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anonymous asked:

How did Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Coran react to Lance coming back? And how were they when they got to got know about his amnesia?

So Lance has been presumed ‘dead’ at this point for 2 and half years (3 years since going missing) 

Everyone’s in the stage of like finally being able to accept the loss and move on (except Keith) so when this dude shows up again everyone is going to be feeling a SHIT ton of mixed emotions. BUT obviously they’ll be happy to see him over everything else. 

Hunk sees the amnesia as the price of getting Lance back he’s the easiest to accept it and the first to be like “I’ll show you around the castle! and tell you stories and you’re the same Lance so we’ll be friends it’s fine” 

Pidge is CONVINCED she can single handedly figure out how to bring his memories back, like “okay put on your old armor go look around your room talk to blue lion! this invention will probably electrocute you but Maybe that’s what you need… OH EAT HUNK’S FAMOUS COOKIES NO ONE CAN FORGET THOSE THINGS”

Coran iss overrrr the damn MOOON his favorite paladin (c’mon we all know it) is back!!! Hell yeah re teach that boy all the things he forgot (and tell him embarrassing stories about himself that he’s GLAD he doesn’t remember)

Allura is good at making everyone get perspective from Lance’s side honestly. a lot of “CHILL OUT let the boy breath I know we’ve all missed him dearly but we need to give it time” He finds her safe to be around because he knows she’s not gonna ask him a million questions. she just let’s him sit and be between all the catching up.

Diabolik lovers [Kino‘s CD drama: para selene] ~translation|traducción~

Summary: The heroine loses her memories, and the boy tries to bring them back. 
Por cierto, eso que tiene Kino en su boca se llama Kompeitou, en realidad son dulces xD A qué son extraños, verdad?

Track 1: Daily routine - Rutina diaría. 
Track 2: At the other side of the Eclipse - Al otro lado del Eclipse.
Track 3: Pain and memories - El dolor y los recuerdos.
Track 4: No matter how many times - No imports cuantas veces.
Track 5: The meaning of “love” - El significado del amor.

TRACK 1: Daily routine

*videogame sounds*

Kino: Yeah! With this *he presses the buttons harder*
Kino: Yeeey~! I win, too bad for you.

*Music changes*

Kino: Ehhh? What does that mean? Were you letting me play with the intention of losing at the end?
Kino: Mmm, if you were thinking to lose from the very beginning, then I won without winning. That’s boring for me.
Kino: I don´t need a whole speech if you are going to apologise. Ahh, something like going easy in a game against me.
Kino: Hm, it can’t be helped *he comes close*
Kino: Heheh, “What’s wrong?” you say… We are going to play a punishment game, isn’t it obvious?
Kino: That’s right, you lost against me. Mm, that’s why~ what kind of punishment should I give you~?
Kino: Which one would you like? As I thought, would you like that I suck your blood?

*She answers*

Kino: Even if you say that you don’t want any… I can’t leave it just like this.
Kino: *In her ear* Because… this is funny for me… fufu.
Kino: *He gets away from her ear* Even you like things that feel good, don’t you? You like me because I make you feel good with my fangs, right?
Kino: So there is no problem. That’s why… *He pushes her down*
Kino: Fufu, is good to look at you from above, we’ll start the punishment like this.
Kino: To begin with… *Kisses* What a good expression you make. At this rate I feel like piercing you with my fangs.
Kino: Could it be that you thought that I was going to suck your blood? If I did, then it wouldn’t be a punishment, would it?
Kino: If I didn’t do things you dislike, then it wouldn’t be a punishment.
Kino: That’s why I’ll do this… I’ll touch veeery lightly your skin with my lips… *kisses*

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Songs for the Sun and Moon Signs

LI have an individual song for each sun/moon sign here! If you don’t like the one you got, try it with your Moon/Sun or your dominant signs! Enjoy!
























Libra/Aries, Libra/Taurus, Libra/Gemini, Libra/Cancer, Libra/Leo, Libra/Virgo, Libra/Libra, Libra/Scorpio, Libra/Sagittarius, Libra/Capricorn, Libra/Aquarius 



Scorpio/Aries, Scorpio/Taurus, Scorpio/Gemini, Scorpio/Cancer, Scorpio/Leo

Scorpio/Virgo, Scorpio/Libra, Scorpio/Scorpio, Scorpio/Sagittarius

Scorpio/Capricorn, Scorpio/Aquarius, Scorpio/Pisces


Sagittarius/Aries, Sagittarius/Taurus, Sagittarius/Gemini, Sagittarius/Cancer

Sagittarius/Leo,  Sagittarius/Virgo, Sagittarius/Libra, Sagittarius/Scorpio

Sagittarius/Sagittarius, Sagittarius/Capricorn, Sagittarius/Aquarius



Capricorn/Aries, Capricorn/Taurus, Capricorn/Gemini, Capricorn/Cancer

Capricorn/Leo, Capricorn/Virgo, Capricorn/Libra, Capricorn/Scorpio

Capricorn/Sagittarius, Capricorn/Capricorn, Capricorn/Aquarius



Aquarius/Aries, Aquarius/Taurus, Aquarius/Gemini, Aquarius/Cancer

Aquarius/Leo, Aquarius/Virgo, Aquarius/Libra, Aquarius/Scorpio

Aquarius/Sagittarius, Aquarius/Capricorn, Aquarius/Aquarius, Aquarius/Pisces


Pisces/Aries, Pisces/Taurus, Pisces/Gemini, Pisces/Cancer, Pisces/Leo

Pisces/Virgo, Pisces/Libra, Pisces/Scorpio, Pisces/Sagittarius, Pisces/Capricorn

Pisces/Aquarius, Pisces/Pisces