that’s a problem, because the way she reads on screen is completely at odds with how Iain and EH have spoken about her, and this might be bias from myself towards Robert but I really don’t think it is - I do try to look at things as critically and fairly as possible, even if it means condemning characters who I love or sympathising with characters I don’t. But I just…. I’m so confused by her. The character we’ve ended up with can’t possibly have been the intention, can it? And if it is, why does all the press around her suggest otherwise?

Were they just that determined to put her in the role of the person coming between one of if not their most popular couple and have people still like her that they’ve just forced it too hard - and how does no one know that that doesn’t work with audiences? I know it must be very hard to objectively see how something plays out when you know the entire story, supposed character motivations and context behind everything but… can they really not see it? If it wasn’t their intention, can they really not see how much they’ve failed and how desperately her character needs a complete 180 to have a hope of working?

It’s so confusing to me, honestly.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like it, but I don’t even dislike the character - when she’s cute and entertaining, I enjoy it. She’s got an interesting backstory (to me) - but the writing for her is so awful. It’s so inconsistent and contrived and honestly, I don’t like being told that I need to like someone, or sympathise with them - I’d rather be shown it.

And this is the worst part because the character doesn’t even inspire hate in me - it doesn’t inspire anything, particularly. I have complete apathy 90% of the time. The way she’s written and her role in this story make me so frustrated, but the character herself has so little to her that it’s just vaguely exhausting.

Chrissie, on the other hand, is written in a way where it’s very clear where she’s supposed to be in the villain role, when we’re supposed to sympathise with her, she’s been given layers, we’ve seen her be put through the mill first hand, rather than in retcon, in ways that she was completely innocent to. It’s easier to feel sad for her, to respond emotionally to her.

I mean, I know this is biased because Chrissie is one of my faves, but at least she plays defined roles in her stories, whilst still feeling like a complex and layered character.

I need to stop with these feeling outbursts 😌

iFunny | Art / Photography theft in the Jacksepticeye community

This is a semi completed list of URLs along with the codes for their art that is NOT supposed to be shared on this shit of a website. @makoriie & I spent a good 4 hours or so compiling all of this and we still didn’t get everything listed (We’re both gonna check back tomorrow and try and dig deeper in to the archives)

Below is a list of everyone by username followed by the specific URL code that is needed to view the picture ([followed by the code here] to view the picture)

We both also found one of each of ours; so I personally want to say fuck you to whomever reposted my commission; that was NOT yours to post.

I highly suggest that anyone within the community to GO to this site and report these links for copyright, because this isn’t tolerated. If you make GIFs, if you make ANY type of art, or make any videos; PLEASE go to this site and check to see if your stuff is here.

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 Dead Romans Society Fancast: Louis Garrel as DANTE

Collaboration with the lovely chelidon​, who gave the idea, the palette and gave me the chance to make some graphic!

Beginning with the Poeta, Romans following! And for whomever didn’t know this fancomic: I suggest you to go and read it (HERE!), it’s really marvellous! *^*

Catullus | Horatius | Vergilius | Lucretius | Petronius | Seneca | Ovidius | Cicero

(the graphic is mine, the photographs were found on Google Images. None of them belong to me: if the owner is reading, contact me and I’ll credit you! :) )

i hope this year, that at this second! that your brain begins to allow you to let go of the person or memory that made your mind go dark, that caused you to give up on yourself. that one little focal point that made all of the difference. i hope that if you’ve lost your smile that you find it soon. i hope you meet the one you’re going to marry, or even better the love of your life, i hope they stay. i really really just want the best for you, wherever you are, whomever you’re with!

Living With Wicca: Coming out of the Broom Closet

Friday wass Wicca Weekly’s one year anniversary! Yay! *does a little dance* I had every intention of getting this post up on that day; but classes are starting back up for me and that meant running around like a crazy person trying to get school stuff done.



I’d like to give a great big “Thank you!” to my followers for supporting me this past year. It’s been a bumpy ride but we’ve managed to cover:

Terms and Definitions:

What is Wicca:


Choosing a Patron:

Building an Altar:

Cleansing, Attuning, Bleasing:


Circle Casting:



The God:

The Goddess:

An Introduction to Meditation:

The Wiccan Rede:


Candle Magic:

Drawing Down the Moon:

January Moon:

Thank you to each and every person who asked a question that made me think. Thank you to everyone who helped me get this far including friends and family that dealt with me shooing them away so I could get stuff done. You are all wonderful. Blessed be.

Ironically enough this is not a Wicca 101 post. This is my first Living With Wicca post. This section of Wicca Weekly is geared towards is learning about the daily aspects, social concepts, and ethical awareness of being a practicing pagan. If you don’t understand what that means…I hope you will by the end of this post.

I am still going to be filling out more Wicca 101; so don’t fret! Think of this as Wicca 201. So let’s dive in.


When I started Wicca Weekly I had no idea that people were going to ask so many questions. It became the most fulfilling part of running this particular blog. I got to listen to the fears and concerns of people who practiced my (or a similar) faith. I began to look forward to seeing that little button at the top of my screen light up to tell me that I had new inbox messages.

The question that I get asked most often is: “How do I tell my family/ friends/ partner/ coworkers about my religion?” or as I like to call it: “How do I come out of the Boom-Closet?”

First and foremost: you don’t have to tell anyone about your religion. Not once; not ever. It doesn’t make you a better pagan to wear five pentacles and shout the room shouting your allegiance to Hekatae or sitting demurely without a single rune to your demure name. If you pay your homage to the Lord and Lady and swagger down the Path in perfect love and perfect trust then are a pagan.

But some of us want to be able to do so a little more openly; and who can blame us? But it’s not always easy to step away from the altar and into the world that is dominated by other religions. Moreover we want to be open with our friends and family about something that means a lot to us. But the big question is: How?

  1. Ask Yourself

    1. Who are you going to tell?

    2. Why are you going to tell them?

    3. When Are you going to tell them ?

      1. I don’t just mean before or after dinner. I mean how long into your studies are you going to decide that this is a thing that you wanna do?

    4. Where is this grand telling going to take place?

  2. Decide Who

    1. I know that this is said in the line before this one, But seriously. Sit down and ask yourself. Who are you going to tell? I know this seems like a really strange question to contemplate but it’s actually pretty darn important. Not everyone needs to know. You don’t need to walk into your literature class and scrawl it on the chalkboard. But if you are in college you may need to inform the professor about days you will be absent due to religious reasons. You may want to tell your parents or siblings or you may decide that this information isn’t theirs to know. And seriously, how do you tell a guy/girl that you’ve recently started dating that you draw down the energy of the moon? And do you tell them this before or after bedroom olympics?

  3. Go Over How

    1. Let’s be honest. This is not something you should blurt out. You should not find yourself doing dishes and talking to Mom about your new job while casually slipping in, “OH hey…so that Christmas thing…I don’t do that anymore.” Seriously, you (and the Divine ) deserve better than that.

      That being said…you don’t need to go the other direction. You don’t need to call some great big family meeting and dramatically declare that you have pledged your life to the Ancient Ones while disrobing and showing a full body tattoo of Pan.

      Neither of these is really going to give your faith the respect and validation that it deserves. You need to make it clear that this is important to you, but don’t be a caldron basher about it. I’d suggest being blunt and telling whomever you have chosen to tell that you need to talk to them about something. Or, if religion happens to come up…go ahead and express yourself.

  4. Respect Goes Two Ways (but it’s gotta start somewhere)

  • Honestly however you decide to sit someone down and tell them about it you have to learn that not everyone is going to understand what it is you are trying to tell them. Some people have never heard of paganism or Wicca, and even those that have don’t have a good foundation for a real understanding. Hollywood hasn’t exactly been kind to us.

  1. Understand that you are representing the rest of us now

  • Think of yourself as a diplomat. The representative of the entire pagan faith for the person to whom you are speaking. You are now what they will think of when they think of paganism or Wicca. So make a good impression. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “You don’t really ‘look’ pagan.” Can someone please tell me what it means to look pagan? Cause I can’t quite decide if they think I’m supposed to look like a hippie or Vampire LARPer.

  1. Be Ready to answer questions

  • Cause chances are they are gonna have them. Be ready to answer things about your religion and yourself. Because curiosity is bound to happen.

  1. Be Honest with them (and for the sake of the lady with yourself)

  • Don’t try to tone things down to make them feel better. Be honest…but not brutally so. Tell them what they need to know. And by the way, what they need to know depends entirely on their place in your life. If you have a job or a professor you are going to need to inform them of days that you’ll need to be out of class or away from work in order to demonstrate your faith. But they don’t necessarily need to know who your patron deity is…and if you are working for a non-denominational company they are required not to ask.

So, I am going to do this a little differently. I am going to request personal stories from any and all of you. Send them to my inbox and I’ll publish them here to help others. If asked I may even put mine up.

For now, merry met and blessed be.

anonymous asked:

I'm on the verge of Not believing that Rey is a Skywalker. However one thing still bothers me - why after Maz say ' there's still someone who could...'. why does Rey say 'Luke'? I don't understand why the filmmakers included that line. Also after the force vision when Maz encourages her to take 'The Skywalker legacy lightsaber TM' is she so resistant - she literally sprints from the building? What's all the anxiety about? Does she suddenly remember Luke from somewhere ?? Help me understand!

To try and explain this, I quote the relevant passage from The Force Awakens script. I bold the most relevant parts:

REY: What was that? I shouldn’t have gone in there.

MAZ: That lightsaber was Luke’s. And his father’s before him and now, it calls to you!

REY: I have to get back to Jakku.

MAZ: Han told me.

MAZ (CONT.): Dear child. I see your eyes. You already know the truth. Whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back. But… there’s someone who still could.

REY: Luke.

MAZ: The belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead. I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It moves through and surrounds every living
thing. Close your eyes. Feel it. The light. It’s always been there. It will guide you. The saber. Take it.

REY: I’m never touching that again. I don’t want any part of this.

The most important thing when it comes to this is to realise that the people Rey is waiting for on Jakku are her family. She is explicit about this to BB-8 in the first act when she says that she is “waiting for my family”. Therefore, by the time Maz moves on to refer to who could still come back for Rey, she is no longer referring to Rey’s family.

This distinction is crucial - Rey’s family are in the past and are never coming back, but there is someone else waiting for her in her future. Ergo, Luke can’t be Rey’s father because he is in Rey’s future, not her past. He may or may not be the “someone who still could [return]” who Maz refers to (that’s a whole other discussion), but he is decidedly separate from “whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku”/Rey’s family.

When Rey suggests Luke’s name, she suggests it because of his link to the lightsaber - she can feel the sense of destiny in the Force that Maz urges her to embrace, and while she recognises what it wants her to do (accept her destiny as a Jedi, find Luke), she is overwhelmed and frightened by what is being asked of her. The vision is characterised by trauma - her own and the trauma of others - and she is instinctively repelled, bewildered and scared by what she sees. That’s why she refuses the call - it’s all too much for her to cope with, so she flees, running straight into the arms of fate Kylo Ren.

I hope that helps!

Beautiful Little Scapegoat II Closed


Logan was escorted into the New York Institute with his hand cuffed behind his back. He was covered in fresh bruises and various minor injuries he had acquired during his arrest, an arrest for something he didn’t do. The crime was the cruel murder of a teenage mundane, something which Logan would never consider doing. However, he didn’t have an alibi he could share with out destroying Alec in the process, and whomever suggested it was Logan that committed the crime had done a very good job and gone to very great lengths to frame him for it. 

He noticed several eyes on him as he was escorted, wanting nothing more than to hide away. There were some familiar ones such as Isabelle and Jace’s that held clear disbelief and confusion, and then some very unfamiliar ones that scrutinized and demonized him, making him wish he had managed to get away.

Ullr  is an obscure and enigmatic Norse god.

Ullr is the son of the grain goddess Sif, and therefore the stepson of the thunder god Thor.

Ullr is an excellent archer, hunter, skater, and skier, handsome, warlike, and an especially apt deity to invoke before a duel. “Ullr’s ship” is a kenning for “shield,” which indicates that there was a tale of his traveling across the ocean on a shield, but if so, this tale has been lost.

Elsewhere in the poem, Odin, who is entrapped between two fires, promises the blessings of “Ullr and all the gods” on whomever will rescue him. This placement suggests a position of particular prominence for Ullr relative to other deities.

All I Ask of You: Scene One

All I Ask of You
Cullen/Female Mage Trevelyan
This Scene SFW
Companion to As the World Falls Down

Cullen is not in a charitable mood.

Note: This is a “proof of concept” chapter, in which I test to see whether I’ve got Cullen’s POV down. It isn’t going up on AO3 yet, and the next chapters won’t follow for a bit. I’m feeling things out at the moment.

What I really need is a sense of whether I “got” Cullen. That will help me pull the rest of the story together. <3

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Luke Brooks Airport Imagine

*Your Point of View*

You haven’t been able to sleep all night knowing that Luke was going to have to leave you in just a few hours to return back to Melbourne for a few weeks.

You have to stay here to spend the holidays with your family and you still have to go to work. You keep thinking about the lonely weeks after all of your family leaves after the holidays and the empty house without all the boys, without him.

That thought causes you to quickly sit up from bed and throw the covers off you. You glance at Luke sleeping like an angel and you smile to yourself with tears welling up in your eyes.

I will not cry, I will not cry, you promise yourself. You manage to hold back the tears for now, but you know you can’t look at him sleeping in his bed–no our bed–anymore.

You force yourself to look away from him and head to take a long soothing shower that will hopefully make you feel more relaxed.

You step into the shower and allow the warm water to cascade down your body and seep into your skin. Your tense body instantly relaxes and your mind goes blank. No thoughts on how the boys are leaving or that you won’t see Luke for weeks.Everything juts goes blank.

Suddenly you hear the bathroom door open and someone enter.

“Hello? Someone’s in here,” you call out.

Just then someone steps into the shower and wraps their arms around you causing you to scream and flail about.

“(Y/N) baby calm down its just me,” Luke soothingly whispers in your ear. Your body instantly relaxes and you turn to look at his smiling face.

He leans in and kisses you on the forehead as tears begin to well up in your eyes and you look away from him.

“(Y/N) whats the matter,” he gently lifts your chin making you look him in the eye.

“I just don’t want you to go.”

He looks down at our feet and then back up at me, “I know baby, I know. I don’t want to go either. But let’s not think about that right now and let’s just enjoy our time together.”

“Ok,” you smile and nod in agreement.

“Now will you hand me that shampoo,” he laughs and points to the bottle to your left.

You pick the bottle up and squirt some in your hand and you run your fingers through Luke’s hair and scrub gently while gazing deeply into his eyes, never breaking away. While your hands are rubbing his locks with soapy bubbles you lean forward and place gentle kisses on his right and left eyes and then on the right and left corner of his lips before chastely kissing him full on the lips. His eyes remain closed during each of these sweet actions as if to savor the moment and your loving touch that he will be missing for weeks and weeks.

You take his body and place him under the water’s stream and watch his muscular arms run through his hair and the soap slide off his chiseled body. 

“Come here,” he says after he finished washing the shampoo from his hair. He grabs the luffa and places your sweet vanilla scented body wash on it and gently wipes it over your skin, kissingthe spots just before wiping it with the luffa.

“I love you so much (Y/N).”

“I love you too Luke.”


You’re walking down the stairs when your eyes catch sight of the bags lined up at the door causing you to stop dead in your tracks.

“Morning (Y/N)” Beau says flashing you a warm smile.

You hear Luke coming down the stairs behind you just as you flash a smile back to Beau, “Morning.”

“C'mon babe I’ll make you some breakfast,” Luke intertwines his fingers with yours and gently pulls you down the rest of the stairs with him.

You wipe your face with a napkin having just finished Luke’s fantastic pancakes. Luke has already gone upstairs to finish packing, knowing not to ask you or tell you about it since it would only upset you more. You clean up your plate and head out towards the pool where the rest of the boys are sitting.

“Aye (Y/N) decided to join us,” James calls out causing the rest of the boys to turn around and smile at you. You smile weakly back with a deep pit in your stomach while glancing at these boys that have become your brothers.

“Of course I did. I want to spend as much time with my boys as possible.”

 "We’re gonna miss yo-“ Jai begins, but you cut him off.

"Not now. If you start saying things like that now I’m going to cry.”

“Shit, ok no doing that,” Daniel raises his eyebrows causing you to giggle.

“Ok everyone the van is here to take you to the airport so load up,” Ronnie says in the door frame of the back door.

You and the rest of the boys link arms and head inside and through the house together when your heart stops at the sight of Luke coming downstairs with his bags. It had suddenly become so real seeing him with his bags all packed and walking down the marble steps.

“C'mon (Y/N),” Beau said pulling you along with him and into the car. Luke puts his bags in the back of the car and takes a seat next to you, remaining completely silent. He intertwines your fingers and gently kisses the back of your hand, cuddling you close to him for the whole car ride.


You and Luke walk hand and hand to security and suddenly stop short knowing that it was time to say goodbye.

The boys all go around giving hugs to Jacob who is also staying in New York for the holidays and as the goodbye becomes so real to you, tears well up in your eyes but this time one escapes and falls down your cheek. The boys all turn and look at you and their own eyes glisten with small tears as they come forward and attack you with a group hug. More tears fall down your cheek and the hug dissolves and you go to each of them and hug them one by one.

“I’m gonna miss you so much (Y/N),” Beau extends him arms.

“I’m gonna miss you too lil sis,” James hugs you tightly.

Jai kisses you on the cheek and hugs you tightly, “I’m gonna miss you (Y/N). I don’t know what Luke’s gonna do without you with him, but I’ll try to keep him happy while you’re gone.”

“Thank you Jai. Look after him please,” you give him one last squeeze.

“I will don’t worry about it (Y/N).”

“Ayee (Y/N) I’ll see you in a bit alright. Smile cunt,” Daniel giggles and squeezes you and shakes you about causing a small laugh to break through the tears.

“Alright we’re going be right over here so you two can have some private time,” Ronnie pointed over to the right and Luke nodded in affirmation.

At last your eyes turn to Luke who you saved for last. His eyes were already brimming with tears causing you to burst out crying once more.He aggressively pulls your body into a tight hug as if he would never let you go.

“I’m going to miss you so much Luke,” you sob into his shoulder.

“I’m going to miss you so much too baby. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. You are the reason I smile and laugh everyday, you make me the happiest man in the world and you make every moment worth it. Without you by my side I won’t feel like myself because I know that you hold over half of me in your heart. I won’t be complete without you by my side. But I promise you (Y/N) that I’m going to facetime you everyday and I’ll text you every moment I’m awake. I’ll stay up really late or wake up really early just so I can call you and speak to you because I don’t give a fuck about the time difference. All I care about is you.”

“I love you so much Luke. Have fun on your trip and spend as much time with your family as possible. Don’t be sad, have a good time for me. Make this time apart worth it, okay?”

“Okay baby,” Luke leans down and presses his lips to yours with such immense passion that you are left breathless.

“Now go before I breakdown crying again,” you gently push him towards the boys as tears well up once again in your eyes and his eyes.

He reluctantly walks towards the boys who are getting on line for security checks. You watch as the boys wrap their arms around Luke and you see his body shake with what you know is a sob. Tears begin flowing like a waterfall again and you can’t take it anymore.

“I love you,” you whisper low enough that only you can hear and you turn and walk towards Jacob who is waiting for you at the exit.

*A/N: wow wow wow I really like how this came out! Thank you to whomever suggested it. It made me actually get emotional at times! Let me know if you enjoyed it! (Sorry it was so long. I like longer ones because then you can really imagine things). If would you like to request an imagine, you can submit whatever you’d like into my ask. So request away!

That's right guys, we outraged that crap.

 Thanks to the many fandoms of tumblr, we got a huuuuge boost for the show since 2010!

I mean come on, we were 2.7 million people watching/supporting the cast and especially Jared!

Eat dust Beliebers!


I suggest you regurgitate whomever you ate.


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