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shigatsu wa kimi no uso 「 四月は君の嘘 」 ► the scenery i shared with you ( 10/22 )

There’s the smell of chalk. A window with unsightly cracks. The sound of distant sports teams. The shadows of cherry blossom petals. The faint breathing of someone asleep … the scenery’s changing …  ” ( i’m going to play for you )


I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BUILDING. The next bunch of posts are all going to be from the same building. They are super weird studios with little closet bedrooms. someone in my office is listing one of these studios and it has ALL original light fixtures and windows and everything. it’s going to be a series - watch the mayfair manor tag to see other units in the building.


Seattle, WA

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Hello~ Any black haired uke? Or a soft Seme who is only rough during sex Not including Elektel delusion :) Thank you~

Hi there! I had to thought really hard to check which manga I read meet terms of “soft seme who is only rough during sex” haha :D

Here is what I found:

For the black haired uke there is actually a lot - but I choose good ones for you :)


I probably missed something but I can’t find anything more… ;)

Apartment - Part 1 (Jungkook Smut)

Word Count: 2,219

Summary: You moved into a new apartment. You have a perfect view of a neighbor across the building. You’re intrigued by him and watch his every move.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

“Hey! I’m just making my way in now. I had dinner with Rutuni so I’m good for tonight’ You laughed as you spoke to your friend over the phone. You managed to juggle a large box under your arm, a phone that was being held by the side of our head and shoulder and using your other hand to press the code of the door to let you inside your new apartment. The door buzzed and played a short electronic melody as you walked in.

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Alternate universe? Shared memory?

Hey, I don`t submit things too terribly often, so I apologize if I`m breaking some sort of protocol. After reading your post on the Berenstain Bears (I grew up with “Stain” personally) I was reminded of an incident from my early childhood:

I was out with my mom in Tacoma, WA - my hometown. We were visiting her favorite thrift stores and the odd yard sale here and there before we stopped for lunch at a Taco bell near 6th Avenue. I remember what I had, even - a chicken Quesadilla, no sauce. We sat near the window and since I was a young child I was playing with a toy radio I had picked up at a (now closed) thrift store on 6th ave proper. Nothing of note happened until I was in my early teenage years and we drove past the building. It was an actual Mexican restaurant at this time, not a link in the chain of bad, Americanized “Mexican” food. Anyways, I mentioned the story and mom looked at me aghast. She said that it had never been a Taco Bell in my life. She went on to say that my story coincides perfectly with an experience she had with a cousin of mine who now teaches disabled kids in Southern California. I still vividly remember it, which side of the booth I sat on, where I was looking down the street past the window. I don`t believe my cousin is aware of this shared memory, she`s at least a decade my elder.

It’s that time again

A few things since the chapter 27 scanalation is out:

  • Let’s start with the color pages, which are gorgeous. I especially like that Yashiro - who has a nonstop sexual appetite - got worn out by Doumeki, who wants to continue. That makes me irrationally happy; as does Doumeki’s need to bind himself to Yashiro.
  • I know we’re all hype that Ryuuzaki’s name is Atsushi, but we also got a name for Chesnut Dude and friend: Amaguri & Co. I’m sure we’ll see more of them since they’re sort of Yashiro’s private army now.
  • Speaking of Hirata, I love how people can just get casually stabbed in this chapter and walk around for awhile like everything is fine. Seriously though how do Hirata and Ryuuzaki stand/sit that long with a stab wound? I know Yashiro is gorgeous but he really made Ryuuzaki forget that he was bleeding? None of that is normal. 
  • And now that Hirata is healing where will the plot go? Back to Yashiro/Doumeki for a bit and we’ll get to see the resolution of Yashiro leaving. I hope Yoneda Kou does what she usually does and surprises us, even thought he left maybe Yashiro will be more responsive to Doumeki than we think? *prays* 
  • Besides, Hirata just gave something very dangerous to Yashiro: time to think. My Flawless Son is strategic and he’ll probably come up with a plan to get Hirata right where he wants him. So far he’s survived getting shot, stolen Hirata’s men, wrecked Hirata’s drug plot (which was going to get him money/position in a new family), and now Hirata’s whole game is out. They know Hirata’s motives and his hiding spots too; he’s running out of options. 
  • Yashiro looking out the window away from Ryuuzaki as Ryuuzaki studies him is one of the many deep parallels to chapter 14. I really like what Yashiro says, that if he was a woman, things would be less complicated; he knows how Ryuuzaki feels. BTW their give-and-take about Yashiro’s loose ass had me in stitches.
  • I love that Yashiro is so beautiful that he makes men mad. Ryuuzaki was angry about Yashiro’s beauty as he lost consciousness, and when Misumi first saw Yashiro he got angry too.
  • And, as usual, I get punchy when I scanalate:

Imagine keeping your favorite turtle warm in the winter. It’s incredibly cold out and the poor boys are suffering horribly!

Leonardo would need tea and you’re more then happy to make it for him. You stock up on all sorts of tea leaves and use your favorite cups; the one Master Splinter gave him and you’re bluebell one. He huddles under the blankets as the kettle boils, trying not to look quite so miserable.
“Here you are. Do you need another blanket?”
“No…well, maybe. Yes.”
You smile to yourself and rush off to find him another cozy quilt.

Speaking of quilts! You have mounds of them stored away, in bright and colorful patterns and themes. And it’s a good thing too, because Raphael really needs them!
So you pull them all out and pack them tight and warm, with the two of you snuggled in between it all. Raphael holds you close, embracing your warmth, and buries his face in your hair.
“Feeling warmer?” you ask.
He takes a breath, smelling your conditioner, and smiles.
“Yeah, tiger.”
You kiss his cheek, smiling as he holds you tighter. Perhaps the season wasn’t all bad…

Donatello has about twenty heaters and blankets and everything a turtle needs so you didn’t think he would need anything from you (which did actually make you feel a bit down).
So you’re surprised when he comes to visit. You had been in the middle of baking cookies and your apartment is toasty and smells of cinnamon. You see a shivering Donatello climbing in and nearly drop The tray you were holding.
“Donnie! What are you doing?! Get in here.”
You shut the window and Donnie climbs into your bed, stealing your favorite blanket.
“I-I miss-missed you, Y-Y/N.”
Oh. Oh! It was very sweet and very stupid. So you give him the biggest cookie and more blankets and a kiss, because you love him.

Michealangelo stays over by accident. It was snowing and he wanted to visit you and maybe build a snowman and the whole shebang ends with him being herded inside.
“Mikey, what were you thinking?! It’s six degrees out there.”
“I’m s-sorry, baby. I wa-wanted to s-see you…”
Who can resist such a sweetheart? So you pull out some extra blankets and pillows, just for him. You make some hot chocolate, grab some cookies, and put on Home Alone (his favorite).
And Mikey absolutely adores the attention and probably sends a few smug selfies to his brothers.


Characters: Tom Holland - Y/N

Request“can you write one of tom comforting you after a nightmare? please!!!” - anon

Notes: Cute, fluffy imagine 


You feel like you can’t breathe.

You can’t see.

You can’t hear anything.

“Please,” you beg.

An ear splitting scream suddenly reaches your ears, making your skin crawl. A dark, evil chuckle follows. Somehow, that chuckle sounds familiar.

“Your turn little one,” the voice grumbles, sounding closer.

“No,” you cried.

You feel him stepping closer. Your heart is beating at your throat.

And then you see the flash of a knife…


You’re sitting up in on your bed, sweat plastering your hair onto your neck. You’re breathing hard and shaking. You reach up to your face and wipe the wet tears on your cheeks.

You turn to your side and immediately grab your phone. The time flashes 2:37 AM. You unlock your phone and pray he wakes up.

You send him a quick text, “Can you please come over?”

You lock your phone and bring your knees up to your chest, hugging them as you try to calm down. But flashes of the nightmare keep coming back and it starts to make you anxious.

You check your phone once again. No reply.

“Damn it!” You curse and decide to call him instead. You feel bad but he’s the only person that you can think of right now who can help.

You dial and place your phone in your ear, your legs shaking. The tone dials and dials for what seems like forever until the line picks up.


His mere groggy voice helps your heart calm down.

“Tom, I’m sorry.” Your voice comes out shaky. “I had a- Can you come over? Please?”

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” You hear the ruffling of his bed.

“Just come over, please?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m on my way. Unlock your window?”

You nod. “Yes. I will. Thank you.”

“See you in a bit, love.”

You hang up and get up from bed. You head straight to your window and unlock it, just like you always do when he comes over. You stay by the window and begin to pace back and forth. You hand goes up to your throat as you remember how you felt like you couldn’t breathe in the nightmare.

A few minutes later and a shadow sweeps outside your window. Although you know who it is, you can’t help the panic that creeps up your chest. You watch him as he pulls up the window and crawls gracefully inside. He closes the window as quietly as he can and turns to face you.

He’s wearing a simple shirt, sweatpants, and his old nike shoes. Some of his curls are standing on end, confirming that he came as soon as you called him. His eyes roamed over your face and you could see worry in them.

“Y/N,” he begins but you run up to him, interrupting what he was going to say.

You slam into him, your arms wrapping themselves around his back. You hold him tightly as you press your face on his chest and then the tears come. You feel his own arms wrap around you, his cheek laying on top of your head.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here. Hey, hey, hey,” he mutters as you begin to sob. “I’m here now. You’re okay.”

His fingers caress the back of your head repeatedly. You begin to breathe deeply, calming your tears. You sniff and swallow before pulling back to look up at him.

“I’m sorry I woke you up. I just- It felt so real. It was worse than last time,” you whisper to him.

His eyebrows are furrowed as he gazes down at you. One of his hands holds your cheek as his thumb wipes away your tears. “No one is ever going to hurt you. Not when I’m here.”

He gives you your favorite smile and you can’t help but smile back. You instantly feel so much better. You think about all the times he’s been here for you. How happy he makes you when he’s around.

“Thank you,” you mutter and then step back. “I really am sorry I woke you. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” You hold your hands together in front of you and smile softly at him.

“What?” He gives you a confused look. “Do you think I’m going to leave now?” He asks, pointing behind him to the window.

“Um.. no?” You say but it comes out as a question.

He chuckles, making your heart melt. “You think I’d risk you having another nightmare without me? You can make it up to me right now, by allowing me to sleep with you.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t wa-”

“But I do want to, Y/N.” He steps towards you, his hands finding your face. “I meant it when I said that I won’t let anything hurt you. Not even a nightmare.”

You smile and eventually nod. He takes your hand and pulls you towards your bed. He pulls back the covers and waits for you to get in. He follows in after you, pulling the covers over both of you.

You lay on one side of the bed and watch him intently, suddenly feeling nervous. He adjusts himself, turning this way and that and it makes you laugh. You push his shoulder, “Stay still already!”

He laughs with you and finally stills, facing you. He watches you and you draw the covers up to your face.

“What? Are you afraid of me now? Come here.” He pulls you by the waist towards him. You feel his body pressed up against yours, his warmth covering you. His arm snakes underneath you so that your head falls on his shoulder. “Comfortable?” He asks.

You nod, smiling big. The nightmare is long gone from your mind, the boy laying with you, protecting you, replacing the fear.

His fingers find your chin and he tilts your head back so that you look into his bright eyes, even though darkness surrounds both of you. He leans forward and your heart starts going into overdrive. You close your eyes and his warm lips press on your forehead. You sigh, but not from disappointment, but from complete content, complete bliss.

You cuddle closer to him, smelling him in like therapy. You close your eyes and feel yourself giving in to sleep.

“Goodnight, love. I’ll take you out for breakfast in the morning,” you hear him whisper into your hair.

And you slowly fall asleep, your dreamcatcher keeping the nightmares at bay.

Mother Nature

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

     Everyone is wondering why Tony Stark recruited you.  With Tony being the only one who knew what your power was, you were always bombarded with one question: What the hell is your power? So, when Bucky asks you nicely, you show him.

Warnings: swearing, violence
Word Count: 2,360

    “C’mon, can’t you just tell us?” Clint slouched deeper into the couch as you refused for the millionth time.

    “Why won’t you show us? It’s pretty weird if your team doesn’t know what you can do,” Steve explained.  You were all seated in a circle, relaxing and drinking.  This was your day off and everyone was taking advantage of that.

    “I don’t want you guys to know.  Then the element of surprise would be no more,” you joked, chugging the last of your red wine and asking Nat for the bottle.  You smirked as Thor laughed and announced that he knew what your power was.  

    “Oh, really? Hint at it,” you pushed.  Thor straightened up and pointed at you. “Let’s just say all things green and beautiful blossom at their finest when you are around,” he stated.  You smiled and gave him a thumbs up.  That was the closest anyone had gotten to guessing your power.  You assumed, however, that Thor really did know.  Tony didn’t understand why you wanted to keep your power hidden from the rest of the group but he agreed to it after seeing how in distress everyone was becoming.  

    “So beautiful,” Tony agreed.  “Guess you guys will find out when Y/N comes on the mission with us tomorrow.”

    Your eyes widened.  “I get to go? Are you serious? You never let me go!” You were overjoyed, bouncing in your seat and gripping Bucky’s shoulders as you continued your happy dance.

    “What? No fair! You never bring me along, Mr. Stark!” Peter whined.  You giggled and winked over to the kid.  “Maybe it’s because my powers are cooler.”

    Peter scoffed and leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

    “Your Aunt May said you have a midterm this week,” Tony raised his hands up in defense. “Sucks to be you.”

    Peter whined some more but you drowned him out.  You were so giddy you hadn’t even noticed you were still hopping with Bucky.  You were practically in his lap.  

    “Who else is going?” Steve asked, seeming to enjoy your lively behavior.  

    “Me, Nat, Bucky, Y/N, and Sam,” Tony said.  You were even more happy hearing Bucky’s name.  You and Bucky had been flirting for the past month and your relationship with each other was to be announced.

    “Guess you guys will be the ones to find out!” you cheered, standing up and dusting yourself off.  “I’m heading to bed. Come tuck me in, Buck.”

     Everyone in the room either scoffed, rolled their eyes, smirked, or whistled.  They knew nothing romantic was happening yet between Bucky and yourself but they assumed something would happen soon.  Bucky’s cheeks went red at the sound of your request but he followed.

    Pulling him into his own room, you giggled some more and flew into his bed.  You laid on your stomach, all sprawled out and hugging the pillows.  

    “Guess you’re pretty excited about tomorrow, huh?” Bucky chuckled, sitting at the edge of the bed with his back facing you.  You rolled over and tugged on his shoulders.  Bucky now lay on his back and could catch glimpses of you from the corner of his eye.  

    “It’s my first one! Let me have this moment,” you protested, your giggling never stopping.  

    “I wasn’t taking it away from you.” Bucky reached up and pulled your head down.  You let him guide you.  Your lips met and your nose nudged his chin but it didn’t stop you from cupping his cheeks.  After a few seconds, you sat back up and watched Bucky sit up with you.  With him now facing you, you could see just how beautiful he was in the dimly lit room.  

     “What are you looking at?” Bucky smiled.  You leaned in for a kiss again and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.  You smiled into the kiss when you felt Bucky’s arm reaching below your hips.  You grabbed his arms and tugged them away, Bucky taking that as a sign on rejection.  But, you quickly repositioned his hands on your breasts.  Bucky choked on air and you laughed so loud you were sure they all heard you downstairs.

    “I wasn’t expecting that,” Bucky chuckled, his cheeks redder than ever before.  He removed his hands and placed them in his lap.  The silence in the room was comfortable, the both of you simply enjoying each other’s company.  

    After tracing his face and playing with the tips of his hair, Bucky asked you the repetitive question.  

    “What is your power?”

    You chuckled and pecked his lips.  “You just can’t wait until tomorrow, can you?”

    “No, I’m curious.  Way too curious,” Bucky whined.  You stood your ground and shook your head no.  

    That was when Bucky did the unexpected.  He sighed and looked down, taking a few moments before he raised his head with the greatest, most convincing pout anyone had ever presented to you.  

    “Oh, stop!” you swatted his shoulder.  He only sighed deeper and slouched further.  You sighed with him.  “Can’t you just wait?”

    “I thought I was special,” Bucky teased.  Your mouth was agape but you bit your lip to prevent another loud laugh from slipping through your lips.  

    “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” You hadn’t even finished the sentence before Bucky smiled the widest smile and hugged you tightly.  You grunted and pushed him away softly.  “You want to know or not?”

    “Yes, yes! Please!” Bucky shooed you off the bed so you could show him.

     You rolled your eyes and looked at the corner of the room.  Before you did anything, you spoke up and warned him.

    “Okay, it’s going to look gruesome only because I’m not wearing my suit and you can see everything.”

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you going to implode or some shit?” Bucky asked, worry etched all over his face.  You giggled for the hundredth time that night.  You were positive it was the wine that was making you reveal your powers in the first place.  

    “No! It just looks weird and painful but it isn’t.  I’m not dying, okay?  I had to catch my mom when she fainted when I first showed her,” you replied.  Bucky only nodded, still worried.

    You glanced at the corner of his room and gracefully lifted your arms midway in the air.  Tiny brown and black lines appeared all over your arms and chest.  As they grew and stretched further, they curled and twirled around each other, forming beautiful sketches of vines and flowers.  Bucky’s eyes couldn’t widen any further.  He was so amazed by what he was witnessing and it wasn’t even the main event.  Bucky’s attention broke from your gorgeous body when he heard a rumble in the corner of the room.  

    You turned your arms and lifted your hands and fingers slowly.  Dirt appeared on the floor and stretched out, stopping a few feet away from Bucky’s bed.  Gracefully moving your hand, you outstretched it and slowly curled each finger.  Once your hand was in a fist, you turned your arm quickly and opened your hand, swiping it across the air.

    As you did this, roots and stumps were beginning to appear.  They grew quickly, forming into an apple tree.  The tree reached the ceiling and you continued its travel, curving the branches so they could continue their journey to each corner of Bucky’s room.  Flowers and fruits hung from several branches, each more colorful than the one created before them.  You encased each corner of the room with your creation, wrapping the end of it back onto the main tree.  You sighed happily and clapped your hands together when you turned to face a wide-eyed Bucky.  

    Bucky stuttered at first, his mouth hanging open and his hands pushing hair from his face every so often.  He covered his face, squeezed his cheeks, wiped his eyes, and rubbed at his chin.  He couldn’t believe what just happened.

    “So?” you waited.  Bucky turned to you and cleared his throat.  

    “Fuuuuuuck,” he cursed.  You were satisfied with his response and went to kiss him goodnight.

    “That’s not even the best I can do,” you teased him, pecking his lips again.  

    “You could do more?” He was so impressed he couldn’t even form proper sentences.  You did amazing! I can’t believe I’m semi-dating a girl with this amazing power! Is this real? Holy shit!

    “So much more.  But you’ll find that out tomorrow,” you clicked your tongue and made for the exit.

    “Wait, aren’t you going to take this all down?” Bucky stood up, confusion written all over his face.

    You chuckled, “I create life, Buck.  Tearing it down would kill me on the inside.”

    Bucky pouted and sighed, “You’re a tree hugger?”

    You laughed at that.  “Goodnight, Bucky.”

    “Am I supposed to sleep with this?” Bucky yelled out to you.  “There aren’t any bugs, right?”


    Now, here you were, standing in the plane as the others fought on the ground.  You huffed, turning on your ear piece and talking to Bucky.

    “How you doin’?” you asked him, waiting a while before he replied.

    “We could really use a little help.  We heard they were sending dozens of more men to the roof and there’s only four of us down here,” Bucky replied, grunting each time he punched someone to the ground.  You opened the line for Sam, Nat, and Tony.  

    “Hey, guys?” you cocked your head to the side.  You told the pilot to lower the jet so you could step out onto the roof.

    “That jet better be here to pick us up,” Tony stated.  As you reached the roof, you could hear Sam flying passed the windows and Tony’s suit shooting at anything in his way.

    “Nah, I’m gonna kick some ass,” you replied.  

    “Y/N, no! There are too many of them and your power isn’t strong enough!” Bucky yelled.  You rolled your eyes as he continued to lecture you.  

    “What part of, ‘that’s not even the best I can do’, don’t you understand?” You smirked and stepped off the plane, watching as dozens of more men made their way onto the roof.  

    You walked passed Nat, Bucky, and Tony fighting, your eyes never tearing away from the stampede in front of you.  When you were half way to them, you crouched down to the floor and placed your palms on the concrete.

    “You better be sporting some Hulk type shit, Y/N or else you’re going to be roadkill,” Sam exclaimed.  You smirked again and focused on every person in front of you, careful to not trap the rest of the team as well.  

    “What are you doing?” You heard Bucky yelling but you drowned it out as the floor beneath you began shaking.  As if to answer Bucky’s question, roots and branches sprouted from the concrete.  Instead of curling gracefully like they did last night when you showed Bucky, the branches broke off one another and twisted devilishly.  You rose from the ground and curled your fingers in the same manner, looking as if you were crushing someone’s literal heart.  The branches swung down and grabbed any limb they could reach.  Every single person was pulled from the ground and crushed to the point of unrecognizable appearances.  You snapped necks, you broke backs, and you crushed their weapons.  

    Once you saw each one of them die, you peppered some white flowers all over each dangerous twist and swirl.  You marveled at your finished work.  

    The roof was quiet, the only sound was from the engine of the plane.  You turned to your team.

    “What the fuck was that?” Sam announced as he landed.  Sam hardly showed fear but from what you were seeing, he was shaking in his own skin.

    “That was incredible,” Nat stated.  She smiled and shook her head.  She high-fived you quickly, announcing that her “work here was done”, and made her way back to the plane.  Tony stood there with a proud smirk on his face.

    “I’m both amazed and frightened over what just happened.  I’m glad I recruited you.  Please show the rest of the team because I can’t keep this marvel a secret,” Tony explained, following Sam and Nat to the plane.  Bucky stood there not knowing what to say.  He looked at you and back at your masterpiece.  He thought he was astounded by what you showed him last night- he was shocked to witness this.  It was a privilege, he decided.

    “I am so hot for you right now,” Bucky admitted.  You snorted and skipped towards him, grabbing his arm and walking the rest of the way.  


    After Sam revealed what you did on that roof, every single person wanted to see you in action.  Steve was the first to coin your “superhero name”- Mother Nature.  You chuckled at the name but hey, it suited you.  You refused to show them just how brutal your power really was unless you were in combat.  For now, you littered the tower with plants and fruit trees. 

    You grew all kinds of fruits around the compound.  You smiled every time Peter would come up to you and ask you for an apple.  He only wanted to see you grow it.  You complied, growing the sweetest, reddest apple you could just for him.  He blushed each time, devouring it once he told you goodbye.  He wasn’t the only one.  

    Sam would ask for lemons to squeeze some fresh lemonade that morning.  Nat would ask for bananas and grapes.  Scott would ask for oranges.  You were everyone’s new grocery store.  

    You didn’t mind.  It was nice when everyone would ask nicely and shy away when they thought you would say no.  You always said yes, though.

    Bucky didn’t ask for anything.  Instead, he loved watching the brown and black lines stretch all over your body, minus your face.  He would trace each twirl as you lay tangled in his sheets, the both of you naked.  As he marveled at your body, you marveled at his.  

    For some reason, a reason you both knew very well to be true- the two of you would always get the best night’s sleep when your body art would sneak its way onto his metal arm, creating swirls Bucky absolutely gushed over.  

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16 boyf riends

(Boyf Riends 16) “I found you–in the bathroom at a formal event, crying in the bathroom over how you saw yourself as ugly” (I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE ANON, I SEE IT AND I THINK ITS GREAT)

“You know…” Jeremy smiled as he fixed his tuxedo tie. “I never thought we’d make it here…” His eyes in awe as he took in the chandeliers and grand, gold and champagne paisley wall decals, this was easily the nicest place either boy had been.  “Prom.”

They made it to their senior prom, of course not without some flaw. Jeremy had missed his chance to ask Christine, who was already going with a group of girls as they either had passed up too many invitations or just got none. Michael, too, missed his chance in asking anyone out. So as per usual, the friends were together again. “This is going to be nuts…” Michael muttered to himself, and then nodded. He pinched both sides of his bowtie and ran a hand through his hair. “Let’s make this the best night two bros can have!” They were dateless, sure, but they survived to see their senior prom.

Jeremy watched Michael bolt through the crowd of fancily dressed teenage students and smiled. His best friend cleaned up pretty nice in a red suede suit and bowtie. It wasn’t until he lost Michael on his sprint towards the pier side ballroom that Jeremy felt a sweat start up. “MICHAEL! WA-WAIT!” He gulped narrowing tripping over some girl’s excessively long gown. “S-sorry” He gulped, holding up his hands defensively as her date gave Heere a look that made him want to disappear. Squip-less Jeremy was working on the little dexterity he was known for. He followed the herd to the ballroom, ooh’ing and awe’ing at the dome shaped room, wall to ceiling windows giving them a perfect view of the riverside pier.

It wasn’t long before this elegant ballroom turned into a massive, grinding house party. There was something visually jarring watching formally dressed teens turn into gyrating, jittering juveniles who were most likely looking to get a little something-something at the end of the night. Jeremy felt himself nervously swaying side to side, off beat, as he tried to locate safety.

His body was a small boat lost in a sea of yachts. He was barely keeping himself up as beautiful, massive ships swayed and moved along the endless ocean of a dance floor. “Jeremy!” Called a beautiful red buoy in a bowtie coming to his way, he drew a small breath of relief. He stopped swaying by the time Michael reunited with him. “They have milkshake SHOTS” Michael beamed chugging a small glass of pure dairy goodness down. “The music is kinda lame, what the top fuckboy hits of 2017?”

“H-Heh yeah…” Jeremy rubbed his arm a bit; usually he felt a little more ease being around Michael. Something about the atmosphere was off putting. Maybe it was something about the music? Or the fact they were two dateless guys. Or perhaps how good Michael looked in his suit, clean cut, bright smile, and the red was the same shade of Jeremy’s favorite drink.

“You ok? You look…” Michael looked Jeremy up and down, enjoying how nice he looked in a plain black suit with a red tie. Shame his look didn’t match the expression he wore; his delicate, wispy brown brows furrowed forming a small ‘v’ wrinkle between them. Michael wanted to iron out the worried line with his thumb…but … “You look constipated” Jeremy internally flinched. Was it that obvious he was uncomfortable? “We can bounce you know, prom isn’t that great, the food looks meh at best. We can –“

“No, no!” Jeremy didn’t drag Michael out to prom just to bail. He wanted to be here. He really did, there was just something bothering him. It had been since they purchased the tickets and the suits together. “Actually, I think you might be on to something.” He chuckled, looking for a good out, thankfully even when Michael didn’t mean to he managed to give Jeremy an escape route from this boss battle. “I’m going to hit the bathroom.”

“O-Ok Jeremy…” Michael watched as his small, lanky friend spun on his heel and zipped through the dancing crowds. He weaseled his way through densely packed bodies. He left a train of ‘sorrys’ and ‘excuse mes’ as he bumped and weaved to the opposite end of the dance floor. He kept his eyes on the floor worried his big feet would catch something, a dress or someone’s heels, and send him careening to the floor. The last thing he needed was to fall flat on his face.

Without taking his eyes off the floor he hurried into the bathroom and sighed. Why was this not as great as he thought? What was throwing him off? “Come on…prom…this is fun” He glared at his reflection in the mirror, his blue eyes focusing everything in him to bring a pleasant feeling…that was until the door opened. He jumped at the sight of Christine waddling in her red dress. “C-C-Chri-nn?!” Jeremy’s voice cracked so bad the rest of her name got lost somewhere between his throat and his lips.

“Jeremy what are you doing hanging out in the girls’ bathroom? At a formal event?” She blinked a few times, “doesn’t matter do you have a pin or something—of course you don’t who would. UGH” She rubbed her face and groaned.

“W-What’s wrong?”

Christine turned fully and exposed her ripped lacing ribbon to her corset top. “I have no idea how I managed to rip the STRING to the corset…I’ve been asking around for pins or anything to keep my top from falling off…” Her voice sounded so defeated and low, it was unlike her. “So much for prom huh…”

Jeremy bit the inside of his cheek, he mulled over solutions for a second before glancing down at his thin, neck tie. “Hey…” He slowly undid his tie and folded it in half length wise. “You think this might work?”

Willing to try Jeremy positioned himself by the sinks while Christine stood in front of him with her back to him. He started threading the tie like a new string, lacing her back up with care.

“I saw Michael out there, he looks really neat. He was taking to Rich.” She giggled, “did you come here with Michael ?”

“Yup, just bros flying solo.” Jeremy muttered, he was more than aware how nice Michael cleaned up for prom. “I’m surprised he’s having so much fun…” Prom was more Jeremy’s idea, Michael agreed because they were both dateless…and Jeremy was in need of some moral support tonight.

“Oh…really? I thought…” She paused but didn’t let the thought die, much to Jeremy’s dismay. “I thought you guys came together, you know…but it makes sense. Why not, you two are just friends right? Must be nice to just hang with your friends.” Christine chimed her voice back to its chipper tone.  Once Jeremy was done she spun around and paused. “You should probably get out of the girl’s bathroom…and join us, maybe you can squeeze a little boogey-oogy- woogy time. I might ask Michael to dance since we’re going twinsies on the red.”

“Y-Yea sure.” He watched Christine, in her newly laced dress exit. She looked equally as amazing in red. Jeremy could picture Christine and Michael dancing together. A perfect red pair of bubbling smiles and giggles…he felt envy build up inside him the longer he thought about how much fun Michael was having. How well he was blending in. The last party Jeremy was at, Michael had stowed away and wasn’t anywhere to be seen for the longest time.

Jeremy looked over his shoulder and felt heat build around his face. His eyes started to water when a very old and familiar thought crossed his mind. “You look like shit.” He whispered to himself. Just as he sniffled back the heated tears the door swung open.

“Jeremy! There you are” Michael laughed, “dude why are you in the girl’s bathroom, by yourself? At…prom?” Michael’s smile was forced, one look and he felt an old memory surface. Being alone in the bathroom with a sorry face? Michael knew that feeling a little too well. “You ok? You look…well did you at least use the bathroom?” He thumbed to one of the stalls. “Or are you planning on using the little boy’s room?”

“I’m…” Jeremy sighed, “I’m not fine.” He admitted softly. “…this sucks.”

“This was your idea, its prom, we have no dates of course it sucks.” Michael chuckled, “but hey we’re …in it together, right?”

“Oh yeah, that makes me feel better” Jeremy groaned, “Going to Prom with my bro who looks ten times better than me.” Who gave Michael the right to look nice? And why was he saying “my bro” like it was a bad thing. Why…did prom feel so strange all of the sudden. He felt a hand touch his shoulder and slowly he brought his eyes up to Michael’s.

“Don’t tell me you’re crying in the bathroom because you see yourself as ugly?” He spoke softly, “Jeremy you look great, any girl out there would be stoked to dance with you. Like man, you’re like …suaver than 007 in Goldeneye cover! You’re like…” He started to babble and ramble, Jeremy felt his cheeks flush a bit.

“I don’t want to dance with anybody out there…” He kept his eyes on the tiled ground. “…I don’t know I just do think its … we’re here together so are we really ‘dateless’?”

“ I guess…I mean…” Michael’s babbling was now cut short. The silence hung heavy; there was a strange understanding happening. Michael started to realize what about prom wasn’t jiving well with Jeremy. Neither knew how to say it, how to cross that line of verbalizing that feeling. Suddenly the blasting bass sounds died into a slow, ancient ballad. “Heh Whitney…”

“Bet everyone on the dance floor is screaming the lyrics out..” Jeremy added, it was a slow dance song. He looked back at Michael after staring off towards the door and noticed there was a clammy, shaky hand outstretched towards him. Michael didn’t say a word, nor did Jeremy. He kept staring at the hand as the song ticked by. Slowly Jeremy placed his hand in Michael’s, after waiting so long he flinched before grasping his hand.

Michael wasn’t sure how to hold Jeremy…his heart made it hard to keep beat with the song. They settled on awkwardly holding each other’s waist and swaying back and forth.

“I’m glad.” Jeremy spoke up, “I’m glad I’m here with my favorite person…” He kept his head down, his face redder than Michael’s suit.

Jeremy might have said this before but it sounded so much more…than before. No this was different this was…Instead of saying the millions of things he could have said Michael opened his mouth and started to sing, off key, “…I don’t have to look, very much further. I don’t wanna have to go where you don’t followwww

“Oh jeez, Michael, I’m trying to say like…” This was what he was missing, the worries slid away from him. A truly genuine smile formed on Jeremy’s nervous and slightly sweaty face. He didn’t want to be dateless at prom, he didn’t want to be here with his bro…He wanted to be here with Michael. Jeremy couldn’t get another word past Michael who was belting every note as if to drown out the giddiness. “God, Michael…” Jeremy cautiously leaned into Michael’s chest and resorted to hugging him as they swayed to the Whitney Houston song in the middle of the girl’s bathroom.

Slowly, Michael’s arms wrapped around Jeremy’s small frame and locked him into a tight hug.

Tonight, Michael wasn’t alone in the bathroom.


Summary: bucky forgets but your love can make him come back to you.

Warnings: angst, fluff, language, break down + lots of crying (its not as bad as it looks like)

Pairing : Bucky x reader x a bit of Steve

A/n: thus is only a little something which I’m not sure about… As always… So leave feedback!!! Pretty please😊😘

When you chose to stay with bucky you knew what was possible to happen. He could have had a nightmare. He could have hurt you. He could have killed you. You knew all these things could have happened but none of those imaginations could’ve ever stopped you from loving him. No matter what he would have done, you would have forgave him. Although, what did happen was much worse than anything that you ever could’ve expected. 

You lay awake thinking as you heard soft whispers coming from the person besides you. You listened closely trying yo make out if it was a nightmare or a good dream he was having. 

You turned a little so you could face Bucky and in that moment the whispers dyed down. You looked from his lips up to his eyes and jumped a bit as you saw him intensely starring at you. His eyes twitched to your left hand brought up by you to touch and gently stroke his cheek.

 He flinched away at the slightest touch, your skin touched his, your fingers feeling like a feather. You didn’t even touch him properly but he flinched away as if you just sent a hit straight to his face. 

He looked at you in horror , eyes wide opened and lips pressed together in a tight line making concern wash over your features. 

You forced your tired body to slowly sit up and narrow your burning eyes so you could see something In the dark of the night. Your lids tried to fall close but you didn’t let them as you stared down at bucky. 

You attempted to touch him, to reassure him, to make him believe you were real but all your attempts got declined by him. He just laid back down onto his back staring at the emptiness of the blank ceiling.

You knew you shouldn’t talk to him when he was in this state, the danger about him thinking you we’re hydra and only wanted to fool him was too big, but you didn’t know what else to do. You tried to choose your words wisely as they came out of your mouth just above a whisper. 

“Bucky… Can you talk to me?“ 

You knew you didn’t have to ask if he was alright, you saw he wasn’t but after he just continued laying down and staring at the ceiling without even acknowledging you, your whole body started to tense up and you got really concerned and worried.

“Bucky I need you to talk to me” you urged now making him turn his head to you in a fast motion as if you snapped him out of his daze.

 His eyes grew wide once again and he looked at your face before slowly getting of and out of the bed. “I don’t know you… What are you doing here ?” He whispered in confusion. 

You chuckled “yeah very funny babe" 

You watched him shift his position and waited for him to come back to bed, but he never came.

 Your brows furrowed and you, once again, sat there with worries written all over your face. 

“That was a joke right ?” You asked hopeful. 

“What was?” He answered eyeing you up and down in fear and horror.

And you felt the tears brimming. And the throat tightening. And the words disappearing. Your mind went blank and you didn’t know what to do. 

Suddenly your body felt numb. 

It was that brief second in which everything around you, everything that seemed to be alright, went back to the bad. And the happy end was not in sight anymore. 

The tears fell from your eyes.

It clicked, this was the moment you knew would come eventually. Everything seemed good. There is never something good.

It just wasn’t fair. That all of this always happened to you. It just wasn’t fair.

You slowly got out of bed making bucky take a step backwards with every step you took forwards. Your eyes stayed on his the whole time still seeking for any glimpse of shine to show you that you didn’t loose him entirely. 

There wasn’t anything, not what you hoped.

You walked to the door looking one last time over your shoulder at bucky who was staring at you in alert. 

You forced your glance away and opened the door stepping out of the room and into the hallway. 

“Friday make sure Sargent Barnes stays in the room” you ordered while walking down the hallway with a blank stare.

“Of course muss (y/l/n)”

The tears dried down and your eyes became cold as your mind started thinking back. 

Everything was hydras fault. Just everything. You were happy for once, the only one that could give you this happiness was Bucky. 

And they destroyed it again

You knocked at the too familiar door, softly but loud enough for him to hear.


“Come in”

 You heard Steve say through the wooden door. Stepping in you immediately broke down again right next to the door making Steve rush over to you and pic you up.

He picked you up and carried you over and onto his bed he knew bucky wouldn’t like to see this but he didn’t know what to do.

He rocked you. Back. And forth. 

Waiting for your tears to dry and your sobs to die down. And as they did, oh as they did he could not believe what you told him. 

As they did he wished they wouldn’t have.

As they did he wanted all of this to be a dream.

As they did he looked at you. And he stopped being angry because all of the pain his friend had to go through. 

Because when he looked into your eyes , he saw all the love and all the hope that slowly began to fade. He saw everything you built up fall apart and he saw all the walls Bucky managed to put down, coming up again. 

When he looked up he became sad. For all the pain you had to go through.

Steve didn’t want that. You didn’t want that either. So all that was left for you to do was hold together and do what you could.

He surrounded you in a tight hug, feeling your salty tears which ran down your cheeks in silence on his shirt which you gripped tightly.

You cried quietly staring blankly against the wall as you held onto Steve, you felt yourself slipping and you didn’t know what to do until, you let go.

You didn’t hold into your anger, your sadness, your desperation anymore. You let go and slowly felt yourself fall to sleep, the last thing you felt was how the tight grip around you loosened and the arms disappeared.

You woke up in a foreign yet familiar room. You stirred, slightly overwhelmed by the situation as you began to remember. 

You blinked away from the sunlight floating into the room as you sat up on the bed. You looked around. 

You were Alone.

You stood up hoping it was a dream. Hoping all of this was not real.

You knew it was.

Your steps were quiet and slow as you walked down the hallway head hanging low and eyes focusing on nothing in particular just like your ears.

You heard the chit chat , the beeping of the coffee machine and clinging of forks against plates but you didn’t focus on any of that. 

It was as if all of that got blocked out by your mind at it suddenly was just you left in the hall. 

You looked up to the quietness just as you stood in front of your door.

There was nothing. You saw nothing.

Everything was a blur. The noises were gone. And you still felt numb. All you heard was your blood rushing in your ears and your heart beating against your chest. 

You were so afraid to open the door. It was no use though and you knew it. You pushed the handle down and the beating sound picked up and got much faster, the room starting to clear up around you and when you saw the room was empty the ground seemed to be ripped away from under your feet. 

Suddenly everything seemed to be so far away. And you felt yourself loose consciousness and then your hand flew up to the door frame trying to find any kind of support before falling down, but it didn’t help. Not at all.

The next time you wake up you lay in your own bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets that smelled like bucky. They had this sent lingering on them that made you want to throw up, but not because it smelled bad. Because you didn’t know what happened to him or where he is AMD every memory to him makes your stomach turn upsidedown, your eyes burn and fill with tears and your mind race with thousands of worst case scenarios.

As you looked over at the clock you saw it was already late in the afternoon and you jumped out of bed, feeling dizzy from the fast movement but you didn’t care, you stomped out of the room, not becaysetyou were angry.

As you reached the kitchen there was no one, and in the gym was no one, and in the common room was no one.

You were all alone, no one was home.

You wanted to see bucky. You wanted to see him so bad. And that’s when you remembered something.

“Friday? Where are the rest of the avengers?”

“They had to leave for a highly classified mission, everyone was needed”

“And where is bucky”

“He is in level 19. containment base.”

You gasped and looked at the ceiling wide eyed. 

“Thank you Friday” you shouted as you made your way to the elevator quickly and pushed the right button.

As you rode down everything started to twist and turn again, your throat went dry and your fingers played with one another. This time you didn’t allow yourself to fall over again. You just couldn’t.

You reached floor 19 in a matter of seconds and stepped out of the elevator only to be met with cold and monotone surroundings managing it to make your mood drop further down. 

You walked on the cold hard floor your shoes clicking against it every now and then. You looked around the room , all the glass cells were empty. You wondered where bucky was until you rounded a corner and saw a heavy door.

You stepped into the room and saw a big window which you knew was a mirror on the other side of the room. 

Your steps were cautious, quiet, actually not wanting to see what was going on on the other side. 

As you stood just in front the window you saw him, sitting in a corner.

Face full of fear as he rocked back and forth.

There was nothing for him to forget his fear. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white cloth. 

All he had was a bed, a table with a chair and a separated bathroom. 

You couldn’t take it anymore, seeing the love of your live so helpless, so empty and not being able to do anything against it. 

You stepped to the side walking over to the door opening it.

His head shot up to you and you smiled at him weakly, you weren’t afraid. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm you.

His eyes looked into yours with fear and he noticed the tears that streamed down your face. 

He didn’t understand you smiled and cried all at the same time. 

He didn’t understand.

You kneeled down besides him slowly wanting to see if he would let you or not, but when he did nothing to stop you 

, you turned over and sat next to him leaning your head back against the wall and wrapping your hands around his right arm. 

You sat there in silence for a while, you already wondered when he would push you away. It was a wonder that he let you touch him.

But you actually didn’t care, you laid your head onto his shoulder and you felt his whole body tensing but you didn’t care. Your tears fell onto his dark blue shirt and you gripped onto his arm more tightly afraid he would just leave you now.

The silence stayed for a while both of you just starring against the wall.

You felt him turning his head and looking down at you, but before anything else could happen the door was ripped open harshly and both of your heads shot up to see Steve standing in the doorway.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

He yelled. The anger in his eyes like flames, but yours didn’t show anything else.

You knew bucky was terrified, you could practically hear his heart racing as his whole body tensed and he gripped onto you. Out of pure comfort, probably not even noticing it.

“Steve, this is my boyfriend not yours, I can do whatever I want in here.”

You growled at him but your voice didn’t raise.

“Do you think its good for him that you are here ?!”

He snapped again. 

“But you can be here or what ?" 

You snapped back but you knew you had to comply anyway. You turned to bucky burying your face in his neck and whispering "I’ll come back tonight” for only him to hear. 

You pushed yourself up and stomped out of the room, sending daggers to Steve.


The night had come and you desperately wanted to go see bucky. You wanted him to remember who you were. 

You packed a little bag for him.

Only stuff that he needed like his journal and some pens.

You even packed your pillow in hopes that the smell could make him remember

You sneaked out of your room in silence and as you reached the elevator, you put the others on lockdown making sure they couldn’t follow you. 

You reached the floor and Bucky’s room opening and stepping in. 

Bucky saw you and he knew it was you but somehow he still flinched away as you sat down on the bed next to him.

“I brought you some stuff” you held the bag up and he eyed it suspiciously even though he couldn’t see anything.

“Friday can you turn on a light” and next to you a light was lit. You sat down on the floor in the middle of the room and pulled out your pillow looking up at Bucky already staring at you. 

You amazed him the first one who wasn’t  afraid, the first one coming here voluntary.

“Can you catch?” You asked. He nodded. You smiled.

You threw it over to him and he catches it letting it fall next to him in the bed.

The smell illuminated the room and he loved that sent. And he knew it. Where did he know it from.

You pulled his journal out and stood up standing in front of him and stretching your arm out for him to take it.

He took it from your hand  and you looked at him a moment before talking. 

“Do you want me to leave. I mean I would like to stay but we’d have to sleep in one bed and I don’t mind leaving.” You asked with slightly shaking voice.

“You can stay.” A whisper said.

Your eyes shot  up and all the surprise was shown on your face. 

You climbed into bed next to him, the small bed forced you to lay close together but none of you mind. 

You laid on your back staring into Bucky’s eyes as he hovered slightly over you. 

He didn’t know why he did that but he wanted to. He was comfortable around you. Just like that.

“I’ll have to leave early in the morning Steve doesn’t like me here.” You stated.

Bucky Nuzzled his face into your neck and mumbled “Steve can go fuck himself, and when captain small ass yells at my girlfriend only one more time I’ll break his face." 

He chuckled before resting his forehead against your jawline again.

You laughed along until… Captain small ass, girlfriend and yells sank in. You froze. You didn’t even know your hand still ran up and down his arm as you starred at the ceiling blankly.

"Did you watch game of thrones since I’m here, you know we watch it together.”

He asked completely unaware.

Your hand froze and suddenly you felt like throwing up again, suddenly everything was normal again and  the happiness seemed to hit you pretty hard.

“Oh my god” you whispered after your hand stopped running up and down his arm.

“What’s up doll?” He asked concerned.

“Oh my god”

He didn’t know what was going n until he  processed all his words. “Oh my god”

You starred at each other wide eyed. 

He kissed you passionately and so full of love you forgot that the world was turning for a moment. His left arm helping him keep his balance but his right hand touched your cheek ever so lightly as your lips melted together and danced in reunion.

You broke apart and he looked into your eyes deeply getting lost in their beauty.

“You made me remember.”

And he kissed you again long and loving.

Both of you made your  way up into your shared room hand in hand. 

Smiling to yourselves you snuggled up in bed together. 

Your head laid on his chest and his hand was around your back the other one pushing a strand of hair behind your ear and stroking your cheek like feathers running over your cheek. 

You listened to his steady heartbeat your hand laying on his chest lazily as your lips stayed in a tight smile and you closed your eyes. 

Bucky looked down at you being completely overwhelmed by you. 

You were so beautiful and so strong for both of you.

And in the moment where he noticed he was back with you, he knew he would never let you go. 

You were his anchor and it was all the love for you that made him come back. 

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