to the point that she is a part of HIS FAMILY

Taking a Little Trip Part 1

Baby Ichika: *toddles past her Uncle Byakuya’s office*

Byakuya: *does not look up from his paperwork right away*

Byakuya: Renji.

Renji: *looks over from where he is organizing large volumes on a shelf*

Renji: Yes, sir?

Byakuya: *lays aside his brush and slowly rises to his feet*

Byakuya: I have important business to attend to.

Byakuya: *leaves the room*

Renji: *goes back to his work*

Byakuya: *easily locates Baby Ichika and follows along behind her until she stops and turns around to face him*

Baby Ichika: *turns around with an intense look in her eyes and holds her arms up as she says authoritatively*

Baby Ichika: Bya-bya hup!

Byakuya: *picks up the little girl and waits patiently for further instructions*


"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."

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More coffee shop AUs! Barista! Feyre spills coffee all over Rhys and his expensive-looking suit.

Part II Part III

Feyre tied on her stupid apron, embroidered with the words Mud House. She mumbled to herself about how much she hated her dumb job, and her dumb family, and practically everything. She’d been essentially running her father’s coffee shop, Mud House, for five years now, since she was 14, and she was done with it. 

“Feyre! You have three trays to bring to three different tables! God, can’t you do something for once?” She fought the urge to punch her sister, Nesta, in the face. Do something. Feyre settled for a pointed eye roll instead as she picked up the coffee mugs on one tray and set them on the table they were meant for. She forced a smile as they thanked her and went to retrieve the other cups for the table in the corner. 

She picked up the steaming mug, still grumbling to herself as she headed towards the corner. And slammed straight into a wall of human. The latte sloshed out of the mug, pouring onto the man in front of her, who was, unfortunately, clothed in what looked like an Italian suit. Her mouth dropped open as she met the eyes of the dark haired man in front of her, who was pressing his lips together to keep from either screaming or fuming. Or both. 

She rushed to set the cup down on the table next to her and yanked the towel out of her apron, using it to try and wipe the coffee of the beautiful man’s suit. 

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I’m such a klutz. Do you need anything? Oh my God!” She heard a soft chuckle, but didn’t look up from the man’s chest, still trying to get the coffee stain out or at least do something

“Darling?” The man’s deep voice rumbled through her. She looked up to find piercing blue eyes staring at her. Her mouth stayed open. “You’re rubbing my suit.” He had a mischievous glint in his eyes. Feyre gasped and pulled her hands off him. 

“I’m so sorry.” He took his suit coat off and slung it over one arm, smiling at her the whole while. 

“I’m afraid you’ll have to make it up to me. And this suit was very expensive.”

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"problematic POV" - your story's universe is about 2000 years in the future. ableism is alive and well 2000 years in the future. the reason I take such an issue with your writing of a disabled character: because it's the exact same thinking that leads to "me before you", a story that glorifies the very real depression most disabled people feel (for being "broken and useless"), and has the end point of that disabled people should just die. don't use your character to justify this.

Well yeah. Red Queen is set in a society that quite literally values strength and power, either mental or physical. The ableism extends to abilities as well - Silvers being the “abled” part of the metaphor while Reds are “disabled” in their eyes. Obviously this is untrue, but it’s their particular POV. From Mare’s POV, her father’s injury stopped him from helping his family and is one of the reasons she had to become what she is to make ends meet. She loves her family and especially her father, but has very little compassion for his situation in that moment due to her own stress, frustration, and addled world view.

I agree that Me Before You  is incredibly problematic, but I don’t agree that Mare’s comment on her father = “disabled people should just die.” It’s an odd comparison to make.

Taking a Little Trip Part 2

Baby Ichika: *concentrates intensely like she’s trying to figure out the best way of communicating with ‘Bya-Bya’ so that he knows right away what she wants and doesn’t waste any time re-explaining herself*

Baby Ichika: *pats her forehead with both hands*

Baby Ichika: Da-ee!

Byakuya: *pauses for a moment before translating efficiently*

Byakuya: ‘Daddy’.

Baby Ichika: *pats around to the back of her head as far as she can*

Baby Ichika: Da-ee hee-ba!

Byakuya: ‘Daddy headband’.

Baby Ichika: *stops pantomiming and looks expectantly at her uncle*

Byakuya: *nods once in understanding*

Byakuya: Very well. I believe he usually acquires them somewhere in the Rukongai. What color are we looking for?

Baby Ichika: *immediately points a pudgy finger at her left eye and nearly pokes it*

Byakuya: *gently intercepts his niece’s hand before it can do any damage to her pretty eye then saying in an even tone*

Byakuya: Let’s go then.

Please imagine the Voltron Paladins Grocery Shopping. (probably in an au verse)

  • -They have to meet up with Allura and Coran in a couple of hours so Shiro takes the entire gang to the Grocery store. 
  • -Pidge refuses to look up from her phone and as a result Shiro puts her in the shopping cart. Before she can mope he hands her his phone as well and tasks her with collecting pokemon. (Pidge successfully plays both her and Shiros Pokemon Go thorughout the shopping trip)
  •  -Lance and Keith go missing five minutes in and Shiro just does not care at this point. 
  • -Hunk is the only one helping, he’s reading out the grocery list and just starts piling groceries around Pidge.
  • -Five more minutes go by and the intercom goes off saying ‘Would Takashi Shirogane please come to the front. Your sons are being ejected from the store.” Too worried about the whole ‘ejected’ part Shiro ignores the dad joke and he and Hunk run off to the front.
  • They’re greeted with Lance, Keith, various bottle of smashed wine, and the mangled shopping carts that caused it.
  • With persistant teamwork Shiro and Hunk manage to pay for, and calm the Owner down enough to safely drag Keith and Lance out of the store.
  • As they all pile into the van (yes Shiro is a loser with a van) and drive away Keith just silently pipes up with “Where’s Pidge?”
  • Shiro screams and breaks various traffic laws attempting to get back to the store.
  • When they get back both Shiro and Hunk are on the verge of crying. They run back into the store and find that Pidge has not moved from her spot in shopping cart and is still diligently getting the grocery stores pokestop for her and Shiro.
  • When they finally pay for all their actual groceries and leave (Hunk does a headcount JUST IN CASE)  Shiro drives them to Allura and just falls out of the van. He’s done. Take these children away from him he can’t do this.
  • Pidge has somehow accumulated everyone’s phones and is playing 5 games of Pokemon Go simultaneously 

scott summers is happy  au part 1

*Scott and baby Hope are at the store*

Someone: Your daughter is so cute !

Scott: Thanks! But she’s actually my granddaughter. 

Someone: No way! You don’t look old enough to be a grandparent !

Scott: *takes out his wallet which is full of family photos* This is my son Nathan, her father. *points to a picture of a very large old man* Isn’t he handsome?

Someone: Uh…

Scott: *beaming with pride for his beautiful family*

now imagine ten years later! voltron where shiro is this legendary figure who travels the world, giving talks of his explorations and contact with aliens; that is, when he’s not traveling in space - which he does quite often nowadays. he’s an exploration pilot with a focus on inter-galactic communications (aka making friends with aliens). allura and coran oftentimes accompany him & his crew. at some point, they even found traces of altean DNA in other aliens, so who knows - perhaps they’ll see a new breed of alteans in the far future.

pidge works directly with the government on research and data collections. she’s seen a lot at garrison and she hosts sessions if need be. hunk is part of the crew that sends people off to space. he checks to make sure everything is working mechanically - and most importantly, he calms the astronauts down by making them laugh and telling them about how cool space is.

lance is a big family man and he is - not surprisingly - good with children. garrison, i’d imagine, would have some sort of orientation camp for new, often nervous, students. lance would be a camp counselor whose primary objective is to create a smooth transition into garrison. hunk would sometimes drop in for these camp sessions as well, as would shiro - but this is rarer. during the school year, he’d probably teach one of those fun, stress-free classes that every student wants to take.

now keith - he’s doing all right. after the paladins returned to earth, he just kinda went his own way and grabbed a few non-space-related jobs here and there. he lived a quiet, under-the-radar life for some time. maybe even going back to the shack. but eventually, he came to work at garrison as one of the fighter pilot trainers. i’m thinking shiro encouraged him to do this, but hunk was the one that really talked him into it. now keith’s the total opposite of lance when it comes to teaching - he’s a lot less lax and can come off pretty harsh if students mess up. but keith is incredibly understanding; if any student is having a hard time (perhaps no one believes in them, perhaps they’re alone), keith would offer the most heartfelt sympathy because he’s been there. he knows how it feels.

ok but sudden angst aside: students live for keith and lance bickering at whatever opportune moment (read: lunch and dinner time). and whenever shiro comes back to earth from one of his exploration missions, he’d settle down with keith for some drinks and a night-long conversation - very quiet, just to catch up on what’s happening in each other’s life. keith really looks forward to these sessions.

sometimes allura and coran would visit earth. they’d hold conferences at garrison, encouraging students to study hard so they can visit them in return. pidge usually offers to take them around the country and perhaps even the world, and these two are absolutely fascinated by the beauty of earth that, every time they leave, they swear they’ll be back soon. and since they’re in the process of reviving the entire altean race, it’s quite possible that we’ll see garrison students in space for a class coran teaches in alien life.

so all in all: the paladins will be living the good life. shit might happen every now and then that may require them to form voltron, but that hasn’t happened in ten years. but rest assured, if commander allura needs them, all five will be in position and ready to defend the universe again.

Was it really Yeon Joo’s will as creator that kept Kang Chul frozen in time after he tried to kill himself? Did he remain because she wanted him to have a happy ending, or because, as a character that is part of a greater plot, he couldn’t leave the conflict unresolved?

“Why did you die without finding me? You can’t die right now. The end… it will only be The End when we fight once and for all.”

Is it a matter of will, or purpose?

There was more or less a balance of power- 

  1. Yeon Joo and her will as creator to fix Kang Chul’s future,
  2. Kang Chul, whose goal to live and find the culprit kept him alive to the point that he dragged his creator into the story to save him,
  3. The Entity created to destroy the main character emotionally, kill his family for a tragic backstory that gives him his purpose.

But how does that go now that the balance has been broken? Now that Kang Chul lost his purpose when he realized he was a creation, and The Entity can move between worlds to do what it was meant to do from the beginning? 

In a way, it’s the latter that has the most power. Without it there would be no story, after all. Kang Chul might be the protagonist, but this being is what made him who he is.

“You can’t die right now.” It said. 

And he didn’t

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What makes you think Louis has any say in Danielle being there, any more than he had a say with Eleanor invading his family life? I hope Im misunderstanding you but you make it sound like Louis is 'making the choices' and wants Danielle there.

Oh my fucking God. All I’m saying is DANIELLE doesn’t have any more of a choice if she’s in London it’s because ITS PART OF THE PLAN not because she PERSONALLY CHOSE TO FOLLOW HIM JUST TO ANNOY HIM. Her having a choice in becoming a beard =/= her having a choice and deciding of every thing she does in regards to this relationship. Danielle isn’t the one orchestrating this stunt. She didnt call Louis last year to force him to fake date her, he’s not her puppet. She didn’t break into his house against his will to see his dogs. That’s it. That’s all I’m saying. Am I clear? Can ppl back off now?

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Ruby likes to tease Tweek about things like Craig does. It's in the Tucker genes. At first, she likes him because he makes Craig happier, more energetic, less of an ass, and she's never seen her brother get such a goofy grin on his face when thinking about a person. He's good for her brother. Over time, she sees Tweek for the wonderful person he is and likes him as a person. He's part of her family. On the rare occasions where Craig and Tweek argue, Ruby doesn't pick sides.

inhales i love this so much please marry me

ruby is so happy that her brother found someone who makes him a better person and less of a jerk!! she adores tweek for that!!! and at first, tweek is probably really uneasy around the tucker household until he gets to know ruby and they hit it off and he’s less jittery!!! they play dress up and watch movies and all that fun stuff!

i think at one point ruby starts referring to him as her brother in law and craig is like “no don’t do that”

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The insta caption on the pic of Trisha with the zayn sculpture sounds really sad - his mum has someone to keep her company while he's in LA urgggg I hope he goes back home more often than we know like times like now when he's MIA

It does sound sad, but I’m sure that was the point. You know, trisha has all of her family around (well at least yaser’s part which she seems very close to) but she’ll always miss that one child that isn’t there. Since he doesn’t stay home much whenever he goes there, i’m sure she’d want to spend more time with him.. I’m positive that he goes home more often than we know. He’s MIA a lot so that gives me hope. Who knows, maybe he’s home right now

Okay, and that’s a wrap on UnReal until next season!

I still love this show. I’m glad that Chet’s been promoted to a full member of the gang, and I love that he’s trying to be nicer to Quinn. She needs to know she’s not alone. 

Honestly not sure where I stand on Jeremy. He saved Rachel and Quinn and the show, but he still attacked Rachel. And the part where he shows his love by killing people to protect her? Not exactly the healthiest kind of love story.

However, I wasn’t expecting them to bring him back and try to redeem him–I wasn’t expecting that at all! after he beat Rachel up. So I give the show points for successfully surprising me every season. The jury will be out on whether I think he can be redeemed until S3.

Glad they didn’t get Chet and Quinn back together, also. I like them, but it would’ve been the cheesiest predictable twist. Him claiming her as family was much sweeter.

I very much look forward to seeing where Everlasting and UnReal go next year. Will they keep piling up the bodies to keep the growing secrets from being exposed?

This season was better than the last I think. :D I’m going to gif one part of this episode because I think quoting it can’t do the moment justice.