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Alrighty, after the success that my 12 days of glitchmas song got I’ve decided to host my first event!

Addressing that, this is my first event and I may not explain things in enough detail, but if you have questions feel free to message me!

The end product of this event is going to be a five minute long video compiled of different people singing different lines of the song I wrote, along with fan art appearing on screen for each line.

The amount of people I will accept will vary depending on how many people want to be a part of this.

There are two Parts:

Part 1-Audio (24-78 people)

1.) Create a video or audio recording of yourself singing the lyrics that I wrote for the 12 Days of Glitchmas (here). Audio must only contain your voice, no music out loud and little to no background noise would be appreciated. Sing along to this version so everyone sings the same sounding beat. Please sing the entire song

2.) Post what you recorded as an unlisted video on YouTube.

3.) Copy the link to the video, and message it to me on Tumblr, BEFORE DECEMBER 15TH, along with the name you would like to be called in the credits (will be using your Tumblr username as well)

4.) I will inform you what line I gave you and where in the video when it’s finished and uploaded.

Part 2-Visual (23-however many people) MUST BE ABLE TO DRAW DIGITALLY

1.) Message me that you are interested in participating

2.) I’ll say thank you and will shortly after inform you about which line I want you to draw

3.) Draw your interpretation of the line on a 1280x720 file (Average video size)

4.) Message it to me BEFORE DECEMBER 15TH! Anything not submitted before that will be considered a fill in and will be replaced with art that I draw

Important notes:

-I will be trying to get a friend of mine to play the song for me on piano, but if you are skilled in piano and would like to provide the actual music please let me know!

-I will and can not accept any submissions after December 15th.

-The video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel (ReidVoid) before or on Christmas day, and I will also make a tumblr post about it thanking and crediting everyone who takes part in it

-Please spread this around! I would love for this to become something we can all share together :D

-Please don’t be offended by the fact that I will be covering everything for the last line. I feel it is only appropriate that I finish it off considering I’m editing/compiling this alone.

-The number of people I will accept is completely dependant on the number of people that see this and how many would like to be a part of it, but if we get too many (which I doubt will happen) I can still credit you for wanting to be a part of it. And you may or may not be given more than one appearance in this video if there are not enough people willing to participate.

-Please have fun with this! Let your imaginations run wild!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



one thing I noticed from my lesson yesterday, which was pretty much just her demonstrating how she used side reins, with a bit of practice about moving the lunging circle, was that PJ was cutting in and I couldn’t get him to go out consistently by pointing the whip at his shoulder. It seemed like he only stayed out when he got his speed up, usually at the canter, but I think that’s just because he had to go out to keep his balance.

I had this problem with Zeke, too, last time we lunged.

My trainer dismissed it as a Green Horse Thing but I want to know how to fix it because I don’t want him cutting in so close. Not a fan.

Aside from just letting a Green Horse learn their balance on a circle, any anecdotes on what y’all have done to fix this? I’m curious how different trainers approach it. Is it pretty universal to just point the whip at their shoulder until they move out or nah?

Asking here before I go exploring on google because I always like the diff input I get from you guys.

One Way Glass

Alrighty. I’ve been hesitant to write this, but at this point I might as well.

For a bit of time we’ve been hearing from different YouTubers about how the YouTube system has been very… iffy lately.

I am writing this as a fan and talking about what it is like being a fan with this platform and what that turns into.

I don’t talk about Jack or Mark until the end, so feel free to skim around if you’d like. I kind of got a bit ranty ^^;

Being a fan in the current era is like you and the content creator are being separated by a wall of glass. As time passes and more people show up, the glass on the creator’s end gets foggy. There comes a final point where you can see in, but the content creator can not see out. It happens so gradually that most content creators rarely realize how foggy this glass has become. The ones who don’t notice it trek onward.

The content creators who are oblivious to this sheet of glass just continue on with their content with little to no feedback, and if they are given any they won’t publically acknowledge it. 

Then there’s the bad bunch. This group of content creators has seen the glass, and they are all fully aware that it’s there, but for the most part they ignore it. It only becomes bad when they abuse the use of the glass to their advantage.

The final group (and group that will be discussed for the majority of this wall of text) is the group of content creators that have literally done everything to break this wall. They accept and acknowledge feedback, thank their fans, involve them in their content at every opportunity, and treat them like human beings rather than just numbers.

They will do everything they can to reach over the glass, and for the most part a lot of them succeed.


The problems are not on the shoulders of the content creator in this group. The problems are the fans.

While the creator sits and works, completely unaware of what is happening on the other side of the glass, the fans will physically do anything to grab the creator’s attention. They will bite, scratch, claw, steal, and insult just to get what is now commonly referred to as a “Notice.”

Notices are great. They can lead you to success on a post, new followers, and new people in general to talk to.

But as mentioned previously, some will do anything to gain notices. It’s these disgusting people who decide to steal and take from others, who are deserving of attention unlike themselves, and claim it as their own and continue onward. Then after being told that the content is stolen the creator does nothing to change it.


This is in no way 100% accurate about that third group. Let’s add a group 3.5.

This group is filled with people who get noticed merely because of having talent, a sense of humor, maybe some other form of WOW that manages to catch the eye of the content creator.

Now, to specify about Jack and Mark’s communities.

We normally sit on the opposite end of the glass with piles of blank paper and rainbow crayons. We are constantly creating, sharing, and talking with one another and it is honestly mind-blowing.

All of us are constantly present and a part of what comes out of the glass.

Until either Mark or Jack decides to throw a match over it.
Then shit hits the fan and we all sprint into the theory bunker only to find that for some reason all of the fire extinguishers are gone and then remember that’s because of how often our side of the wall tends to be set ablaze.

I am so proud to be a part of both of these amazing groups of people.

You. (Pt 3)


Your head is officially a bowl of soup. Everything hurts.

“Well good morning to you, too!” Mark laughs.

You glance around the room to notice you’re wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and squished on the couch.

You smell… bacon.

The kitchen is barely within your blurry vision. Mark and one of the other women are scurrying around in an attempt to prepare breakfast.

“We had to bring you back,” The woman explains. You must have looked… confused?

“Yeah we’ve seen weirder by now.” Mark plopped a steaming plate down on the coffee table in front of you.

You prop yourself up on the couch. Your mouth lets out a yawn as you rub your sleepy eyes.

“You slept like a rock.” The woman sits down next to you.

You give the same confused expression.

“Oh, sorry. I’m Amy.” She holds her hand out for you. You shake it.

Mark sits down in the chair beside the couch.

“So.” He says, “You’re the camera.”

You nod Yes.

You want to ask a question. You pretend to scribble in the air.

Amy gets the memo and hops away to get the board.

She hands it to you, but this time the marker is blue.

Why did you bring me here?

They pause for a moment.

“We felt bad…” Amy admits. “We know that you are… who you claim, but we didn’t exactly give you the greatest story.”

You shrug I guess.

Since your memories had almost returned to their peak, you can vaguely remember everything. The rejection. The constant dark presence you’ve seen repetitively. The feeling of a bullet hitting you in the chest. The fall. The Void. Getting back up again. But then it gets fuzzy.

What happened after I got back up?

They looked at each other.

“Do you not remember?” Mark asked. He looked… guilty.

You shake your head No.

“Can we talk? In private?” Mark asks Amy.

You nod Yes.

They walk into the other room. They don’t realize that you can hear every word.

“They are the eyes and ears of the fans.”

“Yeah, so what’s your point?” Mark asked.

“I‘m saying that they are everyone at once. How are they going to live if they don’t have a singular name or a singular face?”

You never thought of that. You stand up to go look into the bathroom mirror.

You feel so many emotions. All of your features seem to blend together and shift with your movement. It’s impossible for you to distinguish your eye color, skin tone, hair color. You are everything at once. You are everyone at once. You are everywhere at once.

The bathroom seems familiar.

“We can’t abandon them again!” Mark argued.

“They still managed to find their way to us! Even after A Date With Markiplier, and after Who Killed Markiplier! They can find us again!”

The mirror makes you sick. Your stomach wants to flee your body as you attempt to maintain eye contact with yourself.

“I can find something for them to do! If I stick a camera on their head no one will question it!”

Amy didn’t form a rebuttal.

The mirror is becoming fogged by your breathing.

“You forget that we’re in LA.” Mark’s voice became quieter. “And I want to let them do something fun. All we’ve forced upon them is death and ten bad dates.”

You hear cracking.

“Alright. Just please be careful.” Amy agreed, “And please remember that we still don’t understand them.”

The cracks become visible.

“Did you hear that?” Mark calls out to you. He races over. “We’re going to do cool stuff together!”

The mirror shatters into thousands of pieces.

And that is how you ended up sleeping in a van with no one but the Dark, and You.