to then make a link in the answer to it

littlelambsyme  asked:

Hello MsPoodle, I have downloaded the world Elmdale and love your train station and plan on downloading it. Does it contain the file for the TJ Streak's red train? If not, do have that file. I'd like to add it to the game. I do a lot of storytelling and would love to add both the train and the station.

Well hello there! I’m going to make the answer public for the sake of information. Hope you don’t mind. :)

Elmdale is a lovely world and I’m not sure about the lot you are referring to. I’ve done an airport lot (Here) which could probably serve as a transportation lot with some creative tweaks. (Sounds like fun!)

Anyways, I’ve made TJ’s building assets available in this post 

>>>> Click Here <<<<

and the direct download link is here

>>>> SFS <<<<<

Request Updates

Thank you all so much for all the requests you have sent in! I really enjoy knowing what you guys would like to see, and since I have such a passion for the show I love spending time on edits. 

However, I do feel like part of my goal with this blog is to showcase edits/gifs/sets that other members of the fandom are creating as well. I don’t want to recreate something that someone else has already worked really hard on, and posted before me. 

So I have updated some of the answers to previous requests. If there was a set/edit that already fit that description made by someone else, I have linked it in the answer as an update. You can find the full list of updated requests here so you can check to see if your request is one of those I have decided to link to another post. 

I hope you all understand my goal in doing this! I still very much want to receive requests, but I also want to make sure other blogs get exposure for the great work they are doing in regard to this show. 

For those of you who are still waiting on requests to be filled, please know I am working through them and completing them as quickly as I can!

As always, thank you for following this blog, and supporting THE CROWN!

anonymous asked:

yo mod 4 your art is super good, you got an art blog? hjmmmmmm?!?

(um i already answered an ask like this the other day but i deleted it cuz i thought it was pointless to link my blog if i dont really post art anymore (also thank you hfhfhjs) BUT i think sometime soon we’re going to make a page that lists all of the other mod’s art blogs so they can be accessible to anyone! so keep an eye out for that. it’ll be made soon. maybe. whenever we stop being lazy)

Back to School: How to Get an A*/8 or 9 in an English Lit Essay!

Happy September, everyone!

As we all get our gears in motion to start a new year, I thought I would share my top tips for scoring the highest marks in English Literature essays. 

(P.S. Lots of these tips are applicable to other subjects too)

1. Don’t write about the character as if they are real

Unfortunately, this is a common error in English Lit essays. It is absolutely imperative to remember that a character is not a person, but is a construct of the writer in order to present an idea or theme. No matter the question, you should be linking your answer back to the writer’s ideas and theme of the text, even if it doesn’t seem obvious what the theme is on the first inspection of the question. Using the author’s name frequently in your essay will demonstrate that you recognise the character is not a real person - ‘Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as a tragic hero, as defined by Aristotle as…’

2. Don’t analyse the plot

Avoid analysing the plot or when things happen in the text. Don’t write ‘When X happens it makes us think Y’. Instead:

  • Analyse the writer’s use of language, structure and form to create meaning
  • Do a close language analysis of specific words/phrases, including a sound analysis (plosives, assonance, etc.)
  • Do a structural analysis of what happens when and why that’s important (Freytag’s pyramid)
  • Do an analysis of form (stage directions, dramatic monologue, etc.)

3. Keep your answer relevant throughout

You need to be explicitly answering the question - not going off on a tangent nor trying to change the question to suit an answer that you want to write. One way of avoiding this is by starting each paragraph with a topic sentence, summarising what that paragraph is going to be about and how it answers the question. Another method is simply by rewording the question into your answer at the start and end of every paragraph. At least. For greater impact, include synonyms of the word, which can also help with the readability of your answer.

4. Avoid PEE/PEEL/etc. where you can

Thousands of students are taught the same, basic Point-Evidence-Explain (or variant) analytical paragraph structure. If you want to stand out, show academic strength, and achieve the highest marks then you must break free from the chains of PEE! (This also applies for your introduction format. ‘In this essay, I will argue…’ gets pretty dull after reading it 100 times)

For my students, I will be teaching them to write What-How-Why paragraphs:

WHAT has the writer done?

HOW have they done it?

WHY have they done it/is it effective?

This way, your focus is always on why the writer has chosen to use that specific language/structure/form, but it allows you to be creative in crafting your response. Being able to discuss the ‘why’ of literature is the key to unlocking the highest grades. Reading through examiners’ reports this summer has made one thing clear - it is not enough to merely spot linguistic devices or structural features. You must explain why the writer has chosen them and why that is an effective choice (or not).

5. Avoid sweeping statements about context

The main advice here is to only include comments about the context of the text if it adds to the analytical point that you are making. They should not be a bolt-on sentence, but they should enhance your answer.

Further, sweeping claims like ‘All Jacobean women were oppressed by society’ is far too vague. On the other hand, a comment like ‘Lady Macbeth is a disturbing example of womanhood because she denies her gender at a time where the role of a woman was clear-cut, even patriarchal, in Jacobean society’ suggests that you have a greater understanding of how context can influence the writer’s choices.

6. A plan is your best friend

Always, always make time to plan your answer. A method I recommend is, first, circling the key words in the question (character/theme, what you are asked to do, where in the text you are asked to look, etc.). Secondly, write all of your ideas down onto the page, highlighting parts from the extract if you have that in front of you. Finally, select a judicious number of points that you are going to talk about (quality not quantity here) and number the order in which you are going to make them.

If you are writing a comparative essay, each paragraph must start and end with a comparative point about whatever it is you are comparing (characters/themes/etc.) I suggest the following format:

X is presented in both text A and text B. However, in A the author uses device 1 and 2 to demonstrate X. On the other hand, in B, the author demonstrates X via use of device 2 and 3.’ Then write one paragraph for each text. Repeat this again for another similarity. And again for a third - if you think that is appropriate.

Photo credit @eintsein 🌻

So many of you messaged me after I posted my transformation photo so I decided to make a longer post to answer the most frequent questions about how I reached my fitness goal on a broke-ass student budget lol. Here’s the full 6 week progress picture as requested to show my results using the FREE supplements that I got (You may have seen these on TV on “The Doctor’s Show” being sold for $80 a bottle) But if have fitness goals of your own, CLICK HERE for links to the free supplements and my also FAQ! Or if you just have questions, y’all know where my inbox is. 

So I sent Andy Muschietti an instagram message asking for an IT netflix spin-off and he actually answered me

Ok so yesterday my friend and I were rambling on how bad we wanted an IT spin off, like a Losers Club series, because we need to see more of the characters played by this actors who we all love so much.

And eventually the conversation ended up with me signing a petition for the spin-off, and sending a letter to netflix and to Andy. Little did i know i would wake up the next day with an answer from the movie’s director.

The message talked about how happy the spin-off would make us the fans and honestly what a great inversion it would be. I think he may have sympathized with me because i’m argentinian??? (Fun fact: he’s argentinian) and that’s why he answered???? But the point is he said this:

Translation: “Ha, thanks. I proposed the Losers Club spin-off idea to everyone like a year ago. So who knows, maybe…”

I’m happy and shook as hell, and he got my hopes up, so i hope i’m getting up yours. I mean Andy Muschietti is on our side.

Let’s keep fighting for the spin-off we deserve.

(Here you have the petition link in case you wanna sign

Hey, so usually I’m very early and prepared for exams but this time for my Christmas exams, I’ve left EVERYTHING until 5 days before the exams! There’s too much to memorise in such a short amount of time! And I have a busy schedule so I can’t do revision 24/7! Any tips? 

Pssst! The best tip for cramming is actually to not cram!! 🙃 But if you have to, here are some tips that actually work! 💲💲

Throw out all distractions, and palm off as many commitments as possible to others.

You’re a student at the end of the day. That’s your job, so do it properly. Before you are a retail worker, a movie buddy, a chauffeur for your siblings, or a studyblr blog manager, you are a student

You don’t have a lot of time left, so give your phone to your parents or someone you trust to keep it away from you. Add StayFocusd to Chrome and turn on the nuclear option so that you only use the internet for study purposes. Get your friends/siblings or parents to do chores for you and make it up to them after the exams. 

Know what’s likely to be tested.

This is much more important than anything else. There are going to be important concepts that you learn that are not going to be tested. No point studying for something that won’t be asked about. Pro tip: think about the homework exercises that you got and what they tested. 

Just as a general rule, the most basic things such as definitions (skim read these), as well as the most complex cases, will not comprise the majority of the test. For complex cases, you can’t just skim read them, but you should get an idea of the skills/processes that you need to solve them. 

For example, when learning about different diseases, the point is to make you a practitioner which can deal with the most dangerous (life-threatening, sight-threatening no matter how rare), most common (>1% prevalence) and uncommon (0.1-1%) diseases, which will comprise the majority of the points. The rare conditions (<0.1%) will either be right near the end of the test or be bonus point questions. The other thing is that if even if they do ask about rare conditions, it’s going to be a distinguishing sign, or it is related to a more common condition. And the question they most likely ask is “what further tests would you do to aid diagnosis?” which relates to basic concepts of disease diagnosis. 

Also, just keep in mind that there are university exams which literally ask you minutae in the multiple choice questions. For example disease exams have asked things like “What percentage of people with diabetes mellitus have diabetic retinopathy?” and have four really similar options for percentages. You just have to had studied that, and odds are you won’t be able to remember a hundred different stats prior to your exam if you’re cramming (just don’t cram, you literally can’t cram for uni exams). 

Divide your time appropriately (not necessarily equally) between understanding the course content and doing practice exercises/ examination style questions.

If you just launch into doing practice questions without having some sort of knowledge, you’ll get stuck on a lot of questions, get the questions wrong, and need to refer back to your textbooks and do a lot of searching and flipping through pages, which wastes your time.

So start off by going through the concepts first so that you know enough not to constantly look back. You should try to allocate as much time as possible actually answering questions though, because there’s no better way to prepare for an exam than to do exam-style questions

Step-by-step: Count the number of chapters/lectures you need to cover, and divide it equally amongst about 40% of the time that you have left, so that you know how long to spend revising each lecture. 

Focus on one exam at a time, and study the hardest concepts which require a lot of reasoning and understanding in the morning. 

Studying in the morning allows you to be at your freshest and most switched on. If you’re strapped for time, focus on being able to explain things. Explain it to your parents, siblings, or gudetama plushie. Explaining is an exercise in summarising which tests your ability to understand causative elements and how they relate to different consequences. 

Ask questions to yourself whilst studying. 

This tests your knowledge, and is a good way for you to check what you know and what you don’t know. When you’re cramming, you likely don’t have someone to help you at such short notice, so you need to be that person for yourself. Plus, it primes you to think like an examiner/exam paper - you’ll start realising what’s likely to be tested, which helps you narrow down what to study, and it helps you for the next part: practice questions. 

For example: geometry - to give a simple example, yes, you need to know what an angle bisector is, but are they likely in the exam to ask you to “Write the definition of an angle bisector.”? No. They’re going to get you to actually get your tools and bisect one. 90% of the time, you don’t need to know a definition in maths - it’s only the foundation knowledge so that you can answer actual questions. 

For example: medical/health science. Yes, you need to know differentials for diseases, but are they going to ask you to “List the differentials for ___”? No, that’s too simple, they’re obviously going to get you to eliminate a differential by considering the similarities and differences in signs and symptoms. So it’s much better to spend your time learning which conditions have similarities and what the distinguishing signs are e.g. Fuch’s Uveitis has stellate KP that is scattered all around the corneal endothelium - all other forms of uveitis pretty much have the KP scattered in Arlt’s triangle because of the convection currents in the anterior chamber. 

Chunk information together. 

This is a much more effective way of summarising all the information you need to study. Think of your memory as a mind map or a expandable list or like a set of folders in My Documents. You should try and sort things into topics and sub-topics that you can simply expand by just thinking of the title of that sub-topic. 

Step-by-Step: Cover up the information you’ve written under the sub-topics, and then try to recall it all just by looking at the title (acts as a trigger word)

  • Topic/Chapter/Lecture 1
    • “Sub-Topic 1″ #Try and recall all the info below by reading this#
      • #cover up this information#
      • #cover up this information#
      • #cover up this information#
    • “Sub-Topic 2″
    • “Sub-Topic 3″

Not only does this 1) actually test your knowledge through a smaller form of the blank paper method (previously written about here) but it also 2) allows you to chunk and remember massive amounts of information just by seeing the trigger word (the title of the topic). 

It helps to make a mental note of how many points were written for each section.

Tie everything together with a mnemonic. 

Of course, the issue now is that if you don’t have the trigger word then you won’t remember that chunk of information - so you need to counter that by using a mnemonic to remember the top level of topics and link everything together in your mind. 

Using this method is what I’ve always done to remember large chunks of information. That way, when key words turn up in the question, you will be able to remember all the information under that category and hence answer the question flawlessly. 

Practice by doing one exercise for each type of question. 

Particularly useful for studying for maths/science. You just need to know how to solve one question in the set to know how to solve the rest. Pick the hardest question at the end of the question set because it will involve the most skills to complete. 

Study in a different order. Study your concepts in reverse. 

Make sure you change things up, because you don’t want your brain to only be able to answer a question if all the topics lead on to the next. The questions in the exam are going to be covering all your topics in all different orders. Jump from Chapter 3 to Chapter 5 to Chapter 2, and do the same for the sub-topics. 

Secondly, study concepts in reverse because this is how exams test who really knows their stuff. For example: instead of learning that Disease A has Symptoms 1, 2, and 3, force your brain to think “What Disease has Symptoms 1, 2, and 3?” - because this is exactly the type of question that comes up in exams. 

Drink water, take breaks, sleep. 

Still needs to be done to maximise your productivity. Not taking breaks will make you less efficient and less effective. You also said that you have other commitments so try to get that stuff done in the short breaks between your study sessions so that you can be productive. Take a 5-10 minute break every hour and get out of your seat and stretch. Sleep is essential for our brains to consolidate information and retain information. 

Best of luck!!


My study tips directory (web only) for the full list (over 80+ original posts/guides!)

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pinky swear

“So you’ll let a complete stranger touch you and not your best friend?”

Summary: Yoongi and you were inseparable friends. Since your childhood you’ve played this game together in which you had to be completely honest when your pinkies were linked. Until one night, the game went too far…

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smutty SMUT. | Warnings: A lot of tongue technology.

A/N: So this is my official first smut. As an American Horror Story fan you should know that the pinky game is based on Kai’s game in Cult. Of course, without the creepy sh*t. So I hope you like it, I’ll get better I promise, pinky promise.
Words: +2.3K

“Pinky to pinky. Naked truth, brutal honesty. If you lie, I’ll know.”

You both knew the rules: once your pinkies touched you had to answer each other’s question with nothing but the truth. It started as a game you had heard from a girl from your school, and now your best friend and you were hidden under the blankets with a flashlight as the only source of light - and your pinky fingers linked.

Your faces remained expressionless waiting for one of the two to make the first move.

“Are you going to leave with your dad?” you finally asked, your voice cracking as the tears wanted to fall from your eyes.

“I told you, Y/N! I’m not leaving you!” Yoongi raised his other hand and placed it on his chest, where his heart was located. “I promise.”

“You can’t lie with your pinky.”

“I know.” He smiled, causing his eyes to almost disappear, “I’ll stay and we’ll be friends forever.”

There was a knock on your bedroom’s door and then your mother’s voice could be heard from the other side, “Time to sleep, kids!”

He kept his promise and stayed after his parents divorced. You were eighteen now, and he was still your best friend, the person that knew you since your childhood.

However, nothing stayed exactly the same.

When his parents divorced, Min Yoongi changed. The cute eight-year-old boy was long gone, and now was known as a fuckboy and the kind of guy other guys did not want to mess around. That was useful for you though, people knew you were his best friend and that kept bullies away from your smart ass.

You watched him sleep from your seat in class, he was wearing his usual black hoodie but you could still see a glimpse of his minty hair under the cloth. That was part of his routine, he slept in class and then you helped him study later.

The bell rang and you shook his shoulder with your hand. He turned his head to a side and looked at you just with one barely open eye, “Hey.”

“Will you ever stay awake in class?” You grabbed his bag and handed it to him. He yawned and took it, standing up and offering you a hand to do the same.

“Who cares. I have you to teach me better.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fantasy books(that sent Rick Riordan cause I read read them) recommendations??

OMG that is very wide range! Riordan jumps around sub-genres in his fantasies like a kitten that just discovered that catnip isn’t a myth.

That being said I’m breaking this down into groups depending on what in Riordan’s work you want to focus on in your reading. I could just give you a list of some weak carbon copies of middle grade fantasies that I didn’t actually like, but I won’t.

Middle Grade Fantasies:

Artemis Fowl


YA Fantasies:

Etiquette & Espionage 


Ready Player One

The Raven Cycle

White Cat

The Darkest Part of the Forest


Six Of Crows

The Diviners

Everything by Tamora Pierce.

Adult Fantasies:

The Final Empire 


A Darker Shade of Magic

Natural History of Dragons

The Palace Job

Everything by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

LGBTQA+ Fantasies:

Carry On

Witch Eyes


Labyrinth Lost


Griffin & Whybourne



Battle of Will

Highfell Grimoires

Everything by Megan Derr, Ginn Hale, KJ Charles, and Jordan L Hawk.

Also here are GR Lists Riordan’s books are in that might help when browsing:

Best Fantasy Series, Trilogies, and Duologies

What To Read After Harry Potter

The Best Urban Fantasy

Mythologies and Retellings of Fairy Tales & Classics

lokisasylum  asked:

Hey, Mimi, after watching Jikook's travelog you gotta wonder.... does that mean that Jimin's wish finally came true? He used to mention a lot in the earlier years how he always wanted to go on a trip with Jungkook if they had some free time (and Jungkook would sort of always deny it XD )

This ask is about this video HERE or Gifsest HERE & HERE

Yes, his dream came true. He sure wanted to travel with Jungkook but in the past Jungkook refused to go with him. But talk about the plot twist, lately, they went to Japan and it’s JK who booked the flights for them. Jimin never gives up once he sets his mind on something. He is known to be very goal driven and stubborn once he decides he wants something. He never gives up on what he wants and years do not kill his ambition.

Back in 2014 (140614) He had to answer a question HERE (2:33)

  • Q: “When you feel troubled, with who and where do you want to go?“
  • JM: If I feel troubled then I will be with my members
  • MCs: *complain* We didn’t make this game for that type of answer
  • V: It’s a lie
  • JM: It’s not a lie. Other than my parents … *long silence* … I want to go on a trip with Jungkook
  • BTS: Ah~
  • JK: *sighs*
  • MC: Why Jungkook?
  • JM; I think Jungkook is very cute
  • SG: Previously on another radio, he said he said he wants to go on a trip with Jungkook
  • JM: But Jungkook doesn’t want to go
  • SG: Yes he does not want to accept it
  • JK: *nods*

Again in a fansign he picked Jungkook again (Photo below)

  • Q.Which country do you want to travel? 
  • JM: Anywhere 
  • Q.Please pick up only one member you want to travel with. 
  • JM: JK. I think he can protect me. 

So things went from “I think he is cute” to “I feel safe with him” Makes sense.

Cr photo x

anonymous asked:

who are some of your favorite content creators?

hey ~  ♡ I’ll start by saying that here there are a lot of talented people that I personally love, that makes beautiful works and gifs. I’m going to link just the first that come to my mind but you can find the full list here if you’re interested in following new blogs.  ♡♡

gif makers: @yoongissz @samwol @jjks @jminies @jimiyoong @jiminrolls @jeovkks @jeonbegins @jeonjeongguke @rapdaegu @taetaes @yoonseok @yccnseok @apgujeon @acciosugas @ggukbun @harunyany @hobies @kookiebuff @lovelyjoons @vlives @deletaed @bwiseoks @nochuie @nochuu @bwisou @jjilljj @kthspjm @kc-junghsk

gfx/graphics maker: @clairelions @jmin @sugaidc @mewchim @dearmyjimin @inuera @comeherejimin @daegucrew @cosyjeon @rapmini  @kkultae @gukied @ksjmygjhsknjpjmkthjjk @mangaetteok @kassareo @yoong-jimin @wingscouldfly @kaori @tinkervell @je0n

J2 NolaCon 2017 Main Panel
  • J2 jump onstage!
  • Jensen moving the chairs closer together before the panel even starts :)
  • Jensen doing the Who Dat song for the New Orleans Saints. 
  • Jared says the city killed his phone: “I’m trying to navigate to where Jensen is and it won’t work. Saw a lot of the city!” Referring to his adventures last night walking around NOLA. 
  • He was wandering around Bourbon Street trying to get cell service: “Searching…my buddy had already left and gone to the hotel.” 
  • Jared stopped at a bar for WiFi and someone told him, “Oh, so you’re dressed up as Sam Winchester from Supernatural” and they weren’t impressed when they found out he was the real deal. “So, you dress like him, too?” 
  • Since Jared’s phone died on him he got to rediscover what it’s like to walk around a new city without any phone gadgets. 
  • Jared says there’s gonna be Alex in the gag reel, and s13′s reel might be really long. 
  • J2 hopes that Alex will come to conventions soon!
  • Jared says “hazing” and Jensen says “welcome package” on the breaking-in of Alex. 
  • Jensen on Alex: It’s the first time they had to wrap me and him (Jared) first so the other person could work lol. 
  • J2 to Alex, who was worried about laughing in so many takes: “It’s okay, all your bosses know we’re assholes.” 
  • Question about lead roles. Jared: You mean Sam or Dean? You said lead roles. 
  • Jared jokes Misha has the best job in showbiz because he barely works and people think he’s a lead. If he could play anyone else it’d be Cas. 
  • Lead supporting roles? Jensen: I hear those come in briefs, also. 
  • Jensen jokes about Misha’s presence in the black room at the end of 13x03.  
  • Jensen, referring to the end of 13x03, says: Misha filmed that last scene in his bedroom. Jared: They took out all the toys…VFX’d away all the toys. Jensen walks away laughing. 
  • Jensen would be a wendigo ‘cause he’d be taller than Jared :P
  • Jared jokes that he wants to be a shapeshifter so someone else can play their characters but still get paid. 
  • Jared: I’d be a shapeshifter. Oh no, I shift myself… ba dum dum. Jensen tried so hard not to laugh. Couldn’t do it. Instead: “you shifted yourself AGAIN.” 
  • Jensen: Dean is in a turbulent state, lots of anger that’s a stage of grieving. You’ll see a transition in Dean about Jack, between now and ep 10. 
  • In s2 when Jensen saw the script saying he had to take a crowbar to the Impala he was like nooo. 
  • Jensen talks about taking things apart with his hands. J2 are now miming correcting a picture on the wall. 
  • During a scene there was a painting that had to be crooked for continuity and Jensen threw something in the scene and it swung into place lol. 
  • Jared: How funny would it have been if instead you just stopped and casually fixed it? 
  • Trick to emotional scenes? Jared doesn’t lie while acting, he just tells someone else’s truth. 
  • Jared: I love Sam! His hair is so great! Jensen: You say his hair is so gray? *makes face behind him* Jared: Dude I can see you! Jensen feigns innocence. 
  • Jared: I don’t like the word “tricks” when talking about being emotional. Jensen: I like to use tricks. 
  • Jensen: We’ve lived with these characters for so long that we naturally get emotional and no longer have to delve into our own emotions. 
  • Jensen is answering for Jared about how they get prepared and into the character’s heads for emotional scenes. 
  • “I love these characters…so if they’re going through something, I feel that. “
  • Jensen whispered “instinctual” right before Jared did. 
  • Jensen talks about how Jared reads script over and over whereas he goes into it more visceral and Jared builds on Jensen’s answer, links to Sam’s tendency toward research versus Dean being more reactive. 
  • J2 talking about Kim Manners. Jared: “He set the tone.” He wanted to make sure they had fun making the show. 
  • Jensen could talk for a week about how amazing Kim Manners was. 
  • Jensen about KM: “He put us on a path to succeed and we’ve been honoring him ever since.”
  • Jared: Kim truly cared about people. 
  • Jared goes wide-eyed when a baby screams in the audience. 
  • Jensen is excited about Stranger Things. 
  • Therapy question. Jared to a fellow parent: We also take our kids to a therapist because of our situation. Daddy isn’t around a lot. They want to help the kids understand why he’s not around so much. 
  • Gen and Jared go to counseling to learn how to parent the best they can especially with Jared not being around often. 
  • Jensen says acceptance is one of the biggest things we’re teaching in his home. Wants to teach his kids that they are loved and they give love. 
  • Fan. Hi I’m (name) from (St) Jared: Why did you have to read your name off your phone lol? 
  • J2 are fighting again about gif vs jif lol. Jensen: Jif is peanut butter! Gif is on your phone. 
  • Jared says single best part of being a celebrity is sending gifs of yourself to non celebrities. Jensen agrees. He loves text battling their friends with SPN gifs :P Jared’s fav gif of himself is the L’Oreal ones. Has sent it to everyone he knows lol.
  • Jensen: There are a lot of Supernatural gifs. I was like, hey, Jared, we’re popular…
  • Jared deferring to gif because Jensen said so. Jensen: Jared can be taught. 
  • Fan: First of all I wanna know if you have any single friends? Jensen walks over and points at Stephen . 
  • Do you like classic rock? Jensen: I like Big Butts. Jared: He does. 
  • Jensen: I named my kid Zeppelin. 
  • They’ve been trying to get Metallica on the show since day one. Finally got them this season. 
  • Jared: I have put everything I have into Sam. Jensen: makes a surprised/smirky face ;) Jensen laughs and Jared whispers something, Jensen laughs again. 
  • Sam has taught Jared a lot, including how he perseveres. 
  • Jared used the word indubitably while answering. Jensen: Did you just say indubitably? We talked about this, you’re embarrassing me. 
  • Jensen says there was more of a connection between he and Dean in the beginning seasons but now there’s a separation. Jensen: Sometimes I say, what would Dean do? 
  • Jared: Sam’s current position on Jack is how he feels about himself. Sam wants to believe he can be good. So he needs Jack to be good. 
  • Jensen talks about directing and how Bob Singer doesn’t need a bunch of notes like Jensen. While Jensen had a complete road map, Singer just had one note, “the ole switcheroo” to remind him of how he wanted a scene to go lol. 
  • Jared mentions Will and Grace. Jensen: Who will you be in this scenario? 
  • If there was an SPN movie, Jared wouldn’t want to use foul language. Jensen: *horrified face* Jared: I know words longer than four letters :P
  • Fan asks a question about what filming was like for Jensen and Sam Smith when Mary saw Baby for the first time. Jensen is confused, thinking Sam the character. Jensen: The scene took on a different tone in shooting than it had in the script. Jared: for Dean or Jensen? 
  • Last question: The scene where Dean sees Mary remembering what happened in Baby wasn’t scripted. That was Bob Singer. 
  • J2 thank the fans and give a fist bump before heading off stage :)

Info via: Fangasm, Cherie, Eileen, LullysSil’s livetweet list

anonymous asked:

Can you give us a list of his bi/gayest moments?

im terrible w lists but all his gay ass reactions to jm???

a soft gay boy

+ cypher pt 3, his very specific type of attractive “manly” men, all the times he hinted and/or actually said being a girl wasn’t a necessity when it comes to him being attracted to someone, all the times he seemed quite bored when talking about/looking at girls (whenever u ask him abt girls he never says he has a preference?? for anything? lmao) + the complete opposite around men (award shows are always so funny lmao), etc etc 

Small V Route Answer Guide

Hi guys! I know that, sometimes, the V Route can be kind of confusing! That’s because the route itself goes through the stages of grief (from what I’ve seen). V himself varies with his answers as you go through, so I’mma help with trying to get the best answers and most hearts! Might be some spoilers in here, so I’ll try to keep what I know spoiler free! Though, if you still do not like it, everything will be under the cut!

Keep reading

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

anonymous asked:

Hello um your a big inspiration to me and your really amazing! Ive been a bit shy to ask you but i want to be a comic book artist too... Ive made small comics but none of them were all that good so i want to ask if you had any tips? (you dont have to answer this if you dont want to >-<)


It’s great to meet you!!! AH You send me catapulting over the moon & beyond the stars!!! ✨🌟✨ I’m just giDDY to hear I’m one of your inspirations for comic art! 💥HOW COOL‼️ 

I’m VERY much an amateur myself, with no proper education for comic art or industry experience. Booo! 😖💦 But I’ll be happy to link you to the sources I reference EVERY DAY while drawing! 📚( ´▽`)✏️

For reference, creating & understanding comics:

• ✨Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics
David Chelsea’s “Perspective! For Comic Book Artists
• Stephan Kliment “Architectural Sketching and Rendering
• Gary Faigin “The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression

For my Inspiration:

• Watchmen - Dave Gibbons’ work is my goal ∑(@`0´@ )✏️
• Ranma ½ - Rumiko Takahashi has a way with expressive story telling in body language, faces, layout, angles- omg she has it all.


Small intuos Comic tablet ✏️
• iPad mini - Propped up for googling references.
• My phone - Propped up for MORE googling references!
• Fidget spinner - Makes me feel included with the cool kids. IF U FEEL GUD, U WORK GUD.

( ô0ô)💬 I don’t have any “tips” really since I’m still such an amateur, but if I had to say something, it’s: Keep yourself in good spirits, praise yourself, take responsibility for the projects you take on, and for diddly’s sake, get started NOW or you never will! 😱

Masterlist Page Added to Blog (Aug 2017)

Link to: Post Masterlist

Sadly, mobile is left out of easy access, but the content of that masterlist is below for those users!

It covers all of my original titled posts, listed from oldest to newest. My quick tips and asks are not listed and only searchable with the tags “To be a better writer” and “answers”.

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Basic Elements of Good Plot Twists

Calling a Character by Their Title

Ways to Develop Plot Idea

Why “It was all just a dream” Makes Most Readers Scream

The Subjective Elements of Writing Advice

Ways to Flesh-Out Characters

Parents in Fiction

Some Tips on Action Scenes

Covering Tough Subjects in Fiction

The Limitations of Writing and Background Comedy

Different Ways Characters Can Show Love

Detail and Description in Writing: The Law of Conservation of Detail

Three Differences Between Writing Fanfiction and Original Fiction

Writing With the Two Hypotheses Behind Revenge

How Dialogue Tags Can Affect a Story

Taking the “Unnecessary” Out of “Romantic Subplot”

Inciting Events and Their Purpose in Storytelling

Three Ways to Start a Story

Ways to Improve Writing Skills

The Danger of the Story You’ve Always Wanted to Write