to the max

If someone were to ask me what I thought the most glorious screenshot of Tadashi was….

…..this would have to be my answer

petition to make the fandom’s new headcanon of levi the biggest fuckign loser in the entire series. like he doesn’t smoke cigarettes because he’s afraid he might choke on them and die. he doesn’t drink alcohol despite his naturally high tolerance because it tastes like he could wipe the floor with it. and he doesn’t ignore people because he’s too cool to reply, it’s because he has no idea how to respond like a human being and instead he constantly asks where the bathroom is.

  • Akashi:I have a small face and actually look like a baby.
  • Aomine:Oh, I can see that. You're Satan's baby, that's why.
  • Akashi:...
  • Aomine:...
  • Akashi:... What?
  • Aomine:I said, you just noticed that? Geez, start looking at the mirror, will you?