to this pawn stars rerun

for xerxies19: Sterek where one of them is turned into a duck for some reason? (and turns back, maybe)

Quack, says the angriest duck Stiles has ever seen before in his entire life. Even without actual eyebrows or human lips, Derek somehow manages to scowl. How? Can a scowl be an attitude? Stiles doesn’t understand. It’s funny, though.

There’s some more angry quacking and then some kind of urgent foot stomping that just looks so much like waddling in place that Stiles can’t help but point and cackle.

Derek, who is an actual duck, glares and comes to bite at Stiles’s pant leg with his duckbill. Which absolutely does not make the laughing stop.

Ten minutes later, when Stiles has finally calmed down, he tries to grab Derek. Because carrying him would be easiest, right? But Derek flips out. He flaps his wings and almost manages to bite Stiles’s fingers.

“Whoa, dude, calm down,” he says. “I gotta carry you.”

Derek shakes his little duck head in an emphatic no. But that’s not going to work.

Which is how Scott finds him–in a shouting match with an angry duck.

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