to the moustache

ok but lance leaving post it notes on keith’s door every day that keith keeps on a wall in his room to look at whenever he needs it. just things like:
         - “pidge and hunk looking for a guinea pig. watch out”
         - “caught allura raiding the kitchen @ 3am again”
         - “do u think shiro could rock coran’s moustache?”
         - “sharks >>>> hippos”

but also things like:
         - “good work today, samurai :)”  
         - “the person reading this is very beautiful”
         - “your smile warms me more than the sun ever could”
         - “hey guess what? i love you”


Feeling peckish? Our cuisine is prepared to the highest of culinary standards. You’ll dine on the finest cuts of meats, cheeses and desserts that are truly to die for. The Orient Express is more than a train. It’s an experience in luxury and you wouldn’t be caught dead traveling any other way.

Lance and Coran are obviously birds of a feather, but what if Lance grew gorgeous moustache himself when he became an adult?

…Coran would be so proud.

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The Murder on the Orient Express cast is everything

I made a little Dapper Jack! (is that even his official name? lol) I even made him with the pumpkin! I could have added the face, but I thought it would be too hard. :P  Almost all my jack figures are done! Next I’m gonna make Marvin.  :D  @therealjacksepticeye


“We felt that his vanity was not so much a peacock vanity but a vanity of precision.”

There’s a sequence in which the detective insists upon eating only perfectly sized boiled eggs; costume designer Alexandra Byrne used that same “slightly O.C.D., perfectionist streak veering slightly into the world of the luxurious” when dreaming up his outfits. "For an Englishman of the period” - or a Belgian living in the U.K., like Poirot - “the most important thing was that you were true to your class; you did not dress outside it. Poirot was a police inspector. He would have been making a good living, but he would have been upper-middle class, not upper class, and so would dress accordingly.” - Murder on the Orient Express costume designer Alexandra Byrne on Poirot’s clothes [x]


Beautiful Poirot sequence for Murder on the Orient Express official promo [x]


Kenneth Branagh would spend an hour having the hair applied before walking to the set past four busts of himself featuring “this agitated, kind of coyote mustache crawling across them” ready to go. “That sight was slightly alarming.”

Branagh consumed his food through a straw while in costume (“That mustache is the enemy of elegant eating”) but admits to fateful bouts of “mustache-cocky” eating behavior. “My biggest disaster was a bowl of muesli with honey that entangled itself in the top lip. I’m afraid it was all hands on deck. Code red. Mustache one off, mustache two on.” [x]