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Theory: 4th Highlight reel

When Jin saw that girl being hit by a car, he looked like he was in a state of shock and like he was not really there. Probably because of the car crash, it woke him up and made him remember the rest of bts and everything they’ve been through. Reality hit him and left him depressed.

Through the rest of the ‘Highlight reel’ videos Jin looks normal and happy as if what he and the rest of boys have been through never had happened but in the 3rd video you could see he was feeling a bit uneasy in the car and he finally snapped because of the car crash.

Jin wasn’t fine at all but he pretended to be, he wanted to forget all of the bad things and tried so hard to forget the boys but now he remembers it all and now he’s probably going to do something about or he’s going to save or he’s going to prevent it from happening maybe.

and srsly Bigshit we expected answers but im just more confused tf

God is love, but He is also justice and truth. We are called to live like Him to the best of our human ability. That means that we stand apart from the world. That we speak truth, even if it goes against the grain. It means that we use His Word as a guidebook rather than cherry-pick what we want from it. It means that we’re going to be hated and scorned and judged. It means that we can’t tippy-toe around the hard stuff.

Just food for thought.