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The third comic for follower week! This prompt was from @leafbladie who suggested looking into Homura’s mind to see what she was thinking when she pulled this move in Rebellion.

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Verbs that don’t take Prepositions

28/6/17 (le jour avant de mon anniversaire)

In French, there are verbs that don’t take prepositions after them like they do in English (when followed by a noun). Below is a non-exhaustive but pretty common verb list that are not followed by prepositions.

Approuver - to approve of

Attendre - to wait for

Chercher - to look for

Demander - to ask for

Écouter - to listen to

Mettre - to put on

Payer - to pay for

Regarder - to look at

Soigner - to take care of

Here are some sentences where you can view some examples.

J’attends mes parents. - I’m waiting for my parents.

Écoutez-vous la radio - Are you listening to the radio?

Ils regardent la tour Eiffel. - They are looking at the Eiffel Tower. 

I never learned this in school so I hope this helps you out in your future studies!

Bonnes études et bonne journée!


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