to the men

Fact: The most commonly used and accepted definition of bisexuality is the attraction to 2 or more genders

Another fact: Bi people who think bi=2 are allowed to use that definition for themselves in terms of describing their own identity

Yet another fact: Bi people who think bi=2 can speak for themselves but they do not get to speak for the bi community as a whole

And yep here’s another fact: If you are not bi and you choose to ignore the majority of us about the definition of our identity because “I have a friend who’s bi and he said it means 2″ or “I know someone who’s pan and they told me bi people are only attracted to binary genders” or whatever then you are being biphobic. Full stop. No ifs ands or buts.

This is more of a rant, but I think it’s time we had a long hard talk about the low standards in love and relationships that black women are forced to have. I mean, at this point a BW having ANY standards at all makes her high maintenance/materialistic/gold digger etc. and it’s really super pathetic. I hate how BW are just expected to not want quality things. I definitely want to be in a relationship and offer that person a better quality of life, but I feel like BM aren’t expected to.

Like, BM make all these struggle memes about McDonalds dates and car dates and I’m just??? That’s not a date??? I can go to McDonalds myself, its not quality food…and I don’t want it. And guys get legitimately mad about you not wanting the bare minimum, especially on this hellsite. “Well a guy went out of his way to give you x, so you should be happy with whatever he gives you.” OK. And? “Well a REAL woman would accept-” NO. Everybody wants to measure BW worth by what she’s willing to endure, suffer, and put up with. Courting and dating is pretty much the same in every country. Men give dowrys, gifts etc. to show that how much they value being with you, I’m not going to be forced into accepting something that’s cheap or low quality. Because sometimes quality just means spending money. The same way you gave your mom a macaroni necklace when you were 5 vs buying a purse for her birthday, she appreciated the purse more. This is absolutely NOTHING new!

Why would you WANT to offer something that wasn’t the best, or the best that you could find? Don’t you WANT to be with someone that goes out of their way your life better? It’s really only black couples I see doing this its pathetic lol. And on that note, these Pick-Me women aren’t satisfied with the bare minimum, and want women with standards accept the same garbage that they do. “Well I’m a GOOD woman because I don’t need x” OK? Why are you telling me this? Almost each and every one of these Pick-Me’s are physically, emotionally, and financial exhausted in their relationships in the long run. These Pick-Me’s are also the same ones writing 5+ pages about how much pain and suffering they put up with when their men left them. It’s exhausting lol. If you were so unhappy doing all of that, then why did you lie and KEEP doing it?

I really feel like the Black Love goals are really basic. Like, those are things you should already be doing. I defiantly want a better life than I have now. Wanting a wedding dress, a ring, a house, a nice car are standards that almost everybody should have. Everyone wants us to have the absolute bare minimum and its gross and pathetic. You shouldn’t have to struggle and suffer to be respected by someone who ASKED to be with you. I ONLY see black couples doing that. I’m 24, I don’t want to be at the bottom my entire life, or offer someone the best of me to get the worst in exchange. I’m not advocating swirling, but there’s no way I’m going to put up with this Struggle Love Olympics nonsense that’s expected of BW.

i mean is it just me or is the radfem nature of feminism on this site so viciously bitter that rather than push feminism, the primary objective constantly seems to be “how can we shit on men in any way possible to and reinforce hyper-masculinity at every turn.” like, it doesn’t even feel like feminism anymore, it feels like a toxic vendetta that actively works against some of the main goals of feminism