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so……i was rereading another amazing fic - 

in the future, when we fell in love, by @homsantoft

toft has gotta be a household name for adoribull at this point, but if you haven’t read their stuff then HOO BOY are you in for a TREAT. this fic in particular features time travel bullshit which is my ultimate…..weakness……….

go read some fic!

Humans are space orcs #317

So imagine an alien race with only one gender or who have like really different gender characteristics or something.

First, they have trouble understanding that there are genders, because we look really similar regardless of gender, two arms, two legs, no colour scheme to separate “male” from “female” exclusively.

Second, no matter how many times some humans say there are only two genders, others say there are many. It seems, the aliens conclude, that all humans have their own way of defining how many genders there are, and how these are allowed to interact.

Third, the aliens soon discover that the humans get really awkward if you bring up mating (“fucking”) with another human around. And as we all know, humans are space orcs and nothing seem to faze them, so having found this small weakness, the aliens likes to exploit it and mess with the humans as often as they can.


“Officer Toft?”


“Are you and officer Alvarez a couple?”

The humans looked at each other. Their faces scrunched together and assumed a colour resembling the mess hall walls. The ensign could barely contain its delight.

“We are both men, ensign. Just because we are the only two humans…”

The human trailed off, blushing harder by the minute and refusing to meet the eyes of its fellow. The other human looked surprised and then a small smile erupted on its face. It reached out its hand and placed it carefully on top of the others knee.

“We are not a couple, but I understand your confusion,” it proclaimed. “I mean, we are usually keeping pretty close.”

The ensign nodded both antennae slowly, not sure where this was going.

The human who had spoke last moved closer to the other. The ensign immediately got a bad feeling. The human put its darker hand on the paler ones jaw and smiled sweetly before leaning in.

The ensign felt all vital fluids drain his extremities. Meeting mouths was highly inappropriate, not to mention unsanitary! Gagging, the alien fled.

The ensign leaned against the wall, weak legged, as its sensitive antennae picked up the scattered conversation between the humans.

“Wha…good for?”

“To mess… mess with them.”


“Also… anted to kiss you… really long time.”

More noices and the ensign moved away. There was certainly a downside to teasing the humans.

Prove Me Wrong

Viktor/Yuuri soulmate AU, part ¼. The one where Yuuri has know for ages that Viktor is his soulmate, but is still pretty much the last one to know that Viktor is in love with him. This part SFW.

Thanks, @tchy.

Viktor Nikiforov’s long hair is lifted from his neck, knotted delicately and pinned with gold thread; with glittering stones that seem to reflect the golden blades of his skates. He is both masculine and feminine, or perhaps neither. His head is bowed in concentration, and his breaths are deep and even, steady, steadying.

This is his debut, graduating from the junior division. Yuuri, with his hands wrapped around his knees, is watching it on the big old TV in the public lounge of Yu-topia, because then if his parents hear the quiet noise of it they should think that a guest is responsible. It’s one in the morning, and tomorrow he will sleep through history and be kept behind after class.

A quarter of a world away, Viktor’s coach lifts his jacket from his shoulders as Viktor stoops to remove the guards from his blades, away from his neck, the low dip of his costume revealing the fine line of his neck, the edges of his shoulderblades, a fine dip pulling the eye further down along his spine—

And Yuuri sees it.

Yuuri is meant to see it. Yuuri, specifically, of everyone in the world, is meant to see it.

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And If You Want Me... - Dorian Pavus/Iron Bull - M - Qunari Pirates! outtake

I offered on twitter to write snippets around pieces I’ve already written - POV swaps, missing scenes, timestamp pieces (the offer stands, if you’d like something). Here’s a Bull POV piece Emma requested, set in the middle of I Was Kidnapped by Burly Qunari Pirates!, immediately before Dorian & Bull get together. Note tags on main fic, my friends. Following snippet is moderately NSFW.

And If You Want Me…

Bull has been in love once before. He knows what it is, kind of. But he doesn’t have a plan.

800 words.

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To Imagine the Sun - Dorian/Bull - M - 6500 words

And last but not least: my fic for @elthadriel​! 

An assault on a Venatori base turns more complicated than expected, and Dorian and Bull, separated from the group and with Dorian in no position to fight, have to try and hold out until help arrives.

A take on a couple of my perennial favourites: trapped together in an enclosed space & love confessions in the middle of a crisis. A bit of hurt/comfort for you all.

To Imagine the Sun

“Fuck,” Dorian says. “Shitting fuck. Vishante kaffas.”

His nails dig into the Bull’s glove over the wrist. Always on the Bull’s blind side, pretending it’s chance.

He’ll gouge the damn leather. He always does like to make a mark.

“Spending too much time with Sera,” the Bull says.


Breathless. They stumble. Dorian’s shoulder glances off the rough stone wall with a heavy noise, his breath hissing out through his teeth. Down the stairs, headlong, so that the torches flicker and sputter in their wake. The Bull’s boot slips alarmingly on the foot-polished rounded edge of the third to last one, and for a dizzy moment he can see himself falling, feels it, the lurch of his gut—but there’s Dorian, Dorian, a counterweight behind him although it must wrench his damn arm, and then they’re down—clear? Big fortress, this place; not all that many Venatori camped out in it. Enough to fuck them over, apparently. Not too many to hide from while they get their shit together.

Remnants, hiding secrets. Dorian had it from Mae who had it from fuck knows where, and the whole thing made both of them angry, sharply worded letters across Thedas. Magic and fear. So here they are—

No footfalls on the steps behind them.


Alone. The room they’ve stumbled in is silent and dusty, red hangings made dull by inattention, furniture matt and dry without servants to polish it. A part of a bedroom suite, maybe: a great chest for clothes or blankets, lid thrown back, empty, taking up half the back wall. Two storage cabinets, similarly massive.

“Where the crap did the others go?” the Bull asks, urgent, turning to Dorian—but it’s Dorian whose balance goes now, a slow sagging, his face set into the expressionless mask of hidden pain.

The Bull who catches him.

He’s looking kind of grey. Red on the forearm, a long slash torn right through the leather, the strapping hanging loose. Not deep. Not bleeding much.

A sick suspicion uncurls in the back of the Bull’s mind.

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His dream about meeting the Moomin Family had grown too big, it exhausted him. Every time he thought about Moomin Mother, his head ached. By now she had become so perfect, so full of goodness and comfort, simply unbearable, […] and the Homsa didn’t know any more what was real and what he had only imagined. He had been made to wait too long, and now he was angry.”

-Moominvalley in November

Characters based in reality

Like many writers, Tove Jansson based many of her characters on people around her.

Notably, three characters in the books are based on herself…

1. Moomintroll

I bet this did not surprise anyone? It is evident where Moomin got his sensitive nature, love for his mother and love for nature.

2. Little My

Tove Jansson was a temperamental and opinionated woman. It comes as no surprise that some of that is present in her books, in the character of Little My.

3. Toft

External image

Jansson wrote Moominvalley in November during the year her mother died. Jansson was very attached to her mother and it is thought that the book is so heavy and sad because of this loss. Character Toft spends the entire book looking for Moominmamma, who is nowhere to be found. In the end Toft must let go of is idealized image and free himself of his longing.