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Platonic LuffyxVivi fic where Luffy marries Vivi but not out of romantic interest, it’s just that she’s sick of people telling her she needs to get married so instead she’s like I’ll marry Luffy instead he’s a king after all, the Pirate King and also people won’t be as willing to attack us if they know the Pirate King is personally invested in the security of this nation.

Meanwhile Luffy is confused but goes along with it. He barely gets to see Vivi anyways so now they get to meet up more often. He doesn’t mind. Plus it means there’ll be a massive feast whenever he visits Alabasta, something he’s always down for.

Everyone on the crew thinks the entire situation is hilarious and throw themselves whole heartedly into the planning.

The wedding night involves Vivi explaining what was meant to happen between them in between fits of giggles. Then, while stifling their laughter, the two of them reenact that scene from Easy A where they pretend to have sex to fool everyone. They can’t contain their laughter though when Luffy accidentally lands too hard and breaks the bed. The staff are suitably impressed.

And as Luffy sits by her side making blunt comments and fiddling with the rings on her hand, Vivi is content. She has the advisors off her back, she’s married to one of her best friends who she knows will never expect anything more out of her than what they already have, and she’s free to practically rule Alabasta all by herself.

(Luffy’s never been interested in ruling, only in being free. As a born ruler Vivi could never quite understand this, her ties to her country were absolute. And yet, she would always admire Luffy for being the free spirit he was. And Luffy has always admired Vivi for her strength of will, and her passion for the people and things she loved. It’s why no matter the distance, no matter how many years, they would always be proud to call each other their friend.)

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O have never seen anything like your art it's amazing and makes me feel so many emotions at once happiness,saddness,anger,betral,lustful and hungry

hello!! thank you indeed it does tickle the amygdala! i too experience a variety of emotions in the creative process, such as the emotion of Fish Juice.

!! when u are want to massage ur emotion u can look at my art and feeling lots of feelings/ s\ffff[[[ffff????fff h yes!


happy birthday to the most charming boy 🐯


Sole: *appreciate companion* 

I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush

here is a loving hugging bear for those who are struggling now.

❤     ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ      ❤

Stay Strong Playlist

Hey everyone.

Needed now or whenever - I wrote down some songs that help me when I’m having a hard time.

The list goes on and on, but these are songs that came into my mind right now.

Feel free to save, share, whatever.

Please add songs in the comments that helped you / that you recommend.

Believe in ther power of music, it can save you when nothing else can. Music makes us one, music makes us strong.

Stay strong. I believe in you.

Stay Strong - Jooheon feat. FLOWSIK

Change - RM feat. Wale


Fighter - Monsta X

Little Me - Little Mix

Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

Walking The Wire - Imagine Dragons

OKAY - Jackson Wang

Catch Me If I Fall - Lu Han

Borders - AMBER (Amber Liu)

Saturn - Sleeping At Last

Sign Of The Times - Harry Styles

Strong - One Direction

Don’t Forget Where You Belong - One Direction

Miracles In December (Classic Orchestra Ver) - EXO

Fire - SHINee

Polemonium - Fewjar

Risen To A Flood - Fewjar

Lennon 2 - DAT ADAM

Not Today - Twenty One Pilots

Hey Jude (Beatles Cover) - Day6

Fix You - Coldplay

Astronaut - Simple Plan

I refuse - Simple Plan

It’s My Life / unplugged - Bon Jovi

Wake Me Up - B.A.P

Just Hold On - Louis Tomlinson feat. Steve Aoki