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Call Me by Your Name (2017) dir. Luca Guadagnino

“You seem to know more than anyone else around here.”
“Well, if only you knew how little I know about the things that matter.”
“What things that matter?”
“You know what things…”

5 Reasons to go see Justice League (2017)

1)  Ezra Miller being fuckin’ adorable (I honestly could probably just do a 5 reasons to watch Ezra Miller in Justice League).

2)  Cyborg being a well-written and interesting character.

3)  Danny Elfman’s soundtrack that brought in themes from the previous movies (including Burton’s Batman, and Classic Superman) while still managing to have its own sound.

4)  Wonder Woman using the lasso on Aquaman.

5)  Grave-robbing accident bros.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means:

Jack Skellington was more dangerous than Oogie Boogie.

Jack has complete control over Halloweentown. Many citizens of Halloweentown are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of Christmas, but they follow along because their precious Jack thinks it’s a great idea. Even the mayor doesn’t like having to use the word “Jolly”. No one tells Jack this thing doesn’t work for halloweentown at all. Except for sally, who tells our halloweentown emperor, that his new clothes dont suit him.

In a single evening, Jack scared millions of children with his organized horror. His charisma allowed him to spread his nightmare far further than Oogie Boogie ever could. Oogie Boogie only scared Santa Clause. He wouldn’t have even done that if Jack hadn’t sent Boogie’s own minions to kidnap Santa in the first place. Jack is considered the hero for saving Santa from the dangerous situation that Jack put him in, in the first place. If he really wanted Santa to have been safe, he wouldnt have sent Shock, Lock, and Barrel to kidnap him. He knew they worked for Boogie. He seperated himself from the damage he caused by telling them to treat Santa Clause nicely, knowing full well they would take those vague words and twist them to do what they did.

Not to mention how we are supposed to see Boogie as the monster because he is easily distracted by a provocative leg. But lets not forget that Jack gave the sewing job to a woman.

Jack wasn’t the hero. He was just the one in power that got the credit for fixing the mess he made and that and a woman tried to stop in the first place.


I came to visit〜 ☺️
Onii-chan is full of energy today as well. lol


Although I love watching BTS and I’m happy they’ll be performing on Sunday, watching all of the interviews they’re on make me remember why I stopped watching American television and went to Korean shows instead LOL the boys are handling the questions well and I love BTS so much but damn are the interviewers asking dumb, shallow questions

OC Hour: They're All the Same
  • Makoto: Actually, your parents' meeting was more like Footloose.
  • Whitney: You have your movies mixed up.
  • Makoto: Oh my God, it was the 80s and there was dancing involved. Is there any difference?
  • Whitney: Yes. I didn't live in a town where dancing was outlawed by the religious majority!
  • Makoto: I thought that was Dirty Dancing.
  • Whitney: Where even were you during the 80s?!
  • Makoto: RAISING A BABY.
Start A Fire

Summary: Jamming out to one of the various musicals of La La Land With Sam has to be entertaining.
Pairing: Sam Holland x Lover!Reader
Warning(s): Fluff
Words: 1.2k
A/N: Last Year I watched La La Land in the cinema and it was amazing to see all those Choreographies and music packed up into 2 hours of pure gold. The Blurb is based oin the Soundtrack ‘start A fire’ you can listen to it here. x

Masterlist//You Wanna request something?

It was a cold November day, leaves were swirling around in the breezy air while the clouds were looking like grey candy floss. The soft sonancy of dialogues was playing in the background of the cuddly warm room was sending you the kind of comfort you begged for on a wintry day.

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Heart of Steel (UPDATE!!)

Series: Little Witch Academia

Pairing: Diakko (Diana x Akko)

Rating: T

Summary: Sequel to Heart of Iron. All choices have consequences. Big ones such as restoring magic to the world, small ones such as pursuing a mythical elixir; each have their own ripple effects. As everyone handles the aftermath of the Grand Triskelion’s release, Diana learns that some decisions - no matter how justified the rationale - will have unintentional, dangerous ramifications.

OPENING. A New Beginning - Prologue

Act I.i. The Curtain Rises - Sunny_Days

Act I.ii. On the Precipice Between Worlds - Connection

Act I.iii. The Magic World Has Too Many Dragons - Wyvern

Act I.iv. Discussion With Old(er) People - Unexpected_Vacation?

Act II.i. Return to Our Resting Place - House_of_Cavendish

Act II.ii. In the Face of Danger - House_of_Reinhardt

Act II.iii. Familiars and Familiarity - House_of_Lefevre

Act II.iv. Sealing Specialist - House_of_Chavla

In which a few banana jokes are made and everyone still does not know what is affecting Diana.