to the girl who stole him from me


black sails rewatch - XV.

I saved your life. I killed him for you. Low and his crew. I killed them all to protect you. You will turn on absolutely anyone, won’t you? So what’s the plan? Leave me to answer for this among the men? Assume they’ll tear me to pieces for granting access to the woman who stole the girl out from under us? My death sentence? Listen to me clearly. Put down that key, walk back through that gate, return the girl, and I will sort this with the men. You have my word. But lock that gate and there is no walking back through it, ever. And I assure you, you will hear from me again.


UPUPUPU~ 💖 Because of the latest danganronpa episode I decided to upload this ship cosplay picture of Nanami and Komaeda! I shipthemsorrynotsorry I mean NANAMI IS THE ONLY ONE (aside from hinata) WHO CARES ABOUT HIM ;A;
Also thought it’d be cute to add sparkles and hearts cause THIS KOMAEDA COSPLAYER IS REALLY GOOD HNNNNGGGG If you know this cosplayer please let me know so I can tag them! THEY ARE PERFECT ALSKDJWOQLA THEY STOLE MAH HEART
Took this picture at Anime Expo this summer! At the danganronpa photoshoot gathering~ it was so fun ALSO THAT MONOKUMA IS FUCKING PERFECT TAG THEM TOO IF YOU KNOW THEM PLEASE

Omg,  NO :(

Guys, this MAJORLY depressed me. 

As you can see, Marlene has confirmed that A.D became A.D once Charlotte died. I am insanely upset about this. I have always believed that Head A was the same person throughout the entire show. 

I have been praying that Marlene would redeem herself of the terrible Charlotte reveal and say that Mona & Charlotte were taking orders from someone the whole time, and covering up for him/her. 

My biggest problem with the reveals thus far, has been that their motivation for torturing the girls has been LAME and improbable. 

  1. Mona- “The girls stole Hanna away from me.”
  2. CeCe- “The girls weren’t upset that Alison was missing.”

GIVE ME A BREAK. Look at what they put the girls through. These reasons are so weak! In my opinions, these reveals were such a slap in the face to the fans- who spend hours and hours reading/writing theories, watching the show, analyzing clues, etc. 

I still have a TINY glimmer of hope, though. Maybe A.D is just another one of Head A’s minions, just like Mona & Charlotte were….

If not, then I believe A.D is going to be Mona, because we are told the A Game was going to come full circle. Or Alison herself.



 Part 3/3. I know you guys can’t wait for this to go down, I’m like that person that says they hate drama but when drama happens, you know where I’ll be! I was gonna post this tommarow but oh what the hell? Lets see what happens

*the joy Carter felt in his heart is suddenly replaced by a deep, boiling rage, who was once his best friend, is now the person who is going to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him*

Both: *screaming insults and angry questions*

Carter: You just don’t get it do you??!

Simon: Oh I get it Carter, you just wanna see how many girls will fall for your stupid LIES!!!

Carter: I love her-

Simon: Not like I do, how could you do this to me?!

Carter: How could you tell her about Jenna?! Who else have you told? I thought I could trust you!


Carter: You’re going to ruin everything for me!! She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me Simon!!

*Carter can hardly refrain from punching Simon right then and there, he doesn’t care if he never sees Simon again, no one is going to take Amber away from him*

Amber: What the hell is going on here??!

*both Simon and Carter turn to face Amber, who is obviously VERY angry with both of them*

Amber: Oh don’t give me those looks, I heard everything! I can’t believe you Simon, this is none of your business! I’m not some prize for you too win, the same goes for you Carter!

Carter: Amber, I-

Simon: She doesn’t want to hear your crap anymore

Amber: You don’t know what I want, I’m not your dog Simon!

*Simon angrily paces back and fourth, before attempting to punch Carter, Carter easily dodges and pushes him onto the ground*

Amber: STOP!

*Amber shoves Carter away from Simon and gets in between them*

Amber: If you lay a finger on him, I’ll never forgive you!

*Simon scrambles to his feet, and just stares at Amber, not angrily, not lovingly, just a shocked, empty stare*

Amber: Simon you are going to leave. NOW. If you throw Carter one dirty look, I’ll never speak to you again

*Simon starts to say something, he stops himself, he gets to his feet, and starts walking home and doesn’t look back…. Once he’s out of sight, Carter starts to talk*

Carter: Amber, I’m so sorry, I did’t-

Amber: Shut up! I’m leaving, I don’t want to see your face again for the next week! Simon is a human too! He’s my friend! You can’t charm your way out of this one Carter!

*Amber walks away, but somehow, Carter still can’t tear his eyes away from her, once the bystanders have wandered off, and Carter realizes he’s alone, he wants to cry, but he can’t, he just stares at the ground, wondering if he’ll ever talk to his best friend or the love of his life again*

Wow guys, this is so sad, 3 broken hearts. Will Amber forgive Carter? Will she fall for Simon instead? Or will she never speak to them again? Poor Amber, caught in the middle of this awful feud.


Ok so I like this boy a lot. and Im always getting mixed messages. So its about valentines day and I spent 3 WEEKS!!!! on 60 reasons why I like you. So I give it to my friend, who eventually gives it to him while im right behind her. So she says “this is from Lilly.” aND IM NOT SURE IF HE SAID IT SARCASTICALLY but he goes “oh god!!” AND THIS BITCH WALKING BY HIM GOES “Good luck.” in the BITCHIEST way possible. And the other girl is like “happy valentines day.” So I go to my class and i forget about it. Now he has a gf that he stole from his best friend he told me to go kill myself i told him im mad at him and he said i have about 3x the reasons to me mad at you so i think of 2 1 is i (and he knew) took pics on my frinds phone and forgot to delete them. i didn’t send them to anyone and i forgot to delete them. she flips out and posts something on fb about it 2. is that i gave him notes and im too “friendly” with him. like i poked him . and today when i poked him he told me to go kill myself

So if you have any help, help me!!!

NAME: Blair Ashwood 
AGE: 21
GENDER: demiboy
FAIRYTALE BASIS: The Goose Girl, by the Grimm Brothers
JOB: custodian in a restaurant, part-time tutor

         listen to those dying voices .   oh ,  he used to be a prince princess living in splendor ,  with a lovely mother who doted upon a delusion of him and a father long deceased .  but he was meant to be betrothed to a prince far ,  far away!!  surely ,  he held hope in his heart ,  but this thought was soon torn away ,  as his maid spit ‘pon his title and stole his very identity .  from then on ,  his hands were soiled with hard work and perhaps the only joy in his life was conversing with the ghosts of what he loved and brushing his hair among the fields .  and upon the realization of his mistaken identity ,  he was granted …  yet again ,  nothing but pain .

         ❛   a boy??  but with him her ,  there’s surely no difference .   ❜    become your queen??  no ,  fuck you and fuck your crown!!  and run ,  run ,  with his tainted legs and his tainted heart and a mind drowning his fears with false delight ,  run ,  he did .  and with him ,  his husband’s riches and hope for something better …    (  foolish boy .  )

         using his dwindling funds ,  he prides himself on a glamour that gives him broader shoulders ,  shorter hair ,  and the height he so desperately desires .  but ,  with it ,  he loses the whispering of the wind that was his company for so long and his glimmering ,  ruby - red hair that enchanted all that set sights upon it .  but ,  really ,  all he wants is to be happy .  to chase happiness .  god ,  give him something real to smile for …

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“Lucky Charms for breakfast or me?” - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Glancing up at the lucky charms on the upper cupboard, you stood on your tip toes trying to reach it. You struggled to get the box because it was so high and you couldn’t reach it. Well, what do you expect coming from a girl who is only 5′0?

Yesterday you stole Liam’s chocolate and he found out about it which led him to be so evil and put your favorite cereal at the place he knew you couldn’t reach. 

You tried again and again but you kept on failing. You heard a chuckle coming from behind you and a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. You didn’t have to turn around to find out who it is because it’s only you and Liam who live in this house.

You instantly pouted and crossed your arms. “What’s wrong with the mouth, shortie? Couldn’t reach the box of your lucky charms?” He said. You can feel the smirk playing on his lips.

You pushed his arms and turned around. “Can you help me? I’m so hungry that i’m going to die.” You said a bit dramatically. Liam playfully rubbed his chin and said, “What do I get in return? A kiss?” 

You didn’t have to answer as he reached up and took the box. He handed it over to you but as you were about to take it, he put it above of his head.

“Oh, baby c’mon. Yesterday I was only joking. I didn’t meant to steal your chocolates.” You pouted again. He looked at your lips and stole a kiss from you. “Really? Because my werewolf sense said that you’re lying.” 

You decided you had enough and you immediately kick him on his knees. The cereal box fell down from his hands and you immediately reach for it. You didn’t have the time to get up because Liam threw himself over you and began to kiss your neck.

“Lucky charm for breakfast or me for breakfast?” 

  • my mother and i watching les mis movie
  • *look down paris scene*
  • my mother: i always though he is ugly
  • me: .....there was no need to be handsome at that time
  • my mother: what happens there?
  • me: the ugly boy saw the mamma mia girl and they fell in love but wolverine pulled the mamma mia girl away after bellatrix and that weird looking man tried to get money from him who were mamma mia girls first step parents and wolverine bought her from them however the gladiator is chasing wolverine btw
  • my mother: oh okay.....and WHY?!
the signs as stupid things people in my class have done
  • Aries: taken selfies with several teacher's asses
  • Taurus: asked the geography professor if he ships drarry
  • Gemini: called me daddy three days in a row because he didnt know of daddy kink and then got really disgusted when someone told him and never did it again
  • Cancer: had a meme war with someone who constantly stole printed out memes he hung up and actually planned to fake his death
  • Leo: nearly started a webcomic to get back at andrew hussie for ruining his life
  • Virgo: sang a song from a cat game that made another person break out in tears
  • Libra: hid in the closet of the room of some girls just to use his phone and then wordlessly walked out again and left the room and no one questioned it
  • Scorpio: unofficially married skrillex
  • Sagittarius: left school early to buy a rug, and wasnt there half the day once because she needed to return her snowboard
  • Capricorn: wore a nicolas cage mask half the day while other people visited the school and stared at them
  • Aquarius: actually just took a picture while making candles at night, but ended up looking like they were summoning satan
  • Pisces: had an asthmatic reaction on a school trip while the teachers were in some bar and searched the whole hotel for an asthma spray

ed: he trynna steal ya girl man….he did it to me too

justin: who niall? nah we friends lol he wouldnt do that to me

ed after justin call him up cryin that niall stole selena from him:


Vaneeleanor Appreciation Week :: Day 2
↳ Favorite Moment 

“You will turn on absolutely anyone, won’t you? So what’s the plan? Leave me to answer for this among the men? Assume they’ll tear me to pieces for granting access to the woman who stole the girl out from under us? My death sentence? Listen to me clearly. Put down that key, walk back through that gate, return the girl, and I will sort this with the men. You have my word. But lock that gate and there is no walking back through it, ever. And I assure you, you will hear from me again.

let me lead you from your solitude


aka what really should’ve been said up on that roof


“Have I ever said anything nice to you?”

The question seemed to pull him out of his swirling thoughts.


“Have I ever said anything nice to you?” Maya repeated.

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