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🌻 - Our muses at a flower field
🌙 - Our muses pulling an all nighter
⚜️ - Our muses in an old castle
🎁 - Our muses giving each other gifts
🐠 - Our muse going to an aquarium
❤️- My muse confessing their love to yours
💔 - My muse being heartbroken by yours
💄 - My muse giving yours a makeover
🎤 - My muse overhears yours singing
💌 - My muse sneaks a love letter into your muse’s locker/bag
🕯- Our muses in a dimmed room
🔥 - My muse saying your muse is hot
🎀- My muse saying your muse is cute
🕶 - My muse saying your muse is intimidating
🖍- Your muse drawing on my muse’s arm
💍 - Your muse asking for my muse’s hand in marriage
🍭 - Your muse taking my muse to a candy store

The break had been exactly what Scarlett had needed and now that she was back for season six she felt refreshed and little more put together than she had been previously. The end of season five had been a mess and one she was all too happy to leave behind her as she stepped into the Sydney house with a smile on her face, determined to leave the past in Hawaii. Collapsing on the couch, Scarlett leaned back and closed her eyes for a second, the flight over to Australia had taken it out of her and she was exhausted. The blonde’s eyes only began to flutter open as she heard footsteps, a sleepy “Hello” coming from her mouth.

Seb was used to new places, in fact it wasn’t even his first time being in Hawaii. He’d been here before for skate competitions and tours, but the house, the cameras…that was defiantly new. Wandering into the house as though he belonged there, which as of that moment he supposed he did, Seb walked straight into the kitchen, chucking his backpack on a stool and leaning his board against the bench as he started to make himself a cup of coffee. “Mornin’” He greeted as though he’d been there since day one, hearing someone enter the room.

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         ihsan leaned on the doorframe as the staffs took his things in to his new room –– - it was a much smaller room than the one provided for him before but he’s not about to complain. he’s had way worse. “grazie mille” a charming smile to the maid who had just finished changing his sheets. the young man had taken extra care to take his private stuffs ( confidential informations ) in himself and was about to turn around to the hallways, closing the door behind him, when he caught himself face to face with someone. his eyes widened for a mili-second. a quick and graceful greeting. the charms laid in his smile and his dark eyes. his hands were hidden and silent as they made sure the door is locked. “salve, come sta ? you surprised me, didn’t think anyone would be up and around wandering at this hours. are you having trouble sleeping ? “ ihsan knew full well that after an incident like before, some people could hardly close their eyes without the terrors imprinted on the back of their eyelids. but not him.never him.

Hunched over in her chair, sketchbook in hand, pencil tip glided over the page, dancing its way across lines and shadows, sketching an impression here, forming a shape there. The sound of a chair being pulled back next to her startled the brunette, notebook and pencil falling to the floor and as she looked to the person, a light embarassed blush rose to her cheeks. “Sorry about that – hey.”

“Finally done.” A sigh escaped her lips before she smiled down at her paper that she just finished. She loved History of Magic but that essay Binns gave the class was a bit much. At least she gave it a head start unlike most people in her class might have done. She looked up from her paper to see that someone was sitting across from her. Blush slowly appeared on her cheeks. “How long have you been sitting there? I was so into my essay I barely realized you were there…Sorry about that.”

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Gabriel was enjoying the day a lot more than he’d thought he would. The ceremony had almost put him to sleep, but it was over, and he officially had his masters degree. Both Salem and Dan had shown up. It was twice as many people as his last graduation, so he was happy about it. Gabriel made his way over to them both, looking pretty happy with himself, and wrapped his arm around Salem. “Well that went a lot better than my last graduation.” He mock glared at Dan for a second. “I don’t know how everyone stays awake for all of that.”

For reasons that she couldn’t fully diagnose, Fiona had been having a hard time sleeping for the past week or so. The second that she could see sun peeking in through the window of her room, she used it as an excuse to get out of bed without drawing too much attention to the fact that she hadn’t slept. Making her way downstairs, she passed through the kitchen, grabbing a glass of orange juice before settling down in the living room. “Hey,” she said at the sight of someone passing by. “I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone else up for at least another hour or two.”

Orion sat in a corner, their gaze distant as they stared out of the window, eyes falling closed every now and then. They felt drained, though they weren’t sure what from, except perhaps life – it wasn’t like they’d been busy or anything. Startled by a loud noise, they sat up straight, blinking rapidly as their cheeks flushed a deep red color once they realized they were no longer alone. “U-Um… I’m sorry. I– I must have drifted off….”


——– david. staring at the man in front of her with a worried smile and brows furrowed makes her hesitate in holding his hand. glancing around at the woods in front of the toll bridge, paranoia creeps into her mind like when trying to remember something important but being unable to understand why it was important. the night has fallen before them, darkness covering everything within sight and somehow it seems like they are still vulnerable to being caught.   we need to be careful, regina is being suspicious. it’s bad enough that what we are doing is not right.   // @agonygiven