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Speedpainting done!

Happy 26th to Sonic! This blue boi has a special place in my heart. 

I may not draw him much anymore, but he is the main reason I started drawing and posting my art online. I made my first online friend through Sonic and he really helped me through tough school years. 

I also have really strong, fond memories of spending hours playing Sonic games with my siblings who I rarely get to see anymore due to adulting.

So yes, this one is a big part of my childhood and I’ll always love him.


The Old Bridge by Maureen Bracewell
Via Flickr:
The old pack horse bridge found on the road to Braemar through Glen Clunie, the old road goes over the bridge to the ancient military road and still carries a small amount of traffic.


For anyone who missed the whole 24 hours ☺️ ITS FINALLY UP❤️
Yes time to rewatch all joeck moments:)

Hello not to be annoying but im still gonna be annoying about this because cherry bomb got charted out on melon, naver and mnet again and they just dropped 24 ranks on genie!!! digital score is 45-55% of the total score for music show wins so let’s get their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 1000000th win! 

  • if you have genie passes from the physical albums you bought please use it well!

Y'ALL as a nu'est stan w dongho as my ult i have been through an emotional rollercoaster since friday, and i’m just so incredibly relieved for them now that everything is finally beginning to be resolved… just imagining what the boys have gone through during this time hurts so fucking much. pls continue to support nu'est as much as possible in any way you can, especially since they’ve been under so much stress as of late. give them all the love and support they deserve!!!!!


You thought I was done buying settei? So did I! But there had been a batch sitting there for a year, and I finally decided to risk it and hope there was enough new stuff included. Not terrible, it was just under 30 new-to-me sheets out of 70.

So to start out this new show and tell, we’ll take “S” Word Man for $400, Alex.

To go along with a big selection of giant slashy weapon guy art, there are two background pieces; a giant supercomputer monitor from the Space/Time facility in Ep. 32 and a normal desktop computer from Ep. 43. Finally, one rarer color settei of Nenji, even if it’s nothing more than a color copy of his official art. Still, getting any color in these batches has been fairly rare.

Our next category is “The Pen Is From Mighty #9.” This category is about merchandise Kickstarter backers were promised, but have yet to receive from Comcept… Mr. Connery, please do not read that category out loud!

Scanned from: My Production Art Stash

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Heylo!! Idk if you've ever said it, but would you share what your real name is? Soz of this is too personal yikes I just realized I always call you brat in my head loll

just call me j pls 😎 or brat is fine 2!!!!! im not gnna give my real name out lol bc…im paranoid ppl from rl will find me LMAO even tho tht sounds so ridic…………..anyway……j is fine or brat :’-)