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Parts of musicals that make my heart feel Full™ Part 2

* The very end of 96000 where everyone is singing Lin Manuel Miranda is just amazing
* “Cosette… I love you very much”
* The high note at the end of Worst Pies
* “Viva! La vie! Boheme!”
* Man, just, all of That’s Rich. By far the most iconic song in the entirety of Newsies imo
* when they get faster and faster at the end of We Both Reached for the Gun
* The back and forth in Crazier than You
*“We loathe it all!–ooooOH WHAT IS THIS FEELING”
* The crap players yelling in the back of Luck be a Lady
*The high note in Requiem it kills me every time
* The very last “I hope that you… burn” in Burn
* Heather Chandler’s bit after she shoves Heather Duke in Candy Store
* Michael in the bathroom I CRY
* One of my favorite lines from all of musical theatre: “ I CAN’T BELIEVE JESUS CALLED ME A DICK!”

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Oooh alot of the characters in the lqbta± community in DC I didn't even know they were a part of it! That's so cool! Do you mind stating what their sexualities are? It's interesting

of course!

Lesbian: Batwoman, Poison Ivy, The Question, and Scandal Savage.

Bisexual: Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Riddler, Wonder Woman, Rainmaker, Catman, Knockout, Icemaiden, and Power Boy.

Gay: Penguin, Bunker, Apollo, Midnighter, Green Lantern, Starman, Obsidian, and Pied Piper.

Pansexual: Maxima!

Trans: Alysia Yeoh!

Since there are so many interpretations of comic book characters, some incarnations are only LGBTQA+ in certain forms of media, as Penguin is really only gay in the show Gotham. Also, because certain heroes die and get reincarnated/are recreated in new verses, there’s like 7 Green Lanterns and Alan Scott is the only gay one. It’s sorta confusing, but I hope it make sense! Thank you for taking interest!


Here comes the holy and lovely trinity of @cookies-hetaoni. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I tried my best to make them looks like the more accurate to the references Cookie’s made for them, and also to the original style of Hetalia’s artworks. It was quite a premiere for me to do such a lineart and colo so - I hope you’ll enjoy it. *A*

So I know we all headcanon that Bitty is very likely enemy number 1 for the nutritionist of the NHL but what if instead…

Jack very miserably comes to the nutritionist office and waits to discuss his new diet plan, and then when he gets it he just kind of puppy dog eyes her, nods and leaves.

Now Claire feels horrible and she doesn’t even know what she’s done.

George is the one who sighs and rolls her eyes. “It’s about the pie.”

“That’s what cheat days are for.”

“He’s dating a baker, there’s care packages. He doesn’t have the heart to tell them to stop, so now he gives the stuff away. It’s sad to watch but I have dibs on first pick.”

And well shit if the guy wants to eat pie made by his gf who is stopping him?


“Oh, right.”

And here’s the thing Claire is the best at her job ok? She knows, like any good nutritionist knows, that if you want to get your clients to follow their plans you have to get the wife, girlfriend, mom or significant other in their life on your side.

Also you have to adjust things to make it easy for them to follow the plan, because if you are too strict then they are gonna cheat anyways and lie about it.

So she schedules a meeting with Jack, and tells him maybe they can come up with a compromise.

Jack shows up armed with a folder that contains all the ingredients on the pies, a letter explaining that this is a secret family recipe and if she tries to steal it there will be *consequences*, photos of the pies and a petition signed by the entire Samwell hockey team in Jack’s behalf.

(Jack doesn’t tell her till later, but there was also a power point if she said no.)

There’s also a selection of mini pies.

And Claire is passionated about healthy eating, she gives talks in high schools and volunteers with programs and when she’s eating that pie she honestly couldn’t give two fucks about all the butter and sugar it’s shoved in there.

So Claire and Jack come to a compromise. He can have three slices of pie a week, not counting his cheat day, but she puts a limit on the sugar content and butter.

And also, and this is very important, there will be no providing of pie to the rest of the team. Because she knows that while Jack has the will power of a God to be able to date somebody that bakes stuff this good and follow his diet plan, the rest of the team won’t.

She gets a lovely and healthy carrot cake from the gf and her life is made, seriously this should be illegal.

And if sometimes when Jack goes to visit the girl (later on she finds out she’s actually a he and Jack Zimmermann taste in men is flawless) he returns unable to look at her in the eye, she pretends not to know he’s been cheating, and doesn’t tell him about the baked goods (bribes) that are surely on the mail under her name.

After all she’s entitled to some cheat days of her own.

Only downside is that George might never forgive her…

Some interesting facts about the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

-During the fall of consciousness in humanity, the pyramids were placed to activate certain grid points on Earth to open the field of consciousness fro ascension.  

-The pyramids once aligned with true North before the poles changed.

-The measurements of the pyramids equal to Phi, the golden mean.

-If you divide the perimeter by the height, you receive the approximation of Pi.

-The pyramids align with the Orion’s Belt constellation.

-Speed of light through vacuum is 299,792,458 m/s.  

-A geographic coordinate of 29.9792458, 31.134658 will end up on the Great Pyramid Of Giza 

-In the Great Pyramid alone, it consists of about 2.5 million stone blocks.

-Based on the shafts in the Great Pyramid, when plotted on a map and coordinated, they can be found to replicate a pyramid mountain located in the Himalayas precisely.

-The Great Pyramid used to have swivel doors at the entrance. 

-There are 4 shafts within the Great pyramid and 3 chambers. In the Queen’s chamber, the walls are covered with salt. This creates a theory that the shafts and chambers would combine to create a particle laser. Also in one of the shafts which had 2 copper pieces attached to the shaft door, there was corrosion on the copper, which means electricity was being generated and used there.

-If you had a hydrochloric acid solution coming down in one shaft, and hydrated zinc coming down the other shaft, when they combine in the Queen’s chamber they created hydrogen, the most powerful substance in the known universe.

-The North shaft had the hydrated zinc while the Southern shaft had the hydrochloric acid which meet at the Queen’s chamber to trigger combustion.

-The hydrogen then builds up in the King’s chamber.

-The energy of the Earth vibrates the whole pyramid which are picked up in the Grand Gallery which could be a resonator hall. There are 27 slots that go up the gallery.

-With this energy building up, it shoots a microwave out of one of the shafts.

-Water would be pumped into a chamber under the Great Pyramid from the Nile River. This created hydrolic pressure which vibrated the pyramid. There is evidence all over the chamber that shows presence of water.

-This means the pyramids function could have also been a power plant. It also tuned the frequencies of the Earth and could have possibly supplied energy to other places on Earth to obelisks and other sacred cites.

Avatarstuck headcanons

John in this au would be the Avatar, he still has his sock hood, but alas, he is now, bald. John’s dad would be more of a monk that raised him, much like Monk Gyatso was to Aang. Before him, The Handmaid was the avatar.

Jane is a bender, she was raised alongside John, but wasn’t mentored as much given her not being the Avatar. Still, she’s a powerful as fuck bender. Jane really loves to back Air Nomad Fruit Pies. She and John sometimes just throws them at the monks. 

Rose is from the Southern Water Tribe and is a bit of a parallel to Katara, besides Roxy. Of course, in the AU, Rose is still dating Kanaya, who she met back when they were both learning heal with water.

Roxy would be Rose’s sister, she’s the only other bender in the tribe, she can be a parallel to Sokka, also she’s just as funny, but just like Sokka there’s a lot more to her than that. Roxy takes it upon herself to get food for the hungry villagers. 

Dave, is very skilled with rad swords, both the Striders are. Of course, he’s from the Fire Nation, and a guard for the royal family. He would have been a member of it if he actually wanted the responsibility, but he’d rather just be “the Dave of guy”.

Dirk is the prince of the Fire Nation. The reason Dave is not is because he didn’t want the job, but Dirk still wanted him around, so he pretty much made up a position for him to keep him in the house. Dirk isn’t a fan of being a prince either but he thinks it’s something he’s supossed to do. 

Jade is from the Earth kingdom but lives alone with Jake on an island on the outskirts of the kingdom. Jade pretty much taught herself, and is still somehow able to be pretty OP with her bending. The island they live in is related with the spirit world

Jake lives with Jade on the island, though Jade taught herself, he was following her, this doesn’t make him any weaker at all though. Jake loves to venture around the island to look for weird animals/spirits (”Monsters”) Also his lack of actual pants is still a thing.

Aradia is from the Fire Nation. She’s very much into the morbid, and is interested in the lore of the Spirit World and bending as a whole. She claims to have been to the Spirit World but almost no one really believes her.

Tavros is from the Air Nomads, he never fully shaved his head because it would honestly be a pity to do away with that head of hair. Tavros’ wheelchair is also a glider, kind of like the one Teo has, but different in design because i tried to draw Teo’s and couldn’t. Tavros believes Aradia’s stories of the spirit world, spirits to him in the AU are close to what faries are to him in the canon timeline.

Sollux is from the Fire Nation. Sollux’s type of firebending is a unique case, he can bend lightning, and of course, the color of his lightning is red and blue. He still raises bees. fire bees. bees that… are…on fire I guess. I-I don’t know I’m tired. 

Kakrat is from the Northern Water Tribe, he’s a weak bender, he can barely bend much at all most of the time. But, once in a full moon, he is more than able to bloodbend. Bloodbending may be immoral to some, but Karkat finds it to be a means of survival at least. He hangs around a lot with Kanaya.

Nepeta is from the Earth Kingdom. She lives in a cave outside of Omashu, with her giant pet cat with two mouths (Pounce of course). She goes into the city every now and then and sometimes but usually gets her food through hunting. She loves to do art on the cave walls and will use bending for art.

Kanaya is from the Southern Water Tribe. As a sylph in the canon universe, in the au it only makes sense for her to be a healer. Water heals, and she is a very skilled healer. She can still slice someone in half with her waterbending though.

Terezi lives in Omashu, Nepeta would viset her sometimes and role play. Terezi was blinded by Vriska, a fire right in the eyes. She sees the same way Toph does, but has an extra edge in that she can still smell colors, because, it’s Terezi, how can she not? She’s interested in the extinct fire nation animal, the dragon.

Vriska is high ranking in the Fire Nation, and she bends with burning blue fire, she can be a huge parallel to Azula. Vriska’s eye and arm were lost to Terezi thanks to a huge rock hitting her, and her almost bleeding out if not for help from Equius. She mocks Tavros for believing Aradia’s stories, they’re “Fakey fake fakes”

Equius is from the Earth Kingdom, and hangs out a lot with Nepeta a lot when he can. But he works for the Water Tribe under HIC, who is a correlation to Ozai. He makes things for them, like the Mechanist (Teo’s dad) did, but he isn’t limited to just that. He also made Tavos’ wheelchair glider. He’s originally from Ba Sing Se.

Gamzee is an Air Nomad but he never really shaved his head because he’s an edgy piece of shit. He doesn’t quite go along with the beliefs of the rest of the nomads and has his own theory about “mirthful messiahs”. He also enjoys the Air Nomad Fruit Pies, but everyone is pretty sure he put something else in there.

Eridan is from the Northern Water Tribe and considered to be practically a prince, but not quite. Eridan considers the other 3 nations to be lesser than the Water Tribe (even the swampbenders) and given that they’re at a time of war, he considers wiping them out. He’s somehow a hipster even way back them before that was even a thing.

Feferi is the princess and heiress of the Northern Water Tribe. Like Yue, Feferi’s life was saved as a baby by the Moon Spirit, or, Koi Fish. Because of this she really doesn love fish a lot. Feferi, like Yue, is in an arranged wedding, (With Eridan in this case) though she doesn’t want to marry. 

Feel free to debate me on these because id like to talk about it. Thanks for indulging my shitty au headcanons

As a way to celebrate Pride Month, here is a list of some of the lgbt+ (canon) characters of DC & Marvel, some I have made guides for and others I will make soon. This list will be updated with links everytime i post a new one so be sure to check back :)
Note: This isn’t a complete list, i’m probably missing new characters as well as versions from alternate universes.


Alysia YeohApollo, Bunker , Cullen Row, Dawnstar, Eiko Hasigawa, Evelyn Crawford, Grace Choi, Gravity KidHarley QuinnHarper Row, Holly Robinson, Jackson HydeJenny Sparks, Jericho, John Constantine, KaniKate Kane, Knockout, Lightning Lass, Madame Xanadu, Midnighter, Mikaal Tomas, Obsidian, Pied Piper, Poison IvyPower Boy, Ray Terrill, Renee Montoya, Roshanna Chatterji, Scandal Savage, Selina Kyle, Shining Knight, Shrinking Violet, Swift, Thomas Blake, Thunder, Voodoo, Wonder Woman


Alana Jobson, America Chavez, Angela, Annabelle Riggs, Anole, Bling!, Cullen Bloodstone, Daken, David Alleyne, Deadpool, Graymalkin, Hulkling, Irene Adler, Julie Power, Karma, Karolina Dean, Moondragon, Mystique, Northstar, Phylla-Vell, Psylocke, Ren Kimura, Rictor, Shatterstar, Starhawk, Striker, Union Jack, Victoria Hand, Wiccan, Xavin


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◇ “No-one is more deserving than you, my love.”

◇ Junhoe x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ requested by anon; Vampire!junhoe pleaseeeeeee 💘💘💘

◇ the gif has nothing to do w this story but its really hard to find junhoe gifs that are even slightly serious OTL life is hard lol anyway i find it weird but whenever i write for junhoe i end up writi g something completely different to my other works - for example, my other vamp fics are so different from this one!! But i hope u guys enjoy anyway bc i quite like it


Humans like to think that they’re alone in the world. Alone in the universe, too. Maybe it scares them to think about more powerful, unique creatures. Maybe they’re secretly aware, somewhere in their subconscious, that they’re weak, fragile, unprotected. That makes humans dangerous, because they try too hard to prove others wrong.

Humans are lucky that the other side of things — the ‘weird’ side — is so merciful. How grateful they should be that the things that go bump in the night decide to stay hidden in the shadows, the alleyways, through secret doorways and portals. Humans can easily be overthrown, but sending the world into chaos isn’t something anyone is particularly fond of doing, and that results in fear of being discovered.

If a person tries hard enough, maybe they’ll be able to see through to the other side: a girl with purple hair and eyebrows in the flower shop was making roses grow with a flick of her wrist — a barista, with bright green eyes, from the corner of your eye, looks as if he has another set of arms.

It’s all about perception, and fortunately for otherworldly Beings, that has never been the strong point for humans.

Our story starts at a shop that mortal eyes can only see at the witching hour on a Wednesday in March when the weather is just right and the wind is travelling at a certain speed — your shop.

Keep reading


Bravo  Miguel Eduardo Anaya Rodriguez

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Hey so not trying to start shit but you said in an earlier post that you disliked marvel bc of lack of diversity? So I did a little research and I found out that's a bit not true Woman characters: black widow, mrs marvel, the newer captain marvel, scarlet witch, storm, and she hulk are the ones I found Non white: mrs marvel, new spider man, a female and black iron man, nick fury and a few others Non Christian: mrs marvel, scarlet witch, Anthony Druid, James madrox So yeah, marvel is sweet.

oh boy okay so we’re doing this

heck this is a long post watch out

DC’s women characters: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Amanda Waller, Batwoman, Batgirl, Zatanna, Black Canary, Catwoman, Posion Ivy, Tigress, Harley Quinn, Starfire, Raven, Huntress, Hawkgirl, Star Sapphire, Stargirl, Jade, Fire, Ice, Wondergirl, Talia Al Ghul, Maxima, Powergirl, Arrowette, Lady Blackhawk, Black Alice, Dove, Gypsy, Katana, Aquawoman, and The Question. I know that there’s more but those are all I can remember right now? Not to mention the three all female groups- Gotham City Sirens, Birds of Prey, and the Violet Lanterns. (If I remember correctly, Marvel has none?) Also the all female comic series- DC Bombshells, which takes place during an alt WW2 when women superheros fought on the front lines (Which is amazing!)

DC’s PoC characters: Cyborg, Aquaman (In the new Justice League movie), Black Bat, Static Shock, The Question, Blue Beetle, Katana, Deadshot, Tigress, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Amanda Waller, Lucius Fox, and Vixen. I know that there’s more, I just can’t remember rn bleh.

DC’s non-Christian characters: Batwoman, Atom Smasher, Colossal Boy, Firestorm, The Monolith, Nite-Owl, Ragman, Seraph, Sandman, Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern, Nightrunner, Iron Butterfly, Ra’s Al Ghul, Captain Nemo, Celsius, Deadman, and Maya. Again, there’s more, but my head can’t remember all those names heck

Though, while I’m at it, I’ll add all the LGBTAQ+ characters (bc its pride month!)

DC’s LGBTQA+ characters: Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Wonder Woman, The Question, Rainmaker, Catman, Bunker, Apollo, Midnighter, Green Lantern, Starman, Maxima, Obsidian, Pied Piper, Scandal Savage, Knockout, Icemaiden, Power Boy, and Alysia Yeoh!

You can still think that Marvel is sweet and all, but just know that DC has wayy more representation that Marvel can even aspire to have lmao

to anyone that actually read this, I hope this inspires you to look up some of these super cool heroes! also, in dc’s tv shows currently, there is a bunch of lgbtqa+ representation which is amazing! supergirl, gotham, the flash, legends of tomorrow- theres a bunch of representation there and i really hope this leads you to support dc and support representation! 

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There is someone that is totally okay with continuing to tag their Kent hate. I mean, whatever. Blocked and all. But I find it ironic that they say that we HAVE to interpret Kent one way, but we HAVE to let people interpret other characters however they want. Like get over yourself, please. Yes, check please has a happy, queer romance story. But is it realistic? I can't say it is. I'm sorry if I want more hockey and more about the characters I'm already invested in. I'm not sorry that it's Kent.

YES! Super agree with all of these. Some things that came to me today:

1. On Check Please being a happy, queer romance story, I get that, but I think what bothers me the most is how inconsistent the writing of Check Please is in that regard. Because Ngozi says this is supposed to be an exploration of a world that Bitty can thrive, but it didn’t start like that at all. There are all sorts of issues that were presented in the beginning that were abandoned in pursuit of the love story that she wanted all along.

Jack’s mental health issue was there as a tragic backstory and insofar as it provided a vulnerable!Jack moment for Bitty and which leads to possibly more tragic backstory. But that very important facet to Jack just vanished along and was forgotten when it’s a valid consideration when they were outing themselves to his front office and teammates. Or take the fact that it was very possible that the added pressure of being closeted and being in a relationship was what drove Jack’s anxiety up a notch, as she hinted when she presented the vignettes of Jack and Kent’s relationship just before the draft–that didn’t all seem to matter because this is suddenly a world cured of homophobia when he presented Bitty as his boo. (Meanwhile, in the real world, millionaire Ryan Getzlaf repeatedly called a ref “cocksucker” and only got fined 10k and Anaheim fans are raising money to pay the fine.) Or that N introduced the idea that Jack had very real issues about meeting his father’s expectations –very real when he ignored the hell out of Bitty because Bitty scored a GWG– but wasn’t real when it’s a huge possibility that his hypermasculine dad could have objections to him outing himself for a few months’ old relationship . Or take the issue of Jack’s bisexuality. It was additional drama to pile on Bitty when he was insecure about their months-old relationship, but Jack’s bisexuality was never discussed, or how relevant that is in his situation as a closeted pro athlete. Or maybe that Jack is Bitty’s first relationship while it was said in the comic that Bitty wasn’t even ready to be out to his family yet–and yet that was forgotten when Jack practically convinced him they could be out, together. There are so, so many more points I could raise here, but what I’m trying to get at is that I see this canon as a series of writing decisions that opens up real, tangible issues, but fails to follow up on them, blatantly ignores them, in the guise of, hey this is supposed to be a happy story so no no no no drama. I’m here, like, 

me: but what about– 
canon: NO. NO DRAMA. NO

And it’s not as if those were issues are imagined, she wrote them in canon in the first place and then abandons them, leaving me unsatisfied and uneasy while there are so many loose threads flying about. But we’re supposed to ignore them because twu wuv, yeah?

2. I’ve said this before, but why not Kent? Kent is a closeted LGBT who loved a guy for years who just turned out to be buddyfucking him the whole time–he can’t even grieve properly? There is relatability to his heartbreak, complexity to his transformation from that soft-looking boy in his teen years to that night where he’s sharp and cold as he lashes out in anger. That Captain with a broken heart who tries to grapple at his remaining dignity by playing with every inch of the skill he’s learned lends himself to all kinds of possibilities that is exciting to explore. I love it (and I’m happy people love him too!), and his whiteness or his ‘problematic’ behavior shouldn’t be a deterrent to exploring his interiority, because that’s what fandom does! Fandom is precisely the proper space to explore what you want to explore because pushing all kinds of boundaries is what we do when we talk about and write stories that give layers to this character that they claim should be one-dimensional. Quoting some intelligent lady: You can’t keep telling yourselves and everyone else around you that this is a space where you come to to expand storylines and to push back against toxic cultural messages, and at the same time maintain that this is a line too far, that this is not something that is within your control.

3. Moreover, he’s a closeted professional athlete – and his story matters because his story has consequence. If there is an LGBT player right now in the NHL, they’re closeted and as trapped as Kent is in that situation. I feel like when I read Kent fics, most are fully cognizant and acknowledging of the brunt of being in that precarious situation, and that’s why they’re satisfying to me. Jack and Bitty’s story is in a bubble because they’re like in an alternate universe that isn’t remotely this one; the bubble that is modern capitalism is likelier to burst than Jack and Bitty’s little fantasy life. It’s like they exist in a vacuum devoid of real life common sense consequences. So sue me for wanting my stories having cause-effect.

4. I’m looking forward to Jack and Kent meeting again because there’ll be hockey, and I signed up here for hockey, which, for a hockey-themed comic seems scarce and inaccurate about. Though that might mean N will get to fulfill her Jack NHL Suksez Storyline when he finally is better than Kent because he’s powered by love and pies gags

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I met the nicest!!! Mccree today!!! On overwatch!!!! Like I saw him struggling with a roadhog and he was rly low health so I pocketed him while he tried to take him out but he was struggling really bad so I pulled out my pistol and started shooting to help but mccree died D: and the roadhog tried to SOLO ALT ME but I killed him then rezed the mccree and he thanked me n kept me safe and told me I was a pro mercy and that I was really good. It made me ferl really good and really happy.

Awww, I’m so glad you helped him out, he sounded like an absolute sweetheart! And you got his compliments too! Yall were a good power team, such honey pies!

if you follow me on twitter you’re probably tired of hearing about it but im very serious about a fallout au with an 80′s aesthetic