to the highest circle of heaven

Too Hot//Jackson Wang (Highschool AU)

Originally posted by marktuon

Pairing: Jackson x reader

Genre: Suggestive

Summary: A party gets out of hand; ending with you kissing the boy of your dreams in front of all of his friends.

Author’s Note: Yet another one that L I T E R A L L Y came out of nowhere. But what can I say, Jackson is a cutie and i love his sweet lil face

xoxo Sara

Loud music, alcohol purchased by older friends circling through everyone’s veins, the smell of sweat and perfume mixed; the exact way to describe an end of the year high school party.

It had been your senior year in High School, graduation just a few days around the corner. Your friend had convinced you to let loose, since all of your tests were over and you haven’t necessarily been the life of the party since the stress of finals came down upon you.

It had taken her begs and pleads, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to go without you.

“Jackson’s going to be there,” she smiled at you from across your bedroom, already dressed in her usual party outfit. That caught your attention immediately; cheeks flushing as she mentioned his name.

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Wrong Side of Heaven (Pt 5)

Almost there.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 (here) / Part 6

The light only lasted a second, but it felt like the second drug on for a small eternity. It was the difference between being among mortals and being in the blessed land above, where time marched on mercilessly and where time was merely a concept. After spending so long among the mortals, the once familiar sensations now felt almost alien, entirely strange- the weightlessness, the muffled sounds, the lack of wind, air, pressure… it was almost unwelcomed.

“You always have to do things your way, don’t you?”

Blake opened her eyes, reacting to the bright light out of habit rather than because it was painful. Like stepping out to greet the morning after a long night tracking her quarry, she squinted against the harshness for a moment before everything came into focus, and only then did she realize that she felt no pain, no stinging from the sudden exposure. Of course she didn’t- there was no pain here, in the land of the Angels. She thought she’d be brought to the pearly gates, but no; apparently, the Highest had something else in mind. She stood now well within Heaven’s bounds, among the white expanse that shifted to suit the whims of the Angels who dwell there, the place she might once have called home. Marshaling her thoughts, Blake did her best to recover from the moment of disoriented surprise, ignoring the way her broken wings refused to be hidden away. “I suppose you expected me to learn a lesson.”

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I am she who bellows with her three horns, I am the triple one, I am the formidable benevolent infernal one, I am the black the red the white, I am the very great tall powerful one she whose noxious breath has poisoned thousands of generations so be it, I am seated in the highest of the heavens in the starry circle where dwells Sappho of the violet cheeks, as with her the stars’ dazzle pales m/y cheeks, I am the sovereign on, I thunder with m/y three voices the clamorous the serene the strident, but I immediately relinquish m/y indubitably hierarchical position at your arrival, I raise you from your kneeling posture, I tear your mouth from m/y knees, possessed by a lively fever I cast m/yself at your feet from which m/y tongue licks the dust, I say blessed art thou among women who art come the first to release m/e from m/y condition glittering maybe but sombre nonetheless because of m/y very great solitude, may you lose the sense of morning and evening of the stupid duality with all that flows therefrom, may you conceive yourself as I at last see you over the greatest possible space, may your understanding embrace the complexity of the play of the stars and of the feminine agglomerations, may you yourself in this place strive in a frenzied confrontation whether in the shape of the angel or the shape of the demon, may the music of the spheres envelop your struggle, may you not lose your way in pursuing the stillborn, may the black star crown you finally, giving you to sit at m/y side at the apogee of the figuration of lesbian love m/y most unknown.
—  Monique Wittig, The Lesbian Body

Griffon Enterprises released the Girl of the Highest Heaven (非想非非想天の娘) Hinanawi Tenshi (比那名居天子) 1/8 PVC figure from the doujin danmaku shooting game series “Touhou Project” (東方プロジェクト) by the circle Team Shanghai Alice (上海アリス幻樂団). Was released in November 2011. Around 170mm tall, 7,600 yen ($62.52).

If there is ever an earthquake, blame this girl.