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Ms M

My headteacher, Ms M, is a school meme. The stories I’m about to tell will be instantly recognisable to anyone from my school.

Context: Ms M started being the headteacher at our school in January 2014. I joined in the autumn of 2012 and everyone preferred our previous headteacher, Mrs. H.

In Ms M’s first whole school assembly, she told a Aesop’s Fables style tale to 1600 students aged 11 - 18. We were unimpressed, especially as the moral of the story was “don’t cut holes in your umbrella”.

Ms M never pronounces names correctly. Some are understandable, but some are hilarious. She mispronounced the name of one of her own staff members, my tutor. We all pissed ourselves laughing. My tutor was very unimpressed. Ms M’s best mispronunciation so far was when she mispronounced my friend’s Turkish surname ‘Caner’ (kay - ner) as 'cancer’ (as in the disease).

Last year, before the Olympics, she told us to embrace the Olympic spirit and to enjoy the 'Mexico Olympics 2016’.

Her most well known mantra is “one minute of learning wasted is 25 minutes of learning wasted” (the logic is if one student misbehaves, everyone else in the class can’t learn). This is regularly repeated by us whenever we want to mock her, as everyone, including the teachers, think it’s bullshit.

Homework was renamed 'independent study’, or 'IS’ - a week before Islamic State hit the headlines. At the end of the lesson, my Maths teacher will now say “I’m going to set your Islamic State now, due for X”.

About a year ago, Ms M introduced the bizarre rule that we aren’t allowed to walk around at lunchtime - we must be sat down after 13:00. This was really unpopular and prompted a whole load of Holocaust jokes which weren’t that funny, to be honest, but teenagers will be teenagers and joke about genocide and Nazism. People merged our school’s name with Auschwitz. An Instagram account was created dedicated to mocking the rule. Someone Photoshopped Ms M’s head onto Hitler’s body. Swastikas were drawn around the school. At least five people were expelled or suspended, but the rule was lifted after a week. Now we know she’s weak and we can rebel if we don’t like her rules.

In short, we hate Ms M, but we wouldn’t want her to leave, because she’s quality meme material.

The Signs as Types of Members (in a kpop band)

Aries - The one people are drawn to immediately and is probably the first bias. Adventurous and doesn’t blend into the background regardless of how quiet they could be.   

Taurus - The chill member that doesn’t come across as someone who would lose their cool easily but their stubborn ways may drive the other members a bit crazy. Messiest in the dorm and probably least pickiest. 

Gemini - The talkative one who spills secrets about the other members and makes you laugh. Gives fanfic writers inspiration from all the stories they can tell. 

Cancer - The mother that has a mysterious appeal and you want to bake them cookies to please them. Is an odd cross between cute and hot and is the quiet one unless they are with just a few people. 

Leo - A bias wrecker who you scour the internet to find shows that they are in. Entertaining and often takes the spotlight almost without meaning to. Like Gemini they have stories to tell.

Virgo - Subtle bias wrecker who you want to murder for looking so gorgeous constantly. Best fashion sense or worst there’s no in between. A member that the others would look to for advice or support.   

Libra - The member who keeps you glued to the fandom and the one who is everywhere. A sociable member who gets the quiet ones to talk more and is aware of what looks good on them.   

Scorpio - Pretty quiet member who you think is shy/reserved and makes you want to find out more. Has this magnetic and intense aura that people can’t help being drawn to at least once.

Sagittarius -The loud, slightly obnoxious and carefree member who causes trouble or strikes up conversation to keep a show going. Like Aries and is adventurous. Can come across as energetic and happy-go-lucky.

Capricorn - The goofy but kinda strict member who randomly lets loose occasionally. Is entertaining in their own way and is the member who seems dependable.    

Aquarius - Possibly the 4D member who you know about even though you might not even be in that fandom. The member who cares for other members behind the scenes and always has something interesting up their sleeves.

Pisces - The cute member you wouldn’t really have smutty thoughts about because they seem so innocent. Probably writes a lot of songs and is the dreamy member that all the other members have a soft spot for.

- Use sun and/or rising -

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I love the way you Draw Keith, I love the way you draw his hair especially,,,,, shaggy boy

ahh thank you!! <3 but secretly…. i kinda don’t really know how to draw keith!! especially his hair :D (i guess now i just have to draw them many many times to figure it out >:D)

Jay x Trans!Carlos Headcanons

Requested: By anonymous: Could you do headcanons of Jay dating trans Carlos (FTM) please

Warnings: hints at a fight

Notes: so I made this be while they were at Auradon when Carlos transitioned and such, and they were dating beforehand. 💙💜💙💜

(Not my gif)

Originally posted by thomasadoherty

Jay supports Carlos every step of the way when he transitioned, and continues to support him after the transition.

Everyone still finds them adorable, and are super supportive. Most recognized Carlos was a boy before he even transitioned.
Auradon is pretty open and welcoming.

There are a few that aren’t as supportive, but Jay deals with them.
Yeah he gets sent to Fairy Godmother and King Ben, but they let him off the hook, dealing with the others involved. It’s not like any blood was drawn…at least not much.
Mal might spell a few people, but Ben turns a blind eye to it.

The two of them are just adorable boyfriends.

Jay can easily pick Carlos up because he’s so small, and Carlos refuses to admit he likes Jay picking him up.

Carlos sometimes gets worried he’s not manly enough, but Jay shuts those worries down fairly quickly.
“Carlos, babe. It doesn’t matter if you’re "manly” or not, you’re still a dude and I still love you.“

Sometimes Carlos gets worried that Jay may leave him for someone that was actually born a male, but Jay just listens to Carlos’ worries before reassuring him.
"I’ve told you babe, I love you for you, I don’t care what you were born as.”
This usually is followed by a kiss, sometimes a makeout session.

Carlos is now able to join anything that was only boys. (They made an exception for him in tourney when he first came)
So now he and Jay are both in R.O.A.R. and tourney and date nights sometimes doubles as practice.

Evie makes, remakes, and tailors all of Carlos’ clothes to make sure they’re perfect.
Jay asked her to do all of this and then surprises Carlos with all of it.

Jay just proudly calling Carlos his boyfriend because Carlos loves it, even if he’s been calling him that since the day they got together.

No one even can argue that Jay and Carlos are the power couple at Auradon.

Very romantic painting of two idiots romantically trying to murder each other.
(◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆* ♡ Happy (early) Valentines Day!

Haylen is too damn loyal for her own good.

That’s one downside of learning from Danse. He inspires the kind of personal loyalty that isn’t good for a Brotherhood soldier, something that goes beyond loyalty to your commander. The moment Danse was discovered to be a synth, he stopped being a Paladin and Haylen’s commanding officer. And yet Haylen remained loyal to him, loyal to Danse the individual, not Danse the commanding officer or Danse the brother-in-arms.

Rhys doesn’t understand how she can do it. Not only did she risk her own neck helping Danse escape, she’s still risking her neck sneaking messages to and from him. She thinks Rhys doesn’t notice, hasn’t noticed the holotapes that she opens on the terminals and then wipes immediately after, typing in her own message on the freshly-blanked holotape before ejecting it hastily and sliding it in her boot.

She doesn’t trust Rhys enough to tell him. Or maybe she’s just trying to keep him safe from the secret. If he doesn’t know, he can’t be implicated too. That seems a little more like Haylen, actually, but she also hears Rhys unflinchingly speak curses with his fellow soldiers when the topic of Danse comes up. He snarls his disgust the same way they do, disbelief at the synth could slip between the cracks, for so long.

He hates himself for saying it. But he can’t really leave the Brotherhood, can he? What else does he have? What else does Danse have, for that matter? It’s a thought that haunts Rhys, knowing that Danse’s world revolved around the Brotherhood as much as his own does. The new knight-turned-paladin, the de facto replacement for Danse (even though nobody says it, nobody makes any official change for the commander of Recon Squad Gladius) is taking care of him, as far as he can tell from the sneaking glances he’s gotten from Haylen’s exchanged holotapes.

Haylen’s going to get herself killed if she keeps that up. What the hell is Rhys supposed to do then?

Someone catches on, eventually.

Rhys is in the vicinity by sheer accident, actually, as Haylen’s arm is grabbed and she makes a panicked grab for the holotape yanked out of her hands. At first Rhys is furious at the sheer audacity that anyone, much less one of their own, would lay their hands on her like that, but his anger turns to terror as he realizes what’s going on. The knight gripping her arm doesn’t see Rhys from this angle.

It’s almost too easy to shove the knight off of Haylen and put himself between her and the knight. He can’t grab at the holotape in the other knight’s hand, but his own barked demand as to what they think they’re doing is enough to give them pause.

“She aided the synth that infiltrated our ranks.

Rhys has never been exactly all that gifted in the art of bullshitting. Haylen can’t see his face when he goes very still and she seems to think that Rhys is about to turn on her too; she begs Rhys to let her explain, but the knights in front of him already can tell that Rhys doesn’t need an explanation.

It’s definitely too easy when he takes a swing at the knight holding the holotape.

“Nobody saw anything, but we need to get off the Prydwen now.”

“We can’t take a vertibird down,” Haylen says, the panic rising in her voice. “Rhys- they’ll ask us why, they won’t just let us leave.”

“Then we find another way down,” he replies, wracking his brain for a different plan. He wishes that Kells had positioned the Prydwen a little bit closer to the water rather than directly over the airport, because even at this height maybe they could have jumped into the water and suffered a broken leg or two instead of completely disintegrating against the concrete.

Jumping into the water wouldn’t have worked anyway. The only way down is through a vertibird or jumping.


“We need a suit of power armor for you,” Rhys says suddenly. “The paladin’s suit is always on the Prydwen, it hardly ever gets used. It’s not a perfect fit, but-”

“What? Oh my god, we’re not fighting our way through the ship,” Haylen answers, on the verge of tears.

“We aren’t fighting. We’re getting off the ship.”

“What? What do you mean-”

Rhys doesn’t wait to explain. He drags her along immediately, knowing that every moment they stall is a moment longer for someone to set off the alarm. He has his own power armor, and getting into that isn’t exactly suspicious, but Haylen getting into the paladin’s armor? Very much so.

“Get in, and if anyone says anything just run,” Rhys whispers in her ear. He climbs into his own armor easily enough but Haylen takes a moment to make sure she’s not pinching or catching any of herself in the locking mechanisms.

An aspirant starts to walk in their direction.

Rhys grabs for Haylen’s armored arm.

“What are you doing with-”

He starts to run.

He feels somewhat bad for blindsiding a scribe in his haste to get the fuck out, but this is a little more important. Someone yells for them to stop, but Rhys doesn’t hear the words at all. Haylen’s legs aren’t doing a great job keeping up while encased in the heavy metal but she’s keeping up without tripping.

They make it to the back of the ship with at least four people hot on their heels. A pistol gets drawn from behind them and Rhys sees the laser fly past his head.

“Haylen, JUMP!”

Haylen doesn’t even bother trying to climb over the railing; she takes an enormous leap over the railing with both feet, and Rhys watches her plunge just before he does the same.

Rhys swears softly to himself, and wonders if he’s fucked up his leg beyond repair somehow considering that the pain in it won’t go away.

Haylen is doing her best to support his weight but it’s exhausting to walk and have someone lean on you at the same time. Rhys tries to keep his weight off of her, but she keeps pulling him closer whenever he starts to drift. Damn the hydraulics on his power armor, they had to fail the one time he needed them to hold up. Without it Rhys knows he would have shattered both of his legs, but it’s still irritating him that it didn’t work the way it was supposed to. And now he’s stuck with this limp that Haylen has to help him with.

“Almost there,” she tells him. The sun is starting to dip lower into the sky, somewhere beyond the broken buildings of the Commonwealth.

In the distance, Rhys can see the stone walls of Fort Independence. The Castle, everyone calls it now though, and while it’s not quite the regal fortress that the word brings to mind, it’s still impressive. The walls look like they could probably take some very strong hits, maybe even a few missiles.

They’re close enough now that Rhys can make out the forms of people, somewhat obscured by the dimming sun and the mist from the ocean. The light in the lookout tower in front of the Castle’s land-facing entrance flickers on, and someone’s shadowy form hurries down the outside steps and dashes to meet them.

Danse looks much different without the Brotherhood uniform. Now he wears the same clothing that the other Minutemen do, including the hat that he’s removed at the moment. There’s a crude-looking laser weapon strapped to his back, something that looks suspiciously like someone took apart a laser pistol and attached some wood parts to it.

“Haylen? Rhys?” he asks in disbelief. “You’re injured, what happened-?”

“We may or may not have jumped off of the Prydwen in power armor, sir,” Rhys admits immediately. Danse’s face blanches, probably at the jumping part but also at the “sir” part. Rhys reminds himself not to call Danse that anymore.

“I was caught,” Haylen adds, trying to shift the blame off of Rhys. “We couldn’t get down with a vertibird.”

“You need a doctor,” Danse says. “Here.”

He easily lifts Rhys up into his arms, and Rhys suppresses the undignified squawk that almost leaves his throat.

“It’s not that bad,” he protests, but Danse doesn’t let him down and he’s already being carried toward the doors. A few Minutemen question them, but Danse only replies with a curt “they’re with me” and the questions stop.

“It’s good to see you again,” Rhys says. He buries the old habit of “sir” somewhere deep, and replaces it with something more personal. “Danse.”

“It’s good to see you again too, Rhys,” Danse replies, and his grip tightens for just a moment.

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What are the 104th members' preferences in an S/O?

So, halfway through, I realized that you may have wanted something else. What I’ve written here is what they look for in an S/O. If that’s what you wanted, sweet! If not, please don’t hesitate to ask again! 

Eren: A friend and an equalizer. Eren looks for someone that he gets along with, who has a personality similar enough to his that they get along but also different enough so they don’t butt heads too much, although he does like someone who he can have solid debates with. But Eren also needs someone to balance his passionate personality, someone who will tell him he’s acting stupid and keep him in line if his actions are getting too reckless. He looks for someone who makes him feel calm and safe. 

Mikasa: Someone who brings her out of her shell. Mikasa looks for someone she feels totally comfortable around, who makes her feel safe and seen and special just with their presence. She’s a naturally reserved person, and needs a friendly extrovert to give her a push to break out and be herself. She’s also drawn to people with a good sense of humor as well as passion for what they love, (the passion can be for anything, really, she just loves when the person has something they devote themselves to.)

Armin: A fellow dreamer. Armin likes to look ahead or up at the sky, considering himself an optimistic realist, and he’d look for someone with a similar mindset. He doesn’t do well with pessimistic people, as they tend to make him feel sad about the world and himself. So he looks for people who try to see the best in the world, who do all they can to reach their dreams, and who consider books their best friend. He’s also drawn to honesty, kindness, and intelligence (in any form.) 

Jean: A second half. For as much as he tries to hide it, Jean’s a very insecure guy. He flirts with almost everyone he finds attractive because he’s scared if he doesn’t keep trying, he’ll never find anyone. He needs someone who makes him feel whole, who makes him feel valid and confident and complete. He needs someone with a strong sense of humor and a high sarcasm tolerance. And he is a sucker for pretty eyes, (any color, any shape, any eyes will do.) 

Marco: A complement. Marco is naturally drawn to people who he feels he can open up to, or to those who open up quickly to him. He tends to be pretty good at reading people, and can tell if they’re the kind of person he’d want to pursue a relationship with. He needs an S/O who will balance him, round out his flaws while he rounds out theirs. He needs someone who will teach him to say no sometimes. Marco’s also heavily drawn to genuine honesty and kindness, someone with a lot of integrity, and someone who is optimistic and sees the joy in life. 

Annie: An equalizer. Annie needs someone who will both push her out of her shell and let her do her own thing depending on what she needs, and she often doesn’t actually know what she needs. She looks for someone similar to herself, reserved, intelligent, with a good sense of humor and a good head on their shoulders. But she also needs that touch of difference, that amiable personality, that adventurous spirit, that will balance her isolationist tendencies. She needs someone she can entrust her heart to completely, who makes her feel unafraid and truly happy. 

Reiner: A best friend. Reiner looks for someone to not only be a lover, but also someone he generally enjoys spending time with. Their personalities could be totally opposite, as long as they make each other happy and can spend hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Reiner really likes someone he can talk to, someone he’s not afraid to open up to and someone who isn’t afraid to open up to him. He’s also drawn to humor, compassion, and intelligence (in all forms,) as well as having a weak spot for smiling. He will latch on to someone just because they have a nice smile, and he will do everything in his power to see that smile. 

Bertholdt: A soulmate. Bertholdt needs someone whose personality completes his. While they share a lot of characteristics, they round out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. He needs someone who will bring him out of his shell, make him feel safe and valid and happy in their relationship. Bertholdt isn’t very confident on his own and often lets his inner voices convince him he’s not worthy of love. He needs an S/O who will stand up to those voices until they disappear. He also really likes people who like hugs and give good hugs. 

Sasha: A kindred spirit. Sasha looks for someone who is outgoing and adventurous, unafraid to be unapologetically themselves. Even if it takes some uncovering to get to their true self, she likes to be with someone who isn’t afraid to be themself with her at the very least. She’s drawn to charismatic, passionate people with a good sense of humor. But she values kindness and loyalty above all in an S/O. 

Connie: A partner in crime. Connie looks for someone who’s willing to join him in his quest to make an adventure out of life. He wants to be with someone who makes him laugh, who makes him smile, who generally lights up his life. He wants to be with someone who makes him feel important, like he has a role and a goal in life, and that role and goal is to make this person happy forever. Connie grew up with parents whose marriage defines perfect love for him, and he just wants to find someone who he can love like that. He’s also drawn to a good sense of humor. 

Ymir: A confidant. Ymir needs someone that makes her feel safe and important. She has a lot of trust issues, and looks for someone similar to herself in an effort to find someone whose unlikely to turn her away should she open up to them. She looks for someone who’s generally a kind, trustworthy person, with a good sense of humor. Ymir also looks for people who like to talk, as she often enjoys listening more than talking. The caveat there is if they talk too much, they don’t make the cut. They have to have a balance between talking and listening that will balance the dynamic between them. 

Historia: A knight in shining armor. Not trying to play into the princess stereotype, but Historia really does look for someone to save her in S/Os. The voices in her head are vicious, and she needs someone to remind her how wonderful she is and just how loved she is. She looks for someone who makes her smile without trying, who thinks about her as much as she thinks about them, who takes the time to listen to her and see her and just be with her. Historia is drawn to people who are genuinely kind and caring. And she’s a bit of a sucker for all thing romantic, so the cheesier, the better. 

Sups can be hard to draw, so sometimes I like to draw crappy blue circles inside them to get a better idea of how their weird marshmallow forms work - just in case it helps anybody else. :>

Serious artist strikes again. (Wip)

What if I want it all?

oh damn kill me, this day was super meme so i was distracted almost all the time (ofc i didnt take the prompt that literally lmao)

this one is for @sky-girls because im sure she will know why, i love you very much barbara

~this baby is continuation of day 4~

other ficweek fics

DAY 6: “You’re offering to give me a kiss if I buy your shitty fundraiser popcorn? Well, in that case…”

What if I want it all?

Matteo doesn’t feel really close to his uni especially since he graduated, but sometimes those not cool people he had many occasions to meet have nice ideas. Like fundraising during uni events or sport days. Now he attends them all as well, because, well, it means no classes and despite his position he likes no classes. So except those extra people who do everything to show off their pretty/ugly faces or get some contacts in uni to pass easily, there are also those who actually care about getting money for some reason.

After he graduated he remembers they were fundraising for some orphanage, the other time for the hospital. There was something about the closest kindergarten, but Matteo doesn’t really remember what. Today there is this sports day; he will see all those ambitious students running around and competing like he used to, before he got bored with that.

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Being friends with... An ENTJ

ENTJs are organizers who like to get the best results out of everything by using their inner vision as a reference. Like all high Te users, they will feel very responsible for their groups of friends and like to take charge when it comes to planning time together, like trips or parties.

How the ENTJ expresses affection
Once an ENTJ has established a close friendship to someone, they will highly value that friendship and its importance to them as in what that person represents and means to them. Thus, they might start to feel responsible for their friend as well, using Te typical ways to express their friendship. In this context the feeling of responsibility will likely be expressed in feeling protective over their friend and offering their skills as support.
Most ENTJs will show their affection through actions rather than words. They may feel uncomfortable with directly talking about their feelings but do a lot of things to “prove” how much a person means to them: by helping them to get something done, looking after them, making useful presents or asking for advice, recognizing their competence.

ENTJs have a clear opinion on what friendship means to them and what role it takes in their life. They are aware of their internal concept of what friendship is supposed to be and depending on how important friendship actually is to them as a value, they will bring sacrificies to keep that friendship going.

Possible problems with ENTJ friends
If their function dynamic is healthy, they will try to acknowledge that every person has different goals instead of trying to force their own visions onto the other.
Once in a while it still can happen that the ENTJ implements their plans without considering other opinions because they assume what is right to them will be right for everyone else, too, because it’s what the current situation seems to recquire.
They might have the best intention in helping somebody out but ignoring what the other person really wants.
It’s not unsusual that inferior Fi will kick in a while later and question what the other person really feels about what they did. If healthy, they will adress the problem calmly and try to avoid making the same mistake again.
It hurts most ENTJs seeing important people getting hurt and that includes the case that they get hurt by the ENTJ themself.

Some less healthy ENTJs have more problems accepting their own mistakes. In this case they can stubbornly claim what they did was right and have a much harder time accepting personal differences.

ENTJs can be somewhat direct when expressing what bothers them. It is important to see that their intention usually isn’t to hurt their friend, they just want to have a factual conversation to get eliminate problem quickly.
They like to discuss things openly and appreciate honesty and objectivity in communication. Have a problem? Talk about it. The ENTJ isn’t into passive-aggressive behavior and avoiding conflicts when they are truly needed.

This can be problematic for more sensitive people, especially if they are higher feeling types, if they aren’t aware of the ENTJ’s motivation.

If the ENTJ has been hurt, disappointed or upset for similar reasons at several events they aren’t unlikely to let go of a friendship if they don’t see a point in it anymore and they can go on easily. 

Who ENTJs like to befriend

As high Ni users, when looking at people, they will see the idea behind and of those people. What is the person at their core and what defines them? Te-Ni will make the ENTJ aware of their friend’s goals, ideas and visions and they will want to support them in reaching those. Because their own plans and future is naturally important to the ENTJ, this type may expect other people to be similar with their own future.

ENTJs will therefore feel drawn to people who know or at least have an idea of what they want to do with their life. They like people who don’t just dream but implement their dreams in the real world and who try to be successful in what they are doing.

ENTJs are planners and they might prefer people who stick to what they say, who are reliable and responsible, just like they aspire to be.

summary of my art from 2015!! i’m super happy to have achieved my art goal of drawing at least one portrait a month ヾ(´ヮ`)ノ

some other notable achievements: 

☆ started experimenting with backgrounds 

☆ started drawing more than head-shots (more full-body/waist-ups/etc)

☆ continued to rely less on refs and changed things up 

☆ slightly increased realism with less use of outlines

you can see more of my improvement compared to last year’s art here! {x} thank you for staying with or joining me this year!! i look forward to another great year with you all~❤❤

i couldn’t decide if i shipped maya and olivia more than i shipped petra and olivia, and i came to the conclusion that both were good.

also speedpaint //


The Sentinelese Tribe

An indigenous tribe has lived on North Sentinel Island with limited contact from the outside world for the past 60,000 years. Anybody who has tried to contact the Sentinelese people has been killed, or at least drawn a violent reaction from the community. The island which rests in the Indian Ocean, is so dangerous for outsiders to attempt to visit that India’s government has established a three-mile exclusion zone to prevent more violence. 

The tribe rejects modern civilization and actually prefers their no-contact status quo. Any visitors are attacked, from the two fishermen that lost their lives after fishing illegally within the exclusion zone to low-flying planes, the indigenous tribe is more than hostile towards outsiders. They violently rebut them. The 2nd picture in the above photo-set depicts a shipwreck which resulted in many deaths when the sailors clashed with the tribespeople. (Source)


flower you today, sweetheart…?

Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas and @leviticusarts / @leviticuswrites. I meant to get this done earlier but then last minute cosplay katsu hit…

Entry #14: Teasing

FFXIV 30 Day Writing Challenge 2017

Prompt #14: Wit

Felih greatly appreciates wit. He’s attracted to clever folk, people with silver tongues, people who can think quickly and wind words the way they needed to be wound at a moment’s notice, in any given situation. He tends to find that those skilled in dealing with politics or diplomatics are often quite witty, and because of that, he tends to be drawn to people with power.

Or at least, that’s his excuse for flirting with Ser Aymeric de Borel.

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while i’m breaking my pledge to not touch tumblr, here are some terrible arc-v things i drew this past month

picture captions are included so i can talk my way out of being judged