to use the term 'art' loosely

Random Art Doofery

(Random gift art for @mailneverfails of her PM.  I use the term gift loosely since I’m pretty sure I borked up the character something fierce!  But I wanted to draw something as sort of a “I’m sorry your character has to endure PI awkwarding all over the place around her”)

(I will likely eventually end up doing art derpy of this nature for other folks. Complete with tiny b&w bean versions since chances are as I doodle about those are the more likely versions to show up cause the colour stuff takes me forever.  You have all been warned and apologized to in advance)

Some jasper x lapis angst,,,
I think their whole “relationship” (and I use that term loosely) is interesting and extremely sad…
might watercolor and clean up more later??


I’m trying out a new style! So I drew my ‘favorite’ (I use that term loosely!) character: Lord Stingray! However, I failed because he looks like a fucking teenager or something. I’m also struggling with the face for some reason? It’s hard to draw on the iPad, especially with limited equipment. So yeah. The second one is just a doodle I was going to make of the warden but I suck at drawing faces … Someday …

The Alchemist of H’arkenlowe

I want to start reworking on some of the characters I’ve done previously, starting with Bagúr and Elfir (Traum didn’t need much work lol) while keeping it simple. I also want to start working on the many “antagonists” (a term I use loosely) and supporting roles that Illyut and co. meet, so on the Northern Side we have the War Lord Sratha (far left), and Prince Esterk (far right). I’m not gonna get deep into the backstory of these two since I plan to do so later including other people.

将軍 スラサーWarlord Sratha is the de facto leader of the Ermehn armies who serves under the king. A ruthless warrior and brilliant tactician, his goal is to defend Harkenlowe and kill off the Canid and the Sunsgrove Alliance. He relies on his trusted friend and personal aide Bagúr to help support his cause with creating various items for the army.

王子 エスターク Prince Esterk is the son of Slaith, the current *cough*andfinal*cough* Ermehn King and Sratha’s pupil. He’s been engaged in the war ever since he was a young boy and those growing years molded him into fierce and deadly warrior. Like Bagúr, he also studied Alchemy to further help with the war effort and while he’s not a master at it, he’s very talented. Talented enough to be able to create a whip like sword that he personally uses in combat. His wish is to protect his beloved people from total annihilation.

Just a note with Esterk……………I’m not implying anything in terms of his appearance *whistles and walks away*


loosely (and i use the term “loosely” loosely) based on this post 


this was my last piece of the semester

i baked a real cake and developed a clay loose enough to spread but thick enough to hold its shape, like icing

i frosted the cake in this clay, using a star-shaped piping tip for the border

in the kiln the cake caught fire and burned out, leaving this bubbly charred surface inside

neat, huh!