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Refrain (part 2)

A/N: Part two of the songfic requested by @minminami~ (Aka second verse of the song “Refrain” by Miyano Mamoru). Part 1 is here.

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Pairing: Inuchiyo x MC
Genre: Angst
Trigger warnings: None, but I do have some spoiler warnings since this fic is set in a AU setting where MC never confessed her feelings to Inu in the main story and the part where the 2nd cg took place never happened ^^

And Lord Sassa made the same request to MC to marry him to save Inuchiyo in a battle he’s 100% gonna lose.

Hope that makes sense. Lol. Let’s begin the angst ride~

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Most Magical

Ah, Disney World. A truly magical place to me.

It was always stifling hot in the Magic Kingdom. Especially from March thru November…in a true born Floridian’s point of view. Really, the whole state was on fire and concrete amusement parks only served as a skillet for the unfortunate souls out to entertain and out to enjoy entertainment.

It was fine and dandy there were vendors selling Buzz Lightyear fans with cool spray options, shops with fresh ice cream kept at sub zero temperatures, and fountains buried under the concrete that spewed jets of water for children eager for some refreshing play.

The sun was merciless during midday, many wise locals seeking shelter in the many conjoined shops along Main Street USA. Others, however, braved the torturous ultra violet rays to meet favorite characters at designated checkpoints in the park. The lines grew as the time drew near, sweaty bodies of adults and children anxiously awaiting the appearance of someone truly magical.

Before the grand Cinderella’s castle, in the courtyard that housed the statue of Walt Disney hand in hand with his brain child, Micky Mouse, many waited as a photographer began to set up his camera stand.

This particular photo would be triple Disney with a cast character, Walt Disney, and the castle in it. A highly sought after photo that would long reside in scrapbooks around the world.

Now, they waited for the grand entrance of the one character that made dreams and wishes come true.

Disney soundtrack proudly played over the speakers, the smell of popcorn and fountain water filling the sweltering air as the town-square clock began to chime.

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