to the person in my inbox:

Hey guys, so I love getting messages from all of you. But some of your angsty headcanons are beginning to get really dark and even morbid and I’m not comfortable with that. I love angst as much as the next person but some of those headcanons are just… disturbing. I’m going to stop answering asks for a few days just to kinda take a breather from them (I still have a lot to go through in my inbox) and I don’t think I’m going to answer anymore that relate to death or gore since they honestly bring me down. I apologize if you sent me one and wanted me to answer but if you have any positive ones, send them my way and I’ll answer those! Again, I apologize but they’re just overwhelming me. 

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Yo so ever since I read warriors as a kid I've been called a furry, and I really hate it because it feels like the people who call me that just see fetishes, beastiality, and fursuits and just lump me with that. It bothers me a ton. It's a joke to them but to me it's just bullying and a reminder of my abuser, who was the first person to call me that. And I've told them to quit it! but they won't!! What do I do? I can't help but like adding animal ears onto human OCs is all, is that bad? Sorry

it sucks that these people are upsetting you but honestly im really not someone qualified to ask for people advice from… im sorry i cant be of any help orz

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*sigh* once again i have made my lurking obvious by spamming you with likes. Oh whale:)

((OOC: I just found this scrolling through my inbox which I feel makes me a terrible person…
It is completely okay with me love 😂))

My ask box just had the WEIRDEST thing happen. I mean this has NEVER happened before and it made me laugh SO HARD. This has NEVER happened before. I can’t believe my eyes.

I have 6 asks in my inbox that were EATEN. Tumblr threw eaten asks back up. I know they are eaten asks because they are ones that were sent in again by the person. I am HYSTERICAL. What even is tumblr right now. Vomitting out asks that it ate. OMG.

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Would you rather read ACOWAR 6 months before the rest of the fandom but not be able to tell anyone anything, or have to wait until 3 months after and try to avoid spoilers?

OMG this is tough. Can I choose like one person to talk to? Could I talk to my cat or Fandom Wife? Because I’m leaning towards reading it ahead of time. I feel like it would drive me more nuts to try to avoid spoilers (as evidenced by the shitshow of this last week). I guess even if I couldn’t talk to anyone I would want to read it ahead of time, because then maybe I could stockpile fics and meta and just blow everyone away at my productivity when it came out.

fill my inbox

send me a fruit
  • peach: do you have any piercings or tattoos?
  • raspberry: favorite flower?
  • lemon: do you have any pets? what are their names?
  • mango: what is your trademark?
  • passion fruit: how would you describe your style?
  • pineapple: sexual orientation?
  • strawberry: favorite desserts?
  • cherry: can you play any musical instruments or can you sing?
  • grape: if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • banana: favorite horror movies?
  • blackberry: is your life an action film, a comedy, a romantic comedy, or drama?
  • pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?
  • cantaloupe: what are your parents' names?
  • guava: dark & dramatic makeup or natural makeup?
  • tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?
  • plum: favorite clothing brands?
  • coconut: favorite perfume?
  • lychee: satin or lace?
  • blueberry: what do you want to dress up as for halloween?
  • apple: what do you use more, tumblr or twitter?
  • kiwi: what's something that fascinates you?
  • watermelon: do you have a job? if so, what is your job title?
  • papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?
  • cranberry: favorite time of the day; morning, afternoon, dusk, or night?
  • nectarine: would you consider yourself an emotional person?
  • orange: do you have long eyelashes?
  • apricot: what do you do when you're sad?
  • star fruit: favorite sea creature?
  • dragonfruit: do you drink alcohol?

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every single person who has not seen a horse by the age of 13 has died at 33

I don’t know why but this ask scares me and I want it out of my inbox but I’m afraid if I delete it it will curse me


There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”

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I'm not really surprised at the huge knife collection, but dude... why do you have a sword?

why wouldnt i? what else am i supposed to do when i need to stab something thats far away but i dont wanna throw something? get closer to it?? it could stab me back maybe. i hate that. swords are great, theyre the perfect middle ground. swords have all the stabbiness of knives but all the range of somebody with longer arms 

i have just realized that i could also solve this problem by using a regular knife and having tony build me a longer arm

but that sounds inconvenient when instead i could just use a sword

So now that my birthday is getting closer I thought that it would be a great opportunity to spread some love with you all!! I’ve been in this site for almost two years and well it’s time for a giveaway I guess 👀

I’ll pick 2 winners. They will receive a digital commission of mine for free. Do you want to see your beloved OC in my style, your fave fandom character maybe, or even a portrait of yourself? That’ll be my gift to you! Be sure to check this link first, thank you <3


  • How do I participate? That’s quite simple. Each reblog is an entry. No giveaway/empty blogs. The more you reblog this post, the better your chances!
  • Must I be following you? No, although I’d appreciate that. I know some of you’ll follow me and then unfollow when this event ends. Anyways, followers’ entries count double. Just saying!
  • How will the winners be chosen? I’ll use an online random generator to pick the winners.
  • How long does this event last? The giveaway will run until Sunday, 30th April (it my birth <3) 23:00 GMT+1

The winners must respond within 24 hours or else another person will be picked. Keep your inbox open, guys!

so like, i know this is tacky, and i hate to be that person, but can we also remember that One Day at a Time is Cuban? People don’t talk enough about that immigration episode. Elena being gay is so amazing and seeing queer latinx is incredible and so fucking needed. She has blessed us all. But let me tell you, the cuban story being spoken about doesn’t happen and that’s why misinformation about C.astro has spread and why after his death a lot of non-cubans were in my inbox not understanding the situation and shocked at how little they and the world actually knew. That episode was real. Everyone in my life has a story like that. That’s a lot of Miami’s story and it made me so damn emotional and happy to know that so many non-cubans were gonna get a chance to hear us represented. So can we not erase that too? ❤️

anonymous asked:

I asked a question and you make 50+ people reblog it! And you think I am immature? Yes 29 is to old to be writing fanfiction and me saying that does not mean I am under 18. Actually I am older than you. You should get a life.

Okay let’s take this in bullet points cause this is a hell of a lot of stupidity in one ask!

1. I do not make people reblog a goddamn thing! When you ask me on anon I got exactly one way to answer it. In public. Who takes offense with it and who reblogs it is nothing I can or will try to control.

2. Yes I think you are immature. Sending hate which this is - is immature. Judging others is immature. Thinking I control what other people post and reblog are immature.

3. Who decides what age you can be when you write anything? Why is writing fanfiction different from writing a book, a poem or short stories? Who decides how old you can be to publish something? I don’t care if you are 13 or 97 if you got a story you need to tell, you can write it. If you wanna write it as fanfiction knock yourself out. People like you are bullies and you refuse to see the world through other’s eyes, which again makes you immature.

4. You say you are older than me and you tell me to get a life? Who is it in whose inbox sending hate and too chicken shit to show their url? Who is it spending their sunday night judging me and quite frankly the better part of fanfic writers I interact with weekly?

5. Take a long hard look at your own life and figure out what makes you feel the need to lash out against others in this way. Do us all and yourself a favor and fix whatever that is or at the very least keep your trap shut!

I’m Cryin.

So I commissioned someone who is NOT on Fr and don’t knows the site to draw Kain a while ago. Yesterday while I wasn’t pying attention they accepted.
Took the ref and finished today.

And i come to my Inbox to find a picture of HD april fools Kain drawn for me. 

At the same time I can’t blame the person at all because they thought this was his legitimate fucking ref I’m weeping.
Its such bad timing it’s hilarious.