to try and hold on to hope

This hymn of praise for Benedict’s Hamlet deserves it’s own post.

The critic of SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG hates the hype, the production (too bombastic) and the stage (like Die Fledermaus in the 1950s), criticizing it in a respectful way, liking all the actors except Ophelia, also he had a strange encounter with a fan (I won’t translate it, but if it’s true, it’s rather embarrassing) - but he ADORES Cumberbatch. This is the kind of praise I was waiting and hoping for….I try a translation, but I’m really bad at these…

“Everytime one of the great soliliquies is about to start, everything else comes to a hold. Not only onstage where the other actors stop with their acting or slow it down to slow motion, but also the entire audience holds their breath in anticipation. It’s like the star tenor preparing for his bravura. The star doesn’t disappoint in these moments: When Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet climbs the banquet table of Helsingör and wishes that his too solid flesh would melt, he does it with wistful urgency, which really isn’t easy to do with this soliloquy that has already been spoken by other actors in every possible way. When he looks at Yoricks skull, his “I knew him Horatio” sounds like a childhood’s memory he digged up with the skeleton.

The evening escapes the danger of failing only because of his main protagonist. Because, all the madness and bombast aside, you can’t overlook what an outstanding actor this Benedict Cumberbatch is. And when the stage gets cleared every now and then, at least they have an actor who knows how to fill it. Even the silliness of the fake madness, dressing up as a toy soldier and entrenching in his toy castle, are evidence for Cumberbatch’s exploration of the character which is far and away superior to that of his director.
Despite the laggard cliche, Hamlet is a restless doer. This forward pressing without ever reaching the goal is embodied by a sinewy Cumberbatch full of devotion. Him running after the ghost of his father, running away after murdering his father, that’s pure desperation, turned into muscle and energy. When it comes to the decision “To be or not to be”, Cumberbatch shows us the rapid disruption of a reason-guided mind through grief.
The introspective caesurae of his soliloquies give the audience what they expect from the best Hamlets: masterful interpretations, central texts of world literature, spoken like it’s the very first time. Majesty that never comes across as leaden. Intelligence that can’t escape it’s self fulfilling doom. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance deserves so much more than this event machine of a production.“

I’m so proud of "central lines of world literature, spoken like it’s the very first time”. That’s exactly what he intended to do.


“can any of your followers help me find ways to style your hair if you’re a spastic hemi (left side) spoonie? i find it really frustrating to try to make myself look cute when a lot of hairstyles require 2 fully working hands.” emmy-award

Third, twist and dry or iron. For these you’ll need to hold the iron/dryer with the other hand but it still pretty easy.
Also, you can get different textures in your hair with different products (mousse, cream, wax, dry shampoo) to wear it all down.

I hope this was helpful!

Music Trends

kaylasaidihadtochangeit Though I agree with you and your view of the scene right now I have to disagree just slightly (as a side not if you haven’t checked out her article on Music Trends I’ll leave a link at the bottom so you can take a look because it’s really worth it). I agree that bands who entered our heart are dulling down their sound into much easier to digest rhythms and lyrics I still hold hope for others in the scene. Lets take Beartooth for example, like a good one night stand they nailed perfectly the first try. Bartooth’s debut album is arguably one of the best debut albums in the scene, whether or not you agree with that the fact is listeners love them. In less then a year they have exploded in popularity, most of the people I talk to in my day-to-day happenings have at least heard of this band and most have listened to their music. This is pretty awesome considering less then a year ago they were pretty unknown by most people in or out of the scene. The point in bring Beartooth up being that this harder sound is still popular, even if it is being buried underground by more popular bands choosing softer sounds. Bands Bring Me The Horizon or Sleeping With Sirens may be changing their sounds, but I hold hope that the thrashing guitars and metal dreams that were born in crappy basements and parents garages will one day return to us via those who are still holding on to the sound.

Until Next Time My Dearest of Friends



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hey i was on the self harm tag and i saw your post about how you wanted people to message you telling you how they are and i just want to say - of all the lovely posts on the tag, yours was the only one that actually made me crack a little smile and i don't know i'm listening to all this sad music and i wanted to cut tonight but i think i'll hold on for a little while longer so i just want to say thank you for being you and i hope lots of good things happen to you thank you thank you - rachael

You’re so beautiful.💙 please try your hardest to hold off on cutting. For me and for everyone that cares about you. Many people care about you. I love you so much.

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not sure if this is done already but haunted house adventure with j-hope, jimin, taehyung, and jungkook

J-Hope: Why do I even have to say something? First you’d have such a hard time trying to convince him to go with you and secondly, when he finally agrees, he will regret it the moment you two stepped into that house. (Have you seen him on a roller coaster? Or with that big damn snake around his body? Then you know what I’m talking about.) Jumping and screaming at the slightest sounds, holding your hand so tight it could be ripped off anytime.. You wouldn’t even be scared because he would be so crazy and adorable. 

Jimin: Ok, we have a manly man here. When you suggest him going to the haunted house, he’d be like ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’. He’d even tease you by saying ‘Won’t you be scared? Don’t worry jagi, I will be there. I will protect you.’ And he would try. Really hard. But would end up being scared as much as you. When you two finally got out, he’d laugh at himself and kiss you by saying ‘It wasn’t scary at all.’ Overall, it would be very fun experience. 

Taehyung: This little cutie would be so excited about going with you somewhere fun. He wouldn’t even think about fear because of his happiness. He’d hold your hand and every time something jumps in front of you, he’d get scared just so he could laugh a second later. He’d just enjoy spending time with you, even in the haunted house. 

Jungkook: I think he’s the only one out of this four that wouldn’t be so scared (maybe not scared at all)? When you suggest him going to the haunted house, he’d probably ask you ‘Why? Why do you want to go?’ and find the whole idea kinda stupid, but on second thought, he’d agree just because he wants to see you all scared so he can be your ‘man’ and comfort you. He’d be very confident about it while telling you ‘It’s alright.’, ‘I’m here.’ or ‘Hold my hand jagi.’

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So you look for patterns because that’s what humans do to try and make sense of things. In hope of some divine order. And you look in movies and songs and the things that you read for symbols, points and swirls that match your own. But the only real pattern there is, is the one you make when you hold up a mirror. And reflect.

GUYS! REMEMBER THAT I SIGN I WANTED SWIFTIES TO SIGN? WELL… A BUNCH OF SWIFTIES SIGNED IT!!!!! I didn’t think anyone actually would… like how would you respond if someone asked you to sign something for fun?

Anyways, I got Taylor Nation to sign it!!!!!! I freaked out. After they signed it, I asked if they would be able to give it to Taylor, but they told me I should hold on to it just in case I see Andrea. Unfortunately, I didn’t, but now I want to see if I can get Taylor to see it on here! Doubt it.. But I’m still gonna try!

Taylor, you were amazing last night all 15,000 of us were in awe of the amazing show you put on. I wanted you to have something that shows how much your fans love you, but I never got to give this to a person who could give it to you. I hope you see this now! A bunch of swifties signed it!

Taylor, I love you so much. You changed my life. Especially last night. Thank you so much for being you. Thank you so much for making me happy. Hopefully I find a way to get this to you!

Lastly, shoutout to everyone who signed this! You guys are awesome-sauce! To the people who refused to sign it, you’re awesome-sauce too because you love Taylor and went to go see her!

taylorswift tree-paine

Original Imagine: imagine theo pinning you to the wall of his room and fucking you until you can’t stand up. then him admiring the view of the bruises he left on your delicate skin from holding you still. + imagine playing hard to get with theo where he wins in the end and takes you to bed.

Author: Sarah

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1601

Warnings: Roughness, Oral, Cursing, Biting and overall Smuttiness.  I don’t write that much smut, but I wanted to try this so I hope it’s okay!

Teasing Theo Raeken was one of your favorite past times, especially because you knew you held all the power to get him all riled up. During class, you’d innocently cross one leg over the other, the skirt you wore rising a bit higher on your thigh. The dress you wore alone made you look beautiful and irresistible in Theo’s eyes, but he wasn’t going to let you win the battle so easily. His eyes were on you the entire time, burning into your skin and making it impossible to concentrate on anything the teacher said. As the bell rang, you started to gather your things and place them into your bag. A figure is suddenly standing near you, making the little hairs on the back of your neck stand in anticipation.

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BTS when you shyly ask to hold their hand during sex

Can you do a BTS gif reaction to you very shyly asking to hold hands during sex *blush* I’m gonna hide under my covers now..

Jin: *agrees immediately, his heart swelling with the love he feels for you*

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Jimin: *smiles because he thinks you are cute* “of course baby, no need to be shy”

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J-Hope: *agrees, but doesn’t think mch of it because he is too invested in what is happening*

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Jungkook: NO SEX FOR JUNGKOOK sorry :( But I leave you with this cute gif. I promise to change this when Jungkook is old enough

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Rap Monster: *dies of cuteness, but accepts, trying not to lose concentration*

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Suga: “of course my baby.. You are so cute… so cute…” *he too dies of cuteness at your shyness.

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V: *V probably asked you first*

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Fic: Poem Without Words (18/?) (M)

Author’s note: A lot of confused people at the end of the last chapter. I left Emma’s state of mind ambiguous for a reason. I’m really proud of how this chapter turned out, so I hope it answers your questions! Enjoy!

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 18

“What the fuck?” Liam cried, doubled over, holding his nose.

Killian’s hand was throbbing—he hadn’t even attempted to throw a punch since high school—but he stood his ground. “Don’t you bloody dare!” he shouted. “Don’t you dare try to act like this is my fault. You show up here unannounced and insult everything I’ve worked for, the woman I love. So don’t you dare wonder why the hell there’s blood dripping out of your nose, Liam Jones.”

Liam raised his stinging blue eyes to his brother, wincing as he continued to hold his nose. Was it broken? Killian didn’t care very much. Served his ponce of a brother right. He didn’t know what triggered all this but he was going to find out. Then he was going to do what he could to patch things up with Emma. He promised her time, but they needed to talk. He couldn’t even imagine how she must be feeling right now. He’d go wait on her doorstep until she was ready to talk to him, if that’s what it took.

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The thing you need to know about me is that I will love you, more than you can fathom, and in amounts that you will never be able to return. I will show you sides of myself that a few seconds of bravery will allow, and amongst the chaos of my mind, I will reserve a space for thoughts of you. Somedays, I will not hold you, because the embrace I give will be burdened with pain and I will try so very hard not to pass that along. I have built a path for you to dodge the tears in my heart, hoping you will find your way to the core without stumbling on doubt as to why, you are trying so hard for a girl who can’t express to you what you mean to her. Although I will never be the first to instigate how I feel for you, know that I would walk through broken glass to the ends of the continent just to see you smile. I will probably never verbalise how much I care, but regardless of what they say, this is love, this is love, I love you so very much.
BTS’s reaction when you fall asleep on their shoulder


I make EXO, SEVENTEEN, 2PM and BTS reactions so feel free to request.

Rap Monster

you two were watching a movie when you fall asplee. even though he might not feel very comfortable, kim won’t move an inch because he doesn’t want to wake you up. *ends up breaking the table trying to reach for remote to lower the tv volume* *wakes u up*


mother jin will carry you to bed carefully trying not to wake you up


he will be the one that falls asleep on your shoulder. i suggest you don’t wake him up.


doesn’t know if he should move you or wake you up to go pee or hold it in


*stay calm jimin, stay calm..*


can’t keep calm and accidentally wakes you up


bae will fall asleep resting his head on yours

*i don’t own the gifs**


Fan art for one of my all time favourite artists! tamarinfrog’s art is one of the reasons I started seriously pursuing my love of art so many years ago. Seriously, if you like Splatoon or Pokemon and aren’t following her, you need to go check out her stuff!

Here’s Logan, my favourite of her squid kids, experiencing the daily moray towers struggle of trying to hold the sniper nest. Hope you like it Tammy!

“…it’s hard to stay mad, when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst… And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life…”

Hands down, this is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and honestly, sometimes letting go and just letting things happen is so much better than trying to control every second of your life. Pain is inevitable, but so is joy. And although, sometimes fear of the heart-wrenching emotion may prevent us of from being able to achieve that unbearable happiness, at the same time, sometimes it’s best to just let go… Yeah, I probably sound high as hell right now, I am so sorry. I’ve been cooped up in my room for the past five days with nothing but Say Yes to the Dress, my kitting, and some Welsh bloke. Ignore me.

“What constellations do you know?” She says still looking up.

You look up and you see four stars aligned, “Okay you see there,” you say pointing.

“Asami,” Korra deadpans, “Do you know how many stars there are? You could be pointing anywhere.”

Chapter 2. She lit a fire (but now she’s in my every thought) //“You’re my little sinking ship (not quite built to hold such weight) By illeaturbabies.

I am an astronomy nerd and I utterly LOVE this scene, so of course, I had to draw it. 

Hope you like it, illeaturbabies. You’re a genius. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful story.

BTS’ Reaction to You Fangirling About Another Boy Band

Rap Monster: “Okay, but which band is better?” If you didn’t say BTS is better, well… He’d probably bring it up everyday, wondering if you were still holding onto your obsession with the other band .

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Jin: “How long have you liked them? Probably not as long as you’ve liked me.” He’d be holding in the fact that he was jealous. While throwing out a few remarks on how you like him more, Jin’s blood would be boiling.

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Suga: “Who cares?” He cares the most, though. When you’re not watching, Yoongi will be giving dirty glances to your computer screen or whatever source of internet you were using to look up the other band members.

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J-hope: “Is that how you found out about BTS?” Hoseok would try to turn your attention back to him, making you forget about the other boy band. If that failed, he would just sulk for awhile, or maybe even gain an interest for the band, too.

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Jimin: “What’s so great about them?” He would be pouting. Jimin definitely doesn’t enjoy the fact that you’ve got googly eyes for those boys. He’d probably suggest beating them up a few times, but after seeing you only had puppy love he’d give it up.

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V: “Yes! I can’t believe you like them too!” He would be dancing, probably. Taehyung has a wide array of music he enjoys, and he’d probably stumbled across the boy band you were currently obsessing over at least once. Or ten times.

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Jungkook: “I know that dance better than them.” Total bluff. After you went home or fell asleep, don’t be surprised if Jungkook would turn on his computer and re watch the dance the other boy band did at least 40 times.

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Bts-Jimin reacting when their manager keeps trying to kiss you.

I will be doing these separately, because they are going to be really long, sorry.

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Jimin would be infuriated when he finds out. Nothing would stop him from finding his manager and severely hurting him. It wouldn’t matter if you were his girlfriend or not. Someone kissing you without your consent is never okay. Then afterwards he would try to get you to calm down, by holding you or making you tea.

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Suga would be confused in what to do in this situation. I could see him getting his hyungs. I know he would definitely go to the police and file a case for sexual assault. Then make sure he was fired. After all that he would try to make you forget about the whole ordeal and try to make you happy.

Originally posted by yoonig

I think J-Hope would be a mixture of Suga and Jimin. He would be furious at his manager, but wouldn’t know what to do. But none the less he would get you out of the situation and make you feel safe.

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Rap Monster would probably break something in the manager’s body before being able to calm down. He would be a fuse ready to explode, he would have him fired and banned from the company. Then have cuddles with you, if you were okay with it. Or try to make you feel better, only though, he would be really upset.

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He would have the silent anger and it would be terrifying to you and the manager. He would probably attack him, whether or not if you were in the room. But he wouldn’t cause much physical pain, rather than a few punches. But he would make sure that the worst punishment would come to him.

Originally posted by bangtan-twt

V would be a ticking time bomb, ready to explode. After you left the room safely and were with the rest of the group. The manager would definitely need a hospital after V would be done with him. Afterwards he would be upset still, but he would comfort you like no tomorrow.

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I think jungkook would possibly kill the man or have no idea what to do. Either way the maknae would something to cause him pain. And would have the help of his hyungs. Afterwards I could see him breaking a few things out of frustration of the whole event. But he wouldn’t be mad at you.

I’m so sorry this took so long to post. With school starting and my internet being an idiot, it’s been hard to post. Please forgive me, I know it’s not a long response like my other ones. And it’s probably not what you wanted.