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It’s time for a comeback.

“Some gringas have imitated me; they want to dress like ‘Mexicans,’ but those poor women look like cabbages, and to tell you the truth they look plain ugly”

   -Frida Kahlo, The Letters of Frida Kahlo, 1995

This quote has a lot of relevance in respect to the recent events in the fandom. Too often Whites have stolen, taken, and appropriated the identities and cultures of People of Color for their brown paper doll oc’s. They bastardize them, filling their backstories and personalities with racist tropes and stereotypes. They ignore criticism of such actions, dismiss and trivialize concerns of People of Color as drama, and attempt to victimize themselves or dismiss their actions with shitty excuses and shitty apologies.

It is because of these recent events that I have decided to bring Not your White Fave’s OC back. People of Color cannot rely on whites in the fandom to do right by us, to stand up for us; we cannot rely on them to own up to their racism and take the appropriate steps to rectify their disgusting actions.

People of Color truly need a space for themselves, away from the racism, ignorance and indifference of the mainstream white fandom.

There have been many People of Color in the fandom and in general on Tumblr that call for the creation of “our own spaces” because we are ignored, harassed, stereotyped, etc in the mainstream fandom. However, once a said space is made, those same people leave it on read so to speak. Either it is performative, or they still desire white affirmation.

I’m here to say that we do not need white affirmation. Referring back to the original Characters of Color post, “ We don’t need to ask for acceptance from anyone. We are enough, we’ve been enough and we always will be enough.”- Taraji P. Henson.

The goal of this blog is still the same, to create a safe place in response to the othering, and  exclusion of creatives of color in the white mainstream fandom. A place where people of color could share and celebrate their ocs and their work without fear of being spoken over.

A place for original characters of color made BY people of color, for any form of creative content made by people of color. A place to celebrate our races and cultures without having to censor it for a white audience. It is a place to encourage creators of color to share their work, to make oc’s that represent them, and to be surrounded by a community of people like them!

And so with that I’ll end with this:

Welcome to Not Your Yt Fave’s OC, a blog made for Creators of Color by People of Color!

Dear @markiplier,

I don’t know if you know about what happened on Friday. I woke up early to get the bus to get there “On time” like many others might’ve. Since the line up for your signing wasn’t supposed to be until a hour and a half before as a bunch of people said and in the past the cap was at 200 people. I got there around 9:32 AM just about. We rushed down to the Queue Room as fast as we could go. 

When we got there we discovered that they gave out tickets at 8 am and they were gone by 8:30 am because the Center opened a hour early for some reason. We tried to bargain, we tried to sneak (like a few I know had done who ended up seeing you), we tried so many things to no avail. It felt so unfair that me along with so many others were kicked out because the line up time wasn’t correct for meeting you. 

I was heartbroken, devastated even knowing I could never meet you. I promised so many good friends I’d ask things since they couldn’t go. I had letters, art even one from @simpleagle that I printed out to give you. But I failed my promises. I failed my friends. I failed to be a messenger. I began to sob as I sorted through the pile of things I had printed for you my stuff I drew, wrote and other things my friends made. My face was so red from crying I felt like a idiot in front of all those people waiting for you.

After I came back from getting food my mom was there following the line saying a Enforcer let her in but another came to get out or we’d be flagged to even going near you he sounded almost cheerful saying it. They made us give them our gifts to them because “he wouldn’t care/he won’t even look at it” that hit me with a sinking feeling of dread. 

I don’t know if you will see this @markiplier but hopefully you will. Hopefully others will share this so you can see the mess that happened.


Soooo I wasn’t about to rush anything out for tomorrow, because Reiji only deserves the best. So instead I’ll just ramble on about why I like him so much. You’re free to reblog, but please don’t add to this post. If you have something to say then just make your own. Thank you.

  • His Drive. For one thing I find it incredibly admirable, even if it is a coping mechanism of sorts. The fact that he works so hard to become as perfect as he possibly can at every possible thing is sort of inspiring to me, in a ‘fake it till you make it’ kind of way, because I believe him to be much more insecure than he lets on. 
  • His Wit. It’s no secret Reiji has the oral skill *coughs* to talk you into a corner. You’ll be contradicting yourself before you know it. He knows how to make you agree even if you disagree. And to me that sends freaking shivers down my spine. A man who knows how to use words is more alluring than one with a sword. 
  • His Property. He takes so much pride in the things he owns, holding them to the same expectation of perfection as he does himself. He also treats them with great care, which to a certain extent is put onto the Heroine as well, since he defines her as such. 
  • His Awkwardness. As direct as this man can be, there’s no denying that he doesn’t really know how to properly express himself in terms of what he feels for the Heroine. He’s always coming up with explanations “because you’re my property” or other excuses to justify his otherwise endearing actions. I find that incredibly lovely. 
  • His Voice. This is a big one for me. Both in the way he sounds and the way he speaks. It’s so formal, and yet incredibly condescending, and when he chuckles it’s always at your own expense, but it’s the most beautiful sound these wretched ears of mine have ever been blessed with. 
  • His Desperation. To become better, to be recognized. I love to think about the look in his eyes. Where his need for her becomes more than just the blood, to the point where his body ‘moves on its own’ and YES  I will quote that line any chance I get because it surpassed just wanting to save her, it became instinct, and if that doesn’t show just how deeply he cared then I don’t know what does. 

I could go on for years, but these were the ones that popped into my head first, so I’m assuming they’re the most important ones. It saddens me to think that people skip his route simply because he’s the “bad guy” when in reality his route was perhaps the most engaging HDB had to offer. I enjoy how cruel he is, and how that cruelty slowly evolves into something that’s not quite as sadistic. I love how he wants the heroine to stand on her own two feet, rather than become some mindless doll that’s attached to his side. I love how proper he is, and how he sticks to his own values. How despite the lack of any appreciation or recognition, he is what holds the Sakamaki Household together. For all of this and more, I love him. 


Some more Maria while I desperately try to figure out this texture stuff


“Welcome to the DIRECTV Pre-Party for Super Saturday Night. [..] I’m getting ready right now, probably. Just, over there or over there. Somewhere very close to here. And, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming. I really hope you like the show. I haven’t done one in a while. I hope it’s decent. But, I’m gonna try hard, and that’s the point about… football… and… singing. I’m gonna stop… Bye! Have fun!” [x]

526. The teachers at Hogwarts enjoyed placing bets on which students would get together. Professor McGonagall was the reigning champ on betting which students would get together. The pots on these bets used to get huge (Ron & Hermione's had a few hundred galleon payout). There were only three times she lost for pots she'd bet on. When Bill married Fleur (she’d guessed Tonks), when Tonks married Remus, and when Neville married Hannah (she’d guessed Luna).

anonymous asked:

what's up with the spines/hairs on the insect eating cup?

short answer: for helping the bugs climb in the pitcher and not allowing them to get out

long answer: i gotta just make a giant post of basic pitcher plant botany and evolution bc its like. the coolest. like its a leaf dedicated 100% to catching bugs in every single aspect, even down to the microscopic level. evolution is amazing and plants are amazing