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carried on the breeze [you’ll never find me]

inspired by this post from @stranger-who-writes-fiction

kara has flown myriad out into space,

and alex has gone after her in that damn pod. sure, getting the thing to space wasn’t a problem - reentery however was where things were going more than a little screwy. in no seconds flat  alex finds herself in a falling deathtrap with her unconscious sister draped mostly uncomfortably across her.

this pod was not meant for two.

nor, apparently, is it meant for rouge humans hijacking and then flying it, poorly but still functionally, into space to save their superhero little sisters. yet, alex had done it anyway.

and now, well, with the planet rapidly rising up to meet them, alex realizes the steering is gone. realizes that the best she can hope for is sending out some sort of signal and hoping that wherever they landed…the deo finds them first.

too bad it was going to be a water landing. which, god, that wasn’t what alex wants. any type of crash landing would probably kill her on impact, but at least crashing into some sort of land might ensure kara’s survival. kara who is still unconscious.

alex knows she has seconds left to come up with a plan. she’s feeling a little ill, the pod spinning around and with one arm holding kara to her chest, alex is left to crane her neck over her little sisters shoulder just to look at the console.

her eye catches a red button.

under the console, hidden from the normal line of sight - alex has to wonder if red buttons hold the same meaning on every plant. alex has to wonder why she never asked.

[to be fair, it’s an obscure question, but god, alex wishes she’d had  the foresight to see this coming]

what she doesn’t see coming are the clouds, the fog that seems to be way too high in the atmosphere, plunging the pod and the danvers sisters into a grey half light.

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plotqueen  asked:

33 hartwin?

33. celebrity/fan au from ye olde ship + number + AU askbox game!

“You’re saying that you skived off of work because you want to see some man who writes your favorite comic book series?” 

“Mr. Unwin is a graphic novelist,” Harry says firmly, shifting in order to get a better picture of the length of the line. “The snobbery towards visual works of art is—”

“Yes, yes, we all know about your infatuation for one of Britain’s youngest authors,” Merlin sighs into the phone. “Unfortunately, we can’t officially give you a weekend off to jaunt over to a con and have him sign one of your dilapidated copies of West Borough Wall-Banger.”

“That is the name of the first volume, not the whole series,” Harry retorts, stepping forward a few centimeters. “And I’ve already planned ahead. I called in this morning. It’s terrible to have the flu this time of year.”


“Is Chester terribly disappointed?” 

“He is.”

“And you’ve covered for me?” 

Merlin sighs again. “You owe me, Harry. Big time. Starting with—”

“Oh, it seems that I’m reaching the beginning of the line,” Harry says, then hangs up. 

If he peeks behind an eager young woman with sunglasses and a hood, he can see some sort of jacket crowded with gold plaques, with a white cap pulled over his face. Trying not to fidget, Harry watches him sign the inside front cover—The Spy Who Shagged Me, a bonus novella that Harry’s kept carefully in his bookcase and wrapped in the plastic covering—and speaking to her, voice unheard over the constant chatter of the convention around them. The young woman’s grinning, hand just shy of resting on his arm, and Harry can hear Unwin saying, “It was honor to meet you, m’lady.” 

“My knight,” she says, laughing, with an accent that Harry cannot quite place. “Would you name a character after me?”

“Perhaps there will be a dashing rescue of a princess,” he replies, and when she leans over, blonde hair falling over her face, Harry can hear her murmur, then Unwin’s startled, choked laugh. 

“All right, ma’am, that’s enough,” one of the men standing near the end of the table says, and the young woman goes cheerfully enough, swaying her hips. “Next!” 

And Harry finds out that he cannot move. 

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Next Gen + Godparents 

Harry more or less starts the Weasley godparent trend by taking his responsibility as Teddy’s godfather incredibly seriously. He considers Teddy his own kid, prioritizes him the way he would have loved to be prioritized as a child himself. He also does his best to tell him everything he knows about the wonderful people Remus and Tonks were. He understands him perfectly. 

Fleur insists that the godfather of her firstborn be someone smart, financially stable, soft-spoken, and not remotely related to the Weasley clan. When Bill suggests Viktor Krum, she wonders if she’d been picturing him when she set her criteria. He cries when they ask him, and forever teases that Victoire was named after him, instead of the victory at the Battle of Hogwarts. Fleur lets Victoire believe that until she’s old enough to know about the war.

Molly and Lucy’s godmother is their aunt Daphne, who never has kids of her own, but dotes on Molly and Lucy (and their cousin Scorpius, too!). Audrey is very close with her sisters, as all respectable pureblood siblings are, and hopes that Daphne can teach her girls the grace and smooth femininity Audrey had never perfected as well as the youngest Greengrass. Percy doesn’t get a lot of say, although there wasn’t anyone he would have wanted particularly if he had been asked. 

Lee Jordan is joking when he holds tiny baby Fred for the first time and says, “hey, check out my godson.” George and Angelina glance at each other, never having given thought to anyone except Ron or Ginny to take the position in their baby son’s life. It’s what his namesake would have wanted, they both think, and George says, “yeah, your godson’s pretty cute, isn’t he?” Lee isn’t around a lot, but when he is, he gives little Fred the world. 

Ron and Hermione aren’t planning on having children of their own by the time little James Sirius Weasley-Potter comes into the world, content to be perpetual aunts and uncles - and, after Harry had tearfully asked them six months ago, godparents - but that changed the day they saw each other speaking quietly to a tiny bundle in the other’s arms. They babysit one night, when Jamie is six months old or so, and have a long conversation after putting the little guy to bed about having one of their own. They always seem to credit him for their decision, and dote on him just a little more than they dote on their other niblings, even Lily. 

When Madame Maxime offers to be little Domique’s godmother, Fleur isn’t sure. Bill had talked about asking Charlie, and they still weren’t sure which school they were planning to send their kids to - Hogwarts, with all their cousins, or Beauxbatons, for the French roots Fleur feared they’d never quite pick up. It only takes an afternoon of watching Maxime with little Victoire before they’ve decide, though. She’s perfect. 

Ron and Hermione, being the godparents of James Sirius, decide to return the favor and ask Harry and Ginny to be little Rose’s. They’re delighted, and even though she’s born within a month of their own Albus, manage to shower her with affection and love right from the start and throughout her whole life. Although Rose’s hero is her mother, she still trusts her Aunt Ginny with more than she’d ever tell Hermione. 

After much consideration, Harry and Ginny ask Andromeda to be little Albus’s grandmother. Not only does Harry trust her more than anyone besides Ron, Hermione, and his wife, it’s also partially for Teddy, giving him one more link into the Weasley-Potter family. It turns out to be the perfect decision, especially once Al is sorted Slytherin and she understands like no one else can.

Draco Malfoy doesn’t believe in godparents, not after what happened with his own at the top of the Astronomy tower. Scorpius has plenty of love and support, though, with his own parents and grandparents, his aunts Daphne and Audrey, and, eventually, the Weasley clan itself. 

The award for the Weasley godparent with the highest ratio of dragons as gifts goes to Charlie, and Louis grows up with a love of folklore that Charlie passes on like he would to his own kids. 

Neville and Ginny are Luna’s two favorite people in the whole world, and both happen to be wonderful with kids, and have enough love to share with her twin boys. Neville cries she asks him, and immediately begins to love the boys like his own. He offers a sense of protection that Luna is never quite able to convey. Ginny hugs her best friend for a very long time, and swears to offer the best home-away-from-home possible for the boys. Luna never feels like a single mother with the two of them in her life and her boys’. 

Lily Luna’s idol is her godmother, and Luna does her level best to continue to love and inspire awe in the tiny redhead whose snark and manipulation complement Luna’s non-sequiters and huge, pleading eyes perfectly. They’re a team that Ginny is powerless against, and Harry rolls his eyes affectionately over. 

Myrna’s godmother is Hestia Jones, to whom Dudley owes his entrance into the Wizarding World. He wants to make sure that if his daughter does end up being part of that world - even if he hopes she isn’t - that she’ll be supported and taken care of and loved inside of it and out. Hestia is brave and wise, and turns out to be an excellent godmother, before and after Myrna’s letter. 

Hermione wants nothing more than to have Hagrid as Hugo’s godfather. Ron is hesitant - he lives with dragons and blast-ended skrewts, Hermione - but they ask him anyway, and Hugo spends long hours in Hagrid’s huge arms, and then trailing dutifully behind him on the ranch, whenever he can get Ron to agree to let him go. 

Hestia offers to be Rhea’s godmother, too. She never treats her differently than Myrna, even though she has very little experience with Muggle children. She’s the one to help Rhea understand Myrna’s world before Myrna can articulate the differences, and the one to show her the magic in both of their lives. 

Percy wanted to choose one of his siblings to be the godparents of Ken, but he wasn’t absolutely certain that Oliver wasn’t choosing based solely on Quidditch merit. Fleur seemed a good compromise.

George and Angelina officially ask Lee Jordan, again, to be Roxanne’s godfather, but he hadn’t been as involved in Freddie’s life as they would have liked. They know, though, that their little girl will grow up with all the support of all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin’s combined experience, so they aren’t too worried  about it.

Before the Storm ●part four●

Summary: Y/N Barnes has always been content with her life. She has a great brother, and has become pretty close to his best friend, Steve. Just when she thinks she’s got everything in check, a distant relative returns with some news which is set to cause a huge rift in all their lives.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader [Eventual], Bucky Barnes x Sister!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Rose [OC]

Warnings: angst, blackmail, violence/fighting, injured!Steve, injured!Bucky, language, did I mention angst??

  • A/N: Big thanks to my lil’ Stark @redlipstickandplaid for beta’ing this for me and helping me brainstorm this part. Couldn’t have done this without her! 


“Tell me, Y/N how good of a nurse are you? Can you bring men back from the dead? Because that’s what will happen to the two people you love most in this world.”

“You’re a monster!” Y/N shouted, voice shaking and the tears falling down her cheeks in fear as she abruptly moved her face away from his touch.

Marty shrugged nonchalantly, “I’m a businessman. The choice is yours, princess. Marry me or lose Bucky and Steve. What’s it gonna be?”

“You’re going to regret this, Marty Grindon,” she managed voice barely audible in her current state, running a shaky hand over her face to try and rid the tears.

“You’re an awful man who will never be loved by anyone,” she sniffed, trying her damnedest to hold her nerve against him. “I’ll marry you if it keeps you away from Buck and Steve, but I will never ever respect you.” She gave him a quick hateful glance before leaving the bathroom, her heart racing and her whole body feeling weak.

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anonymous asked:

GoM + Nijimura + Haizaki + Kagami + Kiyoshi + Takao + Mayuzumi + Hanamiya + Ogiwara childhood headcanons please, thanks!

Hi dear! Sorry for the wait, I hope you’re fine! Here I am with the headcanons! Since you asked them for many characters, I’ve been general and brief, if you want some more of them just ask okay?

Have a nice day!

KnB Childhood Headcanons:

Kise Ryouta

-the Angel Child that everybody loves. The parents, the over-doting sisters, the neighbors, the old granny that rune that grocery shop….everyone.

-the sisters used to dress him like a girl. 100% sure of this, and he was more cute than every other little girl. Pink? Not a problem, he slayed it. Braids, flowers in the hair, animal hairpins? Looked perfect on him.

-he modeled both for male and female clothing, yes when he was still a child.

-the boy that all the girls in kindergarten fought for when playing house. He came to hate that game, it was boring and all the girls where the same. He knew he was cuter and a better wife than them. (Now, when he remembers how conceited and proud he was about his wife skills, he wants to dig his own grave. It was his sisters’ fault.)

-He was already sharp and definitely too honest, the typical child that points out everything that adults want to hide or fake is not there.

-He learnt quickly how to use his good looks and innocent face to have what he wanted. Not always in egoistic or cunning way, he was just happy when he saw people smiling at him or praising him.

-He had a deep bond with his Grandma, a true traditional Japanese lady. Strict and elegant but extremely caring.

-He got bored quickly and spent time searching for the “right game”. However, he quite enjoyed drawing (even if he wasn’t good at it)and singing! He loved singing and dancing! He organized little shows for his family where he danced and singed for them, or runaway show, taking them very seriously.

-He hated playing in the garden and getting dirty. Especially with insects, he was scared of them. Earthworms in particular.

Aomine Daiki

-The Wild Kid. The child that lives in the park or in the garden, from morning to evening. His parents had to scream and shout every day to bring him back home and put him in the bath. It was a real fight. He spent all his holidays at his grandparents’ house in the mountains.

-Every day was an adventure. He loved rolling in the mud, catching bugs and cicadas, exploring new places and obviously trying every type of sports.

-Until he found basketball, then there was only basket.

-He hurt himself one day and the other too, uncaring towards any potential danger. He got lost in the park or in the wood at least once a week. The firefighters were in the end used to it and became his friends.

-He had a great sense of “justice”. I like to think of him as the child with the hero complex. He fought the evil forces (bullies, a bad dog, strict adults…) and helped the weak (grannies, small animals, younger children…)

-He stayed quiet only when Momoi managed to force him to play at her “girly” games. Usually he was the one dragging her into his crazy ideas.

-Disinterested in the adults’ world, honest and rough, he respected only the ones who earned it. Teaching him how to be polite was his parents’ harder task ever. They still shiver at the memory.

Murasakibara Atsushi

-The Picky Child. Oks, I can’t stop thinking that he was the typical child who wanted always something different. Especially when talking about food. He didn’t throw tantrum, but pouted silently and refused to move/do what he was told for hours. Extremely stubborn. Between him and his parents, it was a battle of wills.

-Being the last son in a big family, he was slightly spoiled. By his brothers and his sister mostly, who just found him cute and cheeky when he was little.

-He was quiet, but moody. He had to be the one to decide what to do and when, he didn’t care if others wanted something different. He was going to do what he wanted either way.

-He liked playing alone, he especially enjoyed videogames and watching cartoons. He had a soft spot for a superheroes’ tv-show and knew all the lines of the Purple Hero. He had costume of him and some related toys. He was super-fast at coming back home after school to watch it.

-Not patient and bored easily, he spent a lot of time daydreaming.

-He was gentle only to younger children, especially girls. If he was in a good mood, he shared his sweets with them. On the other hand, he hated playing with the older ones, but luckily, he was big enough to scare them off.

Akashi Seijuurou

-The Perfect Child. We all know his childhood sucked. He was manipulated to be the perfect being and his entire family, not including the mother, was strict as hell with him. He spent his days learning and studying in solitude or with his tutors.

-He loved spending his free time with his mother, when he could. She would read books to him or play in the garden; they also took care of flowers together and played cheerful songs at the piano.

-After she died, he would wait for the night to come and then sneak out of his room. Some nights, he would curl on a big armchair in the library and read fairy tales or stories of adventures (the ones his mother read to him) by himself. Sometimes, he would go in the garden and take care of their precious flower to be sure they were going to grow and bloom. At least them.

-he started playing the violin because playing the piano without his mother brought back too many memories and hurt too much.

-At first he hated horse-riding, because the majority of animals hated him and escaped as soon as they saw him. Now he’s like a sort of Lion King and animal bows to him. Except dogs. Dogs hate him.

Midorima Shintarou

-The Smart Child. The one that knows too many things and reads too much. At first he was very stiff and cold to adults and other children, he preferred to play on his own, but he softened when his sister was born.

-He enjoyed mind games: puzzles, enigmas, crosswords… The problems arose when he couldn’t solve one, asked his parents but they didn’t know too.

-He read a lot, everything he could find. From kitchen magazines to encyclopedias. His favorites? “Fortune Telling” and “How The Stars Shape Your Life”. Yeah.

-Very diligent and obedient, however he couldn’t suppress his urge to talk. When he heard someone discussing something he had read about, it didn’t matter who it was but he had to have his word. Embarrassing when he knew more than the adults present.

-His parents were strict with him, but in a normal and caring way. They are very proud of him and let him know when he needs it.

-Shy with other kids and unable to socialize well, however he seemed to attract the troublesome kids. Maybe because he was very responsible and took care of them when they got hurt. He was the kid that other mothers loved because they knew that if he was there their crazy kids were going to be okay.

Kuroko Tetsuya

-The Where-Is-My-Child Kid! Usually super quiet, reserved and shy, but when you take your eyes off him he vanishes like a ghost. He was a curious and independent boy that wandered around following his instincts and got lost on daily basis.

-His parents tried everything: bright, neon cloths, some bells, a gps tracker…nothing, it took him one second to disappear, even in their own house. In the end, they decided to put around his neck a card with their names and the phone number, just in case.

-Adorable, a little chubby and with always a cute, faint smile on the lips. Sweet and kind, timid yet willing to befriend other children. Girls loved him endlessly and treated him like their little brother.

-I can see him drawing peacefully and reading. He loved to take naps, everywhere and anywhere.

- Independent, he tried to be the little man his dad would like him to be. Trying to not cry often and be strong, to do what he have too and be responsible. Helping out his mom when she needed, especially with house chores.

Nijimura Shuuzou

-The Dependable Child. When his parents had to leave someone in charge of the house, they would choose Nijimura. Strong, determined and a born leader, capable to handle things even when he was younger. Like a little soldier.

-grumpy and hotheaded he often picked up fights with other children, yet everybody loved him for his kind and honest heart. He was just a bit scary.

-He was the leader of a group of children at the park and used to be the arbiter of every argument. Nobody dared to contradict him.

-He would took care both of his older sister and his younger brother, like a replacement of his father, when he had to stay in hospital. Very responsible and hard working, however he got stressed and insecure easily and that’s why he ended up venting it into fights.

-Loved to play outside with other children and he never left out anyone. He also enjoyed from time to time relaxing on his own, watching his cartoons or chatting with his dad.

-He wanted more than anything else to be like his dad and make him proud.

Kagami Taiga

-The Sunshine Boy! A little tornado of smiles, energy and clumsiness. He tended to end up in every type of trouble and he visited the hospital once a month. The nurses loved him.

-He didn’t have a switch off, much to his mother’s desperation, and he never seemed to be tired. He had to move, play, scream, laugh…endlessly. He slept few hours per night and was extremely loud and boisterous.

-He loved playing outside and had a passion for dangerous and reckless games. He was never alone, always dragging someone with him.

-He got hurt easily: scratched knees, purple bruises, insects’ stings…He was also very clumsy and uncoordinated.

-Prideful, brave and curious. He liked nature, except for dogs. He hated dogs, they were evil (his mother used to threaten him that she was going to buy a dog if he didn’t come home)

-Nothing was more boring than staying at home, reading and drawing. When it rained, for one hour or two, they would keep him quiet with cartoons, but he would soon grow bored and start to pester them to play with him.

-He was hotheaded, but he rarely got angry or pouty. He complained, yet he regained his smile quickly. And it was quite contagious.

Haizaki Shougo

-The Spoiled Child. He and his brother had eight years of difference, so his mother spoiled him endlessly. At least when she was home, being a single mother she had to work very hard to maintain them. Yes, he cherished and respected his mother a lot (at least her).

-He had a superiority complex: he had to be the leader of the group and the one who decided who could play with him and who not. Girls weren’t accepted because they were crybabies and too weak.

-He felt like a great boss, going around the park and imposing his power. He said that his brother was the one who taught him how to fight and be brave.

-He had an older brother’s complex: he admired him and praised him wholeheartedly; he wanted to be tall, strong and fearless like him.

Kyoshi Teppei

-The Golden Heart Boy. The one that deeply cares for everyone, kind and always ready to help someone out.

-he would spend days and days gardening with his grandmother or fishing with his grandfather, quietly but cheerfully. Or, reading stories in the veranda and looking at the clouds. It had been his grandad who taught him how to play the harmonica.

-He was the pacemaker at the park, playing the role of the big brother to the other children. Actually, some of them began to call him “Onii-chan” for real, especially little girls.

-Making his mom happy was one of his joy. He would made drawings or small jewels with bottle’s cap, glass beads and plastic strings for her. Because she was a queen.

Takao Kazunari

-The Mischievous Child. He had done everything. He had pranked anyone, without a second thought. Most out of curiosity, sometimes as a revenge.

-carefree kid, always ready to get into trouble voluntarily. At first, they used to ground him, but then he would damage more the house so his parents surrendered and just left him without tv or videogames for some days as a punishment.

-He had drawn on the walls of his house, put worms in the tea cup of the neighbor, scared to death the mailman, scribbled on the teacher’s skirt, hidden in the wood the toy of a child he didn’t like, persuaded a girl she was adopted, sneaked out during the night…His parents spent their time apologizing to the neighborhood.

-He found girls annoying, petty and boring. He preferred playing soccer or hide and seek with other boys.

-He loved animals and was quite good with them. He was often followed by strays and his house became a sort of hotel for abandoned animals.

Mayuzumi Chihiro

-The Lonely Child. He liked to be alone, reading or playing his games on his own.

-He hated to be dragged to the park or to some parties by his parents. He usually hid in a corner and pouted for hours.

-He is an only child, so at time he didn’t know how to interact with other children and was horrible at sharing toys. However, he was good with quiet kids who liked to read like him. Or playing videogames. In those cases, he would even talk a bit, in whispers, and maybe show a faint smile.

-He’s still scared of family reunions, especially in big occasions like Christmas. He was the only child and the center of the attentions. His worst nightmare. He still isn’t able to escape from his aunts’ claws.

-The only one he liked was his grandfather, who brought him in the countryside and would share with him silent afternoons just looking at the sky or wandering in the woods.

-He liked to wander alone, everywhere and anywhere, absentmindedly. Luckily, he had a good sense of direction.

Shigehiro Ogiwara

-The Big Brother. The precious little child that has only one mission: being a good big brother. He tried to be independent and strong just for his little brothers, always trying to be a worth model and being able to take care of them. He was the one who took them to the kindergarten and then to school every morning, holding their hands.

-He would often go to the park and play basketball with his dad.

-bright personality, a bit wild and lively, but very kind. A bit clumsy, he fell easily and it was very cute how hard he tried not to cry every time.

-He ate a lot of food and was always hungry, maybe because he was moving and playing around a lot. His mother was stunned by that.

Hanamiya Makoto

-The Devil Child. He looked absolutely adorable and cute, and you know why? Because he was enough smart to know that if a child was cute, he was going to have what he asked for. Obviously, he put the façade on when he needed too, otherwise he actually didn’t care about others. He liked to be on his own.

-He was the only child of a single mother and truly cherished her, yet she had to work and he spent a lot of time alone.

-He used to go every afternoon to a small library and spent his time reading. There weren’t many books for children, so he soon began to read the ones for adults. He liked the story of military tactics, mathematics and physics’ ones and manuals of chess and other games. The old lady of the library treated him like his own nephew and is one of the few people he truly cares about. He still goes to visit her every week.

-Straying cats loved him and followed him on the streets.

-He had been banned from three different bars because when he was eight he started playing card games with the old customers, but always ended up winning the bet at stake. Sometimes he didn’t have to cheat to win, he was just too good.

Shape of You (4)

okay happy ACOWAR release day. Here’s the next chapter. I can’t wait to share more. But for now we will have to read the book and see where our amazing author has taken our favorite bat =)

Chapter 4

If Elain hadn’t squealed the moment she saw me time would’ve stood still. Because the moment I saw him standing there, with that stupid grin on his face, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think or feel or do anything but stare at the monster who had taken so much away from me. But then my middle sister broke the tension, she broke through the panic and grabbed me tightly, pulling me away from the boy who haunted my dreams.

It took me a full heartbeat to make it to the bottom of the stairs. When I did my middle sister came running towards me, oblivious to the fact that at this very moment I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think past the evil bastard smiling that disgusting smile at me.

But then it all faded when Elain wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me tightly as Cassian let go of my hand. His eyes were on Tomas, who was smiling at me. No he was smirking, as if he knew exactly what his presence was doing to me. As if he was remembering that night long ago when he had hurt me beyond repair.

Elain let me go and I stepped backwards, but thankfully Cassian grabbed my waist before I could stumble over my own feet and fall down. He was a steady force behind me, his hands warm against my skin.

“Nesta!” Elain was smiling at me, I realized only seconds had passed since Tomas had walked in. I looked at my sister and tried to focus on her. She looked so good, so happy and healthy it killed me to know I hadn’t been home in six months.

“Hey E,” there were tears in my eyes as I looked at her. She was so grown up, they both were. Then again we all had to grow up before we were ready. Since our father had never been there for us.

Cassian stayed close to me, his body stiff, his eyes on Tomas. Tomas watched us, and for whatever reason it didn’t affect me while Cassian was there. It wasn’t that same air crushing moment as when he appeared.

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My Equal in All Things

Short Bellarke wedding fic in very far future canonverse, because a Griffin-Blake wedding is my aesthetic.


Bellamy looked up from the floor, squinting in the orange light of the setting sun, glaring down on them. Selene sat beside him, the train of her coat draped over the wall. 

This was the daughter Bellamy knew. Her dark hair woven into Grounder braids halfway along her scalp, before falling loose in soft waves down her back. The crescent tattoo around her left eye stood out like a rose in a patch of weeds, inky black against her golden skin. The deeper slices on her face had been stitched. The shallower ones had been left open to heal themselves. The paint was mostly gone, but Bellamy could still see the faint silhouettes of her war markings. He figured she could, too. She had showered and scrubbed a thousand times since she’d make it back home.

Bellamy raised an eyebrow as he waited for her question.

She folded her hands in her lap. “Why didn’t you and Mom ever get married?” she asked finally.

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purplemagicalgirl  asked:

silly fic prompt: phoenix wright defends a sailor guardian of your choice in court

haha omg that is max silly I’LL DO IT.

Turnabout Venus

“Oh yes, I killed him. Completely vaporized. He was a demon, he was trying to suck out a girl’s soul. It’s all part of the job as a defender of justice. So, y’know, you’re welcome. Oh! And if anyone wants autographs after the trial, I’ll be in the lobby.” She blew the audience a kiss.

Phoenix groaned loudly and slumped over his desk. It was not like this was a new situation for him, having his client confess. He has WARNED her not to, but a part of him deep down knew she wouldn’t listen. She and Maya got along far too well.

He just wished it hadn’t been this kind of confession. He was pretty sure Edgeworth was going to pop a blood vessel. At least he seemed to have been rendered momentarily speechless. Phoenix decided to take advantage of that.

“OBJECTION! Your Honor, what my client means is-”

“OBJECTION!” Dammit, Edgeworth had recovered too quickly

“Your Honor, this is ridiculous,” Edgeworth said, crossing his arms, imperious look in place. “There is no such thing as demons and what’s more, no way to prove the victim was a demon. On top of that the defendant will not even give us her name. This trial is a farce.”

“I gave you my name!” Minako snapped. “Sailor V, occupation: super cute hero of justice!”

“That is NOT your real name, defendant.”

“I’m being tried for what I did as Sailor V. Why is it a problem to use that name?”

“She’s wearing a MASK, Your Honor, it’s not.-

“OBJECTION,” Phoenix cut in. “We’ve tried people in weirder, more concealing outfits than this, Edgeworth, come on.”

“That is not the point, it’s a matter of her identity-”

“OBJECTION.” This one hadn’t come from Phoenix. Maya was leaning forward, looking very serious. “Mr. Edgeworth. Do you remember that episode of the Steel Samurai where he had to testify but didn’t take off his mask? You understood why he made that decision, right? A hero can’t reveal his real identity to the public, it compromises them. Didn’t you get that?”

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Edgeworth glanced around the courtroom a little frantically. 

“Mr. Edgeworth. You’re acting just like the mean prosecutor who harassed the Steel Samurai. I know you’re better than that.”

Edgeworth was silent for an extremely long time, his eyebrows drawn together and his lips puckered. Finally, he let out a long sigh. “Very well. I will allow the defendant to be tried as Sailor V.”

“Are you kidding me?” Phoenix’s mouth fell open.“That WORKED?”

Maya grinned at him  “You’re welcome, Nick. “ Minako flashed a thumbs up from the stand and she returned it.

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Lost Memories (1/?) – Goodnight

A/N: Upon my 100% completion of Breath of the Wild (and, yep, that includes all 900 Korok Seeds) and allowing my excitement for the game to finally settle, I realised that there was still more that I needed from the game, particularly its story. The story isn’t bad by any means, but it feels almost incomplete, you know? Anyway, this fic is my first attempt at Zelda fanfiction in a LONG while, so hopefully it’s not terrible.  

Basically it will be a collection of memories from 100 years ago that weren’t in the game, but that I pretty much accept as canon. Some of them are referenced in Zelda’s Diary, Zelda’s Research Notes, and The King’s Journal, and some I just made up. Also, these memories don’t exactly take place in chronological order, so I will give some background information as to when each memory takes place before I get into the chapter. If you have any requests for new memories you’d like me to write, or old memories you’d like me to re-write from the point of view of a certain character, feel free to comment below.

With that out of the way, here’s Goodnight. (I should also probably add that I’m complete Zelink trash…)

Rating: T

Other Chapters: Chapter One

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CHAPTER ONE: Goodnight

The events of this chapter take place between when Zelda visits the Great Deku Tree in The Master Sword memory and when we see her go to fight Calamity Ganon all alone in King Rhoam’s tale of what happened 100 years ago.

Zelda left the Lost Woods with a melancholic look cast over her features, wishing she had the same faith in herself as the Great Deku Tree seemed to have in her. The wise tree had much optimism in his tone as he had essentially told her that she would most certainly see Link again, that she herself would be able to tell him that she…

Her thoughts were interrupted as, almost as though it felt the need to protect itself once again, the Master Sword returning to its pedestal caused a strange fog to rise around the woods, ensuring that anyone who dared trespass met with a terrible fate. The fog threatened to stir up memories inside Zelda of the first time she’d visited the Master Sword, memories of times with her father that she would rather treasure with him instead of in memorial of him. She needed to find him. She needed to make sure he was okay. She needed to tell him that she was sorry. She had failed him—she had failed all of her friends and her entire kingdom. But there was one thing that Zelda was undeniably sure of: she would not fail Link.

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anonymous asked:

Whats your take on Cas' arc this season? Cause i don't get it..IMO 1st half was very strong w/ his continued arc about belonging, bonding with Mary etc. But then what happened? Why did his story change to be about religious faith, destiny wanting a world without free will ruled by a supernatural being, why is this this story now when that was relevant for years i mean, we had his FATHER/GOD last season then there was nothing on this theme cause its not his current story so what is this now

I don’t think his overall arc has changed from what it has always been about. He’s always been caught in a balance between Heaven and the Winchesters but “Heaven” is quite an abstract concept for Cas after a while. 

I watched 10x18 last night, and lemme be awful and quote Metatron to start off :P

What we did back there was unfortunate. No more of our brothers and sisters should die.

Brothers and sisters? Listen to you. Still spitting out the company line like anyone cares. Like we’re actually a family? When what we really are – are a bunch of glowing lights filled with self-loathing or delusions of grandeur. Or both.

You shut up!

No! If I’m gonna die, I want answers. Like, who are you now? Like, you’re obviously not an angel of the Lord. And what about all of this walking the earth like Caine from “Kung Fu” crap? Cleaning up Heaven’s messes. How many more rogue angels are there out there? And, what are you gonna do once you’re done with all that? Go back to Heaven? Please. The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top. Smoothest it’s run since God cut the ribbon on the pearly gates. So tell me, Castiel, truly, what is your mission now?

You shut up and keep looking. [Castiel walks away.]

Essentially, Cas has still been stuck here since 10x07 and Jack’s disrupted him majorly for the first time, but let’s backtrack…

So in season 4, Cas’s conflict is between Heaven and doing what’s he’s told, and listening to Dean and doing what he thinks is right. This conflict is introduced early on with 4x07, where Cas is supposed to follow Dean’s orders by order of Heaven, and Uriel is like fuck that I wanna smite this town just because, but Cas won’t let him. Cas’s conflict with orders turns to be hunted and in the end reprogrammed because he won’t do what he’s supposed to without coercion, showing us that orders (and Heaven) are bad and Cas wanting free will and to do the right thing and align with Dean is right. He does this at the end as his big damn hero moment.

In season 5, Cas’s conflict is more abstract. He wants to go fetch God as a replacement for the vague orders from Heaven which he no longer trusts, and basically the ultimate deferring to a higher power. Dean warily gives him the amulet to start his search, but the end of the search basically results in God telling Cas to naff off and think for himself. Rebuffed from having anyone to take orders from, Cas sulks around the Winchesters for the rest of the season, his faith in everything up to and including Dean shattered. He rebuilds this faith after Dean doesn’t say yes to Michael, and once again follows him to doing the right thing at the end. This whole conflict is overtly about Peace vs Freedom and Cas loses faith in Dean when he picks “Peace” and regains his loyalty to him when he picks “Freedom” - this is how Cas ends the season, pointing out Dean got what he wanted.

In season 6, Cas IS this higher power/Heaven/God/where the orders come from, but he steps into this role because he believes God appointed him the new sheriff in town. Raphael represents the old order/Heaven and wants to be God too. Cas struggles with this power, and maintaining Freedom, and appeals to God at the end when it’s all unravelling into the chaos that Freedom inevitably brings, and his downfall is played as because he doesn’t align with Dean and attempts to be the new order.

In the start of season 7 he acts as God, the higher power order, and eventually basically self-implodes from trying to maintain that. His high-minded ideals to force a sort of peace and happiness on the world are undermined from within by the leviathan, a dark chaotic presence. At the end of the season he falls into denial and running away from his issues, and he and Dean struggle to reconcile, as the main arc which allows the defeating of the leviathan. Heaven barely plays a role but they’re horrified by what he did/became if we take Hester as a representative of how the angels feel in general at their worst opinion of Cas, and he is nostalgically fond of them but doesn’t want anything to do with them and their attempts to restore order.

In season 8 Naomi once again brainwashes him onto their side, using that to get his cooperation to restore order and empower Heaven (and in general I assume she’s been using these tactics to overhaul and repair what she can) and it goes about as well for them as in season 4, when Cas goes chaotic on them, answering to the higher power of the tablet, aka directly from God, before Metatron derails him on the guilt trip to fix Heaven, which is a personal arc for Cas and the remains of his obligation to be an angel/work for Heaven. Once again Dean’s got the sense something is up with Cas all season, and though sometimes misguided about confronting him (grr 8x22) calls him out pretty consistently and generally represents the main character always right about everything pull he’s always done for Cas - Cas’s conflict is finally more obvious about being between Heaven and Dean because even after the crypt scene, he runs away serving the tablet and then is off on his mission with Metatron, giving Dean whiplash on what he’s doing which isn’t just being chill and like 8x08 Cas. (For the most part - 8x08 does have the one private conversation between them reveal Cas’s massive guilt). Edlund hands us back Cas at the end of 8x21 with for the first time since the end of season 6 and lasting until the end of season 12, an un-tampered-with sense of self to have character development and grow and change, in time for him to have things happen like becoming human to REALLY kick off Cas’s self-exploration and personal conflict.

Season 9 manages the conflict more cleanly - Cas is suuuuper guilty about the fall, so his motives are quite plain now. He has to sort out Heaven, struggles with not wanting to be a leader, but the angels all seeing him as a great war hero or important figure or despised but powerful and dangerous enemy, and Cas’s conflict is now getting laid out on screen - human or angel, leader or not… Obligation to repair Heaven and help the angels and his family is a strong motivator, and he does as much as he can for them until it crumbles at the end, and he ends up on a personal mission to save Dean which just follows in the PATH of his angel mission (e.g. he still has to go to Heaven and confront Metatron, but now it’s not because he’s doing it to overthrow him, he’s doing it to help Dean). Cas also is rejected from both angel and human families because of Gadreel asking Cas to leave, and so feeling rejected by Dean, the card is played that Cas falls back on trying to help the angels FIRST and losing out, leaving the Dean card un-played. There’s no peace or freedom imagery really, as it’s all a mad scrabble to sort Heaven out and the angels aren’t paying a great deal of attention to humans and their place in the natural order.

When we get to season 10, it’s a bit more reflective. Cas’s mission with Hannah is now interrupted with trying to save Dean, and there’s finally the reflection on what angels DO and what they’re FOR. Hannah goes back to heaven to preach the original mission, and Cas goes to help Claire after several threads combine to finally get him to remember and care about her. Hannah’s decision emphasises allowing humans free will by not possessing them, and respecting that and leaving them well alone and Heaven begins seriously withdrawing from the narrative. Heaven = meddling with free will, and historically has always wanted peace over freedom, enforcing mind control on it subjects (killing Naomi off, who’d “been in all our heads” was also a start of the angels in general having free will without any compromise so of course they freak out in season 9 :P) Cas is then on two complementary arcs of PERSONAL self-discovery, helping Claire (humanity, freedom, Cas’s guilt focused on a human instead of Heaven) and Dean (Cas’s faith and loyalty and family). He also takes a break to do a me-time episode which is 10x18 where Metatron lays down this challenge about who Cas is, pointing out in case the average viewer didn’t spot it, that Cas is really struggling to have a mission now, because he ALWAYS needs a mission. Being on call to help Sam with Dean or Claire with anything, splits his attention (10x10) but he’s determined to do his best for them (I love him so much). His conflict early in the season was where he wanted to be and what he wanted to be doing, Heaven or Earth, but Heaven tactically retreating (symbolically shown with Hannah, just in general narratively by playing no serious part in the story) but that choice is somewhat made for him by Heaven leaving and Hannah leaving him in the lurch to take Caroline home to her husband, and Cas picking up Earth-based quests to care for important humans. 

His personal story trickles out in season 10 after 10x20 does nice things for the Claire arc and his personal resolution there that he completes his mission in a sense… He spends the rest of the season helping Dean with just a bummer scene in 10x22 to enforce this is the lowest point and he’s being rejected AGAIN from being with Dean, and I would say Rowena’s curse really doesn’t count as interrupting his personhood because in season 11 when he’s not violently attacking, he has a crystal clear sense of who he is, so his conversations with Hannah and the angels in 11x02 and Dean and Sam in 11x03 are still from Cas, just with Rowena’s curse on top. In season 11 they play delay tactics - Cas’s depression is personal and to do with how hurt he’s been in general by everyone, he resolves personal crap with Metatron in 11x06 via punching him so more but doesn’t really have any more answers about who he wants to be and the choices he’s made, and in 11x10 his desire to help and need for a win lead to him being possessed, abruptly ending his role in the season as an active player and therefore giving him no real personal arc to struggle against.

Meanwhile God comes back and Lucifer in Cas gets to swing against the ultimate higher powers. There’s a sense that God can’t intervene because he’s a walking deus ex machina and takes away free will because as the Creator-author, intervening automatically is defining the story… He’s not a powerful ally, it’s literally his whim by which there is and isn’t free will… He told Cas to naff off in 5x16 because if he came to help, it’s no personal victory at all for his creations. (PS: obviously Chuck’s approach is terrible in many ways and the hands off parenting approach is directly paralleled to John, so… Not approving here lol) Amara represents obliteration of the Self, which she offers to Dean and accidentally nearly does to the universe. She treats this as a peace she can offer Dean, so Cas themes are playing out with the other characters and the universe is being re-shuffled a bit. Cas having no freedom turns into Cas being in a “peace” inside his head, watching TV and wanting no part of the fight. He chooses the same thing that in 5x18 he rejected Dean and withdrew his faith and loyalty for - possession by an archangel for the greater good. Yet another lowest point, and yet in 11x23 Dean doesn’t reject Cas for doing it, but says nice things about respecting his decisions etc. Dean firmly establishes that Cas is family to him, leaving it for Cas to accept. And these paragraphs are getting waaay too long as this becomes more relevant, sorry >.>

In season 12, Cas starts off struggling with being accepted into the family. It’s all right there for him to take, but the belonging arc mirrored with Mary, shows he still feels distant from being a part of the family, and that despite Dean’s words, he hasn’t quite had the acceptance he needs, despite all the rejection between him and Heaven one way and the other, and since season 9 his increased dislike and obligation and duty to help them, and their interest in him and activeness in the story dribbling to a stop. Dean has also seemed to reject him, but Cas has never turned away from HIM except reluctantly or being coerced somehow or because he was severely emotionally compromised with guilt or blackmail. When it comes to genuine choices like 8x17 or 9x22 he picks them, but when ASKED about it, can never answer and is interrupted or walks off every time. In this season’s case he has a similar guilt-obligation to season 8, 9, and the first half of 10, about letting Lucifer out, and so he goes to deal with that. Dealing with it leads directly to Sam and Dean being imprisoned, and an abrupt swap to Cas dealing with the family side of things - the obligation Cas feels is no longer strictly between HEAVEN and the Winchesters, but OBLIGATION and GUILT and the Winchesters, his past actions still causing a heaven-level mytharc nonsense but not really being about Heaven wanting him back or him really wanting to be with Heaven. He cuts those ties almost every time he’s confronted. 

So in a way let’s say his distraction to deal with Lucifer leads to Sam and Dean getting locked up and making the deal. He overcompensates to save them, and is thrust into a series of episodes dealing with his position in the family, where he finally gets to see Dean choosing him, and gets to tell them he loves them, and that he truly does consider them a family. In a way he now seems to have achieved something that’s been teased since maybe as far back as season 8 - 8x08 he wanted to join the family business - but definitely became a main conflict for Cas in season 9 (and I think season 12 picked up a LOT of dropped arcs that disappeared with the plot accordion of season 9, Mark of Cain onwards) 

But he still has the guilt-obligation to the Lucifer stuff and even knowing Lucifer is banished safely to the cage, the nephilim is an ongoing part of things Cas is responsible for, and so represents the same place in the narrative as other times Cas has been off doing Heaven things - obligation that takes him away from the family. In 12x19 we literally see that obligation laid out (Cas’s issue going back to 6x20 that he considers himself a guardian angel to the Winchesters, and though he says he’s not doing ANYTHING for Heaven and voices stuff that firmly suggests cut ties emotionally, from Cas’s side, which is HUGE, he will work with them in order to protect the Winchesters - so they don’t have to get involved. Same deal as season 6 - peace or freedom? He picks peace, by going behind the Winchesters’ backs and giving them no choice to help him, shouldering the burden like he’ll be going around behind their backs saving them as necessary, instead of integrating into the family and taking their problems as they come, which is what Dean does all episode. He’s lost the ability to wrangle Cas with loyalty and faith because their relationship is more equal and Cas hasn’t got all his faith invested in Dean, but having this hole in him that faith belongs to is a huge weakness/design flaw in angels, that they need it and go off the rails without it (see also: most angels we encounter after season 5 :P), so Jack, who he ALREADY has an obligation from guilt to deal with, derails Cas yet again BACK onto the obligation train to take him away from the Winchesters, this time using his faith AND his guardian angel need to protect and care for people traits to win over Cas’s absolute loyalty. And to do so, he shows Cas a vision of the Future which is essentially the same wording as the descriptions of paradise the angels fought for and Cas fought against, rejected Dean for accepting, fought again the next year, etc, so Cas’s new lowest point from 11x18 of a PERSONAL surrender to peace over freedom, is an external surrendering to peace over freedom. 

Essentially, 12x19 is fiendishly clever in twisting together every last thing that has defined Cas’s arcs, and mixing them all together. In the first third of the season we see Cas struggle and seemingly overcome one, in the second we see him struggle and seemingly overcome the next, and in the third part because he never truly balanced them, still picked obligation and missions that take him away from home and he’s shouldering a burden to resolve out of guilt that he caused it, or hesitance to join the family unit entirely but carried on treating them as if he was their guardian angel not their close family, these two things plus some other unresolved baggage ALL tie together and pile onto Cas. 

I don’t think it’s really all over the place when the season first established one, then the other, and then used them both to seriously affect Cas’s actions. I don’t think they’ve ever been telling different stories about him, just highlighting different aspects. When he was running off to hunt Lucifer with Crowley, the family stuff still hung around in the background. And when he was dealing with family stuff, he was still hunting the nephilim in the background. And when he was dealing with Heaven it wasn’t because he was mending ties with Heaven, he was protecting his family while dealing with his guilt-caused obligation to the nephilim while exploiting yet rejecting his complicated relationship with Heaven, and it all culminated in him failing a will save against the peace or freedom line that has been the main way to brainwash or control or derail Cas in many instances from Naomi’s forced programming to whatever the tablets did to him, to times like 8x23 where he runs off to fix heaven of his own free will but abandoning Dean in the process, or 10x03 where he walks out on Dean entirely because he’s weighed down with guilt and his fear of belonging. (And it gets more complicated and less epic and black and white each time.)

So, tl;dr I think these are ALL parts of who Cas is and what his conflict is, ALL THE TIME, and have been all the way through - some parts wane while others are waxing depending on the season, but in general they’re still pulling from the same source of character stuff, only with years and years and years of personal development and narrowing down Cas’s choices and trying to point him to what would make him happy and shave off the obligations bit by bit, so that he’s free to choose. And now he keeps ending up in the darkest place, but 12x19 and 12x23 were like a perfect storm of all the WORST bits of Cas’s arc, except that he wasn’t choosing to be an angel, and he did care for his family, just too abstract. And at the end, he died as an angel in a way. I don’t know how he’ll come back but I’m expecting it will not be magically poofing back graced up and a sort of ~regular~ Cas we haven’t seen since season 8, or wingless since 10x18. 

(And of course Metatron was asking that in the context of where Cas gets his grace back and is no longer living day to day about to die but again like at the end of 8x21, is confronted with full freedom and a life to live and choose what to do with it. His response is to go back to the bunker and eat pizza with his family, but that only lasts a day >.> Anyway I assume that’s a moment that’s going to be important when Cas comes back because these choices he’s been looping around were all set out for him more immediately and obviously than ever and all at once as well, so… I think it all works. Since season 9 it’s all essentially been these same challenges to Cas over and over, while Cas does various things that make you yell at the screen that no Cas that’s not what you want, or yelling encouragement that he’s maaaaybe nearly worked it out and is getting so much closer to what he wants. Sort of a game of hot or cold, or something… >.> And when it seems like he’s nearly found it, he veers back into cold territory…)

Once a Frat Boy, Always a Frat Boy. | Calum Hood. - Part 10.

Summary: In which a new student, (Y/N), finds herself becoming the toy to popular frat boy Calum Hood. The only problem is that (Y/N) was warned about Calum her first day on campus, and Calum just so happens to be dating (Y/N)’s best friend, Callie Mitchell. She hates him. She hates him more than she’s hated anyone ever before; however, she can’t help the growing feeling inside of her stomach after she finds out some very interesting things about Calum that no one had ever known before.

Rating: PG

Pairings: Mali Koa/Luke, Calum/Reader

A/N: Trying to add some plot twists to make the finale in the next two chapters pretty interesting. I’m really trying to tie in the reader and Calum in a way that will make sense and tie along with the plot of the story. This is another Calum chapter, by the way! As always, please let me know what you think. :)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Amazing page! Just a question! So Felicity looks to be confirmed to be back for season 6. Will Olicity be back? I am really scared right now. Also, how will the new Laurel will be in relation to Oliver?

Hi! Thanks so much!

Yeah, Felicity, Laurel & Tina are all confirmed as regulars for next season as far as I’m aware. I haven’t watched the show since the episode before Laurel’s death (with the exception of the 100th) and I’ve heard that the show has made improvements in some areas (fight choreography, suspense, action), but the character development and the weight of certain plots still seems to be lacking.

Honestly, I have no idea if they’ll bring olicity back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did because there is definitely a lot of bias in that regard. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t like Olicity, mainly because of the progression of that relationship and how it brought out the worst in Oliver whilst reducing Felicity to one-dimensional or even cruel at times. 

The drama was so overdone and forced and it often made Felicity come across as selfish, petty, controlling, jealous and sometimes straight up emotionally abusive, whilst Oliver shirked all his responsibilities (leaving the city in the hands of Diggle, his traumatized sister he abandoned, and Laurel his ex-girlfriend who he spent the entire year prior treating like shit and insisting she wasn’t hero material) to do whatever Felicity asked and the one time he didn’t (for the sake of a child that he hadn’t known he had, hadn’t been given the chance to come to terms with, and had to lie per request of the child’s mother who he needed to earn the trust and respect of to prove he wasn’t the same cheating man-child who impregnated her) Felicity makes the whole thing about herself? And was super rude to Samantha when her baby was missing when Samantha didn’t owe Felicity anything and even apologized for putting her in a difficult situation. 

Basically, I went from being completely indifferent “i don’t care if it’s a thing as long as the show/plot/characters are still evolving/entertaining” to straight up thinking “Why the fuck is this being romanticized and why is it dominating entire episodes please stop”. And the one big glaring issue with bringing olicity back is quite simply this: it’s been done. They had angst, they had the will-they-won’t-they, they had the mutual pining and the seeing other people, they had the long road to get together, they had the driving off into the sunset ending, they had scenes of domestic bliss, they had a proposal, even a wedding of sorts, they had baby drama, they had a breakup, they had the heartbroken speeches………….what more is there??? HOW can they hope to bring it back without running over old ground and doing a complete rehash of the same thing that was mind-numbingly over saturated last time. It’s like if you sprint the first leg of a marathon and then you’re running on fumes, panting and reaching and struggling to the finish line. You realize too late that you’ve got nothing left to give. If they hadn’t over-saturated the olicity dynamic, and had it as a subplot that evolved in the background slowly over multiple seasons, instead of flinging it all in at once, they may still have some legwork left to do before it’s told. But, it’s too late. They went full speed ahead and now they’re looking at all the ideas they burnt through without letting them stew/develop/last.

So what I DO know is this: I can’t think of a single way they can bring back olicity without it being boring and repetitive.

I don’t know how Black Siren will effect Oliver. I think it’s one of the most fascinating concepts though, there’s a lot of mileage there to see how they interact with each other. They’ll both have so many questions, we know that they’ve both lost each other on their respective Earths, so there’s going to be a process of “how are you like the person i lost? how are you different? where does the overlap end?” they’ll probably be sizing each other up/analyzing each other a lot because it’s kinda bizarre to be confronted with the doppelganger of a deceased loved one. 

What I do need to stress though is: I haven’t shipped Lauriver since Season 1. Laurel deserves better.

See, here’s the thing: Lauriver have so many aspects that I love in ships - childhood sweethearts, friends to lovers, mutual pining, good girl/bad boy, “you will always be important whether we see each other romantically or not” - there’s so much history there. I loved Laurel’s interactions with Moira and Thea. I loved the flashbacks to their relationship pre-island. I loved to imagine the shit Laurel, Tommy and Oliver got up to when they were growing up together. 

Oliver is a gigantic asshole for cheating on her and he 100% deserved that telling off Laurel gave him in the pilot. Think of it this way: your boyfriend cheats on you and that sets in motion a domino effect that gets your sister killed, breaks up your parents, causes your mum to abandon you and your father to become an alcoholic, and then years later he shows up at your work and says “sorry” like that fixes things? OF COURSE SHE TOLD HIM TO FUCK OFF! WHO WOULDNT?! 

But then, Laurel realizes that she has no true comprehension of the things he’s seen/suffered through during his absence. She may have been betrayed and heartbroken and angry for what he did, but for all they’ve been through together, she can’t leave him to suffer alone. Not only does she apologize for her hostility, but she offers him a shoulder to cry on if he needs one. There’s something so inherently good about Laurel.

We see Oliver is a new man. He’s not who he was before the island. The whole theme of Season 1 was the idea that his experiences had changed him. Helena said “It was your crucible. It changed you.” Tommy said that if Laurel knew about Oliver being the vigilante - if she truly knew how much he’d changed and matured - then she would choose him, she would take him back. Oliver respects Laurel more now, he accepts that she doesn’t want to be with him. He gives his blessing for her and Tommy, he knew before they told him about their relationship but he didn’t say anything or make a scene because he knew it wasn’t about him and he had no right to intervene. He told her to be happy. He was patient and gentle and respectful with her upon his return in ways that he wasn’t pre-island. The flashbacks were awesome in season 1 because they showed a direct correlation with the present and we could watch Oliver grow. The fact that we see him realize too late what was important to him. The fact he stares at that photo of her constantly. The fact he bought ice-cream for her and they just sat and ate it together because he was happy to just be in her presence again because that was all he’d wanted all the time he was gone. The fact he never pressured her for more than she was willing to give him. The fact he told her that he thought death might be easier sometimes but “in the end there was something i wanted more.” Lauriver in season 1 was beautiful and heart-wrenching and the mutual pining was so! good!

But then in season 2 laurel starts getting demonized and victim blamed by the narrative constantly for bullshit reasons whilst oliver just becomes an egotistical, self-righteous asshole that takes the moral high ground he doesn’t deserve and just yells at her and disrespects her constantly to the point where I was seriously wondering if these were even the same characters. So, needless to say I stopped shipping them pretty quick after that. HOWEVER, despite not wanting them to be romantically involved, I do believe that given their history together, it’s plain logic that Laurel is still an influential figure in Oliver’s life. They’ve gone through so much together and grown both together and apart and back again. So, even though I don’t particularly want to see them be romantic, I DO want to see some acknowledgment that that history DID occur and DID effect them both a great deal, regardless of where they ended up.

Which is why I think Black Siren could be a great addition, because seeing Laurel’s face and knowing that it’s not actually her will of course cause Oliver to think back to the Laurel he knew and consider similarities and differences between the two. Siren may even have questions about her Earth 1 counterpart that could lead into more Laurel based flashbacks and more development and growth for Oliver as he reflects on his personal history and Laurel’s presence/influence in his life. So, even if Black Siren remains a villain, I still think that the concept of a doppelganger being made a series regular opens up the door for so many other plots and developments that will hopefully fill in some blanks and answer some questions about Laurel and Oliver’s relationship over the years regardless of the nature of it at any given time.

               My favourite thing about the Hunger Games series is eye opening messages about war it shows us. It’s also very hard for me to watch as people seem to totally disregard those things and focus more on love triangles and Haymitch kissing Effie at the end. It’s not only disrespectful, but it’s harrowingly ironic. All those people who do this are just displaying the exact thing that they’re disgusting by in the books. The people in the Capitol romanticise the fact that these two teens are in love and have to be put in an arena where one or both of them will certainly die because the thought of a star-crossed love is so romantic for them when in reality it’s terrible. Not to mention the fact that they don’t in fact love each other. I don’t care what you have to say, even if Peeta did have feelings for Katniss and Katniss comes to care and eventually love Peeta by the end, the fact that they were forced into pretending in the first place is sick. They’re forced into this relationship to survive and gain sponsors and then later on forced to continue to keep up appearances for the Capitols amusement.  It may not seem as horrible as Finnick being forced to prostitute himself to save Annie considering they do have feelings for one another, but it’s just as disgusting to me.  And yes, I’ll admit that the Haymitch/Effie kiss was endearing and cute because it shows just how far they’ve come from once hating each other to being friendly with one another, but it was blown WAY to out of proportion.

               Regarding the love triangle, I think that was by far the dumbest thing Suzanne ever put in the book and it just caused even more unneeded drama. Although I do consider myself more “Team Gale”,  I fully understood why she ended up with Peeta. I didn’t really see either of them as a great romantic partner, but I preferred Gale over Peeta so I always saw him as a better fit until I came to understand Peeta was Katniss’ peace, the thing she needed most. I did enjoy movie Peeta more than book Peeta, probably because I love Josh as a person, but I still can’t help but roll my eyes every time Peeta ends up being a burden more than an actual help.  Anyways, the love triangle was totally unnecessary  and I’m still wondering why she even decided to have it anyways. Maybe to make it more desirable considering it’s YA?

               That brings me to another subject that  grinds my gears when it comes to the fandom. Gale. Honestly, everyone hates his guts and shits on his character whenever they get the chance and It’s completely unfair and moronic on your part. Gale is played out to be a villain when in fact he was a victim just like everyone else in the series.  Everyone lost something in this war. The Hunger Games shows the consequences of war. Shows that it’s not all about the righteousness of standing up for what’s right and being a war hero. Like they said, there are no winners or heroes, there’s just the survivors. There’s no questioning how much Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Haymitch, Annie, Johanna and the other tributes and rebels in the war lost, but people seem to completely gloss over Gale’s losses to.

               1. Gale was forced to grow up to provide for his family. In that instance he loses that innocence that comes with being a child and is forced to be the provider.

               2. Gale watched his best friend (and the girl he loved) go off to what he believed to probably be her death not only once, but twice. Sure it doesn’t compare to what they enduring in the games, but I can’t imagine how gut wrenching it must be while at the same time knowing that you have to be strong to support  your family and also take care of hers as well.  Hell, Gale even admitted he wished he’d volunteered as tribute in Peeta’s place so he could have protected her but knew he had to stay behind and look after Prim, etc. Seems like a hard burden to bear.

               3.  The bombing on Distract 12 is one of the biggest things that I think influences Gale. Gale had to provide for almost one thousand people for three days, making sure they all had food and survived. Not only that but he had to watch as the other nine thousand (going by the movie not sure if it was the same as book) people were bombed right in front of him and he has to live with that guilt he has that he wasn’t able to save all or even more.  Katniss scolds Gale when he wants to bomb The Nut and is shocked at his cold heartedness as he doesn’t care if any innocent civilians or workers are killed. I think that because of what happened at 12, Gale realizes the fact that innocents still die in war and especially considering Distract 2 is close to the capitol, has no sympathy for them because they had no sympathy on 12 when they bombed innocents and children. I personally get where both are coming from, but many just paint Gale as a horrible person.

               4. Probably the saddest part and the most commonly talked about thing when it comes to Gale is the involvement with Prims death. I remember when people were starting to read the books  at school and everyone would talk about how Gale was responsible for Prims death or that he killed her and I was disgusted by it. How Prim died was horrific and the fact that Gales designs were used to kill children and Prim is one of the biggest tragedies of the story. Gale designed the parachutes that killed Prim, but he had nothing to do with them actually using it. Blaming him is like blaming whoever invented a gun for every gun based death. Coin was a horrific person who used those weapons of her own accord with no remorse over killing kids just because they are Capitol kids.  I hated how Katniss seemed to blame Gale and how it ruined their friendship. I always felt like it was a ploy Suzanne used to completely destroy any semblance of a love triangle and I sort of still do to be honest, but watching the movie and talking with my sister gave me a new outlook.  Gale loved Prim like she was his own sister and was just as distraught as Katniss that she’d died. Probably even more so because of the guilt that the thing he’d created had been used against him.  He’d promised to take care of Prim and yet she’d still died. Katniss probably does blame Gale, but my sister saw it as they both loved Prim and they both can’t handle the burden of her death. Whenever they see one another they’re just reminded of her and it’s too much for them. Whether that’s what Suzanne intended , I’m not sure but I feel like that’s the truth of the matter.

               5. Gale lost a lot of things. He lost his home, his best friend and love and the girl he viewed as his little sister.  The loss of Katniss for me is incredibly sad on all fields because he loses that comfort. Katniss was there to comfort him after the loss of distract 12 and vice versa. but now there’s no one to share his sadness about Prim. I’d like to think that even if they couldn’t be together romantically, they still could have been close friends and they could have healed each other if Gale’s weapon wasn’t used to kill Prim. Now she associates destruction and death when she sees him and just can’t forget her sisters face or the dozens of other faces of innocent children killed as well.

               I’m not saying Gale’s a saint, because he isn’t. He has his flaws just like Peeta and Katniss, but I just want people to stop playing him as the villain in everything and see that he’s  just as much a victim of war that anyone else is.

               One last thing I have to say is about Katniss. Katniss loses so many people she cares for in this war and a lot of them she bears the burden of guilt because she feels like their deaths were her fault or caused because of her actions. The first one is Rue. She failed to save her when Rue had probably saved her life by healing her after the jabberjays attacked. The next is that old man who whistled in distract 11. Katniss feels like it’s because she went off and said her own words that caused the action of rebellion which led to his death. Then there was Cinna. He died because he made her into the Mocking jay for everyone to see.  Then Wiress and Mags who died in helping Katniss and company survive. There’s the guilt of the rest of the group (Peeta, Annie, Johanna, etc) who were kidnapped and tortured along with the thousands who died because Katniss destroyed the arena. All of the wounded, etc in the hospital die because she’d visited. Finnick, Castor and all the others of the star squad are all deaths that she feels the burden of guilt. Even though it wasn’t her fault, she probably feels  even more guilt towards Prims death because she wasn’t able to save the person who mattered most, the person she’d tired to save that had resulted in rebellion. So much death to feel responsible for even though she’d never asked for this. I think that’s probably the most fucked up part is that Katniss was turned into this symbol of rebellion when all she wanted was to save Prim and Peeta. She is now struck with all of this guilt for things she didn’t even want to take part in. It’s just so mind blowing to me when I really think about it. How Katniss manages to survive it all is beyond me.

               So please, I understand it can be fun to think about the characters you love and just be happy for their romance and all that, but PLEASE remember that there’s so much more important things that the Hunger Games has to offer and that so many people were victims of war. Remember who the real enemies were…

nonbinaryhamlet  asked:

Hi!! Do you have house headcanons for any characters from teen wolf???

oh boy do i THE KIDSScott McCall is a Hufflepuff primary: his morality (why he does things) is based in fairness, in people and the idea that every single one deserves consideration, in community and in loyalty. He’s a Puff secondary, too: his best methods (aka his secondary) (aka how he does things) are compassion, team building, and helping others. (Hello Mr. Every Time Someone is in Pain I Take it on Myself). But Scott thinks the way he is supposed to act is brave, direct, and forceful. So he tries. He models Gryffindor, and he has nightmares about that particular bravery’s violent extremes. Once upon a time on a little show called Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski told Scott McCall he didn’t have to save everyone, and Scott gave him the blankest, most incomprehending look imaginable. Stiles is a Slytherclaw— the precise, ruthless loyalties of a Slytherin acted out by a Ravenclaw secondary’s planning, strategy, research, and learning. The kid reeks Slytherin. Refusing to tell his father about the supernatural, to keep him safe, even at the expense of other people’s lives— Stiles only backed down then at the terrible might of Scott’s puppy dog eyes, which: understandable. Let’s kill Jackson, says Stiles, because he doesn’t care. In Allison’s voice that would have the ruthlessness of idealism, not “he’s not one of mine.” I guess a good distinction would be this: Allison would consider killing Scott, if he was murdering people, and Stiles never would. (This is not indicative of a greater connection between brother and brother or lover and lover; this is just pointing out that Allison would do, first, what was right (she would certainly fight her hardest to save Scott, but if there were truly no other options she would sacrifice him). Stiles’s morality doesn’t work like that. He would keep his father in the dark even if it meant letting people die, because his father’s life is more important to him than theirs. Stiles is a Slytherin with a very short list of people. Malia just got added to it, though, so that may be fun). I think in the S1 Stiles might have modeled Slytherin on top of his Ravenclaw secondary. He’s into manuevering and deception a lot more then than he is in the later seasons— especially after the nogitsune. “I’m 147 pounds of skin and bones; sarcasm is my only defense.” I think that says a lot of it— Stlies has been becoming more and more powerful in his own Ravenclaw skills, enough that he can rely on them instead of hiding behind Slytherin modeling. I’m not sure he feels safer (the world keeps getting more dangerous) but he’s been up against enough now to know that he can survive, and that what keeps him safe tends to be his steady mind and anxious preparations. Lydia is a Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw who models Slytherin (eight million times better than Stiles does) and performs Puff (about as badly as Stiles models Slytherin—you can tell she’s putting it on for politeness, when she smiles and doesn’t mean it). In this way, her and Stiles’s journeys parallel each other, which makes their friendship one of my favorites. They’re both slowly coming to accept and value their Ravenclaw— to recognize that this is a kind of strength and perhaps even beauty; and that it is theirs. Until Lydia starts breaking, she almost looks like a Slytherpuff—or, well, a Slytherin/Slytherin with a Puff performance. Her Puff is really unconvincing. But her outward facade of Slytherin is magnificent. Even in the first season, though, her Claw peeks its head out now and then. (Also: it looks like Lydia’s mom is a Ravenpuff? Which makes me wonder where Lydia learned that she should be a Slytherin. Because she’s so ashamed of her Ravenclaw, early on, both the primary’s idealism and the secondary’s intelligence and curiosity. She has this idea that beauty and power are the things required of her and that she must fulfill them. Only her world shattering around her made her vulnerable enough to reassess and embrace her Ravenclaw. It makes me want to meet her father, or other formative influences in her life, and perhaps see what her mother acted like in that marriage). Alison Argent takes up her family’s moral legacy and rewrites it in her own words. She does what she thinks is right in defiance of foes, friends, and family. When she decides what right is, when she has watched and learned the world around her and slowly, deliberately built her own code out of the truths she’s found there—then Allison goes after her goals with a single minded intensity and a direct, sometimes violent efficiency. This, my friends, is a Ravenclaw/Gryffindor and she is beautiful. (ALLISON I HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING BACKPACKING FRANCE WHILE YOU RECONNECT WITH YOUR COUSINS AND FIGHT FOR TOLERANCE IN THE HUNTER COMMUNITY. I LOVE HOW YOU CALL LYDIA ONCE A WEEK ON SKYPE.) Malia and Stiles have been bonding over their shared Slytherin primary, which delights me. Malia looks like a Slytherdor, but I wonder if she might be a Slytherin/Slytherin who’s living in her neutral state, because she doesn’t give a toot. I think if Malia needed to, she’d be happy to lie, coerce, adapt, transform to get what she wanted. She just so far doesn’t think highly enough of anyone to manuever in any way but straightforwardly. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what she does when faced with something that really threatens her. Kira is a Gryffinpuff, I think. She’s certain and forward and brave, and she goes after her goals with kindness and determination. Derek is a Hufflepuff with a Claw secondary. “We’re brothers now,” he tells this young kid just because the kid got chewed on by his uncle. He is desperate for community (see: the terrible choices of the Worst Alpha Ever aka S2). Even when he’s creepy (often), even when he’s a failwolf (…more often), he’s doing things to help people simply because they are people. But he was going to kill Lydia, right? When we thought she was the kanima. Yes, he was— to save other people. Scott, wasn’t, but they’re both still Puffs, because Derek is what happens when a kid like Scott loses hope—or gets a truer idea of the real world, depending on who you ask. Scott doesn’t believe in victories that come with comprimises attached. He doesn’t believe in heroism with trade-offs and consequences. Scott was going to save Lydia. But Derek? One girl’s life to stop a monster? He was going to save everyone else. (Which— he was wrong, it was Jackson, you failwolf. But I’m more interested in both of their why’s than I am in the realities of the fictional situation). Derek, like Scott, also models Gryffindor and probably… shouldn’t. He’s worse at it than Scott is. Which, like, wow. Calm down kiddos, please. Neither of you wants to be alpha dog, not really. Embrace your inner pack mom. Take pain from people and take Kira leather jacket shopping and brush the hair out of Cora’s face and hold Lydia’s hand when she’s making hard decisions about what kind of person she wants to grow up to be. Here are your strengths, boys. Here is your heroism. (Parents and villains sorted under the cut.)

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Vans Art Spotlight:  Jon Carling (Oakland, USA)

Known for his fantastical and dreamy illustrations and drawings –from bird headed warriors to out of this world landscapes with cosmic skies and mystical female warrior / priestesses, Oakland based artist Jon Carling has filled endless sketchbooks with his unique imagination. Carling’s early love of music has influenced his artistic and creative processes, from creating and trading fanzines to collaborating with various bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Dead Meadows.  We were glad to have Jon on our Vans Art Spotlight where he talks about sketching in the shower, growing up with music, and getting out of a creative rut.  

We have no doubt his interview will inspire you to fill your own sketchbooks! 

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Fate - Chapter 3

Chapter  [1] [2]

‘Miss Kim.’ Your assistant called you from the door as you looked up from your sketch. ‘You have a lunch appointment today.’ She reminded as you turned to look at your computer to check on your schedule. You didn’t remember scheduling a lunch meeting today especially when you have a deadline tomorrow morning. You frowned when you looked at your own schedule. ‘I don’t have anything.’ You told her.

‘Oh the vice president scheduled it for you.’ she bit her lips scared that you would get angry at the arrangement. You sighed and just nodded your head, knowing there was nothing you could say about it. You picked up your pencil again and asked her for the details. ‘The vice president just said the CEO-’

Before she could finish explaining you cut her off at the mention of the position. ‘CEO?’

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Sterek fic rec list - College/High School AU

No Homo | 84064 words

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

There is a Brotherhood | 21004 words

So far, college has taught Stiles three things:

1) Eight am classes are cruel and unusual and should be avoided at all costs, even if it means having to enroll in something truly hideous instead, like Econ 101.

2) Dorm security is just as tight as Stiles’ orientation leader had promised it would be, and the dude guarding Scott’s dorm in particular does not respond well to bribes.

3) Mrs. McCall clearly had no clue what she was talking about when she’d insisted that Scott and Stiles needed to branch out and room with strangers, so it’s all her fault that Scott ended up with a total dick of a roommate and Stiles got stuck all the way across campus with some guy who has a girlfriend two towns over and is thus never around.

Or, the one where pledge brothers Stiles and Scott start a prank war with Derek Hale’s fraternity.

The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights | 12175 words

He’s watching TV over the edge of his laptop when Scott brings up the fact that he’s still a lonely loser in his third year of college without a boyfriend which, while being completely true, is really fucking unappreciated. It sparks a desperate need to save what little manhood Stiles has and, before he knows it, he’s blurting, “I totally have a boyfriend, dude. Shows how much you know.”

How was he supposed to know Scott would doubt him? It’s not Stiles’ fault that someone named Derek Hale really exists. It’s also not his fault when his lie grows legs and runs so far he can’t find it until it’s too late – too late and standing right in front of him, gorgeous and annoyed and not at all the person Stiles made him up to be.

Yeah, this could get bad.

Desperate But Not Serious | 13257 words

Stiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he’s not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear.

‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote to Lame | 13865 words

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

Call Me, Maybe (but not in the library) | 23840 words

There’s a long pause, and then: “You’re not Erica.”
Stiles can’t help it. He snorts. “Yeah, no, dude, that’d be pretty difficult since I’m a guy.”

AU where Stiles is an undergrad at UCLA and Derek works in the university library.

The Chemistry Between Us | 26041 words

Meeting Derek Hale wasn’t special, or frightening, or any of the other things everyone had made it out to be. It was, actually, pretty much the opposite. Stiles didn’t even realize the guy was Derek Hale until the moment had passed. Derek: the most infamous student at Beacon Hills University. Stiles: the freshman who falls for him anyway. Awkward encounters, concerned friends, and lots of not-so-casual sex ensue. (A ‘fuckbuddies to lovers’ college AU.)

Darts of Pleasure | 6672 words

Stiles is naked.

He’s naked in a room that’s not his and in a bed that’s not his and there’s a hand lying flat against his lower stomach that’s most definitely one hundred percent absolutely not his.

Deck the Hales with Mistletoe and Holly | 32827 words

Stiles recognizes that there are a number of reasons why this is a bad idea.


The one where Stiles manages to somehow imply that he might be dating his exceedingly hot TA for freshman lit, and ends up inviting him home for the holidays (along with his two crazy sisters) and really hopes that Lydia doesn’t find out he was lying and kill him before maybe he can make it so he’s not lying after all…

Losers | 34234 words

Where Derek is new to college, eager to spend his time learning, and Stiles is everything he didn’t want in a room mate. He’s loud, he’s into sports, and he keeps trying to make Derek do things.

Or, the one where Derek falls for a jock, Erica will cut you if you disturb her studying, and Jackson is a closeted romantic who pretends to hate everything.

Knot the Average Alpha | 20331 words

Stiles’ favourite porn star, Derek Hale, moves into his apartment block and there are inappropriate facial jokes, broken bones, and a staggering amount of threats in a tiny elevator.

It’s Called a Heart Boner | 26784 words

In which everyone and everything ever in the history of the world is trying to ruin Derek’s life before he can finish his master’s, especially his evil twin sister, his weird ability to start relationships on accident, his best friend’s obsession with his sex life, people with dimples, his subsequent inability to end relationships, manipulative sorority queens, and oh yeah, that stupid drunk ass freshman he keeps running into.


The five times Derek saves a very drunk Stiles and the one time Stiles saves him back.

Cupboard Love | 32682 words

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

The Right Number | 30377 words

When Stiles Stilinski’s phone gets switched at the gym, he really just wants it back. The last thing he’s expecting is to fall hopelessly in lust with the guy who’s got his phone.

So, of course, that’s exactly what happens.

just pretending that we’re cool | 9319 words

In retrospect, using sex to trick Derek out of stalking Scott had maybe not been the greatest idea ever? Whatever, Stiles’ plans always manage to work themselves out.

The Company I Keep | 67551 words

Stiles has a favorite table at the library. Then some asshole comes along and steals it from him.

Love Comes in Spurts | 45259 words

Stiles has always had sort of a hero worship thing going on with Scott’s step-brother Derek so moving into a house with him freshman year was basically fulfilling a childhood fantasy. Discovering how Derek was putting himself through college, well that was a whole other fantasy that Stiles didn’t even know he had.

I Hope By the Morning | 21463 words

From the bathroom came sounds of the guy brushing his teeth. Stiles rubbed the fifty dollar bill between his fingers and felt cheap. “Dude, I’m not taking your money.”

The guy spat and turned the faucet on. “Take the money. You said you lived in Queens last night? Who the hell lives in Queens.”

The fifty seemed gritty in his fingers, but he put it in the back pocket of his ridiculously tight jeans, anyway. That was, like, a five-hour shift at the coffee shop where he worked, Common Grounds, with tips. “And don’t call me 'dude,’” the guy continued, turning off the faucet. “I’m not your college bro. It’s Derek.”

He Gets Me High | 11562 words

Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right?

What’s in a Name? | 11457 words

“My parents think we’re partners” Derek told Stiles one evening over a late night of grading.
“I would have said colleagues, but partners works,” was Stiles immediate reply.
Derek waited, knowing that Stiles would figure it out.
"Oh” was Stiles verbose second response. “And you didn’t tell them that we … aren’t. Huh.”

Triple Shot Pumpkin Spice Latte | 20468 words

“For two years, Stiles had very much enjoyed his position as Guidance Counselor at his old college. The pay was all right, the students who came to see him were interesting, and his work was challenging and diverse. …Or so it used to be, before some guy named Professor Hale joined the staff.”

AU in which guidance counselor Stiles has to deal with all the students crushing on the elusive and infuriating Professor Hale. This was meant to be a light-hearted winter fic, but some emotional angst slipped in here and there.

This Isn’t Control | 12850 words

Stiles ends up taking a 'Sex, Sexuality, and Society’ class with one of his favorite teachers and discovers that his thesis for his term paper means more to him than just the grade.

Hale to the Chief | 14403 words

First Son Stiles Stilinski thought college back home in Beacon Hills would be the best thing ever.

That is, until he realized that he’d be stuck with Derek Hale as his roommate the entire year.

Dwells Amidst Your Walls | 11441 words

Scott accidentally sells Stiles’ virginity on Craigslist. (Derek wins.)

Howlin’ For You | 33050 words

A college AU with strippers, crime bosses, and a mystery to solve.

I’ve Been Living for the Weekend | 7870 words

Stiles has been pining (he will deny it, but “pining” is definitely the right word to use) after his TA, Derek Hale, ever since the start of the school year… but whatever, it’s not like he’s the only one. When Lydia drags him to her spin class, he finds Derek fucking Hale teaching, and wow, sweaty Derek, this will definitely last him through many lonely nights.

OR, the College/Spin Class AU in which Derek teaches lots of things, Lydia sasses her way through school, Scott is AWOL a lot, and Laura is only slightly short of mashing Stiles and Derek’s faces together and ordering them to kiss.

Game On | 6393 words

Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by. He flicks the page in his book and highlights something, tossing the cap up in the air and catching it with his teeth.

Um, surprise | 13637 words

“Stiles, we love you, we do. But you don’t have to make an imaginary boyfriend up, seriously.” Kara sighs.

“Why do you guys never believe me?” He groans banging his head on the table.

Stiles is in collage and his friends think Derek’s not real because they’ve never seen or met him. Stiles tells them that Derek’s coming up soon and they all get to meet him, they meet him but in an unexpected situation that happens to involve a rogue omega.

A Bit of a Handful

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Based on Anonymous Prompt: Could you write reader & Steve when reader is Tony’s younger sister and she had a HUGE crush on Steve since she was a little girl (because Howard kept talking about him ALL the time) and she’s a SHIELD agent and during “The Avengers” she is on the helicarrier and when Loki is in custody and Clint still missing Tony greets her and he introduces her to Bruce, Thor and Steve and this so awkward and cute with Steve because Tony keeps saying that she had a crush on Steve and she says something that it was “love or hate him reaction on what her father was saying” because she tries to be smooth but she’s starstrucked and she’s thinking to herself “Dammit, you’re a spy, you lie for a living, so lie now, pretend it’s undercover or something because you’re making fool of yourself ” but Steve thinks she’s hot and he starts to really like her, especially when he sees her beating Tony with her sass??

A/N: I’m back!  I graduated a couple weeks ago, and then the laziness took over, which is why I haven’t written in a while.  So I apologize, because I know I have a prompt that was requested before this one (Dad!Bucky x Reader, which is definitely outside my normal wheelhouse), but I was feeling blocked, so my goal is to write a couple other things before I tackled that one, so I can do a better job.  I quite liked writing this.  I like writing banter, so it was fun to do the back and forth between Tony and the reader.  Anyway, hope you guys like it!

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“I’m sorry who is this?”

“Your brother?”

“Not possible.  My brother hasn’t called me in a few weeks, so I’m assuming he must not exist anymore.”


“You don’t even need to pick up the phone to dial me, you know.  J.A.R.V.I.S. can dial me for you, all you have to do is tell him.”

“I’m calling you now!”

“Probably because you want me to do you a favor of some sort.  Probably jeopardizing my job.”

“No, I’m coming to visit you.”

“Uh-huh.  I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Turn around.”

You whirl around to find your brother, Tony, standing behind you.  You shriek and jump up, running across the room and tackling him in a hug.

“I’m not sure whether to just enjoy the moment or kill you for going MIA for so long,” you say.

“Let’s go with the first one,” he says, pulling back from the hug.

“So what brings you aboard the Helicarrier?” you ask, your brow furrowing.  “I take it you heard about Loki and the Tesseract.”

“Ever heard of the Avengers Initiative?” he asks and your eyes widen.

“Fury got that through?”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“Who’s on the team?”


“No.  No way.”

“Yes way.”


“Yes.  You haven’t met him yet?”

“Only a few people have the clearance.”

“Well, I think it’s high time you met your crush.”


“Your one true love.”

“Tony, I swear-”

“The Star Spangled Man with a Plan.”

“I will end you.”

“I think Fury would be pretty upset with you.”

“Fury would get over it.”

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“We’re meeting the team.”


“Give me one good reason why not.”

“I don’t need to, Tony, I’m a grown-ass adult.”

“Ok.”  With that, Tony picks you up and throws you over his shoulder.

“Anthony Edward Stark!”

“I prefer Tony.”

“Might I remind you that I have been training with Natasha Romanoff and I know how to kill you in 74 different ways?”

“Why would you need more than one way?”

“I can make it look like an accident.”

“I’m quaking in my Iron Man suit.”

“You better be.”

“I am.”

“I swear, Tony, if you don’t put me down-”

“Oh, hello team!”

You let out an angry growl as Tony slides you forward and onto the floor.  You take a minute to compose your face before turning around to meet the gazes of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

“Hello, Director Fury,” you say, avoiding your boss’s eye.

“Agent Stark.  Stark.”

“Everyone, this is my sister (Y/N),” Tony says.  “(Y/N), meet Thor, Natasha, Bruce and Steve.”

“There is more than one Stark?” the blonde Asgardian asks, striding toward you.  

“I’m considerably less of a handful,” you say, offering your hand to shake.

“Good,” Thor says ominously.  Natasha nods at you and you nod back.

“Dr. Banner, good to meet you,” you say, politely.  He nods, but keeps his hands crossed across his chest.  Leaving you with…

“Hi,” you say softly, meeting Steve Rogers insanely blue eyes.  He’s even dressed in his uniform, a fact that does not escape your notice.  You fight the blush you feel rising in your cheeks, praying that no one notices.

“Hello,” he says and you quickly realize you’ve lost the fight against your blush.

“Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention,” Tony says.  “(Y/N) has had a massive crush on you ever since we were little kids.”

If looks could kill, Tony would be so incredibly dead.  So, so dead.

“And when we were little, you had a crush on the Statue of Liberty, at one point,” you fire back.

“The difference between you and I is that I outgrew my crush.  You, on the other hand-”

“I’d like to apologize for the train wreck that is my brother,” you say quickly.  “I’ve tried to disown him, many, many times.”

“You’re younger than me.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, you old fart,” you say, before turning back to Steve.  “Anyway, you knew our father, Howard.  He was always talking about you.”

“I imagine that must’ve gotten annoying,” Steve says and you shake your head.

“Only for Tony,” you say.  “With you it was a love-hate relationship.  Tony grew up hating you and I…”  You trail off as you realize what you’re about to say, the red in your cheeks only intensifying.  

Damn him, you think.  Damn him and his perfect hair and eyes and face.

“Yeah, so basically, she’s in love with you,” Tony says.  “Always has been and always wil-AH!”

Tony winces as a small piece of plastic hits him with alarming speed.  He whirls on you.

“What was that?” he asks.

“What was what?” you retort.  “I’ve been busy staring at the love of my life.”

“You said it, not m-OW!”  Natasha snorts as Tony plucks a piece of plastic off of his shoulder.  Your eyes widen in faux-innocence.

“I don’t know how you can think it’s me,” you say.  “Captain freaking America is standing in front of me, how can I possibly be focused on anything else?”

“I’m watching you,” Tony says, before crossing the room to approach a monitor.  “Now-(Y/N)!!!”

By now, the whole room’s chuckling quietly, as you throw up your hands.

“Tony, my lifelong crush is in this room,” you say sarcastically.  “I’d prefer it if you didn’t bring dishonor on the House of Stark.”

“I will end you,” Tony says.

“I’d like to see you try,” you say.  “Anyway, unlike you, I have work to do.”  With that, you sweep out of the room, glad for an escape.  You don’t know how you managed to regain your composure, but you’re not sure how long you’d be able to maintain it.


Guess it’s the time to test it.  You turn around to see Steve, following you out into the hallway.

“Hey,” you say.  “I’m sorry about Tony, he can be kind of an ass.”

“I wouldn’t use that word, but, yes,” Steve nods.

“Anyway,” you say.  “He wasn’t wrong.  We did grow up with stories of you, and Dad always said you were one of the best men he ever knew.”

“Howard was a good man too,” Steve says.  “I’m sorry to hear that he…”

“Yeah,” you say.  “Anyway, good to meet you.”

“Wait, (Y/N),” Steve says.  “I was wondering…after we deal with this, with Loki, I’d love to get to know you better.”

“I’d like that too,” you say, hardly believing your ears.  

“Do you have a number I can ring?” he asks and in spite of yourself, you smile.  

“You know how to work a phone?” you say, pulling a pad of paper out of your pocket.  “They’re quite new-fangled contraptions.”  He sighs as you write your number down, ripping off the paper and handing it to him.

“(Y/N), I think you’re a liar,” Steve says.

“And why’s that?”

“I think you’re just as much of a handful as Tony,” Steve says, heading back into the room.  “Maybe even more.”

On Magneto, Villainy and the Holocaust

I don’t want to write this post, but it’s demanding to be written. Between recent conversations I’ve had about my grandfather’s experiences during the Holocaust and the amount of blind Magneto worship I’ve seen lately, it’s sort of forcing itself out of me. This post is not intended as a personal attack on anyone so much as my taking an opportunity to vent my frustration on the topic because, to me, it is PROFOUNDLY personal.

Magneto’s backstory as a Holocaust survivor certainly adds a lot of complexity and understandable motives to the character. It’s hard to simply dismiss him as a monster when his actions are a reaction to surviving a genocide committed against his people. That dissonance is clearly intentional on the part of the writers. It’s part of what makes Magneto such an effective antagonist for the X-Men. 

On one hand, I’m glad that they did this. As Marvel is well aware due to the release of the Magneto: Testament graphic novel, because of his background as a survivor, the character has become a prompt for teaching people about what happened during the Holocaust. It’s no MAUS, but it’s not done in a cheap or exploitative fashion. In some respects, I think the dissonance of the character’s background has made the Magneto of the comics less and less villainous over the years to the point where he has become a straight up hero on more than one occasion. During his current run, writer Brian Michael Bendis has Magneto serve as something of a pragmatic wild card in Cyclops’s current branch of the X-Men, playing games with both SHIELD and Mystique’s current Brotherhood while he tries to defend the newly growing mutant population from within and without. These have been pretty good stories, where he’s neither being obsequious to humans nor committing mass genocide. I highly suspect this is not the version of the character most people are familiar with. The comic’s sales aren’t that high.

During his darker periods where he’s trying to, among other things, kill everyone who isn’t a mutant, I find the connection to the Holocaust completely problematic. To explain why, I’m going to have to talk about my grandfather’s experiences in German labor camps.

My grandfather and two of his friends from his home town survived the war because they were young enough to work. While no Oskar Schindler, the Germans who ran the factories where my grandfather worked went out of their way to keep my grandfather safe. Against orders, they snuck him extra food and water and allowed him some extra freedoms. They referred to him by his first name. Some even called him their friend. 

Were it not for those Germans, my grandfather would have almost certainly been murdered. I would not be here. My sister wouldn’t be here. My father, his sister and his brother wouldn’t be here. My cousins, nieces and nephews. None of us. I am alive because there were Germans who decided that, while they couldn’t change the direction of their country, they could help the people under their watch. 

If villain-period Magneto were to meet these specific Germans he would kill them without hesitation. I’m not at all comfortable with that.

I don’t hate Germans on sight because not all Germans killed us. Germany is, perhaps, the only country I know that has committed a Genocide and not only admitted it to themselves and the world, but done what little it could as a country to atone. I can’t say the same about Japan or Turkey or my own country, which still struggles with the enormous sins of the past. I have not shunned the Germans I’ve met, most of whom have been exchange students who were nothing but decent to me. They did not commit the crimes of their forefathers. They are not complicit by simply being born German.

Should people have gone after war criminals? Absolutely. Simon Wiesenthal was a hero. But Magneto was not portrayed as a Wiesenthal figure, except perhaps in the earlier parts of X-Men: First Class.

My key issue with Magneto is that, during his villain phases, he is a blind tribalist. He believes that history is simply nothing but a series of tribal conflicts and that the only right thing to do is to fight for your own tribe. Magneto is a member of two tribes, the Jews and the Mutants. He saw his first tribe murdered. He figured the best way for his second tribe to survive would be the total annihilation or subjugation of his enemy tribe, the humans. He would stop at nothing at that end, seeing everyone who was not of his tribe as an enemy and worthy, at best, of being his slave. He didn’t see humans as people, he saw them as an inferior species that wanted to destroy his superior species out of fear. He had become a genetic supremacist. He had become like those who murdered his family.

In other words, pre-redemptive Magneto would’ve shot Oskar Schindler in the face without hesitation or regret.

Magneto’s extremism made the character of Kitty Pryde, a Jewish Mutant who doesn’t believe in subjugating humans, NECESSARY. 

Magneto is not an activist, he is a murderer. He is indiscriminate in his targets. So long as you are not a member of his tribe, you are the enemy. 

The X-Men comics are deeply allegorical. The Holocaust elements are not. They are an explicit and inextricable part of the narrative. I think Magneto is a good compelling character and I sympathize with him deeply. But he isn’t an admirable figure, he’s a cautionary figure. If people can’t figure out how to live with and respect those who are not like themselves, Magneto’s original methods of mass oppression and murder should be off the table. People should fight for their rights. They should use whatever humane means are necessary. If someone is trying to kill someone they have the right to defend themselves. But it is dangerous to paint an entire people with a single brush. People, and the world, are far too complex for us to be that blind.