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maybe the soul of a language lives in its untranslatable words.
maybe the soul of us lives in between worlds,
in the spaces between what is said and what is felt, between the little things and the big, where nothing can mean everything.
maybe the soul of the world lives in language.
maybe the soul of us lives in between words,
in the spaces between what is said and what is meant, between sounds and silence, where everything can mean nothing.
—  p.s. /// maybe
Arctic Monkeys Problems spotify playlist

This has been done a million times before but still

So I’m setting up a tumblr-follower collab spotify playlist for us all to enjoy. Reply/ ask for songs to be added - basically request Arctic Monkeys songs to be added and songs that are similar to Arctic Monkeys or that an Arctic Monkeys fan might enjoy

here it is - AMPP (Arctic Monkeys Problems Playlist)

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who follows me idk how 900 of you thought that was a good idea but I am v v thankful and hella shook at how close I am to 1K. I only sacrificed myself to this hellsite in June and now I’m so close to a number I never thought I would reach ????? H O W ????

anonymous asked:

What made you start shipping Yoonmin? And what are your dreams in life?

hmmm well when i got into bts -via satoori rap -yoongi’s rap stood out to me. i loved it. he easily became my first bias (even tho i had no idea what he looked like). i then listened to more songs by them (via lyrics videos bc i was studying for organic chem lmao) but jimin’s voice also had me sold. after my chem exam i asked my friend who was already into bts who does the fast rap (it was yoongi) and who does the falsetto (and it was jimin) so i kinda looked out for them once i learned their faces. 

double biasing them obviously meant i paid attention to how they interact w each other and w the other members and something about their interations was just so soft and caring? like the little things they do for each other - at the time they used to always tease each other and call each other ugly :’) it was like petty hs flirting istg but then in one interview yg said that he looks out for jm bc the other members can take teasing him too far anD IDK NAME SOMETHING MORE SOFT :’))) 

as for dreams….  

so…………….. it turns out i have an art blog™️