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Just a note for American Berena fans - we’re going to be getting Holby legally in a month or two. A streaming service called BritBox is going to be offering BBC programming as it becomes available and Holby City is on its schedule. It’ll be like Hulu and will have a subscription fee but so worth it I think.

Check out the twitter account for it


as its pretty easy to see, mista and i arent very active on here anymore

tumblr isnt that fun anymore and we’re kinda bored of it, so we’re just going to leave the blog on queue until we feel like getting back on

if you’d like to keep in touch:

my (ghia) info:

discord: ghiaccio#3955
rp tumblr

we’ll check the blog every so often, mostly for the sideblogs we run

see ya, hope youve all been well


“This is what I want: I want to grab my brother’s hand and run back through time,
losing years like coats falling from our shoulder.” - SN: 12x04

Jandy Nelson (I’ll Give You the Sun)

735. Teddy never gets to figure out his shape shifting completely so he was often changing his appearance without knowing, nobody did really ever see his face because of this until one unfortunate Quidditch match where he was hit by a bludger. While he was still unconscious, McGonagall was the first to notice he looked just like Remus.


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Hey guys!! Commissions are now back open! If you’re interested in commissioning me, you’re more than welcome to contact me at!

Some things you might want to pay attention to:

  • The price listed above are in USD
  • The payment is only via PayPal and must be paid (at least half) in advance
  • Any type of background and/or additional details will cost you more
  • Will draw: OCs, mild gore, ABO, most pairings
  • Won’t draw: NSFW, incest

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, comic, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, the character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Reference (only if you think i will specifically require one)
  • Deadline (if you have one)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I’m pretty flexible about the prices too, so as long as I’m concerned, the prices are negotiable :) Thank you and have a great day! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

(To take a look at the commissions that I’ve done previously, click here!)


“Welcome to the DIRECTV Pre-Party for Super Saturday Night. [..] I’m getting ready right now, probably. Just, over there or over there. Somewhere very close to here. And, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming. I really hope you like the show. I haven’t done one in a while. I hope it’s decent. But, I’m gonna try hard, and that’s the point about… football… and… singing. I’m gonna stop… Bye! Have fun!” [x]