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One of my favorite moments in ST:B is when Bones says “you don’t have to say it” to Spock because it’s so sweet? He knows Spock, and he knows how much it would mean for Spock to say anything so outwardly emotional and he is pretty sure they’re going to die but he wants Spock to die with his Vulcan dignity??? That is??? SO BONES??? I want to play that moment on repeat for anyone who says that Bones is speceist/racist.

@zsaszmatazz tagged me to do the “six movies I can watch any time” meme (LIKE 10 YEARS AGO I’M SORRY) so here goes!

1. Road to El Dorado

Don’t tell me you can’t also watch this whenever. It’s lolzy, it’s feelsy, and it’s the source of one of my three OT3s. If Miguel/Tulio wasn’t allowed to be canon, I’m making Miguel/Chel/Tulio my headcanon dammit. Fight me.

The story is a fantastic adventure every time. The music is amazing, the animation is GORGEOUS. The jokes are funny no matter how many times I hear them. “Stars.” “Holy ship.” “Apparently ‘El Dorado’ is native for GREAT… BIG… ROCK.” 

And don’t get me started on the armadillo. Is that thing a spirit guide? A god? Probably. I’m for it.

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2. Chicken Run

I consider this one a guilty pleasure. Again, always a funny, fun adventure. Just serious enough to balance out the lolz. And Ginger is one hell of a snarky character. I love that she’s simultaneously mom friend and rebel friend.

Also, it’s that claymation Wallace and Gromit animation, which is just… nifty! I always find myself watching certain characters move, checking out different textures, especially with Babs and her knitting. Just… excellent.

Also, also this:

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3. Stardust

What can I say about this movie? Well…

I was based on a book written by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman, is a fantastic adventure that addresses the line between magic and non-magic worlds and includes such fun things as evil witches, falling in love, warring princes, falling stars, unicorns, ghosts, and sky pirates in drag (which Neil said he’s pretty sure he didn’t write, but it’s such a good scene you guys).

I am always happy by the end of it. The growing-up story is so good. And Tristan kind of bumbles through it like I totally believe I would were I thrown into a story like that. It’s just… such a satisfyingly complete and fun story, and I love it every single time.

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4. Megamind

Shut the hell your mouth this is the best villain-to-hero story I know. I am always so proud of Megamind. Like, real talk, how often does our favorite adorable villain get the girl? How often do we get to see the bumbling bad guy actually get a cool-ass happy ending? And the emotional journey he goes on gets just serious enough without killing the funny vibe the whole movie carries.

The writing is tropey, but in a way that totally plays on those tropes while making fun of them. Trope-ception is my favorite trope. And I love, love, LOVE the design choices. This movie is so colorful, and the proportions are so over the top. It’s just a visual salad. 

And, as always, the jokes are good no matter what. I don’t think I’ll ever get over, “And I love you, random citizen!” This movie is such a fun time, please go watch it.

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5. Strange Magic

Have you heard of this movie? Well, now you have. Please go watch it. 

Much like Megamind, Strange Magic got pushed to the back burner by more popular movies coming out at the same time. And that’s just a shame, because it’s just so good.

It’s a jukebox musical with reenactments of all sorts of songs, all of which are brilliant (half the time because Evan Rachel Wood My Queen is singing them, but also Alan Cumming, and sometimes they sing together and I die). The story is predictable, but the characters are what make it for me. They’re fun enough that even though I saw the end coming a mile away, it was nothing but enjoyable watching them get there.

This fandom is also dear to my heart. It’s full of some of the sweetest people with some of the most interesting fan fiction that I’ve ever read. When I think good writing, I think @abutterflyobsession who has made me cry on more than one occasion, and @jaegereska whose lore and OCs add so much to the world beyond the movie. 

Major draws: good music, lovely animation, self-confidence story, princess with a sword, SWEET SWEET VENGEANCE, and did I mention singing by Evan Rachel Wood, Alan Cumming, and Kristin Chenoweth? Bruh.

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6. Labyrinth

My favorite movie for now and always. Set it at the bottom for full effect. Get ready.

First off, music by David Bowie that is fuckin’ catchy as heck. If you don’t want to at least tap your foot along to ‘Dance Magic Dance’ you’re lying. ‘As the World Falls Down’ was the first song I remember wanting to know the lyrics to. 

Side note: If you didn’t think the Fireys were creepy as fuck, you’re also lying.

There has never been so much glitter in one place ever. The visual gags are always funny. Like, there are Bowie faces I still can’t find to this day hidden in the scenery??? The muppets are all adorable because Brian Froud is amazing, and I want a pet goblin. Everything is just so much fun to look at. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous fantasy fulfillment that is the ballroom scene. I just. 

The jokes are always funny because they run on a dry sense of humor like mine. “Well, come on feet.” One I missed for years. “No, that’s the dead end, behind you!” Ha, hubris. “It’s a piece of cake!” Shut up, Sarah…

But you also can’t not love the characters? Like, come on, who doesn’t wanna hug Ludo just a little. And Didymus, the fox knight that rides a fuckin’ tiny dog into battle?? And Hoggle who collects jewelry and pretends to be bitter as hell but cares so much??? Heck off, they’re all awesome.

Fave movie. Always. 

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Honorable Mention: Big Fish

Added this one because I can watch this any time, but it always makes me cry, so I usually save it for when I need a good cry. (Srsly, @may10baby can vouch, I once tried to explain the end to her and started sobbing in the car).

It’s just such a cool story. We get to see the life of the father as told through his own hyperbolic stories, which include a star-studded cast playing funny scenes in between serious family time. And the end… christ, it’s just such a satisfying ending. Such a good play on storytelling and what it can mean to people. Which, as a writer, means a lot to me.

Also, it’s the only Tim Burton movie I’ve seen that doesn’t look like… that. You know. How Burton movies look. Helena Bonham Carter plays like 3 different people, and none of them are Mrs. Lovett. That’s a feat, honestly.

I’ve said this about a few of these, but please watch this movie.

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hellafreckledhorses  asked:

so heh like,,,what is the last unicorn,,,for a long time i thought it was something made up that i heard in a tv show as a child but im learning tonight its,,,a real thing???

It is!!! 

The general premise is that a unicorn learns that she is supposedly the last unicorn in existence. She doesn’t believe that she could possibly be the last, and sets off on a quest to find the others. 

It’s an amazing book and a superb movie. The book was written in like, the 60′s I think? And the movie came out in the early 80s. It’s an interesting story, and it is mind-blowingly beautiful to watch. Plus, ya know, there are unicorns. And tons of other mystical creatures - harpies, magicians, talking skeletons who drink from empty chalices, a sorceress, an angry reclusive king, a tree with big tree tiddies (you think I’m joking, but I’m not joking), talking cats, a ghostly bull made of fire, dragons, everything you could want. 

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Seriously, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite books. 

Unicorn: That cannot be. Why would I be the last? What do men know? Because they have seen no unicorns for a while does not mean that we have all vanished. We do not vanish. There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever. We are as old as the sky, old as the moon. We can be hunted, trapped…. We can even be killed if we leave our forests, but we do not vanish. Am I truly the last?

I just watched the first Iron Man Movie and it was so intense I was speechless for the hour at least

This genius is kidnapped (by his own mentor/business partner/substitute for dad at some point), literally tortured, moments away from death until this awesome guy in the cave saves him. Then he finds out that the terrorist are using his weapons to cause destruction and harm lives, rather than save, and using nothing but his intelligence and intuition, is assisted by his newfound friend and build an iron man suit prototype thing???

How. I mean he’s disgruntled, he’s a mess, he’s clearly scared. But when he sees those weapons, he channels everything into saving himself and friend, so he can prevent his name from doing any more bad. I mean??? That is drive. That is an incentive if I’ve ever seen one

And like I get it. I admit, he is an asshole in the movie, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Like at the beginning, when he wins that award, he doesn’t care. It’s a big deal, clearly anyone would love to have it, but he doesn’t and thats because he’s passionate about what he does, it was never about the praise or the trophies or whatever, it was getting the job done, helping his country, and living his life. That sort of admiration isn’t why he’s in the business, it’s quite straight foreward.

So, I mean yeah it’s rude and whatnot, but he’s an impulsive, certain and assertive person. Things for him seem really black and white, he seems to know what he’s doing. That changes as the movie progresses, but that’s just character development.

Damn, I can’t wait to watch the rest. Tony Stark is the man! (And Pepper, Rhodey, Jarvis, and friend from cave who’s name I forgot, they the real mvp’s)

Random post but

Who else feels lilo and stitch is an adorable and heart touching movie that’s original movie should never be forgotten or replaced by it’s, admirably funny, but lesser tv show and try hard or cash grab sequels? I feel this way. Like this movie made me cry because I’m in a broken family that fights often and gets in trouble with dcf (or child protection services here) but still cannot live without each other… I love it so much and just really hate how the movie’s original message was over shadowed by the joking nature of the tv show. Heck lilo and stitch 2 stitch has a glitch is an amazing follow up but it’s only remembered FOR the jokes in it! Please if you haven’t watched those two go watch both of them! They’re on Netflix (which is why I’m talking about them now) and totally deserve to be remembered for the messages and issues conveyed in them!

I think it’s funny how straights watch bad liar and don’t pick up on the gayness until the last minute, like, I’m over here only 15 seconds into the video yelling about how much of a lesbian ‘Daughter Selena’ is

Beauty and the Beast SPN AU Crossover

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this space here bothers me so much ya’ll.

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I know I’m not the only one to attempt to tackle this and @kas-not-cas is doing a freakin amazing job with her story so far! (BTWs I can’t wait for the next part)! 

**Her character’s are indeed different from my own to exclude Sam because everyone knows that Sam is the only person (other than Bobby) to be the bookkeeper/seller/librarian

@wayward-mirage had someone ask her forever ago about a Lucifer Beauty and the Beast AU and I said I would do it….I think that’s how it happened…I honestly can’t remember to save my own neck. Anyhow! I’m writing it.

Well brainstorming (have been for who knows how long now) and have all the important characters figured out.*whispers and wishes I could make the text size smaller* I really hope *clenches jaw hoping I didn’t just jinx myself* I want to thank @moonstar86 for helping me of course because she’s just as excited about this story. She’s come up with like 90% of the character comparison and crossover. 

One thing I want to attempt *wishing for smaller text again* which is insane and I know it is…is rewriting the songs to be modern and to fit into how…yeah…it’s a shit ton of work…but I feel the need to do it…haha…no complete thoughts here…*makes a weird cow like grunt and makes T-rex hands* 

*rereads post and claps hands three times* Yeah! So a Lucifer Beauty and the Beast AU/Crossover whatever you wanna call it! *slaps cheeks while yawning* My biggest hurdle is indeed rewriting the songs to fit into a modern supernatural world….OH! I’m going with the 2017 soundtrack because of the new songs and because I like the new prologue…

That being said how in the hell am I going to change the opening from “Once upon a time, in the hidden heart of France…” like that makes me question everything. Like where this is taking place. Because I could say “Once upon a time, in the heavens above…” (which sounds cheesy and stupid) or go with “Once upon a time, in the midst of a celestial war…” GUYS! I JUST MADE THAT UP I LIKE IT!!! THAT’S THE OPENING! now to figure the rest of it…

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