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Islam is cancer. :)

the Servants of the Lord of Mercy are those who walk humbly on earth, and who, when the foolish address them, they avoid them saying ‘Peace’. [Quran 25:63] 💌

every time people act like the being isn’t super sarcastic in the book i’m like. did u miss the part where frankenstein went ‘you’re too ugly i can’t listen to you’ and the being went ‘ok fine’ and literally put his hand over frankenstein’s eyes and kept talking. did u miss the “praise the eternal justice of man” and the “nay, these are virtuous and immaculate beings” lines. did u miss the part where frankenstein tries to launch himself at the being and the being just goes ‘there’s no way you’ll win this fight you made me bigger and stronger than you congratulations you played yourself.’

An animal walks with its face to the earth, for earthiness and materiality is all that it knows. Man walks upright, for man was born to gaze upon and aspire to the heavens.
—  Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch

Mark Blackthorn - The Dark Artifices

“I have been in the land of Faerie for years and it is a place where mortal blood is turned to fire. It is a place of beauty and terror beyond what can be imagined here. I have ridden with the Wild Hunt. I have carved a clear path of freedom among the stars and outrun the wind. And now I am asked to walk upon the earth again?”  

I have so many feeling about Eskild tbh. Noora and Linn keep saying he never does anything, even though he literally let Isak live in their basement for a while when he found him alone at a gay bar and not wanting to go home, and he kept that secret even when his roommates were accusing him of only ever thinking of himself. He’s always so willing to help Isak. When Isak goes to ask him for advice about the Even and Sonja situation and you can just see in Eskild’s expression that he knows he has to give Isak bad news but he really doesn’t want to hurt him. But he’s not afraid to call Isak out when he needs to, like his speech about Isak putting himself above Gay Pride. Honestly what I wouldn’t do for more Isak and Eskild friendship, or just for more Eskild content in general. He is the purest soul to ever walk the earth.

Stranger (6)

          You walked out from the hospital with trembling legs, just what on earth is this?! This monthly check up was supposed to inform your health and your memory progress not to informing you that you were pregnant and had no idea who’s the father of your baby. You were aware enough that you’re not kind of woman who needed to get married first for sex, but with your condition right now, you absolutely clueless with your past relationship. You didn’t remember any of your intimate relationship and your friends were never bugging you either.

           Doctor said it was your nine weeks of pregnancy, then it must be happened before you lost your partial memory. 

           Could it be the guy whom you had one night stand with? Were you that cheap? Were you kind of girl who likes to sleep around? Did your boyfriend know about this and leave you? Were you that pathetic?

           You bit your lips nervously, thinking all the possibilities but you ended up shivered in disgust by your own thoughts. This problem couldn’t be solved by yourself, you couldn’t count on your own memory ability, you needed someone who can be trusted to help you. Whether you could find who’s the father or not, you definitely wouldn’t get rid of this innocent baby. 

            It’s your fault, not her or him. She or he has right to live. Your palms unconsciously rubbed your non existed belly, feeling that sooner another human being on it. Tears rolled from your eyes but you kept walking, not bothering to wipe from your face. How could this happen when you just got back together with the guy that you love? How did you explain to Gray? 

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Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

thank you xox


So my stupid ass over here just found some information out. In ACOTAR I thought the middengyrm wyrm ( idk how to spell it) looked like a freaking giant ass maggot! Like this!



film rec list

modern vampire films let the right one in, thirst, only lovers left alive, a girl walks home alone at night

woman descending into madness persona, through a glass darkly, a woman under the influence, rosemary’s baby, antichrist, repulsion, queen of earth

two lovers on the run wild at heart, badlands, gun crazy, pierrot le fou, bonnie and clyde, true romance, natural born killers

same-sex love stories happy together, show me love, water lilies, the handmaiden, brokeback mountain, my beautiful launderette

really weird romcoms i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, the lobster, lars and the real girl, harold and maude

ready to cry? the hunt, dancer in the dark, requiem for a dream, mulholland drive, au hazard balthazar

best ensemble cast movies inglourious basterds, apocalypse now, beetlejuice, magnolia, the royal tenenbaums, eastern promises

old black and white movies that definitely still hold up and you should watch them the night of the hunter, psycho, dr. strangelove, a streetcar named desire, the third man, bunny lake is missing

youth culture films a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, jubilee, gummo, stranger than paradise, if…, the doom generation


To Whom It May Concern:

A lot of people have expressed a desire for an update on President Donald J. Trump’s health since his inauguration. I have been the personal physician of President Donald J. Trump since 1980 and I am here to say that Mr. Trump’s health is absolutely better than ever.

Since being sworn in, Donald Trump has lost 50 pounds and gained 17 inches of height. He’s the longest president who has ever lived. His livers are both functioning flawlessly. His blood sets an all-time record for the state of New York for “most” and his blood pressure was rated “excellent” by seven different Fox News Twitter polls. He doesn’t even have one cholesterol.

I can say this unequivocally: Donald Trump has the most bones. Scientists estimate that he now has around 900 bones in his body and more are being discovered every day. Some of those bones have never been seen before. They allow him to be really good at presidential things like signing executive orders and making love nightly to his wife who wants him to.

Mr. Trump’s test results have been astonishingly excellent. He actually has a blood type we’ve never seen before: “All.” It’s both the universal donor and universal recipient, and sprinkling it on your penis makes your penis bigger. Mr. Trump’s blood is gorgeous. It has a rich color that’s hard to describe, but if I had to put it into words, I might call it “red.”

President Donald Trump has no family history of cancer, diabetes, or death. The president’s family members are immortal beings that walk the earth without end, craving the sweet release of death that will never come unless they make a deal with a cool witch. Donald Trump will never die, he will just keep growing vertically forever until he lives in space. It’s really astonishing.

His physical strength is extraordinary. He can lift as much as a mother whose child is trapped under a car, but he’s more attractive than that mother and he hasn’t let himself go like she has. Have you seen the way she dresses lately? The hypothetical mother in this simile is a total chunk. 4 at best. As the famous doctor Hippocrates once said, “Would not hit.”

Since the Inauguration, Mr. Trump has kept an extremely active lifestyle. He starts every morning by walking straight up into the sky and then walking down again. He also visits me regularly for checkups. Mr. Trump doesn’t let me touch him because of gay, so I just eyeball it and give him a once over. I can usually tell just by looking how much blood is in him that day or which liver has taken the lead, so it’s not a super intensive process.

Mr. Trump is not only the healthiest president that has ever served, but also the most handsome. I usually want to kiss President Trump when I see him, but I would never break the doctor-patient trust, so instead I kiss the portrait of him I drew on my little note pad. There have been no presidents that even come close to President Trump in terms of overall health and hotness. Franklin Pierce was pretty hot, but his body wasn’t great. James Garfield was more cute than hot. President Trump is the total package. I know this because of my stethoscope.

Just to give a little more background on me, I’ve been a doctor for years. I got into medicine the same way a lot of doctors do: I once took an unmarked pill that I found under a toilet in a public restroom, and the next thing I knew, I was blacked out doing surgery on a man on a Benihana table with the big knives they got over there. I flipped this guy’s appendix right into my hat. And that’s when I caught the bug, for surgery and for tetanus!

Now, I want to address some of the slanderous things that have been said about me. It’s just like these coastal elites to say I’m not qualified as a physician. They think you need fancy things, like a diploma from Harvard Med School or a diploma from a med school or a GED or a car or medicine or clean hands. You don’t need those to be a doctor! All you need is the right attitude and a good sense of humor and to be Jewish and a blank death certificate just in case!

This is America. We’re not “fancy” here. You’re supposed to be able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and put a bunch of clamps in a guy and see what tubes you can clamp up without making him sleep forever. My grandfather was a blue-collar worker, and so was my father. I am a red-collar worker because my collar is always covered in spurting blood. I may not know art or science or what a “lung” is, but I do know that I love America and am a lung-doctor!

Because of my love of America and Donald Trump, it is an honor to be his physician. Donald Trump could teach us all a thing or two about health. Not only is he the healthiest human ever, but also the healthiest dog, house and Faberge Egg. I wish him luck as he continues on his endless journey.


“Doctor” Harold N. Bornstein, M.D. (Mostly Doctor)

You are the super villain that defeated the super hero and conquered the earth. You walk out onto your balcony to law down the law for your new subjects. You are greeted by a massive crowd and genuine cheers.