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This is some dialogue from the Trollhunters book between Jim and Blinky while he’s trying to explain their world to him, and the first time I read it I fucking howled, and since then it’s stayed with me. So I decided to somewhat re-draw it as the cartoon version.

I like to call this a doodle-dump-talking-head-comic because it didn’t take much effort, not that impressive, but I still had fun.

I may do another one of these, book Blinky makes me love the character so much more.


Montana by drone. Original caption:

This video was part of a 6 month road trip in the United States. I slept in a tent for 6 months and drove 20,000 miles in 8 states, hiking and filming some of the places seen here.

This video was filmed in Montana, USA.

*** Any national/state parks or restricted areas in this video were filmed from outside the boundaries, flying in public airspace. As of the time of filming, this means no park rules were broken making this video (NPS has confirmed). ***

Some places you might see in the video:

- Mystic Lake (Roscoe, MT)
- Black Canyon Lake (Richel Lodge, MT)
- Dearborn River (Augusta, MT)
- Holland Lake (Condon, MT)
- Hyalite Reservoir (Bozeman, MT)
- Mystic Lake Falls (Roscoe, MT)
- Beehive Basin (Big Sky, MT)
- Flathead Lake sunset (Kalispell, MT)
- Holland Falls (Condon, MT)
- Hyalite Canyon (Bozeman, MT)
- Glacier National Park (east entrance)

Song is “Everlasting” by Brand X Music:

Video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can contact me with comments or questions here: (remove the xx).

The Cabin By The Lake: Chapter 4

Series Summary: Cassian has been keeping a secret- for the past 300 years he has been building cabins around a lake to house the Inner Circle and any family they might have. Five years after the end of ACOWAR, the cabins are finished and the Inner Circle descends for two weeks in paradise.

** This chapter is NSFW


1) This chapter contains Elucien smut. HOWEVER- I wrote it in such a way that you can skip this chapter without missing anything in the overall CBTL storyline out of respect for Elriel shippers.

2) I’ve said this already in posts so I’m glossing over it here: Pro-Elriel or Anti-Elucien comments on this fic earn an automatic block. I respect everyone’s right to ship who they want, but I ask that you respect my writing. On regular posts it’s fine, but not on my fics specifically.

Chapter 1 (Feysand) || Chapter 2 (Azuala) || Chapter 3: Morridwen ||

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Lance sitting on his bed at 3 in the morning, head against the wall as the cold of the metal seeps into his skin, a blue nightlight turning his bedroom into the bottom of the ocean and the Carrie and Lowell album by Sufjan Stevens playing quietly as he realizes that he has no meaning


Sightings - Lake Champlain Monster segment.

This segment from the 1990’s series ‘Sightings’ premiered on December 4th, 1992. It details several eyewitness sightings of the monster known as ‘Champ’ which occurred in the 1980’s. The segment also goes on to talk about theories as to what Champ might be, as well as a brief discussion on the topic of other cryptozoological discoveries such as the Coelacanth.

'Sightings’, the paranaormal/supernatural/cryptozoological themed show, premiered on October 18th, 1991, and ran for five seasons. The show ended on September 11th, 1997.

Run time: 7min, 42sec.

-The Pine Barrens Institute