to the point where they sob all over each other because each of them desperately refuses to see her important friend disappear

Baekhyun Scenario

“Hi. I like your baek scenes. Can you do a university au baek scenario where you had a really bad break up with him and after that he started bullying and treating you like crap? Then a year after, he found out he’s in an arranged marriage with you. You still hate each other but when he found out that you were going to back out, he felt the same pain again as losing you before. Happy ending. Thank you and can you also make it long, angsty and fluffy? Hope I’m not too demanding. Thank you again.” Anon

Warnings: Angst, themes of bullying, alcohol use

Getting ready nowadays was a awful ordeal. After suffering a break up with your boyfriend, Baekhyun, you were heartbroken. The thing that made it even worse was that he went to the same university as you. You had to see each other every day, even if it was just passing each other in the halls. You dreaded leaving your room each day.
“Oh c’mon” Your roomate said to you, smiling apologetically. “I’m sure it will be fine. Sure, you had a bad break up, but I’m pretty certain he won’t bother you. He’ll probably be the same as you, wanting to leave it alone.” You sigh sadly and look up at her “Are you sure? You know what Baekhyun is like.” She nods but chuckles “I’m pretty sure it will be okay. Don’t waste your time on it, you have more important things to worry about. Your studies are your first priority.” You chuckle at her. She was so hardworking, you didn’t understand how she did it. You were pretty much the couch potato, whilst she was good at just about anything. She studied so hard, you knew she deserved the grades she gets. You smile and hug her. “Thank you.” She smiles back. “Don’t mention it.”

You slung your backpack over your shoulder as you headed to the common room to meet up with your roomate for lunch after you had attended your 2 hour lecture. Frankly, the lecture was the most boring ordeal you had to go through, you were surprised you hadn’t fallen asleep during it. As you turned the corner, you felt someone’s elbow collide against your arm, and you hissed in pain, holding your arm as you turned to see who it was. You sigh heavily as you see it was Baekhyun. So much for wanting to ‘leave it alone’.
“Wow.. How mature” You muttered, but not quiet enough for him not to hear you. Baekhyun raises an eyebrow and chuckles with his friends. They were quite a big group of friends, so almost instantly you felt intimidated. “Oh? I’m a immature? I’m not the one who cried and begged for you to come back, so shut up, you stupid bitch.” You gasp at his words. Why the hell would he act like that? “Why are you trying to make it worse than it already is, Baekhyun? I don’t understand it… I don’t understand you!” He suddenly turned to you, his eyes cold, no emotion, no love in them, like they used to once have. “I never understood you. I never loved you. Get that into your thick skull and stay the hell away from me.” Tears sting at your eyes as you listen to his words. You slowly nod, whimpering out “Right. Got it. I’ll stay away. Goodbye, Baekhyun.” You run off quickly as the tears escape your eyes, hearing him and his friends laugh amongst themselves. 

You feel the alcohol sting your throat as you swallow it down quickly. You were outside the university gardens with a few of your roommates friends. After running to her, distraught and sobbing desperately, you and her both decided a drink was in order. You hadn’t had one in ages, and in all honestly, you needed it. You needed to numb the pain, to forget Baekhyun. But what you didn’t know is that this is where Baekhyun and his friends regularly hang out. Not until you felt someone shove you to the floor.
“Hey, go away you stupid bitch. This is our spot.” Baekhyun is stood over you, smirking almost darkly, with anger in his eyes. You look up at him, before standing and slapping him, right in the face. His friends gasp and he growls, grabbing your shoulders. “Right that’s it you piece of sh-” Your roommate pulls you away from him quickly. “Stop it, you bastard! Where you actually going to hit a girl? Really?” She sits you down and glares at him. His smirk falters slightly as he realises what he was about to do, but then he shakes his head quickly. “I’ll be gone for 10 minutes. Once I come back, you guys will have disappeared, especially that slut. Got it?” He smiles menacingly and walks off with his group. You sigh and cling to your roommate, obviously shaken up. She looks up at her friends and sighs. “Let’s go guys.”

One year later…

After that encounter, he hadn’t really bothered you to that extent after that. You guessed that it was boredom, after your reactions soon turned into ignoring him. Plus, his friends had actually told him to just leave you alone, and with a sharp click of his tongue and a frustrated sigh, he agreed and did so.
That is until he got that fateful call from his parents.
“I’m marrying who?! He almost shouted down the phone. He knew his parents believed in arranged marriage, but he couldn’t quite believe the decision of who it was. “Oh hell no, I am NOT marrying Y/N. We broke up for Gods sake!” He sighed loudly as his father ranted down the phone at it not being his decision and he shouldn’t disrespect his parents wishes. “Yeah yeah, whatever.” He hung up. He had found out from this specific phone call that you had already been informed and that at some point he would have to talk to you about it. It had been a year of you not talking. Why should he start now?

You were deep in a study session when you heard that knock on your door. You had had to resit because of how much you slacked off, and because of Baekhyun treating you like shit. Mostly the latter. Your roommate had left as she had worked hard and passed, and the university had asked you if you wanted a roommate but you had refused. You would rather study and be alone. That would give you more of a chance of success. Unlucky enough, Baekhyun had also failed and had had to stay on, but you didn’t think too much about that. You had thought as long as you had done what you did for most of last year, just stayed out of his way, then nothing would happen. But when your parents had called you up about the interest of arranged marriage to Baekhyun, you instantly refused. You want nothing to do with that boy. You hate him.
You sigh and force yourself from your seat at your desk. Your intense studying was exhausting, you would have to remind yourself to have a break later. A nice ride in the university parks on your bike sounds nice. You open the door, looking up. You nearly slammed the door, but felt a foot keep it open. “Look, just let me in. I don’t want this anymore than you do.” You sigh harshly but sure enough open the door. He shuffles in rather awkwardly. He begins with “Listen, I’m sure you got the news about the marr-” You straight away interrupt him. “I’m not doing it. I’ve already refused. No one can physically drag me to the aisle. I don’t love you. I will never love you. Get that into your thick skull.” You recite his words from a year ago, your voices filled with venom and pure hatred. You look to watch his facial expression, your eyes widening gently as you see the hurt in his eyes. “W…What?”

Baekhyun felt his heart shatter at your words. He couldn’t believe your words. He had kept his hateful persona for so long, to try and forget you, but didn’t believe you would ever push him away like that. He hated to admit it, but… He was scared of losing you. He turns away from you, suddenly slamming his fist against the wall. “I’m… I’m such an asshole!” You flinch and look at him, shocked. Is he really saying all this? Even though in the back of your mind you were thinking this is exactly what he should think about himself, after all this time, you weren’t sure. Your heart still swelled from love for him, you still wanted him, still needed him. After nearly a year of rejection, you couldn’t quite believe your ears.
He turns around so he’s facing you, his eyes filled with sadness. “God, I hate myself. For what I did to you. I made your life a fucking misery and my stupid ego was too big to care. I can’t… I can’t lose you. But I won’t ever get you back because of what I’ve done. I don’t deserve you.” He looks away, sighing heavily, almost sadly. You didn’t know how to react to that. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He… He still cared. You felt as though your heart was speaking to you, almost screaming at you to run to his arms. “You… You still… Care?” You felt tears prickle your eyes as you stare at him. After all that had happened, you still loved him. But you were afraid. “I can’t take it back, all that I’ve done, I wish I could. But the least I can do for you is try again.Start all over. We can’t forget the past, but we can look towards the future. Even if we don’t get back together straight away… We can work things out… Can’t we?” You stayed silent, staring at the floor, sniffling softly. He took that as a sign of rejection, turning to open the door to leave, then his breath hitches as you hug him from behind. You whisper, “Please, stay. Let’s look towards the future.

{Here you are!! This was extremely angsty and not all that fluffy but I hoped you liked it anyways! I am so so so sorry for the super long wait, but a lot of stuff has happened over the past week and I have school next week and I have 3 assignments to complete and I just have been really busy! I hope you can understand, love you guys!}