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what is your opinion of how the fandom dislikes mon-el's and kara's relationship. do you ship lena and kara? because i ship both and i can see why the fandom hates mon-el and how the writers have made kara dependent on love when she should focus on herself. i know that's what Melissa wanted for season 2 and i feel so bad for her because the writers basically said: lo l n o p e

1. I appreciate your message but I think you contradicted yourself a little. You say you ship Lena and Kara but want Kara to be alone at the same time??? That’s a little paradoxical. I like Kara and Lena’s relationship, actually I love it but not as a romantic pairing. 

2. I don’t think the fandom hates Mon-El. I think a part of the fandom who is incredibly vocal and annoying hates Mon-El. Unfortunately negative people have a tendency to be more vocal about things they hate rather than the ones they love. That’s why haters always seem to have more of a voice than those who actually ship it. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media websites are filled with Mon-El/Karamel love. For instance, Karamel scenes on Youtube are the most watched of all Supergirl scenes and have thousands of likes and comments. That doesn’t seem like a ship people hate.

3. I’m sick of the whole “Kara should be independent!!!1!!” argument. I know this is a wild concept for some of you but Kara can be independent AND in a relationship because one doesn’t invalidate the other. We should promote the idea that women can be strong and tough regardless of the path they choose in their love lives. So stop trying to reinforce the idea that women who love romance and are in love are somehow weaker or milder as if they are obligated to be alone in order to be perceived as “strong” and “independent”. Kara is extremely sensitive and a soft little bean who can be in love while simultaneously being a badass.   

4. Mon-El and Kara’s relationship didn’t make Kara’s character development regress. On the contrary, she has evolved since she met him. Firstly, dealing with Mon-El really challenged her perspective about the aliens’ presence on Earth and led her to examine the way she really felt about that issue. She has always been such a strong advocate for alien amnesty but she realized that she too had some preconceived ideas and prejudices that she needed to work on. She was able to acknowledge and overcome that becoming more tolerant in the process and cementing her own views. It also allowed her to explore her frustration for not having been able to help her cousin like she was supposed to and come to terms with that. Moreover, she is now able to follow someone who’s going through the same struggles that she was faced with when she first arrived on Earth and it makes her feel less alone and like someone understands her. And finally, her arc this season has been about her learning to stand her ground as Kara Danvers and not just as Supergirl. Confessing her feelings for Mon-El and allowing herself to be vulnerable helped her do that. So yeah, I’m pretty sure she has grown thanks to her relationship with Mon-El.

5. Don’t feel bad for Melissa because she looks like an excited puppy every time someone asks her about Karamel. Trust me. She ships it. 

I think I figured out exactly why I dislike Klance so much in the context of Voltron

And before anyone says otherwise, no, it has nothing to do with things like homophobia or heteronormativity or any other $2 social justice word you want to misuse and as a result, make a mockery of actual equality causes.

It’s because of how Keith, in the context of the ship, is treated by the fandom, and how they desire to have him downplayed and feminized, which when you think about it, is actually kinda racist.

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could you perhaps list all of your favourite moments that jackie and hyde had in that 70's show? :)

Oh fun!

1. “If I like her, shoot me!’

Because it was such an amazing scene and I remember being really giddy that episode and feeling happy for Jackie and this is, like, two or three seasons before they actually get together.

2. “You can do better”

I think that’s when I realized that Hyde genuinely cares about Jackie despite the fact that he actually dislikes her and I mean, I was 7 when the show first came out so it was the first time I sort of came into contact with the fact that you can care about some but actually also truly dislike them? And I have a post about this but Hyde never could stand to see Jackie cry

and this scene is an example of that.

3. Prom

Because it was awkward and sweet and spoke to what I said before, Hyde could never stand to see Jackie cry :

So he takes her to the prom to cheer her up.

4. When they get busted.

Not the scene itself but the fact that they’re both unwilling to stop seeing each other because they actually care about one another

5. The chin touch

I just think it’s really cute and it’s when Hyde makes Jackie feel better about their relationship and essentially tells her to ignore Donna and Eric.

6. “I love you”

The older I got the more I appreciated Jackie’s speech because it’s kind of mature, Michael was her first and only boyfriend before Hyde and they got together when she was, what, 15? There’s going to be residual … not even feelings but possessiveness of him because he was a huge part of her life for better or for worse but Hyde is the man she loves, Hyde’s the man she wants to be with, Kelso is a memory but Hyde is for real and her feelings for him are mature and transformative and despite this:

Hyde clearly loves her because he decides to get back together with her and I love how frustrated he was about that, he’s just like “DAMMIT” but then it ends with this:

7. “Jackie, I love you”

I mean, who doesn’t love the “Jackie, I love” you scene? I think I squealed when that happened because I mean it’s self-explanatory, it shows how much Hyde has grown and how much Jackie means to him because he’s being willingly vulnerable and he’s fighting for her and it’s a turning point in their relationship. This response:

was obviously crushing but I respected Jackie for doing it because she was finally demanding to be treated a certain way and after everything that happened with Michael, her response is both necessary, understandable and completely justified.

8. Zeppelin T-shirt

I love the episode because Michael tries to wedge his way between Jackie and Hyde and Hyde is pretty chill throughout the episode because it’s Hyde but when he gives Jackie the T-shirt it’s clear that he takes his relationship with her seriously and he’s in it for the long haul and I love that Jackie asks if she has to wear it and he says no because it shows how much they know each other.

9. The beard

Because, again, it shows how much Hyde is committed to Jackie because she spends the entire episode complaining about the beard and it’s Hyde, he doesn’t do things he doesn’t want to do but after being unable to comfort her verbally after her father’s been arrested, he does this, which was sweet. I also love how Donna and Eric are there and make fun of him and he just has his “Shut. Up.” because it’s still very Hyde. And they actually turn out to be the most communicative dynamic of the entire episode because Donna and Eric and Kitty and Red both argue about what they need from the other partner.

10. “Lowering my standards”

I just really love that kiss and that he holds her hand as they leave. It’s so cute and endearing.

11. “She’s my chick”

Simple but cute.

12. “I’ll kick you”

Because I was happy there was still a chance, I was happy that Hyde was happy and I was happy that Jackie kicked him because that’s just so Jackie.

13. “You’re beautiful”

Because we don’t get too many moments where Hyde is just that direct with compliments in general and it was a really sweet scene.

14. Every time she sits on his lap:

15. Sleepover

Because Jackie trusted Hyde and Hyde wouldn’t let Jackie sleep in her house by herself.

16. Reunited Makeout

17. Essentially, every single kiss they have, like they look good kissing:

I also really like when Hyde gets arrested for Jackie and when he sees her crying at the football game but there aren’t any gifs for that. I’m sure I have many others I can’t think of :)

In Season 1 Kenny cowardly refused to help Lee to find Clem only because of his personal dislike to Lee because he didn’t support his boat plan (really bad plan). So why fantastic Kenny didn’t tell Clem in person when they met in Season 2 something like “You know, Clem, I refused to go and help Lee find you when everyone else in a group agreed only because Lee was always hating on my boat plan”? Kenny’s fans who literally worship him and think he always supports Clem and will never hurt her, have you ever thought what she might feel hearing this?

AS A NON-JASHI SHIPPER (no, keep reading, it’s chill bruh)

- It is cool if you ship Jashi
- It is cool if you don’t ship Jashi
- Please have fun loving what you love and
- Have fun speculating about what might indeed happen
- Please be respectful to each other because we are all capable of that
- Have fun peeps, like for reals.

So done with these arguments, from both sides, like it makes me only care about the SJ dank memes anymore.

If people wanna have fun with headcanons, let ‘em. If people wanna have fun with characters who actually have interactions with each other and are helping each other grow, let 'em. Neither is better than the other because it’s all mcfucking subjeeeectiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeee. (At least that’s how I think of it, feel free to disagree tho.)

If you want to have a respectful conversation as to why you dislike whatever, 1) fine someone who is chill with that and then 2) mcfucking do it. It’s fun to debate and get new insights and stuff.

So like. Yeah. Everyone. Ch-ch-ch-chillax. Have fun. Breathe. And have an awesome day~

Everyone: oh my gosh! the new steven bomb!! Aquamarine!!

Me, still in season 1: oh for sure but how about lil lars and ronaldo im crying theyre so cute

faenavi replied to your post “So I just wanted to say thank you because it is because of you that I…”

So I’m trying to be positive in the arrow fandom because I love Laurel but I feel negative to anyone who’s hurt her you know what I mean like Oliver and Sara and even Felicity do you have any words of what I should do to help stop this

I would say it really helps to view that character through Laurel’s eyes and understand that even though they’ve done stuff that’s hurt her, she still loves them and cares about them and they’re still important to her. I loved Sara Lance when she was first on the show, and somewhere along the way I started to really dislike her. Getting more Laurel/Sara scenes, and seeing their bond and understanding how important she is to Laurel and her journey… I think the stuff that annoys you about that character gets trumped by enjoying the bond they share with Laurel. I love the “Canary sisters” even though I’m mad Sara did Laurel so dirty. I bought the Black Canary action figure and I had to buy Sara’s with it because I was like “she needs her sister dammit.” So I think that might help you if you want feel less negative about some of the characters. Laurel loved Oliver, and she forgave him. She loved her sister. She loved her father. They may have hurt her, but they’ll always be important to her, and looking at them through that lens – through Laurel’s lens – I think it helps paint them in a better light because Laurel treasured all of them in her life. 

I think, in general, if you love a character and dislike another… the writers pairing them up for scenes help you to minimise the hate and maybe even like that character. I think “Black Smoak” (Laurel/Felicity) helped draw a bridge for Laurel and Felicity fans to get along. For me, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Diggle until Season 4 when he warmed up to Thea and Laurel, and I saw aspects of his character that I really liked. I loved him in Season 1, but I think he can get drowned out in the “OTA” of it all and so his interactions with Thea and Laurel made me go, “oh, I really like Diggle actually.” So if you want to like Sara more then watch more of her moments with Laurel – I particularly enjoy the scene where Sara talks about being given the name Canary, and I really enjoy their moment in the Legends pilot – and with Felicity, I’d recommend the “Canaries” scene where she tells Laurel to be herself. And with Oliver, there’s five seasons of material between him and Laurel to watch back. Yes, they fought, but I always felt like their conflict showed how much history was between them and it enhanced everything for me as a viewer. And they have plenty of scenes that I think demonstrate how much Oliver loved her and how much she loved him that don’t involve the two butting heads. 

But ultimately, I just want to say that having legitimate reasons for not liking a character or a relationship doesn’t make you negative or mean that you’re being negative for voicing those complaints and those reasons. I’ve written posts about the shit Sara has done to Laurel, and I’ve answered asks where I’ve talked about how much it bugs me what she’s done. But I love Laurel and Sara’s dynamic. I wish the show/s gave us more of it. And I like Sara Lance, whilst still having what I feel are “legitimate reasons” to dislike her treatment of Laurel in the past. So yeah. That’s my “advice” if you can call it that, haha! 

Women in Westeros and misogyny- part 1 - Cersei

With many fans hyping over the next season and accusations about almost everywhere in the fandom, that disliking a woman on the show makes you a misogynist or anti-feminism, I think it is well worth discussing if women in Westeros are feminists and what exactly would it mean to dislike someone because of misogyny. I’ll start by talking about the terms I use.

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Is it just me or there something different about Sansa's writing this season? I love her and especially shutting down little finger but ??????? There's just something weird I don't like it, she keeps arguing with Jon at every opportunity in front of everyone over (in the grand scale) minor things?

yeah i haven’t been exactly thrilled with sansa’s writing so far this season either, she hasn’t seemed quite like sansa to me since s4. but i’m trying to remember that show!sansa has had totally different *cough* worse and unnecessary *cough* life experiences than book!sansa has, so it makes sense she would be different, even if i dislike it.

anyways, i wrote up a post about this here after episode 1 detailing my feelings about sansa so far this season and why i think she is the way she is now, if you’d like to read it!

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I really liked your Damon meta, so I thought maybe you could share your thoughts on this: What the hell is wrong with Elena?! Like, I try not to hate on her without reason, but... seriously?! "Mother of my two epic loves"? And the whole disconnect between her and Damon the entire episode, like, is it just the memory loss? Does she just not care? How can she missunderstand her two epic loves so severely? That Stefan doesn't feel positivly about their relationship? Or pick up on Damon's feelings?

Oh good god. Where do I begin?

I’ve actually discussed this a bit before with others, but I’ll explain it again in greater depth because I think it’s actually worth writing about again. 

Warning: This is obviously an Anti-Elena meta. 

Let me get this out of the way: yes, some of Elena’s behavior regarding Damon is caused by the memory loss. She really doesn’t remember her relationship with Damon or her friendship with him from before. However, that is not really Elena’s problem here.

Elena’s problems are quite simply this: she lacks empathy and she is narcissistic.

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The biggest reason I ship Jori...

[Cr to: @dontyouwannadance for the gifs, you rock girl! We salute you. And sorry for the long post in advance]

Now, welcome to a little essay, sit the hell down. This gif is the reason why I believe in Jori a little more than any other couple ever–but it’s not this gif solely but what happened way back in season 1, that’s what completes this scene.

OK this is season 1:

Friendly reminder that this is the time Jade tells Tori she never got a chocolate mop from the Janitor, meaning the Janitor dislikes her deeply. This face is heart breaking by itself. But let’s think of it this way: Jade is probably very aware she is a wicked witch and no one likes her, which causes her to be mad and perpetually mean to everyone. FYI, I think Jade has tendencies of Sadism, since she finds some enjoyment on it but to a certain extent, this could explain a lot by itself and since people don’t like her, might as well hurt them to have some fun, right?
Now this is where her human part comes out. The Janitor gave EVERYONE a chocolate mop, except for her. People he probably don’t know or don’t care about but out of everyone he didn’t gave Jade one. This crushes Jade because this only further proves no one likes her, probably not even Beck. I was browsing through Dontyouwannadance’s tumblr a few hours back and I found a post that broke my heart and made me believe this little theory.

Clicky here.

It’s not the full one but OK, it works the same way.

It’s most likely that she has to remind Beck to tell her that he loves her, to re-assure her she’s pretty, and even when he says it, or says something similar, Jade probably takes it as sarcasm because she doesn’t feel the truthfulness of it. I am actually not kidding, as it’s seen HERE. You don’t have to see it all, just the first 30 seconds is enough. If you felt it too, there was no genuine feelings about that. And keeping in mind the quote makes it all make sense: 

Jade forces this abrasive act to hide the fact that her self-worth is so dependent on other people.

Jade acts tough because she believes no one is attracted to her, no one has asked her out seriously because everyone is afraid of her. She’s probably with Beck because he’s the only one that has told her she’s pretty–or at least re-assured her genuinely in the past, and when he does remind her it doesn’t seem to be romantically anymore, it seems more like a friendly “Hey, friend! You are pretty!”

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Sigh… It seems that way. :/ I wonder what specific thing in my post pissed off their “sensitive content” filter/algorithm/whatever. I’ll say it again: I like so many of the people here, but I really dislike the tumblr interface and how it works. 

The Man in the High Castle is terrific! My husband and I inhaled Season 1 when it came out. 2-ish years ago, I think? Then when Season 2 came out we watched the first few eps together but then he kept going, and I got distracted by writing, other shows, etc. So that’s one of the shows I’m slowly catching up on now. :) 

It’s a mindfuck of a show, isn’t it? (Let me tell you my secret shame: Everyone loves Joe and Juliana, which I understand, but I’m over here in this corner trying not to ship John Smith and Juliana. It’s so wrong; I will resist!)  And I love Tagomi—and Ed. <3 

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6,11,28,30 <3

6. popular anime you didn’t like

Hm, I actually didn’t like Ouran very much, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop were not my cup of tea either. I have a complicated relationship with Wolf’s Rain that swings from NOPE NOPE NOPE to appreciating some parts. Code Geass post season 1 I disliked… i can be super finicky about what anime I like.

11. anime you didn’t expect to like but did


28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

There are too many of these but THAT ONE DEATH IN NGE WHAT THE FUCK.

30. one anime conclusion you would change

Psychopass for Reasons. Wolf’s Rain because WTF. Aldnoah.Zero because W H YYYY. Blood Iron Orphans: Gundam because NOPE NOPE NOPE. ….PROBABLY MORE BUT I CAN’T THINK OF THEM.

Gatchaman Crowds and especially Gatchaman Crowds Insight should be required viewing for not just anime fans but like, anyone who spends more than 2 seconds on a social media website

Gatchaman Crowds Insight is not as fun as Season 1 and is honestly a real bummer a lot of the time but i can’t think of any other show that really “gets” the climate of modern internet culture and its flaws

what strikes me about it is that the show is frank about its message about the internet and technology and those who rely on those things but it never takes that snobby detached ‘Humph, You Millenials” tone that a lot of other ‘aware’ shows take, it’s like, very sympathetic to the people it criticizes

 i think a lot of people disliked Tsubasa for being “annoying,” “dumb,” whatever, but all of her flaws struck me as the very realistic traits an idealistic, caring teenager would have. Tsubasa wants desperately to help make the world a better place, and she messes up, real bad, and real hard, and it’s sad and relateable and, well, real

i’ve said this before but both seasons of Gatchaman Crowds really show that despite the utterly dreadful low points humanity can hit there’s still the potential for goodness in all of us

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you obviously don't like c/arke so why do you ship be//arke? why not ship braven? it's not a shitty white savior narrative. it's got way better representation. it's better in litrally every way.

Alright Nonny, here’s the deal:

Clarke is not my favorite character (and probably never will be) on The 100, you are absolutely correct, but a lot of that is because of the way the fandom (and I mean the Cl/xa fandom, the Bellarke fandom, just…every part of the fandom that finds favor in her) treats her. 

There is a mythos surrounding her, it seems, that she can do no wrong and that when she does do wrong she does not need to apologize for those actions and that people are not allowed to be justifiably upset with her or that  one apology is supposed to make it all better or that her decisions are always better because they are “for my people” (which-nice call out, Monty!).

She also, does have a bit of a white savior narrative going on, this is very true. But I need you to do something for me:

Make Clarke real. Clarke is a new 18 year old girl. For 17 years of her life, she lived in extreme (or as close as you can get to extreme on the Ark) privilege. Her mother seems to be the lead doctor (of only two!), her father is the lead engineer, her best friend is the Chancellor’s son.

 In just under a year, however, that entire script has flipped. 

Her father is floated by his best friend. She is locked in solitary. She is sent down to Earth in a Dropship against her will after being drugged by her mother. She suffers and suffers greatly (just as they all do on the ground). 

But let’s be real, is 6 months living a completely different reality actually enough to change your view of the world order?

No, of course not. Clarke makes bad calls. She thinks she’s right a large portion of the time. She’s willing to sacrifice others for her plans and for the sake of saving her people. She’s ruthless, manipulative, cunning and hardcore. 

But she’s still growing. There is no reasonable way to expect an 18 year old girl to fully eliminate 17 years of ingrained prejudice in 6 months. If you pay attention, you can see Wells carries the same prejudice in the few scenes that he was in. He believes that he, or Clarke, have the right  of it. That he, or Clarke, should be listened to. 

This was never a game of “I’m white, so I’m right.” on this show, it was always a game of “I’m privileged, so I’m right.” and all of the more privileged characters (including Abby and Kane) played it well. 

They are all still learning. They are all still growing. They are all still trying. 

I also find representation in Clarke. Raven is confirmed by her creator to be straight. Clarke is a bisexual woman who has shown a thus far equal inclination for both men and women (just as I have). And there is no such thing as “better representation.” If you truly want representation, you want representation to be equal not better. 

I also, personally, don’t think Br/ven is going anywhere outside of the sex scene they had in Season 1 (which even Lindsey Morgan thought was random). I have issues with the way that Raven used Bellamy for sex. It was not a romantic scene. She was trying to make herself feel better and punish Finn (who she knew disliked Bellamy). Neither party was happy or satisfied emotionally once the sex was over and their relationship has not progressed  past what I would term friendship since then. Despite being single for the majority of their friendship, neither party has ever attempted to reestablish their relationship. Raven found a romantic partner in Wick in Season 2, and despite 3 months of relative peace in Arkadia, Bellamy decided to pursue romance with Gina, not Raven. 

I am a canon shipper. I ship what the show wants me to ship. The show wants me to ship Bellarke. The show has made their relationship (whatever you think it might be) central to the narrative of the story. The show has placed special emphasis on their hugs, their hand touches, their eye contact.

I did not do those things. 

I love Raven Reyes. I love Bellamy Blake. They are my two favorite characters on the show.

I do not think they belong together or will ever be romantically linked. 

The Season 2 Effect

Something’s been gnawing on me the last couple days. Well, for most of Season 5, but it reached a high point after I read the TVLine Winter preview. It mentioned the new character, SCPD Detective Tina Boland. TVLine said she and Oliver would form a “connection” (TVLine’s words - not Wendy’s. That’s an important distinction) because (and these are Wendy’s words), “she has been through her own hell, her own sort of ‘island.”

There were, of course, some immediate concerns that Oliver and Tina will be in a romantic relationship. Just to get this out of the way - no, I don’t think they will be in a romantic relationship. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just saying I think it’s unlikely. 

First, we still haven’t ditched Susan Williams. They’d have to unravel Oliver’s relationship with her and with Felicity while starting up a new relationship with Tina all by season’s end. That’s a lot to accomplish in 5B, even by Arrow’s standards. Not impossible, but unlikely. 

Second, “connection” is an arbitrary term, which is probably why TVLine used it. It doesn’t necessarily mean romantic. 

Third, Tina has to form a connection with Oliver. She’s going to be the new Black Canary and join the team. Anyone who joins the team A) has a connection with Oliver and B) goes through some kind of “island” at one point or another. That’s the show. The fact that Tina already went through hers I’m viewing as a positive. They want to get her up and running fast. Fine by me. She’s a guest star at this point and the less time we have to spend on her character the better. I’ve had my fill of newbies right now.

But that’s not what this post it about. No, when I read the article my first thought (and what’s been gnawing on me) was, “Man this feels a lot like Season 2.”

Then I recalled something Marc told me at SDCC.  He said he hoped fans got more of a Season 1 or Season 2 vibe from Olicity. Lord, he wasn’t kidding. 

Now, I’m not saying, “Hey Arrow Season 5 is just like Season 2! Everything is wonderful! Problems solved!” Uh… no. I think those who are unhappy have valid reasons. I also think those who are happy with the season also have valid reasons. I am joyfully in Switzerland for the most part on this topic. Truthfully, I think entertainment is subjective. Everyone likes what they like (or dislike) for their own reasons. Arguing about it is as arbitrary as arguing about whether or not you like cheese. I am quite content owning my choice and believe everyone has a right to theirs. (For the record, I really like cheese.) I’m simply pointing out some similarities I’ve noticed between Season 2 and Season 5 in terms of Olicity and promotion.

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I'm sure someone's probably already noticed but..

Okay so Erica Carroll plays Hannah on SPN, right?

But i was rewatching Faith, and she plays the nurse who talks to Sam

And the young mom from 1x18, Something Wicked This Way Comes

I’m sure that’s been pointed out before, but I think that it’s really cool that she’s been a part of the show since season 1 and now she has a recurring role all the way in season 9!

I don’t care if you dislike Hannah, but Erica Carroll is pretty awesome

Everything Bellarke says or does is worth waiting for. They’ve literally turned the single word of “together” into a parallel, into an iconic scene that we make gifsets and otp tags about. They stress the meaning of the word “we” so much in regards to their relationship. “What we did,” and, “We’ll figure something out,” and, “Because we haven’t.” We have at least five Moments of Bellamy just gazing at her for no apparent reason, not just a glimpse, but full-out gazing. They’re separated for so long every season that when they are together it’s as if the Earth just realigned itself and everything’s always a little bit brighter, like the universe understands that this is Right, that this Makes Sense. They leave and then find their way back into each other’s arms so often they might as well be a pair of magnets, shattered and disoriented, but still true, still together. I mean sure they aren’t canon, but their friendship is. Bellarke isn’t canon. But Bellamy & Clarke are. The two of them. The idea of them is canon. The heart and soul and blood that they would spill, and have spilled, for each other is canon. It’s not perfect. It’s not easy. It’s not quick or lustful, but it does make sense in all the right ways. 

Bellamy & Clarke are friends. I’d say best friends given the way they treat everyone else in canon as opposed to each other. A bond forged from dislike and necessity, but also trust and hope. Because, in fact, Clarke & Bellamy trusted each other before they even liked each other. I think a lot about that scene where Clarke shouts to Finn in season 1 “I trust him!” and her words stun even herself, as if she’s never even considered that she trusted Bellamy until that very moment. And I think that’s something special. To recognize the Good and Faith in someone before you’ve even realized that they’re someone you hope and pray survives just another day. That moment in Day Trip, when Clarke leaned across the length of that tree and told Bellamy that she needed him, was the day I understood that Bellamy & Clarke were real. Their concept was real. Their story was real. And, I’ll be honest, friends, I don’t know where they’re going. I don’t have a clue. I’m not one to act like I do, and I’m not going to lie, either. I’m completely blind to what the writers have in store for these partners.

But I do believe in them. I believe in Clarke who was introduced to us in the confines of a cell, drawing Earth onto the stark, gray flooring. Introduced with the words, “Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father.” I believe in her journey, and I believe she has a long way to go. I believe in Bellamy, who’s contrasting introduction was wildly different from the core personality hidden beneath his hardened exterior. I believe in his journey, and I think he deserves to become the leader we all know he is capable of becoming, one day. And I believe in Bellamy & Clarke, in Bellarke. In their idea, and their story, and their convoluted, messy relationship. Because it’s messy the way a tangled pair of earphones is. Sure, it’s complicated, but in the end it’s all the same rope, it’s just as strong as it once was, and hey, they play some great music. 

And I suppose that’s why I don’t mind waiting for Bellarke. Because Bellarke is already real. As real as the way Bellamy looks at her when she isn’t aware. As real as Clarke giving herself up for him after three months, without hesitation, a blinding, gut instinct to protect him at all costs. As real as Bellamy’s undying devotion to a girl he was angry at for months. As real as him walking into an army, disguised and terrified, to save her. As real as Clarke unnecessarily whispering, “together,” as they drink their way to uncertainty. As real as, “I trust you,” and, “I believe you.” As real as the two of them standing side by side in the end for the first time in three finales. So I can wait. I’m patient. I can wait for the two of them to come together, because I truly believe Bellamy & Clarke are worth waiting for.

physticuffs  asked:

sorry, i think i'm missing something--i'm not clear on why you dislike when people wish you merry christmas? like if they do it innocently not knowing you're jewish? lots of places in the US christians are such an overwhelming majority people might not even think about it when they wish someone a merry christmas. or are you referring to a specific type of posts?

1. People should not automatically just say Merry Christmas because they should not assume everyone is Christian. Say Happy Holidays if you must even though it assumes that your religious holiday in during this season which is not great, but better then Merry Christmas.

2. There have been many instances where Christians have gone and wished Merry Christmas to Jewish bloggers even though they knew said blogger was Jewish.