to tulsa and back

can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me

The Gang As Girls (Headcanons)
  • Ponyboy:
  • -she’s so adorable omg
  • -has freckles
  • -her hair goes to the level of her shoulders
  • -Soda always makes the most adorable braids of her hair
  • -likes to craft all sort of stuff
  • -has flowercrowns she made herself
  • -she just loves adding stuff to anything
  • -got plain jeans? give it to her and she’ll make a miracle out of it!
  • -doesn’t like to show off
  • -wants to grow longer hair like her sister’s
  • -small bit jealous of Soda’s hair
  • -pretty tall for her age
  • -doesn’t like loud music
  • -kinda insecure about her freckles
  • -but everyone loves them and finds them so ultra super couper extra cute
  • -gets nervous while talking about her crushes
  • -johnny’s bff
  • -just the cutest girl you’ll ever meet
  • -won’t admit but loves The Beatles
  • -would marry all 4 of them
  • -no question
  • -they’re the reason she has bangs
  • -Two-Bit has all their albums and she’s so jealous
  • -she has a diary
  • -her favourite actor is Marlon Brando
  • -favourite actress is Audrey Hemburn
  • -there isn’t a movie on this planet that moves her world as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • Sodapop:
  • -has long soft & shiny hair
  • -big baby eyes
  • -how does she do it???
  • -wears a lot of different hair clips
  • -uses hair spray
  • -takes good care of her nails
  • -everyone just loves her
  • -has a very weird fashion sense
  • -she can go from pink girly dress to guerrilla pants, denim jackets and big boots
  • -has a tini tiny crush on Steve
  • -no one knows it
  • -besides Ponyboy
  • -and he’s teasing her about it when they’re alone
  • -likes taking ponyboy’s stuff
  • -she still didn’t return that flowercrown she took last month
  • -Pony’s reminding her 24/7 that she has to give it back
  • -she acts like she’s keep forgetting to give it back
  • -she actually gave it to Steve
  • -so, Pony better say goodbye to your beloved flowercrown
  • -tried cooking
  • -failed
  • -Darry’s been on edge of nerves to learn her to cook
  • -nope
  • -still failure
  • -has a huge poster of Elvis in her room
  • -would sell her soul for it
  • -acts like she can wear heels
  • -no she cannot
  • Darrel:
  • -100% wonderwoman.
  • -she has hair which goes to the middle of her back but most of the time she keeps it in a tall ponytail
  • -usually wears baggy jeans and wide shirts
  • -COOKING LEVEL OVER 99999999
  • -makes the bEST brownies in whole Tulsa
  • -it’s like a social gathering whenever she makes brownies
  • -very protective of her sisters
  • -secretely knows about Pony’s “beatlemania” but won’t tell
  • -always there to save her sisters from any kind of trouble
  • -wishes they could do more stuff on their own
  • -cracks puns on a good day
  • -cracks pans against somebody’s head on a bad day (jk jk jk 😂)
  • -loves to get dressed real nice when going somewhere important
  • -her mother left her pearls and she wears them only on special occasions
  • -loves wearing bracelets
  • -for her last birthday Soda & Pony bought her a small box full of different bracelets
  • -each one for each day
  • -she was extremely happy with the present
  • -she wears them everyday, making sure they know how happy they made her with it
  • -Two-Bit is her bestie
  • -they didn’t hang out that much in since Darry started working
  • -she misses those days
  • -but they still get to hang out sometimes
  • -also listen to records
  • -she loves listening to The Who
  • -has 2 albums under her bed
  • -would wear bell bottoms 24/7
  • -makes her legs look longer
  • -plus comfortable & fashionable
  • Dallas:
  • -has boy-short hair
  • -has a blade in her backpocket
  • -cheekbones as high as her ego
  • -porcelain pretty clean face
  • -if you don’t count few bruises from last week’s fight
  • -not into girly style of dressing
  • -rocks leather jacket
  • -owns a collection of chokers
  • -has wild hair
  • -Johnny tried putting hair clips to make it look decent
  • -nope
  • -the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • -sometimes she goes out in a skirt
  • -rarely but it happens
  • -the girl got all the whisles
  • -and she punched every guy who even dared to say something about her look
  • -her favourite actor is James Dean
  • -she rewatched “Rebel Without A Cause” too many times
  • -feels kinda insecure about her teeth
  • -she tried not to smile too often
  • -Johnny noticed this and told her she has the prettiest & brightest teeth she ever saw
  • -since then Dally’s been laughing like crazy
  • -a huge fan of The Doors
  • -would kill if it meant she can go to one of their concerts
  • -has posters of Jim Morrison in her room
  • -and if you look a bit closer you can also see a few photos of Marilyn Monroe
  • -she absolutely adores her
  • -she and Johnny sometimes recreate scenes from “Some Like it Hot”
  • -of course, Dallas is going as Marilyn Monroe
  • - “I swear to god, if you tell anyone what we just did, not only I will beat you up, I’ll beat you up for good!”
  • - “You’ve got my word!“
  • -professional at doing makeup
  • -not many people know this since she only wears makeup during night’s out
  • -Soda is jealous of her skills
  • -has a small plant which is placed on her room’s window
  • -loves the plant
  • -she even caught herself singing to the plant so it’ll grow faster
  • Steve:
  • -a bit shorter than Soda
  • -has curly hair that goes a little above her shoulders
  • -loVES sweets
  • -specially anything with chocolate
  • -she looks tough & masculine
  • -but still adorable and effortless
  • -when she was younger she didn’t like her nose
  • -no one would even think about it but she she stood in front of a mirror, stared at her face and cried
  • -one time Soda came in and saw her crying in front of a mirror
  • -Soda walked closer to her and pulled her into a hug
  • -they sat in Steve’s room for few hours
  • -Soda didn’t wish to leave until Steve was completely satisfied with her look
  • -“Why would you even think your nose is ugly? It’s beautiful the way it is, just look at it! Look how beautiful is your whole pretty face!”
  • -since then, Steve hasn’t let even a tear
  • -her favourite movie is “Gilda”
  • -she’s a pro at fixing cars
  • -and she looks super cute in her working suit
  • -specially when she wraps a ribbon around her hair
  • -you wouldn’t even believe what kind of beauties work at DX
  • -there are times she walks out in a dress
  • -her favourite dress is dark blue with white dots all over it
  • -her favourite thing to wear on her head beside her ribbon is a flowercrown soda gave her a month ago
  • -simply loves wearing everything
  • -from all makeup, she only uses lipstick
  • -her car is the coolest car in whole Tulsa
  • -has her name written on back of it
  • -she dreams about being Rita Hayworth
  • Two-Bit:
  • -goofiest of all the gang
  • -has straight hair which comes to level of her shoulders
  • -her hair is most of the time tied in piggytails
  • -her dream is to go to Disneyland
  • -she’d take all her friends with her
  • -has a big jewerlly box she made herself
  • -she filled it with all kinds of badges
  • -she has her own collection of badges
  • -gang only knows about it
  • -she has all albums by The Beatles
  • -has no idea Pony is head over heels crazy about them
  • -she likes to wear denim jackets
  • -some of them has a mickey mouse drawn on them
  • -she likes to draw
  • -she made her own little comic series just like mickey mouse
  • -she called the comic: “Two & The Bit”
  • -she had nothing else on her mind so it was more than okay
  • -used to be very close with Darry
  • -hopes those days will be back again
  • -a big fan of color blue
  • -Paul McCartney is her idol
  • -John Lennon is her saviour
  • -the movie she enjoys watching is “Sabrina” with Audrey Hemburn
  • -she and Pony watched it together
  • -both fell in love with it
  • -Steve gave her a lolipop with Mickey Mouse’s face on it
  • -she stared at it so long
  • -she didn’t want to eat such a masterpiece
  • -but still ate it since Dally said he’ll eat it if she won’t
  • Johnny:
  • -her hair is little longer than Dally’s
  • -she has beautiful dark skin
  • -such a cutie beautie
  • -big dark eyes
  • -small nose with few smaller moles on her face
  • -she wears whatever she finds in her closet
  • -she and Pony are like the cutest duo in history
  • -she reads a lot
  • -her favourite book is “Sherlock Holmes”
  • -she watched every movie based on the book
  • -Pony lets her take some of her jewelly
  • -and Johnny lets Pony some of hers
  • -she’s amazed by Pony’s designs, like the flowercrows she made
  • -Johnny even tried writing poetry
  • -she really likes Jimi Hendrix
  • -she knows the lyrics to all his songs
  • -she even got Dallas to listen to them with her
  • -she really admires Dally
  • -but thinks she should try to not get in so much trouble
  • -really quiet
  • -doesn’t like attention
  • -wishes she could get to go to London
  • -she loves doing impressions of Sherlock Holmes

SPN Fanfic

~Dean gives you a very happy birthday…~

Dean x Reader

1,054 Words

Warnings: NSFWish… Smluff.

A/N: This is my birthday gift to my darling Stephie, @torn-and-frayed. I don’t do mushy, but here goes: you are awesome, and as I’ve told you… you’re the reason I started tumbrling and writing and I’m so glad we started talking. Hope you have a great birthday, dude. 

“What the hell is all this?”

As soon as you stepped through the Bunker door you knew something was up. Well, in truth you’d known all day. Dean had sent you out of town with a weird list of supplies and had been dodging your calls all day. You knew he was up to something, you just didn’t know what. Until now.

Your fingers gripped the metal rail as you leaned over the balcony, looking down into the War Room. It was definitely a sight to behold. The air was filled with bright blue balloons, some tied to chairs in bunches, others flying free against the high ceiling. The glowing table was filled with groups of various items, and Dean Winchester stood by the bottom of the stairs looking up at you with a rather nervous grin.

“Y/N,” he greeted as you descended the steps quickly, “Happy birthday, baby.”

“What did you do?” you laughed as Dean grabbed your hips and lifted you down the last two steps to stand beside him.

He kissed your cheek and motioned towards the table, holding your hand as he led you over to it. “Well, I know you were kind of freaking out about turning thirty, so I thought I would show you that thirty can be good.”

“That’s insane,” you laughed, “but really sweet.”

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sad outsiders hc’s

-After his parent’s dying, Dally and Johnny dying, and Ponyboy running away, Soda is terrified to being alone. He’s scared that eventually, Ponyboy will eventually want to start sleeping in his own room, and then he’ll have to face being alone every night
-Darry forgot to buy a Turkey for the first Christmas without his parents and it was one of the first times that he really realized he had no clue what he was doing. The gang didn’t notice the missing Turkey. 
-Steve want’s to do more with his life than just working at the DX but he’s not sure how to tell Soda
-When Two-bit was finally made to graduate he realized he never took the time to plan a future for himself and went on a bender until the gang finally talked some sense into him
-Soda going Vietnam pulls the gang apart
-When he dies Steve and Two-bit don’t come around to the house as often, and without Soda, Darry and Ponyboy grow apart
-Ponyboy goes to university out of state and Darry is left alone in their parent’s house and he never thought he’d miss the noise of his little brother goofing around so much
-Darry never boxes up Soda’s room like he did with his parents. It stays untouched. 
-Ponyboy doesn’t come back to Tulsa until his early 40′s. The town grew a lot from how he last remembered it and the DX had closed down. He was only able to get in touch with Two-bit and Steve by searching for them in the phone book. 
-Darry and Ponyboy finally sit down together and read Ponyboy’s grade 9 theme. They get drunk together that night and after that, they’re a lot closer again. 

dally .

you’re born into a world of hatred & war.
you’re five, living in the slums of new york, and your dad is putting out his cigarettes on your arms. with venom dripping from his words, he calls you a “good-for-nothing brat”. you cry yourself to sleep and wonder what you did to deserve it.
you’re eight, and you’re fending for yourself. you steal from grocery stores, and you find yourself bumming cigarettes off of old druggies. you meet an older boy, and he teaches you how to survive.
you’re ten, and you’re in a gang. you’re the youngest, but no one treats you like it. you keep a tight hold on your blade, because you never know when you’ll need it.
you’re thirteen, and you kill your father. he’s hitting you, and he won’t stop, and words you heard echo in your mind: “don’t let no one take advantage of you, dallas.” you pull your switchblade, and he’s dead before you know what happened. you take all his cash and catch a train out west.
you’re sixteen, and you’re living in tulsa, bumming off of an old friend. you’ve got the closest you’ll ever find to a home, and a couple people you think you can call friends.
you’re seventeen, and the boy you swore to protect killed someone, too. you give him and a friend money and a place to go. they don’t know you learned what to do from experience. when you see them next, they’re lost. you buy them lunch and tell them you’ll bring them back to tulsa, if that’s what they want.
you’re seventeen, and your best friend is paralyzed from the back down and dying. they tell you he’s not gonna make it. you don’t listen.
you’re seventeen, and your best friend is dead. you decide that’s it for you, you’re done. you hold up a convenience store and wave a gun at police. they don’t know you’re bluffing.
you’re seventeen, and you’re dead.

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The problem is that Jeremy has no furniture.

Well, that’s not quite true. He ordered a mattress and bed frame to be delivered the day they get back from Tulsa, and he ends up setting it up while Jean watches in vague puzzlement from the doorway.

“I just love that I get to give you all these new experiences,” Jeremy says around the screwdriver in his mouth.

“I didn’t realise IKEA furniture was considered an experience,” Jean replies. “But actually, I see your point.”

“I don’t know how you couldn’t consider this an experience,” Jeremy says, taking the screwdriver from his mouth to gesture around himself at the confusing array of parts he has yet to put together. “It’s like, a universal part of moving into an apartment. Or so I’ve heard.”

“Well, thank you then,” Jean replies. “I think that’s back to front, by the way.”

poetry in your body - home part ii & part iii

read them here and here

So Damn Lucky

Pairing: Dean x plus size!Reader 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 524

Warnings: Self hate, fluff

Summary: Just check out the request.

Notes: ‘Twas a request. This was the request.

Request: Hi hi. I loved your dean x plus size reader. I myself as a plus size lady never get the guy in rom coms so it was a good read. My request is could you write another plus size reader with Dean but it’s her time of the month and gets really snappy and super hardcore on the self hate. You don’t have to if you don’t want to or are uncomfortable. Thank you!

P.S. @anechoofbella has gotten pretty busy so part two of Misplaced Anger won’t be out for a while…

Master List

You laid in face down on the mattress, groaning while the heating pad rested on your lower back. It was that time of the month but for some reason this period was worse than past ones. Everything was upped, the cramps, the food cravings, the bloating, the mood swings, and the self-hate.

Ever since you started dating Dean your self esteem was boosted, it was a bit rocky at first but the older Winchester showered you with constant love. But every now and the little voices come back and decided they wanted to play. Usually you can ignore it but this time was different, mostly because Dean wasn’t here to help you.

The Winchesters had left to do a quick salt and burn a couple days ago, promising they’ll be back sometime today. You decided to stay behind because of the pain you were in.

This left the bunker dead silent besides the faint whirring of the some machines. It was unsettling
but there wasn’t much you could do about so there you lay on the bed.

Until the boys came home.

“Hey Y/N,” Dean greeted, walking into your shared bedroom.

“Hi,” you replied stiffly. You felt Dean sit down on the end of the bed and heard a pair of shoes hit the floor.

The older Winchester walked over to the left side of the bed and knelt down on the wooden floor to look at you. He put his elbows on the bed and spoke softly, “You okay?”

You rolled your eyes and responded, “Just peachy.” Dean stayed sitting for a bit, trying to think of ways to help you and then he remembered the chocolates he bought on the way back from Tulsa. Your boyfriend got up and told you he was gonna be right back and jogged to get the chocolate that was still in Baby.

Dean strolled into the bedroom for a second time with chocolates in hand. You looked up and saw what Dean was holding and sighed, “Oh great, you brought me stuff that’ll make me fatter than I already am.”  The older Winchester was shocked, he hadn’t heard you talk about yourself in this way for a couple years.

“Who gives a crap Y/N/N? I certainly don’t, you are so fucking beautiful that I keep wondering how I got so damn lucky.”

“You’re just saying that because you pity me, I know you prefer skinny chicks.”

“If that were true, I wouldn’t be with you Y/N,” You went silent, he was right.  Dean gently rubbed your lower back while he thought of other things to say. “I love you Y/N/N, a lot. I want you to know that…. And what’s up with the self hate, you’re never like this.”

Your shoulders shrugged and flipped over on your back, sitting up against the wall. “I love you,” you croaked with tears falling down your acne ridden face. Dean took off his jacket and moved further into the bed to hug you. “I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

“It’s okay,” Dean responded.

“… Can I have that chocolate?” Your boyfriend snorted.

“Sure sweetheart.”


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Headcanons for the Gang Having a Famous Friend

A/N: Lovely anon, I know you requested an imagine, but I wrote headcanons! I hope that’s okay

Word Count: 200

Headcanon Count: 16

Warnings: None

Pairing: The Gang x Reader

- One year ago, you got your big break
- You said goodbye to your best friends in Tulsa, including the boy you had developed feelings for
- That boy was Dallas Winston
- After several teary goodbyes, you moved to Los Angeles
- Now, the first season of your TV show had ended
- You decided to go back to Tulsa for a visit and see the gang
- You were nervous they would be angry, but you were also excited to see your best friends again
- After the long plane ride, you got into a taxi and were driven to the Curtis’ house
- You got out of the car just as it parked and ran to the front door
- Pony whipped open the front door and hugged you tightly before you had even stepped in the house
- The rest of the boys rushed over to greet you
- Darry, Soda, Steve, and Johnny all hugged you
- Two-Bit  ruffled your hair and picked you up
- Dally put out his cigarette and smirked as he stood up from the living room couch
- “How’s the famous life, dollface?” He asked and slapped your butt
- “It’s good,” you laughed. “But it’s very good to be back.”

Two-Bit Head Canons

-He’s the kind of person who actually finds the aesthetic in clutter
-His mom once yelled “THERES SO MUCH TRASH IN HIS ROOM” and he responded “I CAN HEAR YOU” because he actually thought she was referring to him
-He’s the opposite of claustrophobic and when the house is clean it slightly puts him on edge

-He’s allergic to chocolate
-Doesn’t stop him though, he’ll still smash a whole chocolate cake
-He’s also allergic to cats and it’s the only reason he doesn’t have 50 of them

-He loves Mickey Mouse so much because he snuck into Disney land when he was 7 and the guy in the Mickey suit fended for him

-He used to live in Florida, some family issues popped up in Tulsa and that’s why he moved there
-He’s kind of afraid his mom will want to suddenly move back home even though they’ve been in Tulsa for years
-She knows how much the gang means to him and that he’s not moving out anytime soon so she’s not going to move

2manyfandoms2count-love  asked:

The gangs first Halloween together HC's

-Their first Halloween together as the complete Gang was a little after Dally moved back to Tulsa at 12 years old
-Darry’s 15 and is kinda annoyed that Mrs. Curtis is making him take 9 year old Ponyboy with them
-Soda and Steve are dressed up as cowboys
-Darry’s dressed up as a football player
-Johnny’s wearing a white sheet with eye holes cut out, telling people he’s a ghost
-Ponyboy is dressed up as a black cat
-Dally’s wearing a white T-shirt covered in blood, saying he’s ‘A bad guy who got shot’ 
-Two-bits wearing a devil costume 
-Dally’s serious about the whole ‘trick’ part of trick-or-treating and has a role of toilet paper so he can teepee anyone who gives out crummy candy 
-Two-bit has the entire neighbourhood mapped out, highlighting the houses that give the most candy 
-Ponyboy refuses to go up to any of the houses that look ‘too scary’ 
-At one point Steve hides behind a bush and jumps out a Pony, making him spill his candy everywhere 
-Johnny’s too shy to knock on any of the doors 
-When they get home, Soda shares his candy with Ponyboy to make up for the candy he spilt 
-After dropping the rest of the gang off at home, Mrs. Curtis lets Darry go out with his friends from school for a couple of hours 

Flower Rain

Warning: Mention and small description of death, SUUUUPER tiny mention of pregnancy

Sentence summary: Dallas, after years of being everywhere but Tulsa, Oklahoma, returns to say hellos and final goodbyes.

It had been years since I’d been here. Years. But everything was as I remember it to be.

Leaving was one of the best and worst decisions of my life. I started new, but I miss the old me. The guy everyone thought I was. At the time, I left in a hurry because I didn’t want to do something too irrational.

Welcome to Tulsa, Oklahoma is written in a gentle curly script. I almost smiled. But today is supposed to be a happy day. I was getting back into my past with the same old boys that I’ve missed.

Of course, I stop by Buck’s place. It’s early in the morning—about 5—so he’ll be going off to sleep. I knock on the door loud, to make sure if he’s drunk, he can still hear me. He answers the door almost immediately. An audible gasp escapes his lips. “If it ain’t Dally Winston,” I smile. I haven’t been called anything but Dallas or Mr. Winston for a long time. “What you doing back in ol’ Tulsa?”

“Back to visit you and the boys…”

“Wanna come inside? I still have tons of your stuff upstairs.”

“You kept my stuff? Where is it?”

“Same room you were always in. Never wanted to move the shit in case you came back.” That makes me a bit sad. “But you never did… Glad to see you again, buddy. Stay as long as you’d like.”

“I’m actually gonna grab a few things and head out,” I quickly grab a few things I know I want and tell Buck I’ll be back either later today or tomorrow. Next stop, the Curtis house.

I had missed these boys more fiercely than I’d missed anyone else. They had kept me grounded and cool. In time, I learned to keep myself calm. Opening this gate is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I want to see them, but do they want to see me? After Johnny— I ran faster than the wind could take me. I wanted out of this life, but I knew he wouldn’t want that.

This old door used to always be unlocked, maybe it still is…

The door pops open and I see the gang on the couch and floor. Sodapop shirtless per usual. Pony…he’s got stubble. How long has it been?

“It’s been two years, Dally.” Darry’s stern, but sweet voice sounds. I must have spoken out loud.

“Two years. Has it really been that long since Johnny—?”

“Died,” Steve chimes in.

“Yes.” That was the one word I could never bring myself to say, or even think. It just made his absence that much more real. “Aye, where’s Two-bit?”

Ponyboy looks at me, his eyes watery. “Same as Johnny.” My eyes go wide.


“Gettin’ almost black-out drunk in a bar full of Socs is not a good mix. No blades. Guns. We were runnin’ out into the night and the man tripped over his own drunk feet and they got him. I-I couldn’t call the cops. They’d have blamed it on me,” Steve says. His eyes look glazed over as though he’s reliving the memory.

Soda takes a deep breath and it makes me look away from Steve. “Whatcha doin’ here, Dal?”

“It’s been two years too long. I needed to see my boys. I wanted to see where he was….buried too.”

“Nice little cemetery. We all pulled together the money for it because those parents of his wouldn’t,” Pony says.

I blink and close my eyes. Trying to stop the tears threatening to leak through. My voice a little hoarse, I say, “Will ya take me there? I brought flowers.”

“But Dallas, it’s storming and the wind’s blowing pretty hard. Might make those flowers go everywhere,” Darry tells me.

“I don’t care.” I stand and Pony follows me out. Just like old times.

On the way, we speak no words. I’m soaked to the bone and so is he. When we arrive, I notice the only grave in this cemetery is under a flowering tree on a hill. “Why on the hill?” I ask.

“So he can look at the sun and stars.”

I cough and bend down touching the tombstone. “Jonathan Andrew Cade. A buddy, a generous soul, a dreamer.”

“Uh Pony, can I have a word with him?” He gives me a look, then walks away.

“So I see they put you here, huh?” I chuckle because I’m nervous. “Not where I would’ve put you, but it’s nice. I bet you’re happy. You know, man, I’ve been living everywhere but here because I didn’t want to not see your face. You were the only thing that kept me sane. I got me a girl. She’s real nice. You’d love her. Got a reral pretty name too. (Y/N). She’s pregnant. We’re gonna name him after you. If it’s a boy. A girl, she said Cade’s fine as a middle name. You would have been the baby’s godfather. And I would’ve stayed in Tulsa….” My tears choke me up and I can’t breath.

I take deep breaths and look around. The wind is causing the flowering tree beside me to blow pink flowers all over me and Johnny’s grave. “I remember this old tree. It’d flower in the summer and we’d come down here on windy days. Flower rain. That’s what you called it. Such a sweet and innocent kid.”

I stand and brush the dirt off my backside and legs. Pony comes back, tears in his eyes. He hugs me and instead of pushing him away or calling him a wuss. I embrace him too.

youdigokay  asked:

What headcanons do you have about Soda dying in Vietnam?

• when sodapop gets drafted steve absolutely loses it and ends up enlisting himself too

• during the months he’s gone (and still alive) darry or ponyboy will still accidentally set out a plate for him for breakfast / dinner before Remembering

• same with jelly. whenever eggs are made they still put it on the table out of habit

• sodapop gets sent to vietnam four months after being drafted. his letters would become more and more rare as he spends the next year there

• finally, 16 months after being sent away, he writes darry and ponyboy telling them he’s coming home

• one month before sodapop was supposed to get sent home, he’s killed in battle by a piece of shrapnel from a bomb

• darry & ponyboy, who’ve been literally bouncing off the walls waiting to get their brother back, get the letter two weeks later. (two weeks before he was supposed to be home)

• steve doesn’t find out until he gets back to tulsa, because no one could find it in themselves to tell him that his best friend is dead by writing it on a piece of paper

• sodapop gets buried right next to mr & mrs curtis

• two bit somehow becomes even more of an alcoholic, and even though he tries to hide it, he’s not a cheery as he used to be by a long shot

• ponyboy can’t find it in himself to clean his room because he knows he’ll find sodapop’s things & can’t handle it

• steve quits the DX because it reminds him too much of his best friend and finds work at another garage

• steve drifts away from the curtis gang for a minute, because ponyboy reminds him too much of sodapop and the house is overwhelming for him. so for a while, all pony and darry have left is two-bit

• when asked about his name, ponyboy will still say “i got a brother named sodapop.” nobody bothers correcting him.

• they eventually get sodapop’s possessions back, which include the following: an unsent letter to Sandy, explaining that he’s in vietnam and he hopes her and the baby are okay, and that hopefully, if he ever makes it home, he’ll get to meet them one day / a family picture of him, his brothers, and their parents / a picture of the gang (taken when dallas and johnny were still alive) / his mother’s good luck charm / another unsent letter addressed to no one, saying that he keeps having dreams that he won’t ever make it back home, but he hopes it’s all just in his head. there’s a date in the top right corner, and it marks two days before he was killed in battle

• ponyboy, who eventually becomes a published author, creates a character inspired by sodapop, and puts a little memorial page for his brother in the back of the book

• darry eventually gets married, and names his first son Patrick

excessively detailed headcanons - Dallas

What does their bedroom look like?
- messy as hell. his bed sheets are stained and ripped. his mattress has broken springs, making it really uncomfortable to sleep on
- he’s too broke to get a new one so he just deals with the back pain
- there’s posters on the walls of bands and singers he likes, all country or rock
- he has a closet but he’s too damn lazy to actually hang up his clothes so he puts them in piles

Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
- bitch you thought
- the most exercise he gets is running from the cops
- you think he’s can be an active smoker and actively exercise?

What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy?
- go out and dine and dash like the asshole bad boy he is

Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)
- what is clean
- he shaves once a week “cause he’s blond”
- his showers are hot as hell. it literally burns his skin but he loves it
- it’s practice for burning in hell

Eating habits and sample daily menu
- he eats when he’s hungry
- likes finger foods the most
- eats non-finger foods with his hands
- loves burgers and pizza
- but New York pizza is the best and WILL complain about any pizza that isn’t from the city

Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
- drinking or smoking
- or picking up hot chicks and banging those hot chicks
- wasting time is all he ever does
- he’s also really good at horseshoes??
- he loves bowling and pool and makes most of his money from his pool games

Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging
- it’s Treat Yo Self day everyday expect it’s stealing

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Perfect- A Dally Imagine

“You’re perfect for me.” -requested by anonymous
It was a hot summer day. It wasn’t the nice kind of hot that encouraged swimming at the pool and going out for ice cream. No, this was a different kind of hot. It was as if the Devil himself decided to make home in Tulsa. Sweat dripped down necks, causing clothes to stick to backs.

You were with Dally at your house. Your parents were gone for the weekend, so it was just the two of you. You sat on the couch watching tv. Dally had fallen asleep on your lap.

This was a rare instance, just the two of you, calm and quiet without anything to worry about except for the heat. You smiled as you watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful in contrast to his usual façade of tough and angry.

You and Dally weren’t perfect. You guys fought often and neither of you were very forgiving. He drank and smoked a bit too much. He worried you a lot.

Despite your differences, you two were made for each other. You were like two puzzle pieces that weren’t met to be together, but still fit. He was there for you. When you parents fought, he was there. When your cousin died, he was there. Anytime you were in a tough spot, he was right by your side. He wasn’t the best at comforting you, but you knew he meant well.

You looked back down at him as he shifted in your lap. He was still asleep. Dally was a heavy sleeper.

“Dallas Winston, you are perfect for me.” You whispered, twirling a piece of his hair around your finger.

You thought he was asleep, but little did you know, he had heard you. He let a small smile slip and wrapped his hands around your waist.

Boy, was he perfect.
OMG I LOVED WRITING THIS ITS SO CUTE. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Over the Hills and Far Away

Dean x Reader

A/N: The Halloween Party was written for a recent challenge, but also serves as a starting point for my first Dean Winchester series. Each chapter about Dean x Reader is based on a song that could be on his playlist. In this chapter is a request prompt from @kazosa Prompt 17 – “Hold me. Just for a bit, okay? I just… I need someone to hold me.”

Warnings: Language, Violence, Character Death

Words: 4436 (with song lyrics)

Song: Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin

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anonymous asked:

🎈for dally

  • 🎈- A memory about a time they were safe and relaxed

When he was 12, shortly after he moved back to Tulsa, he was hanging out with the gang outside when it starting to rain really hard. Mrs. Curtis called them all in and all of them crowded into the living and instead of wresting around and fighting with each other, they all sat around and listened to Mr. Curtis tells stories about when he was younger and WW2 and Mrs. Curtis got them all cups of hot chocolate. 

It was the first time in years he could remember looking around and feeling like he was surrounding my family. 

Johnny was leaned next to him, wide-eyed with every detail of Mr. Curtis’ story, Soda and Steve were listening with intent rather than horsing around with each other like usually, Two-bit was actually keeping quiet, and Ponyboy was asleep on the couch with his head in his mothers lap. 

This memory stuck with him for years, and whenever he’d get locked up or stuck in a bad situation, he would think hard back on this moment and try to picture it all over again. 

Falling in love with Dally’s Sister

Request: What if you were Dally’s sister/best friend from New York and you moved to Tulsa, then started loving Johnny and he liked you back? I don’t know if that’s a headcannon or imagine, but yeah!

a/n- heads up these are pretty awful. (vv sorry)

- after years of being apart you decided to reconnect with your absolute best friend Dallas and made a huge move from New York to Tulsa. 

- Dallas was surprisingly extremely excited when he caught wind that you were in town.

- He introduced you to all his close friends immediately.

- Everyone, especially Johnny was stunned that you and Dal were best buds bc you were polar opposites.

- You may or may not have started to develop a huge  small crush on Johnny bc of how kind & gentle he was in comparison to most people you knew. (Plus he took good care of Dallas)

- Slowly but surely hanging out with Dallas led to becoming close with Johnny and Pony.

- Pony really easily caught on to your crush on his best friend.

- Pony told Dallas that you were pining over Johnnycake, but Dal didn’t believe him. 

- “Get this y/n/n, Ponyboy seems to think that you have a crush on Johnny! The kid’s fucking delusional!” “Oh well, about tha-” “You do!?”

- Dallas and Pony grill Johnny trying to find out if he had feeling for you as well.

- After hours of pestering him, they got Johnny to confess and soon they were creating a master plan to get the two of you together.