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The 5th House and Your “Type”

The 5th house rules creativity/creative expression, sex, children, fun and how you approach it, romance and relationships (note: this is different from the 7th house. The 5th house is fun partnerships and people who are enjoyable to be around. 7th house partnerships are more about learning a complementary piece of yourself and aren’t always as lighthearted). I’ve found it also tends to rule the type of person you always seem to find yourself attracted to or crushing on. The traits your type could have depend on the sign on and/or planets in your 5th house.

I also recommend looking at both the sign and the planet that construct your 5th house (if your 5th house is empty don’t worry about this). For example, I have a Sagittarius Mars in the 5th house so I would read both the Mars in 5th and Sagittarius 5th house. I’d then put both descriptions together like my type could be someone who is a leader, has a broad world view, is playful with and inspiring to kids, and has a drive to do something in life. You could further synthesize this down to archetypes, like mine might be a camp counselor, a teacher/professor, or a humanitarian. 

Aries 5th house / Mars in 5th - Leaders, people who take initiative, active, someone with a strong drive, energetic, chasers, risk takers, someone athletic, someone who is a go-getter, bold, possibly aggressive, loud, playful with kids, spontaneous, exciting, expressive

Taurus 5th house / Venus in 5th - Professional aesthetes, artists and musicians, wealthy, people who live a life of luxury, creative, relaxed, charming, physically attractive, sensual, affectionate, might be lazy, spoils children

Gemini 5th house / Mercury in 5th - Inventors, creative minds, thinkers, talkative, people who could talk all day about their interests, engineers, bright, people who can’t sit still, quick witted, funny, always inspiring children to learn

Cancer 5th house / Moon in 5th - Homebodies, nurturers, caring, calming, protective, emotionally expressive/available, people who don’t mind taking care of others, sensitive, warm, safe, supportive, a true caretaker of children

Leo 5th house / Sun in 5th - Actors/Actresses, vibrant, dramatic, melodramatic, fun loving, expressive, confident, encouraging, people who live life to the fullest, glamorous, enthusiastic, someone always ready to go out and have fun, lively, encourages children to express themselves

Virgo 5th house / Mercury in 5th - Organizers, quick thinkers, logical, sensible, smart, someone who always has a plan, people who know what’s best, practical, knowledgeable, people who know how to throw the perfect surprise, ensures a stable environment for children

Libra 5th house / Venus in 5th - Charmers, flirty, kind, sophisticated, polite, well mannered, someone who can charm your pants off, fair, people who have a way with words, people who know how to get what they want, pretty, does what they can to keep children happy

Scorpio 5th house / Pluto in 5th - The Mysterious, dark, possibly secretive, people who are more than they seem, someone in tune with themselves and others, possessive, clingy, someone who finds catharsis in fun, holds children dear to them and always keeps them as close as they can

Sagittarius 5th house / Jupiter in 5th - Intellectuals, philosophers, the enlightened, world travelers, someone who can broaden your perspective, lighthearted, respectful and respectable, people always looking for new experiences, adventurous, tries to show children the wonders of life

Capricorn 5th house / Saturn in 5th - The Dedicated, hard workers, mature, people who take their time, people who take a bit of warming up but end up being the most fun, someone strict but with good intentions, committed, wants what is best for children even if it means being a bit controlling 

Aquarius 5th house / Uranus in 5th - The Unusual, rebels, someone who can be relatively transitory, someone who challenges who you are and your beliefs, someone who always brings something new, original, experimenters, independent, a friend, encourages children to explore and learn through experience

Pisces 5th house / Neptune in 5th - The Ingenue, healers, imaginative, elusive, people you think you can save or can save you, dreamers, someone who seems like all your dreams come true, confusing, lost, people whose love is pure, will do anything they can for the sake of a child

A Guide to The Adventure Zone metaplot

So recently, I re-listened to the entirety of TAZ in prep for the ending and took notes; as we head into the finale next week, I wanted to share them! This is a comprehensive look at every plot thread, bit of foreshadowing, and yet-unresolved ideas as we head into endgame. This involves heavy spoilers through the most recent episode (66) and assumes you have already listened or read the content before.

The full is under the cut!

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Filthy Frank TV Lore Masterpost

I just wanted to take some time out (actually i’m bored) to fully explain the whole ~Filthy Frank~ lore, or at least, the “main” characters and how they weave in and out of the show.

Because, let’s be real, George didn’t even know what the hell was going on for the first two years and the Wikia is a mess.

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“My daughter was injured during birth. Her back was broken during labor. She’s in her thirties now but she still has a lot of problems, especially in her mind. She can’t be left alone. Sometimes she doesn’t even know where she is. It’s like she’s living in a ghost world. It’s been very difficult for us. My wife had to stop working and became severely depressed. We can’t travel. We can’t be active. I try not to resent my daughter but it can be hard. Sometimes she gets very aggressive. When she was younger, she threw all of our possessions out the window. I don’t think many people could have handled it. They’d have taken her to an institution by now. But I can’t do it. Those places are very scary. But my wife and I are getting old. We have no other relatives. So that’s where she’ll end up one day. I try not to imagine it. But it’s inevitable.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

And I still have the mug.

fortheluvofmerlin replied to your photo “Sometimes the sunlight hits my hair juuuust right and I am so fucking…”

-wants to hear story like we’re BFFs despite having only found out about this blog two weeks ago- -sits on seat’s edge- -big eyes- Yeeeeeesss?

So, as some of you know, husband and I long distance dated over the ocean for almost a decade before we were able to be together for keepsies. It was an…interesting, period of time. I certainly got to see more of the world than I ever thought I would, and I also learned I was capable of far more than I ever gave myself credit for. Like travelling 4000+ miles on a plane every six months despite a severe fear of flying, which I still possess to this day. But I also learned something else as well, which is that love is like tea. It can be dark and sweet, light and floral, invigorating, soothing, warm, cold, sometimes even bitter. But when you’re down and out, there’s no better feeling than the knowledge that for at least the next ten minutes, you can cradle warmth between your hands, take a sip of respite, and the rest of the world can go fuck itself. 

Other British people know what I’m talking about, trust me, love is like tea.

But Love is also a choice. Oh hormones and attraction play a part in it sure, but those won’t see you forty years down the line once the excitement of infatuation dwindles. Heck it might not even see you four. But love, to us at least, is a conscious decision to say “this is the person(s) I love, sometimes it will be hard, sometimes we will annoy each other, but for now, every day, one day at a time, I choose to be with you until such a time that I do not or cannot.”

Not terribly romantic I admit, and doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way as “till death do us part”. But when you’re staring down the barrel of a 14-hour flight and your valium hasn’t kicked in and the only thing playing on the tv embedded into the chair in front of you is static, it’s oddly comforting to know you still think it’s worth it. 

Anyway, I was flying over here to spend three months with him, living in his apartment. We reasoned that we should try and spend more time together than an odd week here and there if we were going to make a big decision soon about whether or not to carry on seeing each other, or whether or not we should part ways amicably and save ourselves the hassle of immigration (and they say romance is dead). So I quit my jobs, upped sticks and moved in with someone I’d only ever met ten times before, but was pretty certain I was deeply in love with but needed to be certain I could live with. It was fun, and we soon found a domestic rhythm to our lives that we hadn’t even realized we’d been desperately missing until we had it.

And then the time came for me to go home and the night before I tried to smile over the dinner table like I wasn’t being suffocated by the weight of a tangible grief and impending loneliness pressing in around me, and the rising sensation in the tips of my fingers that if only I could reach out and push back hard enough, I could slow down time and have one more minute with him.

Later that night I went to bed with my laptop and watched movies while he sat up, scribbling at his computer desk. I didn’t pay it much heed, this was fairly normal for our routine. As much as we like each other’s company, we are fairly independent of each other. We had to be, given the nature of our relationship. And secretly I was glad to have some time alone to cry and collect myself before he came to bed.

The next morning I woke up, and for a brief moment was so happy to find him beside me, before I remembered I was due to get on a flight in six hours, and it could be another year before I saw him again. 

But I got up, tried to hold myself together and because I wanted to email my friend who was picking me up at the airport, reached for my laptop. Which was when I found, this:

[A flashcard covered in hearts and a little sun which reads:
Morning My Dear Let Us Play a Game (Which May Seem Queerer) Find Me In The Spot Where Your Face Is Clearer, Walking Down Our Only Hall Will Get You Nearer, Helo oh Help I seem To Be Stuck in the…]

“Mirror doesn’t rhyme with nearer!” I shouted as he ran into the kitchen, happily picking up my little card because I secretly loved the little poems he would leave around the apartment for me, scribbled on scraps of paper, in the fog of bathroom mirrors and wedged between books.

“It does if you’re American.” was all I got in return, before the kitchen door shut and I went off in pursuit of the rest of my poem. So I grabbed my phone so I could take pictures and post them on LJ later because I thought it would be cute and worth keeping, toddled off to the bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet and:


[A flashcard covered in balloons which reads:
Hidden Under the Letter Horde, Here You Have Fought Many With Bow and Sword, Word, Work and Play This Place Adores, Goodness I will be Found Under the…]

For a brief horrible moment I thought he actually meant the never ending mail pile on his side of the office, which had become a common point of contention for us, but then the rhyme clicked in place and I realized he was referring to my Lord of the Rings archer character and I ambled off to the computer desk in the main room.

Snapped a pic for posterity and lifted it up to find:

[A flashcard covered in little flames which reads: It Is So Dark And Hot In This Cove, Here I Can Only Wish For A Sight of A Cookie Grove, Find Me Quick so I Can Flee Like An Animal Drove, It Is So Dark and Hot In This Evil…]

“Honey…oven doesn’t rhyme with drove!”


“…yea okay get out my way”

[A flashcard which reads: Crap! I have Moved, What A Disgrace, Now I seem To Be In A Vast Knowledge Base, Words Upon Words Which None Can Be Erased, Come Quick I Am Hiding In The Top Shelf of The…]

At this point I was starting to become aware that this was not my typical poem hunt, and not just because there was so many of them, but because he was adamantly staying out of my way, barricaded in the kitchen. Nevertheless I turned to the book case,

said “FUCK” because all those shelves were double stacked, and began digging. And there, hidden in a copy of Terry Pratchett’s Feet of Clay on the page that reads “Words In The Heart, Cannot Be Taken” was…

[A flashcard with no decorations that reads: Yay! You Have Found Me, I Shall Cry WHOOPEE! I Knew You Would Do It All You Needed Was Tea, And Now I Must Say I  Love You More Than I Could Ever Foresee, Fiona my love, will you marry…]

And that’s when I turned round and he proposed with a mug of tea.

We were apart for another year after that. But it’s now been eleven years since we started dating, and with the clarity of hindsight, I’d do it all again.

(all of the planets in astrology are very beautiful, so I just wanted to create a post centered around how I view each planet)

The Sun spreads its warmth and radiance, emanating happiness and goodness of the heart; embracing confidence and scattering its golden laughter to lift our spirits

The Moon shines its light to soothe souls and whisper comforting lullabies, enchanting us with softness and peace - dispersing elements of purity and displaying nurturing empathy

Mercury constantly searches for answers, knows how to solve even the trickiest puzzles, retaining youth and curiosity in an endearing way - Mercury is brilliance combined with witty charm

Venus is eternally beautiful, dazzling those in her presence with femininity and lavish possessions; inspiring and creating immortalized art while simultaneously behaving as the ideal social butterfly

Mars is the empowering figure, the warrior that never gives up and displays strength as well as undying courage - Mars is both sexually alluring and intensely passionate, with fiery depth

Jupiter is the philosophical student, Jupiter is eager to learn more and to expand the horizons of their rich and colorful mind; Jupiter is a traveler of the world and a cultured prophet

Saturn is the wise teacher, the experienced leader and the one that has endured every struggle imaginable and has overcome all of the odds - Saturn is masterful and infinitely profound

Uranus is the misunderstood rebel, the supremely talented and genius madman, the hopeful advocate of universal justice and righteousness; Uranus is wonderfully enigmatic and must be free

Neptune is the sentimental poet, the dreamy musician, the elusive and sensitive lover; Neptune is fantasy and seduction mixed together, while embarking on a spiritual quest towards wholeness

Pluto holds all of the secrets and the unspoken comprehensions of everything around us, Pluto is taboo and dangerous, wildly intimate - Pluto is the intrigue of mysteries and the hypnotic dark side of the psyche

♐️Sagittarius in the houses

🏠1st house (= your ascendant)

  • You embrace new experiences and people with optimism and an adventurous/curious spirit
  • you stand strong in what you think and don’t hold anything back, can be super frank and too honest at times
  • curiosity and knowledge motivates you! 
  • can be an amazing leader
  • you give off/project interested and curious energies 
  • can be very self centered and restless and sometimes you act cold and unemotional 
  • you usually perceive the world in connection with yourself and not always how it affects other people
  • freedom and being able to do whatever you want is super important to you but sometimes you use freedom as a way to avoid responsibilites in life
  • restless and might have a constant desire for change 
  • has a desire to learn about the world so that you can become aware of beliefs and values of people around the world, it interests you deeply
  • you want to experience life fully and discover the truth about everything so that you can then tell people about it, you love sharing your experiences with people but can come off as feeling better than everybody else because you might believe you have more knowledge or life experience than the rest

🏠 2nd house

  • wants to be financially independent and not having to lean on money to survive, you need to feel free from money and it’s controlling effects
  • there’s a risk that you make people feel dependent on you and that you control them or treat them as possessions to get ahead in life
  • you use knowledge to advance, create stability for yourself and to help you create opportunities that will benefit you (which might mean that you don’t get a broad perspective on everything because you only focus on the knowledge which will benefit you personally)
  • can be too generous and carefree with money and possessions
  • you’re restless with money and possessions so you can quickly change between saving money to being a crazy spender
  • you put much value in traveling and gaining knowledge 
  • you feel productive and more self-worthy when you engage in philosophical and spiritual things

🏠 3rd house

  • has a broad range of interests and you always manage find something new that you get super invested in
  • witty and optimistic when communicating
  • can at times be too blunt and outspoken which can give you negative responses from other people
  • can be very spiritual when talking with people and almost too deep, maybe not the best person to have small-talk with if you just want to talk about the weather
  • you love expanding and growing your mind
  • passion for information!!
  • not only do you love to learn and know - you love proving to everybody what things you know. so can come off as a smartass or “know-it-all”
  • might be so stuck on learning that you forget to practice it and use it in real life
  • super active mind that craves mental stimulation and challenges!

🏠 4th house (IC)

  • you love being at home! it’s one of your favorite places
  • has many projects going on at home at the same time
  • might have a messy home life
  • wants a comfortable and kind of open home space, you want to feel free and able to move around a lot (maybe a big ass garden were you can roam around? or a lot of open spaces in your house/apartment?) 
  • can either be one of those people who consider everywhere to be home as long as you’re free or you need a secure and stable home in able for you to be comfortable to go out into the world and explore and take on adventures
  • the objects you keep at home are usually memories from some adventures/travels you’ve made in life
  • you can be a bit possessive of people close to you and have a hard time letting go of them
  • your beliefs and values might start to grow at home or be affected by family at some degree, maybe you have a deeply rooted belief system that is inspired by your home life or you take on the same beliefs and values as your family especially if you are really close with them and they’ve inspired you

🏠 5th house

  • you love living in the moment!
  • has a playful and free-spirited approach to romance, you might have partners from all sorts of places in life which will expand your romantic experiences even more
  • enjoys having an active social life and a lot of different interests and hobbies
  • loves entertaining people and usually the life of the party
  • can be overconfident and reckless with love but your generosity and honesty might make up for your uncommitted behaviors in love
  • whenever you experience something exciting or fun you want the next experience to be even better!! 
  • with each adventure or fun thing you do you want to learn something new and because of this you can be really up for and open to trying new things in life as long as they sound fun and exciting
  • you love taking chances in life and hope that the chances and risks will allow you to live life to the fullest but this can of course backfire if you take too many risks in life
  • you have this underlying worry that you might miss out on things in life or not experience life to the fullest, you always want to get the truest and most authentic experience out of everything, you have a deep desire to explore life to the fullest
  • the way you express your creativity is usually connected to your spirituality and beliefs and you love exposing the truth or showing the depth of things with your creative expression

🏠 6th house

  • enthusiastic worker who is curious and excited to take on extra work or learn more in the work place
  • you want and need freedom in your job without too much supervision from your coworkers or supervisors 
  • generous and love helping others
  • you are quite protective of your beliefs and values
  • you believe that if you help one you help all and that it’s all connected and that’s why you love helping people
  • positive thinking is something you believe in
  • always seeking ways to change your daily life that will enrich your mind and experiences and therefore might not always stick to routines or habits they have “established”
  • you’re a huge problem-solver
  • you find personal growth when you take on responsibilities and help others
  • you love teaching people and showing them how to do things from your own experiences

🏠 7th house (Descendant)

  • wants independence and optimism in a partner
  • jealousy and possessiveness are huge turn offs for you
  • might leave relationships because you become too curious and excited thinking of how it would be to live a single and free life instead
  • could end up having many relationships in life if you don’t control or handle your hasty behavior and never learn to settle with someone
  • really good at communicating but can talk too much
  • when picking partners you are drawn to people with the same values and beliefs as yourself
  • you love exploring with your partner and it can even be less exciting when you have to explore by yourself because the exciting thing about going on adventures is your partner and not the trip or experience in itself
  • exploring and traveling is a great way for you to get to know your partner and it helps you learn about them and also about yourself
  • a relationship is dead for you when there’s no longer something new to learn about your partner or from them so you might need a bit of mysterious or independent relationship in order to keep the love exciting and long termed
  • you might use relationships as a way to gain something in life and then leave your partner when you feel as if you got what you wanted 
  • could have a hard time being an unity in relationships and only thinking about yourself

🏠 8th house

  • you love learning about the deep desires of people and the dark truth about humanity 
  • a smart ass that does not tolerate people that try to outsmart them 
  • you prove and show off your intellectual talents to others and use your intellect as an emotional defense so that they can’t get deep and get to your deepest feelings and insecurities 
  • can be very narrow minded because you only seek things that will empower or enrich beliefs and things that you already like and approve of so there’s not really a lot of competition or debate on the subject/belief
  • can be stubborn af!! 
  • your passion for the truth and your honesty are great ways for you to succeed and break free from insecurities 

🏠 9th house

  • very spiritual and thinks education and knowledge are key aspects in life
  • you seek out knowledge through life experiences and life lessons
  • you are constantly expanding your mind and love pushing the boundaries of what’s considered normal or the right way to live your life, you’re always looking for the best and truest way to live and how to think
  • super passionate about traveling, spirituality, philosophies and explorations of different beliefs and values
  • people might see you as super cultural or as someone who knows a lot about the world 
  • spirituality comes very natural to you 
  • you want to show people what is true and the right way according to you but can sometimes forget to learn from other people and from their beliefs and values

🏠 10th house (Midheaven)

  • knowledge, experiences, exposing the truth and freedom will make you succeed and are the main things that drives you
  • you have big visions but they aren’t always realistic or practical
  • you are generous when it comes to professional contacts and coworkers
  • people perceive you as bold, outgoing, daring and wise or that’s at least what you try to come across as in the public eye
  • your ambitions and career goals are usually connected to feeling free and independent
  • can change jobs a lot
  • you would love to work with something spiritual and philosophical or feel like you have an outlet for these subjects in your career and public life

🏠 11th house

  • you social circle keeps expanding and it feels like it never stops expanding
  • you’re an optimistic and an outstanding friend that’s carefree and honest
  • could be the leader amongst friends or the one that takes the initiative for things, you’re great at creating a sense of unity among people
  • you are drawn to groups and organizations where you can inspire others and lead but aren’t usually a member of groups or organisations because your need to be free 
  • you love friends that are optimistic, fun and who inspire you to achieve and improve
  • makes new friends easily but friends that you have usually come and go
  • friends help you explore and learn from life
  • you take part in social activities that you think can help you learn or grow
  • you might have a sense of “I’m better than everyone else” especially when it comes to friends and you don’t like becoming friends with people that you feel are superior to you or people that know more than you do in anyway

🏠 12th house

  • can be too optimistic at times which will make you disappointed when your unrealistic promises of life are broken
  • your dreams can be very far away and are possibly things that will be achieved after a long journey and a lot of time passes, 
  • you might feel and appear very lost in life, not knowing where you want to end up
  • by practicing and becoming comfortable with your spirituality it will help you accepting the hard and sometimes too real part of life that might otherwise be too hard to endure for you
  • you might sacrifice your own personal growth and expansion by helping others, it’s important to not give more than you actually have 
  • might have to truly examine and get to the bottom of your beliefs and values in order to fully know what you want out of life, some of your beliefs might be hidden from you and are in need of exposing to yourself
  • when you face problems or dilemmas in life you become very careful with your actions and it’s not until you feel fully comfortable in life that you will be able to explore and enjoy life to the fullest
♡ Questions for Simblrs ♡

Send me a sims expansion and I’ll answer the question associated with it :)

Living Large: If you were granted 3 wishes what would you wish for?

House Party: What is the best party you have ever been to?

Hot Date: What would your dream date be?

Vacation: What is the best vacation you have been on?

Unleashed: Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Superstar: Who are your favorite male and female celebrities?

Makin’ Magic: Do you know how to do any card tricks or magic tricks?

World Adventures: What is the coolest place you have traveled to?

High End Loft Stuff: What is your favorite possession that you own?

Ambitions: What would your dream career be?

Fast Lane Stuff: What kind of car do you drive? What is your dream car?

Late Night: What does your perfect Friday night look like?

Outdoor Living Stuff: Do you like to go camping?

Generations: Do you have kids? Do you want kids?

Town Life Stuff: Do you live more in the city or the country?

Pets: Do you own any pets? Do you want any pets?

Master Suite Stuff: What do you look for in a significant other?

Showtime: If you could be a singer, magician, or acrobat, which would you choose and why?

Sweet Treats Stuff: What is your favorite dessert?

Diesel Stuff: What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?

Supernatural: If you could be a fairy, werewolf, witch, vampire, or zombie which would you choose? Why?

Seasons: What is your favorite season?

70’s, 80’s, 90’s Stuff: If you could live in any decade, which would you choose?

University Life: Would you say you are more of a nerd, jock, rebel, or none of these?

Island Paradise: Have you ever been snorkeling or scuba diving?

Movie Stuff: What is your favorite movie?

Into the Future: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Dating Them Would Include...


  • Fun Boyfriend™
  • seriously, you swear that you’ve developed a pair of abs from laughing so much
  • him constantly being a little shit
  • you eventually getting angry with him
  • “you’re hot when you’re mad babe”
  • calling each other cunt in the most loving ways
  • pillow forts in the living room because you’re adults !!
  • adopting tons of cats together
  • make outs galore
  • so many hickies
  • having sex literally everywhere
  • to the point where the two of you travel the world just to see how many places you can christen
  • him being highkey super possessive
  • and also highykey super clingy
  • you always making sure he doesn’t over work himself and de-stressing him
  • “thanks for taking care of me, cunt”


  • constantly making heart eyes at each other
  • because you’re so deeply in love
  • tOns of cuddles
  • always making each other laugh
  • especially when if you’re mad at each other; neither of you can stay angry for long
  • helping him with his music
  • SO much teasing
  • sexual and nonsexual ;)))
  • spontaneous dates
  • him secretly liking being the little spoon but won’t admit it
  • him lowkey being very possessive over you
  • if a random stranger started flirting with you he’d probably wouldn’t do much except stare the guy down until he left
  • he’d probably be very vanilla in bed
  • but he can also be rEALLY REALLY FUCKING KINKY
  • like holy shit
  • he’d probably call you some really cute fucking nickname like “princess” or some shit
  • but only in private because ew
  • even though he’d probably constantly show you off because “you’re just super fuckin hot”


  • having a lazy day like almost every day because you both hate doing stuff outside of the house
  • walking the dogs together and being super cute
  • he constantly needs to be touching you
  • whether it be a hand on your thigh, or an arm wrapped around your waist, or his hand clutched in yours
  • sex with him would be aMAZING
  • like fight me on this
  • you literally obsessing over his veiny arms
  • he probably has so many kinks that the two of you would try
  • spontaneous dates
  • like he’d wake you up at like 3am and be like “hey you wanna go get ice cream or something?”
  • the two of you LOVE going on road trips together
  • he’d probably take you with him when he goes australia with max because he’d miss you too much
  • even though he has a certain persona about him he’s an actual puppy dog with you
  • the only thing you normally wear around this house is his shirts
  • seeing you wearing his shirts being a huge turn-on for him; especially when you’re wearing just his shirt and some skimpy underwear
  • “you drive me insane, you know that?”
  • rough sex
  • slow sex
  • romantic sex
  • all kinds of sex
  • did i mention how amazing the sex is?
  • idk dude ian would just be an amazing boyfriend ok
Promise (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Originally posted by kyloholic

Imagine being the significant other of Kylo Ren and being the only one who can calm him down.

A/n: I wrote this back in march, thought I’d share it with you guys!~

She stood by the entrance of the large cargo bay, her (e/c) orbs watching as First Order ships were taking off, traveling to exciting worlds and exotic places she’d never seen. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she realized that they would be places she’d never travel to in her lifetime. She wasn’t a soldier like the others found on First Order base. Merely a civilian, a guest or rather a student, of Kylo Ren. He’d found her when she was still young, just starting to come to grips with the new power she was beginning to possess. He explained what she was and offered to become her teacher. Soon after that, she was brought here, the First Order.

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Imagine Dipper Pines having to leave trigonometry because he was having a panic attack and started heaving
This is the only class ever that he fails

Imagine the Pines twins leaving everyone in the dust once they have to run/do endurance tests in PE

Imagine the Pines Twins not giving two shits about bullies bc they have been facing death on a regular basis and a kid their age being mean is nothing compared to a shapeshifter transforming into a lovecraftian horror version of both of them mixed together - to a point where it scares off even the toughest bullies

Hide and Seek just became impossible to win and how did they even /get/ there!?

That one camping trip where Mabel distracts the teachers (all three of them) with the cold-blooded attitude and talk of an experienced conman while wearing the widest, most charming smile so her brother can slip away
They meet back up at the bus five hours later - the kid is covered in sweat, scratches, has run out of the neon-colored band-aids his sister gave him for the trip and has a very very weird animal (?) skull peaking out of his backpack that hardly anyone notices bc they are distracted by the glass filled with weird geodes the kid is holding

Don’t play cards with Mabel Pines if you want to keep your lunch money. You don’t play over money? Trust me. You will.

Waddles is the new school mascot and thus allowed to attend class (your future will be much brighter if you accept this as fact) and he’s probably the safest one too because no one will steal from the Pines Twins.

Chanting becomes a school-wide habit among the students very quickly.

You do not want to know where these weird punctual scars on Dipper’s arms come from, or any of the others. End of discussion.

“Would you like to tell the class what you did over the summer?”
Dipper freezes -faced death on a weekly basis, got possessed by a demon, scarred for life by a shapeshifter, learned how to con people into buying useless stuff, aliens are real, travelled through time, got almost eaten by a dinosaur amongst other things, nearly had my memories deleted, saw the end of the world and saved it, falling to my death because of the giant robot belonging to the creepy kid that crushed on my sister who also tried to kill me with his psychic powers- Mabels to the rescue
“ I knitted a bajiollion sweaters and wore a different one every day!”

Don’t even /think/ about stealing that hat, I swear, I saw that Pines kid jump-attack the first -and only- guy who tried to
He didn’t have a chance
Based on this, rumours start going around until one day a kid is brave enough to walk up to the infamous Dipper Pines and ask if he can /really/ fight a bear with just his hands and Dipper just chuckles, glances to the side for a moment and asks how many heads that bear you are referring to has with the impression of making an insider-joke before walking off
Rumours go even wilder after that and Dipper keeps giving weird and mysterious answers bc this is okay, he and Mabel can only laugh about the things the other students come up with, because it will never even compare to the horror these two went through

You meet Mabel Pines the first time and leave twenty minutes later after a friendly chat, with a new contact in your phone, a friendship bracelet and the promise of a new sweater that you don’t take seriously until she hands the thing to you the following day
This happens a lot

Mabel Pines does never forgot a name or birthday or any other trivia of her new and old friends

Every studemt received a valentine’s card this year and in the following years. Every. Single. One.

Feel free to add more!

After watching the Car boys Finale, I realized that Car boys has Some of the essential elements to officially be an epic

  1. The Heros are of unbelievable stature, possessing divine powers and doing things no mortal could ever do. Manipulating objects with a mouse, spawning objects, travelling between worlds with little consequence, etc
  2. The setting is incredibly vast, spanning worlds and societies, and later on even time. From Gridmap to Yoshi’s Wooly World to VR City, there is a lore of interesting worlds that they travel too
  3. Sustained dramatic style, with each section of the story divided into episodes and the main characters speaking a distinct way. 
  4. They visit the land of the dead, here as the Sun Chips Place (End of Ep 35)
  5. It involves supernatural forces, such as Blob, stepping into the role of an anti-diety, the Bustos, who are definitely supernatural, and the time vortex at the end of the new episode

There is a pretty solid argument for it being an Epic here, there are really only two things missing from classic criteria.

  1. There is no invocation to a Muse. You could argue that Hatsune Miku or the fact that Nick is Porter Robinson’s brother counts, but that is a bridge I am not prepared to cross.
  2. There is no narrator, let alone an omnipotent one. Yes, you could count Busto 1.0 as the main character and Griffin and Nick as the Narrators, but that disqualifies their roles as significant characters later on.

Maybe I’ll write a more concrete-with-evidence analytical post later, but I’m in an explosion of SCREAMS right now so I have to SCReAm right now about it… because villain!Johann.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people feel like the writers pulled that out of nowhere. Except I don’t think they did. I remember watching the first seasons of Race to the Edge feeling suspicious about Johann… especially that scene where Hiccup frustratedly questions Johann for information. 

That scene sparked my wariness of Johann for the first time. I never voiced suspicions because I didn’t want to spark a wild baseless fandom theory, but… it always seemed odd that Johann always had pertinent information that the dragon riders would want to know… and that at the same time they followed this information, they got into trouble. It always seemed odd how often Johann was around people related to Viggo and the dragon hunters. I need to rewatch clips and episodes now, but I swear this was subtly foreshadowed throughout the series. 

Not to mention it all makes complete sense, even starting with the very first episode of Race to the Edge. Think about it! Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 1 started with Johann coming, terrified, to Hiccup and company. He just happens to have enough information that Hiccup and his friends can track Dagur… to a very specific and important location…

Trader Johann: When Dagur commandeered my precious ship, he also came into possession of a very important map… one that leads to a graveyard of ships hidden in that fog bank.

This is the location where Hiccup and his companions find the Dragon Eye. Johann indicates at the end of S5 that he has a desire to hunt down information about dragons, so he would be interested in the knowledge of the Dragon Eye, did he know of it. And being as Johann seems to hear information from around the world, travel afar, and the like… it’s not all too surprising that Johann would know about this. If anyone would know about it, a well-traveled man who talks to everyone on every island would know about it.

Now, Johann’s reason for how he knew about the ship graveyard always felt like a shaky reason to me. Seriously…

Trader Johann: It’s where I store all my treasures and wares.

There are plenty of distant, unexplored, uninhabited, or sparsely populated islands across the Barbaric Archipelago. It would be stupid to hide your wares in an area covered in giant eels. It would be stupid to hide your wares in a ship graveyard where you could so easily crash yourself. It would be so stupid to hide your wares in ships that could literally collapse and sink to the bottom of the ocean at any given minute. Would Johann really store his extra wares there? Highly doubt it.

And he even demonstrates a little too much knowledge of that graveyard for what a merchant should, honestly. He knows that the name of the flagship is the Reaper. The name of the ship is written in cuneiform. So how would he know that this is the Reaper? Especially since he said he barely made a foot on board that ship because of the booby traps. So how would he know so much about it unless he actually really cared about this ship and the secrets it held (the Dragon Eye)?

Espionage as a merchant… it’s a perfect cover, too. Seriously.

I swear guys, villain!Johann didn’t come out of nowhere.

And honestly…

I just… I love him more given the last few minutes of season 5. Like, I got this excited thrill to see him step out and talk menacingly. It felt genuine. He was really releasing himself, really expressing him. I just got this… AOWING:OEIN I AM SO HAPPY.

Season 6 has so much awesome potential now that we’ve got ourselves a triumvirate of villains. A triumvirate, guys! This isn’t some single villain with a sidekick and a collection of no-name disposable cronies. These are three unique, major, equal, intelligent antagonists working together for a common goal. 

So cool.

So happy.


Fanfiction - Promise

It has been a long time, so forgive me for the rustiness. This wee ficlet was born from the amazing Ben Howard song, Promise (thank you anon!), as well as from @bonnie-wee-swordsman‘s suggestion, The Luckiest, which guided me to the movie About Time. Thank you sweets, for the inspiration - here and always. Now on to the angst fic.


A gift. A curse.

It was meant to be both.

My mother had said as much in her letter, the one she wrote hoping I’d never read. “Time is a delicate thing, my darling.” She had penned. “Don’t use your ability with the ones you love the most, or risk finding them gone in the end, everything changed. They will forget you, even if you’ll still remember every second of what could have been.”

When I was old enough – the letter dutifully delivered by my uncle on my eighteenth birthday – I realized she didn’t follow her own advice. Grief is blinding – I would learn that too, at great personal cost.

My father was hit by a runaway car while crossing the road next to our house. It was one of those meaningless accidents, that claim our lives with the surety and brevity of a tired smile. My mother, unhinged by loss and love (too much, too deep), went back to try and prevent it from happening.

I know this because us, the ones kissed – slapped, really – by the gift of bending time, cannot be touched by its alterations. Our lives become forked, and even as we cheerfully go on living in a pathway, we still recall the alternative, the before. We have the sorrow of things lost embedded in the joy of things gained. We live endless lives inside our damned minds.

So I recalled my mother crying, the very life of her streaming down her eyes – and then the scariest part, once she stopped crying and only looked through the window. Deciding.

“The gift of traveling back in time has been in our family for generations.” She wrote, her handwriting fluid and graceful. “Only women, woken when they come of age. If you possess it, my dear Claire, you will be faced with some of the toughest choices possible. You will see evil and crave change. You will be tempted to correct every wrong done to you. You will know despair and joy and hope. I pray that you find plenty of happiness, using it as seldom as possible. Help strangers and see the world become better by your touch.”

She kissed me before she went, pale but decided. Her hair smelt of rosemary, warm hugs and mother.

In this timeline in which I grew up, my mother stopped my father from dying that evening. Instead, they died together the next day – Death waiting for them at the bottom of a ravine, their car overturned by ice and old tires. I lost my father twice, my mother once – I brutally learned you can’t fool time, when it comes for you.

The first time I travelled, I was nineteen. I stopped a girl from college, a freckled and gentle-eyed brunette, from crossing the park at night and getting assaulted. I remembered all too well the alternative, the shell she would become if I did nothing. Only when I didn’t have a choice – I only did it when I couldn’t change it in any other way and the outcome would be too dire. I prevented accidents, crimes and a few heartbreaks. But I never used my gift – my curse – with Jamie.

I never used it to relive our first night together, when I thought I was shattered by happiness, and everybody would see the breaks and the sun pouring out, miles and miles away; I never used it to avoid an argument, even when he walked away and there was the risk that he might never come back to me; I never used it to take back the “No” I said to him, the first time he asked me to marry him – because I had yet to tell him of my ability and could not deceive him in such a manner. I felt everything my mother wished me to experience – I cherished it all, the good and the bad, the sweet coated with the sour, the life we humans are meant to live as we’re slowly breaking apart.

But time robbed me. And I grieved.

I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, as I so often did those days. Or at least I thought I did, as my mouth was open, every tendon and vessel on my neck tensed into the point of snapping, gasping for air that had vanished. My heart raced towards a destiny forever lost, trying to escape me - the withering host. I rolled in bed, searching with the tips of my fingers. The sheets beside me were empty and cold – that, too, occurred all too often those days. He was gone.

I knew where he was – countless times I had cowardly peeked through the living room’s door, only to see him staring into the flames, bewitched. Like he could see omens there, the crackling of the logs reminiscent of a laughter he would never hear, but loved so dearly. My reaction was always to retreat, to hide away from his pain, because I felt I couldn’t bear it when I already had my own.

I padded to the door and saw him there, his broad naked chest covered by a soft plaid quilt, cream and blue. I could wail just from the sight of it.

Guilt wrecked me, consuming me bit by bit until there was nothing left. And in that torment I finally found words to speak, a kind of courage that wasn’t bravery at all.

“Jamie.” I rasped out. He startled slightly and looked at me, his blue eyes hooded in the firelight. “What are you doing here?”

“Ye should go back to bed, lass.” He seemed concerned by whatever he saw on my face. “I dinna mean to disturb yer sleep.”

“I will.” I hesitated but at last fully entered the room, watching my shadow dance on the wall. “Jamie,” I gulped, decided to push on. “Do you need me to go?”

“Ye need yer rest, Sassenach.” Jamie smiled a little, but his eyes didn’t catch the light. “Go on and I’ll be with ye presently.”

“No.” I looked away, my voice already trembling. “I mean – do you want me gone?” He straightened his shoulders, his head tilting to absorb my words. “You can’t bear looking at me, can you?”

“Don’t say that!” He snapped, his voice harsher than it would have been, months ago. Broken. “Why would ye say such a thing, Claire?”

“Every other night I wake up and find you gone from my side.” I swallowed hard, moistening my chapped lips. “You spend the night here and I don’t know what to say to you.” My eyes welled up, tears starting to stream down my face. “We barely talk or touch…and I- I…”

Jamie looked at me – really looked, like only he could – and curled a bit on the armchair he had been sitting on, sighing deeply. Resigned.

“It’s my shift.” He said softly, almost inaudibly.

“What?” I blurted, impatiently wiping away tears, as I moved to sit on the couch across from him.

“We agreed that we’d alternate on parent duties at night, so you could rest a little.” He looked away from me, pain enough in his eyes to tear me apart in a clean cut. “It was my night to be with Faith. I know she is…” Jamie closed his eyes, gripping his fists. “Gone. But I couldna leave her alone, ye ken? I thought I’d keep her company, wherever she is.”

“Jamie…” I reached for his hand, entwining his fingers with mine. He was cold as a marble statue, beautiful as one. He examined my fingers and his, as if searching for something that was supposed to be there, hidden inside our joined hands.

“I don’t know what to do with my hands anymore, Claire.” He confessed in a broken voice. “I was supposed to be holding her and I don’t know what to do with myself if I’m not.”

“I could go.” I proposed tentatively, nervously rubbing his knuckles with my fingertips. “I could travel back and save her, Jamie, I know I could…Our girl. I could save her. I could bring her back to us.”

“No!” He said with such intensity and fierceness that he almost scared me. His hands – big, loving, reassuring – came to rest on the sides of my arms. Holding me together. “Ye told me yerself years ago, mo ghraidh. There’s no controlling what could happen – ye might die in childbirth this time around, Claire. Ye almost did. Or ye could go further back than ye intended and we might never find each other. I canna risk losing ye.”

“It would be alright.” I babbled, desperately trying to convince him – to convince myself – that I could, indeed, take away the terror that had been offered to us, such a cruel replacement for the joy we had been promised. Faith, our stillborn daughter. The only reason I truly wished to go back in time and could not.

“Ye are my life, Claire.” Jamie said ardently, sliding from the chair to kneel in front of me. “I grieve because the loss is so great. Aye, my heart is tormented and sometimes I canna sleep – I dread dreaming of her, our bonny lass, redheaded and whole and alive. Those are the dreams I fear the most, because I’ll never see her so.” He bent his head, his forehead pressing against my knuckles. “You asked me if I couldna bear looking at you –,” I felt his tears against my skin, fresh and tingling. “That is the only thing I can bear. Ye give me hope, Sassenach – even when it’s just a wee flame, barely there. I wouldna risk ye, ever.”

I was sobbing in earnest by then, all things so clumsily contained finally finding a crack to escape control. Guilt. Sorrow. Love, for them both.

“Why should I have this – this thing,” I almost spat, as he held me in his arms and rocked me back and forth, attempting to comfort me. “If I can’t even save my own daughter?”

“Ye are meant to save lives, Sassenach.” He assured me, his voice husky, his hands gentle on my back and cheek. “Just not that one. Not that one. We are meant to live and lose, Claire. And know it was worth it.”

We stood there, spilling our sorrow into each other for what seemed like hours, finding relief in being so earnest, so raw.

“Promise me ye won’t go, mo ghraidh.” Jamie eventually pleaded, his lips brushing my hair again and again. “For there is an entire life ahead that only has meaning with ye in it. I love ye.”

“Yes.” I whispered, as he slowly carried me in his arms towards our bedroom. “Promise me we’ll talk of her whenever we need to. That you will wake me up to come and watch over her with you. And when you don’t know what to do with your hands – perhaps… you could hold me?”

“Aye.” He kissed my lips, soft and tender.

We laid down, facing each other, our eyes refusing to let go – we wouldn’t risk drifting away that night, parted even by sleep. And in his eyes I saw the first light of dawn, balmy and golden and pure, seeming to have come earlier than all the nights before, when darkness lingered in the curtains of our bedroom.

And we promised.

Moon in 1st house means that you are emotionally connected to how you physically look. Your appearance and how people view you is very important to you and this can lead to anxiety, stress, or self-confidence issues. People see you as the moon, you are ever-changing and emotional. You can look very mystical or have glowing eyes. You are moody and you show your moods to the world, even if you try to hide them.

Moon in the 2nd house means that you are emotionally connected to money or possessions. You believe that how much you make or what you own determines your worth as a person. Your mood with money may change quite often. One day you may spend a lot and the next you’re worried about going in debt and trying to save. You can treat people as possessions and may have a hard time letting go. You feel as if you own them. You may be very interested in your legacy.

Moon in the 3rd house means that you are able to logically deal with your emotions very well. You can change your opinions very easily and may be easily influenced by others opinions or beliefs. You can have a nervous or restless energy about you and can get bored quite easily. You go with the flow and take life lightly. You have a carefree attitude about you, but you can be moody.

Moon in 4th house means that you are emotionally connected to your mother, or whoever raised you. You can be very attached to the past and where you grew up. You are attached to your family, as well. They are very important. You may always be searching for a place where you feel as if you belong. You can be immature emotionally, like a child. Starting your own family is important to you. Your home is your sanctuary and without a stable home life, your emotions will be unstable. You can be very moody.

Moon in 5th house means that you are emotionally attached to creativity, expression, and children. You can be dramatic with your emotions and your relationships may suffer because of your flair for drama. You are childlike in ways and can be rather impulsive. You can be very creative and imaginative and are likely very good with kids. You can get easily attached to those you are having flings with, so beware of love affairs. You don’t feel happy unless you are in a romantic relationship, whether it be serious or just for fun.

Moon in 6th house means that you can be emotionally connected to helping people and may often be in relationships with those that need help. You may try to fix people when they don’t even want it, though. You may over-exaggerate health issues to gain sympathy or you can be a bit of a hypochondriac. You feel connected to your work but may be restless and get bored with the same routine. Often times you may feel like a martyr, always sacrificing your needs for others.

Moon in 7th house means that you are emotionally connected to love and partnerships. You crave relationships. You may have a hard time making decisions and will often ask for advice. You can be insecure and unsure of yourself if you are without a partner. You don’t like to do things alone. You are always searching for the one and may go through many relationships back to back. You can become too dependent on your partner.

Moon in 8th house means that you crave a deep, intense bond with a lover. You are emotionally connected to sex and intimacy. You may feel as if the best way to bond with someone is through sex. You may not trust others easily and can be very suspicious and guard your emotions. You may be too jealous and possessive of your lovers. You need emotional security. You may be very interested in the occult.

Moon in 9th house means that you will have a deep wanderlust inside. You will crave traveling and exploration of other cultures and beliefs. You feel emotionally connected to spirituality, religion, or higher thinking. You want to learn and have all sorts of knowledge about the world. You may be restless and feel that if you moved or traveled that everything would be better, but that’s not always the case. Your emotions aren’t too deep and you tend to be on the logical side.

Moon in 10th house means that you can be emotionally attached to your father or a father figure. Perhaps you were closer to your father growing up than your mother, or your mother if she raised you solely. You put emotional energy into your career and public life. You crave to be recognized for your work. You can be well known because of what you do for a career. You may want to live up to expectations of others, but you should follow your heart’s desire. Your appearance to the world is highly important to you and it may cause you stress or anxiety.

Moon in 11th house means that you are emotionally connected to your friends. Your friends become like family to you, or sometimes even lovers. You like to belong to groups or friendships that share the same weird interests as you. You may have a ton of hopes and wishes and dreams that you want to accomplish in this life, but you will often change them. You crave a happy social life. You may be very interested in helping humanity and will join groups, organizations, or start/sign petitions to help those in need. You feel a connection to all humans though you know that not everyone feels the same as you. You are more logical with your emotions and can deal with them easily.

Moon in 12th house means that you are a very emotional person and sometimes you may have difficulties even understanding your own emotions and feelings. How you feel is often a big mystery to those you are close to, which isn’t that many. You are picky about who you let into your life. Others may not ever know how you truly feel. People can be very draining to you and you will need alone time to regain your energy. You want to help those that are in need and may sacrifice yourself to help. You can be very intuitive and can read people easily.

hostileblackwriter  asked:

Hi! What are your fave hurt/comfort fics? (With a focus on hurt!Derek and bonus points for cuddles/bed-sharing!) Thanks, you're awesome :)

Oh that’s so kind of you, thank you! First, I’m gonna point you to this list I made a while back, it’s focused on touch-starved Derek but some of the fics deal with hurt Derek and cuddles, too. This list…kind of got away from me lmao, but all of these are really good. Just depends if you want a long or a short fic.

From Ashes by Jerakeen (T 2k)

Magic hates Stiles. He doesn’t know why Deaton insists he can use it.

When Nothing Else Works by hannah_baker (T 6k)

Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.

Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father’s annoyance.

Nitesky by thepsychicclam (T 7k)

A figure crests the edge of the house. Stiles squints in the sparse light of the half-moon, and is shocked when he sees that it’s Derek.

“What are you doing?” Stiles asks quietly.

Derek finishes climbing up onto the roof in one graceful swoop, and then he crosses the slanted surface quickly.

“This is dangerous,” Derek greets as he takes the spot beside Stiles. “You could fall and break your neck.”

Stiles has trouble dealing with the after effects of the nogitsune, and Derek finds him sitting on his roof.

Like a Melody (it won’t leave my head) by Jerakeen (T 8k)

Stiles doesn’t notice the constant buzzing in his head until it’s gone.

The Witching Hour by MellytheHun (T 8k)

The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born

Satisfactory Compromises by TroubleIWant (M 17k)

Stiles is basically doing fine. He’s surviving, anyways. So what if it’s a struggle to get out of bed most days? Back in high school, everything about the supernatural had seemed edgy and romantic and exhilarating, but after seeing everything he has, wanting to go back to ignorance is only natural. Only then Derek comes back to Beacon Hills and says he’s in love with him, and everything changes.

For the worse.

The Boy Next Door by Benaya, PencilTrash (T 21k, 8/9 chapters)


Deaton looked at Stiles, forehead wrinkling as he suffered the boy’s never ending curiosity. “My boss,” he answered. “The owner has decided to move in finally.”

“Wha-” Stiles choked on his next bite. “The… the Hales?” He coughed, eyes widening. “But I don’t remember them dropping in here ever, since I was - like, spoiling my diapers.”

Deaton sighed, moving behind the sofa, still cleaning. Stiles strained his neck to follow his path.

“It’s just Derek now.” Something flashed across Deaton’s usually stoic face as he mumbled out the words; sadness, Stiles thought, pity.

Inertia by apocryphal (M 21k)

The last thing Derek and Cora are expecting to find outside their motel room is a gaunt Stiles Stilinski, lacrosse bag on one shoulder and the weight of the world on the other.

Hitchhiker by exclamation (T 33k)

Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find Stiles possessed by a spirit that can take over his body at will. Anything Derek does to hurt the spirit will only hurt Stiles, so Derek offers himself in exchange. When the spirit realises how much Derek cares, it uses this to manipulate Derek into helping, with the promise of Stiles’ freedom as leverage.

The two end up travelling across country in Stiles’ jeep. The journey stirs up issues for both Stiles and Derek, and brings previously hidden emotions to the light.

Pulling the Pieces Together by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz) (T 34k)

“You never have hurt anyone. Not then and not now. You just made Coach piss his pants and that’s funny shit there.” Jackson told Stiles. They all underestimated how responsible Stiles felt for the Nogitsune and what happened. No wonder he was afraid to go near the pack, not to mention the whole no control over magic thing. He felt Stiles huff out a breath at the part about Coach which was a good start.

Or after the Nogitsune, Stiles keeps secrets, there are new people in Beacon Hills, and the Pack has fallen apart. Stiles starts to figure out his role in the pack, piecing it back together, and trying to keep everyone safe.

After The Storm by matildajones (M 41k)

Derek’s mind flits to Stiles’ face. It’s a hard face to forget and for some reason Stiles is one of the only things Derek can think about without feeling like he’s lost something.

Erica grins. “When are you going to see him next?”

“He’s a cop,” Derek says gruffly.


Derek remembers being at the station, he remembers all those fucking people who thought he had killed his own sister. Laura. He hates all of them, and says as much aloud.

Erica hums. “Sounded like you didn’t hate him.”

Dealing with the death of his sister, Derek spends most of his time helping out his family. He meets Stiles and as soon as Derek’s willing to admit his attraction towards him, he discovers that Stiles is dealing with his own problems at work. He needs help - help that Derek’s all too willing to give. There’s something about Derek with his strange, glowing eyes and quick ability to heal that makes Stiles trust him when maybe he shouldn’t.

Okay Will Get Us Through by clotpolesonly (M 42k)

It was supposed to be a peaceful fucking protest. Stiles heard the first shot loud and clear, though, and was too boxed in to duck, even as his stomach felt like it fell out of his body entirely. For a second all he could think was “Scott is gonna be so mad, I said it would be fine, I promised,” and then he was falling. 

If You’re Going Through Hell (Keep Going) by orphan_account (T 48k)

Stiles thought everything leading up to Allison’s death was hell, but he was wrong. Spending senior year dealing with the pack’s dismissal of him while secretly training to be Deaton’s replacement was hell. Feeling guilty and hating himself for what the Nogitsune did was hell. Being in love with someone who would never love him back was hell. Well, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

*It’s been a while since I’ve read this one so I don’t remember much. It’s not very Scott friendly, just to warn you.

Wood and Nails by rabbitxheart (M 50k)

”The five stages of grief,” Stiles nods and sighs. They’ve both seen it, been through it. Heard them repeated by therapist after therapist. Stiles doesn’t say anything, but they both know which one Derek’s slipped into by now.


When things calm down in Beacon Hills, all the things Derek hasn’t dealt with come back with a vengeance. Stiles does his best to help him.

Sanctuary by darkmagess (M 63k)

Starts where 3B stops, with Kate attacking Derek in the loft. She kidnaps him to Mexico, and Stiles, Scott, and Lydia rush to find him before Kate can inflict too much damage. She inflicts enough, and Derek retreats into his mind to escape the horrors of his situation. The Derek they find is not the one that left Beacon Hills. 

The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by turningterrific (E 82k)

Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.

between the click of the light and the start of the dream by thepsychicclam (E 105k)

A twig snaps, and then Stiles hears breathing and the rustle of leaves. He strains to get a better glimpse into the darkness, but it’s pointless. There’s nothing but a black void.

It’s Stiles’ senior year, and he’s trying to concentrate on normal things - like the lacrosse championship, spring break, prom, graduation (and definitely not Derek) - when he starts having nightmares and waking up in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, and he’s being haunted by a hag. Great.

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The Chocohoes Masterlist ♡


FLUFF - Kate


“Let Me Take Care of You” [s/o is sick] 



Royal Servant x Ignis (A secret love affair)


ANGST - Leigh


Part 2: Ignis

Part 3: Prompto

Part 4: Noctis

Part 2: Ignis

Part 3: Gladio

Part 4: Prompto

Part 2: Gladio

Part 3: Prompto

  • Children time travel from the future

Part 1: Noctis

Part 2: Ignis

Part 3: Gladio (w/ 2nd part)

Part 4: Prompto

Part 5: Nyx

Bonus: Children headcanons


High school pregnancies

How the guys handle their s/o being harassed by an ex


S/o is jealous of Noctis’ betrothal

Someone has a crush on his s/o

His s/o is possessed by one of the gods


Prompto is gravely injured (1)

Rescuing Prompto (2)

Uncomfortable Territory: Prompto (3)

Prompto leaves his s/o for the final battle (4)


s/o sacrifices their self for him


Leaving his s/o for Altissia

SLUFF (Sinful Fluff) - Leigh / Kate

HUMOR - Leigh / Kate


so i was explaining to me GF about the time everyone throught Batman had died but really he was just time traveling (no idea how we got on the subject) and he became a caveman and a pirate and  cowboy and a witch hunter 

(no witches were actually hunted by him he disproved the existence of witchcraft usign SCIENCE!! but then it turns out oops his gf really WAS a witch PLOT TWIST and he was unable to stop his ancestor from hanging her at which point she put a curse on his ancestors entire family- UNAWARE HER BOYFRIEND WAS ALSO PART OF SAID FAMILY!!! oooOOOPS.) 

(NO IDEA WHAT THE CURSE WAS since i dunno if i read that one but i’m just gonna pretend it was like super specific like “i curse one of your descendants to have his parents gunned down in an alleyway some year when the 1930s aesthetic is big”)

and i couldn’t remember how it ended so i looked up the wikipedia summary and was breathless with laughter for ten minutes

the comatose Bruce experiences one final vision [one vision urges him to embrace the futility of life, with another vision] urging him to dispel Darkseid [the villain] by facing “the first truth of Batman”. Bruce recalls the night he first conceived of the identity of Batman,when Alfred Pennyworth saved his life by suturing fatal wounds, and speaks the truth: as much as he has attempted to claim it all during his crime-fighting career, the Batman has never been alone

i just


to realize “Batman is not alone”

he could not learn that valuable lesson by looking around one day and noticing the 20 orphans he’s adopted and his father figure hovering at his shoulder and the fact he has Superman and Wonder Woman ON SPEED DIAL and they both keep texting him grumpy cat pics with the caption “look its u”.

no he needed to do some fucking time hopping bullshit to somehow realize that, a lesson he has already learned at least 1000000 times in various other ways


The worst in us - part 4


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader

Warnings: Cheating. Lots of pics from Chris Evans/Steve Rogers. BuckyNat.

Word count: 4.250 - ish (not counting the recap from the last chapter)

Summary: Y/N and Bucky continue their conversation at the café and make a huge decision regarding their relationship.

A/N: Inspired by the word “Onsra” (Boro) - that heart-wrenching feeling you get when you realise a love won’t last. Written for @howlingbarnes her “languages of Love” challenge.

A/N p.2: my favorite chapter!!!!!!!!!!

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Gency Week: Day 2 - Feathers // Small Genji POV of this.

Genji grit his mechanical jaw. He told himself to breathe. To most, he would appear outwardly unaffected by what he’d just been told to do. Being largely cybernic, he’d lost most of the nuanced body language that humans enjoyed. Sometimes it proved useful to appear stoic to others when he was anything but. In this case, however, there was no hiding the rage that now flowed through him. Not from this person.

“You want me to what,” Genji spat.

“Write letters to someone from your life,” replied the melodic, metallic voice. Of course Master Zenyatta remained unbothered by Genji’s rudeness. He truly had patience only a monk could possess. “Please choose someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing the lessons you learn while here.”

“I don’t have anyone in my life! Everyone I’ve ever cared about has abandoned me, betrayed me, or been killed!” yelled Genji. Red tinted his vision. How could his master ask this of him, knowing his circumstances? “Forgive me, Master, but I traveled deep into these mountains to get away from the world!”

Zenyatta shook his head. “I know you seek to find balance within yourself, or you would not have accepted my help-”

“-More like I accepted your help because you would not leave me alone,” Genji muttered.

Zenyatta continued unhindered by the interruption, “-But one cannot find true balance through isolation. Just as it is important to take time to oneself to meditate and reflect on one’s experiences, it is equally important to remain connected to the world so as to generate more experiences.” 

The monk gently rested his hand on Genji’s shoulder. “These letters will serve as your connection to the world, my student. They are a part of your training and I hope you will take them as seriously as you do my other lessons. Go and reflect on those you have encountered. I am confident you will return with an answer.”

Genji swiftly turned, ripping his shoulder out from under his master’s hand, and sprinted away. Zenyatta let him go.

He could hardly feel the icy wind whipping around him. Another small - if meager - perk his cybernetic body offered. This high in the mountains, the snow was almost constant year-round. Though the wind and ice barely affected his body, at least his temper had begun to cool. Genji perched himself in a tree looking over a cliffside. A place to think.

He went through all the people he’d known one by one. Dead. Dead. Tried to kill him. Dead. Left without a word. Dead. Dead. Dead…

An hour had passed and he still could not think of a single person to whom he could write. “ARGH!! There has to be someone!” Genji screamed in frustration. He let his head fall back against the tree trunk with a thud

It was at this moment that his eyes caught sight of something unusual. Sitting up, he reached into the branches above him. A nest? Here? Birds were few and far between high into the mountains. Examining it more closely, Genji realized it had been long abandoned. Only feathers left behind.

Plucking a white feather from the nest, Genji fiddled with it idly. While admiring the feather, a faint image began to glow in the back of his mind. Letting it slowly materialize, he saw the silhouette of golden wings on an angelic figure. Wings.

Ah. They had barely known each other during his time at Overwatch. He had been told that she was the one who had saved his life. She had helped him relearn his motor functions. She had refused to upgrade his body to include weaponry. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in many years. Not that it mattered - they had never been close.

Genji fiddled with the feather for only a few more moments. It’s worth a shot, he thought.